Saturday, April 23, 2011

Up to My Elbows in Easter Bread Dough

We enjoyed such a fun time with John's family yesterday afternoon. He had invited them earlier in the week to join us for Easter Bread yesterday. They were skeptical and considered taking a raincheck until he mentioned that I only make Easter Bread once a year.

John's conversation went something like this:

Easter Bread. It's delicious. She only makes it once a year. Not pasta.  No noodles in it.

I thought it was a very funny conversation. Long story short, everyone enjoyed the bread and the frosting. John picked up this product for the frosting as a gal like me can't be too careful with the health of her husband's sisters. 

Yes, I'm making another batch today, though I'm quite certain this will be the end of it until Easter season 2012.


The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I always think of as being in the hollow, away down in the valley. So low. We aren't, of course, so low. We are sympathizing with the disciples, followers, and Mary who felt as if they had lost everything. I often say, and have said it on this blog before, we shall never know the sorrow of those people who saw Him die and believed that God had failed. Never. No matter what happens to us.

My reading this morning was Max Lucado's Cure for the Common Life. Love his work, if you've never read one of his books, treat yourself soon.
What clout do a tiny manger and a bloody cross carry in a forest of Jewish tradition and Greek philosophy? How can a backwoods movement headed by a rural carpenter gain traction in a religious world dominated by Epicureans, Stoics, and Gnostics? This is a kid on a skateboard entering the Daytona 500.
And how!

A blessed day to you...

Edited to Add for clarification's sake 4/23/11 - 4:00 pm:

*Easter Bread* at Mennonite Girls Can Cook Lovella's recipe (which I use) and Marg's recipe (more loaves and while we're at it, here's Ellen's *Easter Bread spread*).

*Easter Bread* is mentioned on my own blog 1. here and 2. here for starters. (My search won't allow me to move past page 1 and I have a page 2. That's how much we love Easter Bread around here!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yard Clean-up and Maundy Thursday Thoughts

First chance I've had to be on the computer today. It feels so right. ☺Sigh☺

My darling niece came to help me with the yard work this morning. We are so grateful for her help. Though we have a tiny little lot, there's always such a mess after a long winter. So much sand all over the lawn—remember my neighbor and his shenanigans?

A friend and I have been having a little race with snow melt. This is all I have left, Christina! (Check to see how much she has left. Oh I adore that song that's playing there... I could listen to it all day.)

And it's not mine! It's my neighbor's. Still, in the interest of the game. ☺

A little scene from my walkabout the house today...the first time since last fall.

Isn't this little box cute? Kinda reminds me of my house. BJ at Sweet Nothings urged her readers to try out some new features on Photoscape. I have had the program (free) downloaded for some time now and had never explored until BJ said I could. The pink things coming up? Peonies on the left and rhubarb on the right. I love that my plates are always blooming on the chippy fence. (John and I think that the chippy fence's days are numbered and so perhaps this summer, there'll be a new less chippy one.)

Here's a little view of my backyard looking across the rock wall my daughter made for me to the ravine beyond. I see that one of the maple syrup buckets landed down there. On the left is the scene as a watercolor and on the right SOOC. So much fun!

Thanks, BJ!

On Tuesday, Janette of Janette's Sage posted on the songs that Jesus sang. I'm directing you there for a wonderful word. Janette shared that one of the songs He would have sung was Psalm 136. John and I have been reading it every day since. The psalm is unusual in that each line ends in the same way: His love endures forever.

So much to ponder here. Jesus, The Last Supper, singing songs, ending with Psalm 136 where all lines end "His love endures forever," just before Gethsemane, the long night of beatings, a day on the cross, a death most brutal. As you know, I seldom connect the dots. It's lovely when we connect them for ourselves.

Many blessings to you this day...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cozy April Morning

John usually rises before I do. He makes his side of the bed sort of, shuts off the nightlight, and heads down the stairs. When I hear the coffee pot perking along, I get up, too. Molly is usually waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, scampering all about. Nothing is quite as good for a gal's spirits as being greeted by a hyper poodle who has to go.

It is a rainy/hail-y morning so I settled into my cozy chair; John brought me my one cup of coffee for the day, and I crocheted, sipped, and listened to John read me snatches from the paper.

