Friday, August 6, 2010

Update on Nan

Well Blogger is not allowing me to upload my photo or it may be my computer; whichever it is, they are the least of my concerns. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers. If you prayed that I would grow a spine, you'll be happy to know that I did. With steely-eyed resolve, I stared that doctor down and told him that I would not be taking my grandmother home until it was safe. Period.

He said, "This is a hospital, not a nursing home."

He said, "For some families it is all about their loved ones. They have to have them home with them." (This one particularly galled me. He has no idea what this family has gone through to keep Nan with us through some of the darkest possible days and for years. It was only extreme restraint that prevented me from jumping down his throat.)

He said, "There's only so much that I am allowed to do here."

He said, "She needs more pain medication."

I am still fuming about what he said. Guess that this is what medical care in the good old USA has come to. It was NOT this way just one year ago, believe me. Do I think it is a disgrace? You bet I do. Thus begins my letter-writing campaign.

Again, thank you for your comments. They were supportive and helpful after a very long hours in ER this time. We were not home until after 11 last night. Oh, the primary care physician? He told me to be adamant, but he would not give the orders for her to be admitted either. Yes, it's a fright show, folks. I can't help but think that the medical community is shooting itself in the foot to even comply with these new guidelines.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kinda Furious Actually...

We are having a rough day...very. It'll probably be a few more rough ones. Nan is scraped and bruised and hurting so much that we can barely touch her plus she is practically paralyzed. Needless to say, I'll catch you on the flip side.  I'm not thinking such happy thoughts now about that doctor who looked all of fourteen. If I ever had to talk to her again, she'd get a piece of my mind that I could ill afford to lose. If anyone should have stayed in the hospital for a few days, it's Nan. We're actually waiting on word from her doctor.

Thank you for all your prayers. We're surely going to need them. I'll be thinking of you all, too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shadows and Stuff

After reading this morning's post, you'll say to yourself That Vee doesn't have enough to think about!

Actually, it's a case of having way too much to think about so I'm finding myself slowing down, numbing out, not wanting to ponder things I can not possibly do anything about. Life and death stuff. It's so much bigger than I am capable of thinking on any more.

The weather...shall we discuss it? No, we shall not.

The shadows that the rosemary made upon its own pot? Yes, we shall.

The shadows the flowers make upon the sunny deck? Yup. Who's that bubblehead there?

The shadows in a pot of hot peanut butter fudge? Oh let's do! I may even have to include the recipe...

The reason for the peanut butter fudge? Okay. She's failing to thrive, but she still loves fudge.
Make a batch of *fudge.* Sometimes it's just the thing!

Edited to Add: All this was written and waiting for a few final touches like the fudge recipe. I had to do a major postdate just as I was leaving the house to follow the ambulance into the hospital. The post wasn't one hundred per cent right, don'tcha know. Nan took a big tumble, falling backwards and landing on her tailbone as is her usual way of falling. Thankfully, after a morning and afternoon waiting in the ER, she was given a "clean bill of health." Yeah, right. The doctor asked if I had any other questions or concerns and I said, "I've got so many questions and concerns that you can't begin to address starting with how I'll get this woman in my car and taken home. The last time, my husband had to carry her in." Nice doctor. She ordered an ambulance ride home, too. So here Nan sits watching me type eating her lunch at suppertime.

All in a day's work...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mandevilla Progress, Etc.

Thought that you might like to see how far up the trellis the mandevilla has gone. I noticed that it has kept right on going up the garage wall as of this morning. Now if we ever see blooms on all that climbing foliage, I'll be impressed.

My sister made me an offer I shouldn't have refused, but had to. She and her husband have decided to sell their home instead of rent it. All her garden beds are sorely overgrown and she offered me lots of perennials if I wanted to come dig them out. Unfortunately, Nan is really not able to make the drive and I am not able to leave her with John for such an extended length of time. Oh well! What might've been. You may remember my sister's gardens from *this* post.

I did receive this rabbit from her that I named "Johnny Rabbit," which is an old childhood nickname of John's. Seems he had a few pet rabbits and then he went into business, at the tender age of four, selling rabbit poo. He received a quarter for a Quaker's Oats box full. I love to imagine him as cute little entrepreneur.

Anyway, I hope that Johnny Rabbit is serving as a guard of some sort against the groundhogs that still are digging and roaming and eating my plants and driving me foolish. Yes, 'tis true, nearly everything drives me foolish anymore.

Since I'm in the mood for displaying tall and narrow photos, I'll show you another...

I grew tired of seeing all the hooks usually filled there empty so tossed my log cabin birdhouse upon it. Now I may not allow anyone to hang a jacket or sweater there anymore. Yes, that's a vintage medicine chest by the main door. We hang our keys in there; I have my lipstick in there and a bit of perfume; we  also keep the flashlight in there. Soon, I'm planning a makeover on the inside. I'm fine with the outside except for the handle...still looking for the closure style that it had once upon a time.

This is what my garden has come to in the past few weeks.

Something has been munching on just about everything, but doesn't it make for a lacy looking fern? It looks as if I coffee stained it, too. I've been doing a lot of coffee staining lately.

Guess that's all I have saved in my bloggy stash for today. Hope that your Tuesday is going great!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Flea Market Finds and a Cool Tip

Blogdom has slowed to an easy summer morning, hasn't it? I've been visiting so many blogs and finding out so many new things. I have no idea what's going on with Followers or my own list, but I've had great fun. It was labor intensive, though. I found myself wishing that there were an easier way to sign in. I signed myself on to follow my own blog about four times. Yes, I am a bit slow. Anyway, if I've overlooked you, please let me know. I need your help with this one.

This photo needed help, too, so I used my secret arsenal for photo helps. I was getting cat calls from a group of eleven-year-old boys on the knoll behind this tree. They're out there whacking at trees and generally making nuisances of themselves. I finally suggested that they might prefer to go elsewhere to make a racket. They've been here making one for four days straight and my nerves are shot.

These are my flea market finds this week: the two books from the free bin, the tea cup for $2.50 (I've never seen such a good price and then it was reduced another .50 at the register), the little pitcher for .75, which makes it too reasonable to pass by since I am always looking for small ones. Guess that I have a collection now. Lastly, the beautiful table linen, which is about two feet wide and four and a half feet long—$2.00! Not too bad for a total of $4.99.  Now that's cheap mental health!

Okay, I promised you a "cool tip" and  here it is...

See that almost gone drink there? It's about the best thing I've tasted in a very long time and you can find the recipe by clicking Mocha Frappuccino. Tell Leah I sent you!

Now go post something, will ya? ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear Jane Doe~Mosaic Monday

Dear Jane,

Thank you for walking past our dining room window last Friday evening. It's always fun to have a surprise guest and one as elegant as you is extra special. You took me by such surprise that I nearly forgot all about having a camera. I'm certain that we could have had even more lovely shots (pardon the expression) if I had been more calm about your arrival. My neighbor wants to thank you for not eating her garden and instead eating the maple leaves. Did those red and yellow leaves grab your attention? They're grabbing mine, too, since it's only August 1 and all. It's so not time for autumn yet. Sorry, too, about the noise the camera made. My, but you do run fast!

Take care,


Mary, thank you for all you do to make Mosaic Monday such fun!

If you've never visited Mary's Mosaic Monday, I hope that you'll do it today. So much beauty and creativity here in Blogdom.


Sunday Morning