Monday, October 10, 2011

This, That, and the Other

First things first: Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!

I have such warm and happy memories of celebrating Thanksgiving Canadian style at the lake in New Brunswick. Wonderful meals prepared on the woodstove with the cottage windows so fogged that we couldn't see out and family gathered all around the table topped with old linoleum that my grandfather built to host a crowd. Yes, I see them all there yet.

In my mind's eye, I can picture you all gathered round your own tables, perhaps even singing the Doxology, and giving God all thanks and praise. Enjoy the turkey, the squash, the pies, the joys!

Yesterday was such an interesting day for me; although, it became a bit disappointing.

It began with not one, but (pardon the pun) two "butt calls." Very early. Before seven. I was in a deep sleep. When I answered the phone, I could hear my daughter climbing up and down the stairs to her house, but she didn't respond to my hellos. I called her back. She didn't answer. Another strange call with mumbling voices... I can't be the only one getting these kinds of calls. Frustrating!

Anway, my daughter participated in the Patrick Dempsey Challenge yesterday riding the 50 mile portion, which he himself rode. They were scheduled to pass by John's place here in town and my daughter estimated that they'd be there around 11:00 am. I told her that I'd be there by 10:30 am and she thought that would be good. After a bit, I decided to be there at 10:00 am and boy was I ever glad because the bikers were already coming down the hill. Now I had a thank-you sign and my tripod, but I didn't have time to set up either one.

They didn't travel in one big pack, but had spread themselves out singly or in pairs. I grabbed my camera and just hoped that I hadn't missed her already.

So there I was standing at the end of John's driveway, waving or saying hello or saying thank you as the bikers went past. I was there for about an hour when one of the bikers yelled that Patrick himself was "ten behind." I didn't know if that meant that he was ten bikers behind or ten minutes behind. I didn't really care so much about a picture of him as I did about a picture of my daughter.

Finally, I saw her coming! Here she comes!!

And there she goes! I heard her say, "That's my mom." as she rode by. "That's my girl," I said to myself with my face just beaming.

I watched a few more bikers; they had thinned considerably so at just after 11 am, I returned home.

Later, when I was sure she would have finished her run, I called to see how she had fared. She said, "Where were you?"

What?WHAT? I was there; I have pictures! I have pictures of you!

"No, Mom, no you don't. There was no one there. If you had been there, I would've stopped."

Turns out that her chain broke and she was delayed. She didn't pass John's driveway until 11:30. I have no idea who the gal is in the photo above, but she is not my own. What kind of a mother doesn't recognize her own daughter? What kind of a mother hears someone say that's my mom? A fruitcake that's who!

I failed to mention that I also thought I saw Mr. Dempsey. He was taking a swig of water and when he finished, he winked at me and said, "G'morning."

Yeah, right. Didn't happen because he was behind my daughter having been delayed at a gathering of folks further down the road who wanted his autograph and picture. Like my neighbor next door who told me all about it and who was kind enough to send me the photos and to say that I had permission to use them. Thank you, Dani!

 This was when she was telling me all about it in the yard.

This was the acutal photo Dani sent me of herself with P. Dempsey

This is the photo Dani took Saturday night.

Gee, I hope that this helps my daughter feel better about not seeing me at the end of the drive. She missed out on getting any pictures with Patrick herself. She's going to do better next year. The good news is that this event has raised nearly over a million dollars for cancer research. Thank you, Mr. Dempsey, and a big thank you and God bless you to all who participated.

Gotta use my sign somehow!

If you arrived at the end of this convoluted post, thank you for reading. Now do have a wonderful Columbus Day!

Love Vee

Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Year'sTrip to the Fryeburg Fair

If you want to read about Maine's Premier Fair, I'll send you *here.* Sometimes I have imagined this post or that here at my blog to be a stellar piece of writing. I confess that I have felt this way about that post. My dear friend commented saying, "0 comments on this?????????" making it the one and only comment. Since she said that last year, I've rather thought that she liked the piece. I suppose, however,  that she could have meant just the opposite. = )

With few comments and some captions, enjoy the pictures. I hope that you'll feel as if you went with me to the fair.


Before the Snow Plow Came the Snow Roller

Sorting Cranberries

Salesman's Miniature Stove Sample

Vintage License Plates

Quilt Squares Waiting

Vintage Seed Display

John Enjoys a Chat

One Lunger (A Fairbanks Morse)

An Allis-Chalmers as John Used to Ride Back on the Farm

A Greenhouse on Display

Before 9 in the Morning

Vintage Milk Truck

Nice Raised Bed

Vardo/Gypsy Wagon


Vardos Side by Side

All Dressed and Ready to Show

Waiting for the Flower Show to Begin

John Orders Lunch While an Interested Gentleman Listens On


Chewing on Mama's Tail

My Favorite Apron

Note Quilt of Books

Bat Facts

Quilt Mosaic~The One in the Middle is My Favorite

Over the River Quilt

I hope that you've enjoyed the stroll. Have a great weekend!

Love Vee

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Killing Frost

Since we last chatted, a killing frost has done the inevitable. The night before last, when I knew that it was over, I said goodbye to my morning glory. As I patted the crown of her magnificent head, I began to cry. Can you imagine? Weeping for a morning glory? I told her how much joy she'd given me and how beautiful she was and how much I'd miss her. It was all rather embarrassing. I think I even saw her blush.

John told me that he could understand tears for a morning glory if it were the last one on earth. He assures me that he'll buy me another next spring. Maybe he won't have to as I have saved some seeds and I clipped every bud hoping that they'll open in the house.

In fact, I went around clipping everything to enjoy in the house.

The Easter Cactus is safely in the basement for its month of seclusion. The geranium will become an experiment to see if I can get it to winter over. The green peppers are growing in the living room window and the tenacious poinsettia that my mother gave me for Christmas two years ago is still going. I even brought the earwig laden begonia into the house. I'm probably just asking for trouble with that.

And Debbie at Bungalow had a wonderful suggestion for the herbs, which I hope to do over the weekend. Easy is what I'm looking for and this looks e.a.s.y. ETA: Please read Judy's (My Front Porch) suggestion in comments. Even easier!

We are running errands today so I will be checking in on you later. Promise!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Love Vee