Seems our corner has a few unusuals in it. Last night, a man doused himself with gasoline and called his girlfriend to tell her what he'd done. She in turn called the police. They finally found him sitting in his car. When he saw the police, he took off running into the woods. The police briefly considered calling in the scout dogs, but reconsidered once they realized that it would be pretty easy to follow the scent themselves.

In other news, a man beaned his wife over the head twice with a rock and tossed her down an embankment. He lost his footing and fell down after her. Smart girl came to and wasted no time running to the police without wasting time helping him. Three hours later, the police found him in the woods and asked about the rock. Seems he collects rocks and had some in his backpack. Oops. No rocks in the backpack. Must've used them all already.

This case is really interesting because the husband is having an affair with an old girlfriend and his wife just inherited four million dollars. Hmmm...


Green Depression Glass...smooth segue, what? I thought about using my juicer to corral the ball of yarn. I think it would work if the ball were much smaller.

Thus ends my contribution to Blogdom. Perhaps I'll be more inspired tomorrow. ☺

Say, what's the crazy news from your corner?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orange Tulips

Oh I am late today. Must be channeling the White Rabbit. Hope I can get this finished by 10:00. I began at 9:50. Yup, it's a race. (For what it's worth, I have noticed that I can get posts published much quicker using Blogger in Draft. See former posts in the last week for more information if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

Last night we had to go fetch the rest of John's prescription. This is my latest pet peeve. The pharmacy doesn't have enough medication to fill the entire prescription and so we must return. With gas prices what they are, it is a real inconvenience. We have no home town pharmacy and must travel ten miles to get to the closest one.

It did give me the chance to pick up more tulips. This time, an in-pot one. How nicely it matches the orange tulips in my calendar. I always choose flowers to match my calendar don'tcha know. ;>

It came with one of those fussy wrappers that was so cute and Eastery, but not so good for the plant so I did this thing.  Yikes! 9:57 a.m.

So I set it in a bowl that wasn't pretty enough to display and then used a doily to pull up around it. That little pile of marshmallow bunnies? I LOVE stale marshmallows. Am I weird? Don't answer that!


I wanted to show you something I've been inspired to try seeing it done so beautifully all over Blogdom.

It's a picture of the Pink Moon. Thank you, Aunt Amelia, for sharing *the information.*

I used one of *Kim Klassen's backgrounds,* put in a little pink, and used my photograph. I kind of like it. What do you think?

Here's the original photo.

Okay, it's 10:07 a.m. I'll drop in links later... (Done! 10:14 a.m.)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Helmet Day

And here's the mosaic that didn't make Mosaic Monday. Saturday was helmet day when the grands, thanks to their generous auntie, were gifted with brand new bike helmets. We traveled for about an hour to my daughter's favorite bike shop and the boys selected their own. What a treat! Then they requested Pizza Hut for lunch. Speaking of helmet...wouldja look at my hair? Ai yi yi. I think that I'd better get myself to the hairdresser pronto. Both boys have new bikes, but the baby grand just loves his Thomas the Train bike still and can't give it up to move on. So cute!

It was freezing Saturday, I'm very glad that the weather turned warmer again just in time for some rousing games of marbles with the grands yesterday afternoon. I wish that the camera had been out, but I was too busy playing and so was John. We got delightfully muddy and the boys were very pleased with their marble bags and marbles. Baby Grand is not too interested in the game, but terribly interested in the accoutrements. Older Grand is not only interested in the game, he's very good at the game winning twice. We did not play for keeps; we played for fun. And fun is what we had.

I just realized that I have passed a milestone here in Blogdom that should be recognized. Yesterday's post made my 1,000th. Let me think of a way to celebrate and I'll get back to you soon. I'd like to make it special.

So how was your weekend?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Decor~Mosaic Monday

I often find Easter decorating inspiration in magazines. These are found in Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and Southern Living.
1. Southern Living

2. Southern Living

3. Southern Living

4. Country Living

5. Better Homes and Gardens

6. Better Homes and Gardens

7. Country Living

OOPS! I have no idea what happened here...the entire post slipped off when I tried to shift a photo. Silly Blogger!

Linking to Mary at Little Red House.
A wonderful week to you!