Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Nesting Party 2011

Welcome to this year's Fall Nesting Party hosted by the incomparable Melissa of The Inspired Room. I'm very happy that you are here!

Some points of disclosure: First of all, I'm not ready for fall. It's not just turned chilly here. The leaves, usually already turning, are still vivid green. Second of all, it's raining. Raining and dark. Dark and dreary. My goal was to add some warmth and cozy without resorting to the usual autumn palette or the furnace.

China Cabinet

All decorating in my home begins here. It's the first place for eyes to rest when anyone comes through the door. I'm working with browns, tarnished silver, inherited china, flea market finds, and my favorite poem: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, which I popped into the apothecary jar.  I think it would look especially cool with a page torn from a poetry book, but I'm not willing to tear up my Norton Anthology for that cause.

Poetry in an Apothecary Jar

There are few matching pieces, the bookend tea cups and the candlesticks notwithstanding. I'm a quilt kind of gal.

*Mosaic will enlarge

While I was busy taking photos, my hubby was outside working in the rain. At one point he came in looking like a drenched rat and requested hot tea.

You know what? Nothing speaks autumn-cozy like a cup of tea on a rainy day! 

I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things that you're doing once my busy morning of running errands is over.

A blessed and cozy autumn to you...

Love Vee

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Late in the night I was still putting the final touches on this tea cozy. I'm so happy that it is finished and that I can now send it with joy to Miss Sandy. I was up early this morning to grab enough light to take a reasonable photo. This project has been promised for over a year. Over a year. *thud*

Heading for Arkansas

ETA: 9/21/2011 You'll find Miss Sandy's sweet thank you here at Quill Cottage.

Late yesterday afternoon, I took a lot of photos to share the new kitchen window and what's going on with John's work on the house. Now you'll want to throttle me, but I'm waiting on most of it because it'll look so much better in just a few days. Here's a mere hint:

new insulation

Much of the delay is because John is reinsulating the house. It is labor intensive and time consuming. Soon, though, I can show this side completely done and that will include my new kitchen window from outside.

Let's move on to other sights around the yard, shall we?

Looking Up

First of all, here it is the middle of September already and the leaves are still green. Usually, they have begun to change. How about in your corner? This alarms me a bit and Deanna knows why. ☺

Back Yard

The sweet potato vine is a plant new to me and suggested by Deanna (Creekside Cottage). I've been quite pleased with them and am looking forward to their autumn colors.

Late Afternoon Wave Petunias

The petunias are looking their best of the entire summer; this picture just isn't the best. I repotted them when they began to look bedraggled in July. That has made a world of difference. They had been terribly root bound. I've just about decided, once and for all, that any potted plant in my possession is going to get repotted immediately upon arrival at The Haven.

Touched by Fire

This is my favorite photo of the day. A few minutes after I'd come inside to get back to work on all things tea, I glanced outside and saw that the sinking sun was now highlighting and shining through the blossoms. So pretty.

Did you see that Melissa at The Inspired Room is having her annual Fall Nesting Party tomorrow? (Check my sidebar for the link.) This year, the time sneaked up on her so it's a bit of a late notice.  Still, I'm going to try to participate and here is a preview.

To the left you see a pitcher. It belonged to my grandmother and it appears to be the size for mixing cocktails or martinis or something. Seasons and scenes are represented and I'm showing you autumn's scene with a hunting dog, an Eastern Spruce, and a hunter prepared to shoot. The photo should enlarge to see the details.
The photo on the right shows my Eastern Spruce. The only tree on my property other than bushes. I am easily charmed by such coincidences.
Join me tomorrow for The Fall Nesting Party and won't you consider participating, too?

Love Vee

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Package and A Promise Kept

My package arrived in yesterday's mail and how timely! Guess what? I was able to pop Sandi's tea cozy right in the same envelope and will send it off to her today. Ahhhh, the relief that comes with keeping a promise. ☺

Heading for South Carolina

Sandi sent me a cd of her playlist: Sandi's Playlist. Gosh, I love her playlist. I'm listening to it right now. It's not a list of sacred songs or easy listening as is my usual. It's good vintage music with lots of country tossed in for good measure. It happens to be John's favorite playlist in all of Blogdom and he's heard a lot of good ones. Listening to this one makes me feel as if I'm riding down a long highway late at night with the radio blaring, destination two hundred miles away.

She also sent me a dvd of the series Edward and Mrs. Simpson, and a cookbook, too. The kind of cookbook that a real cook has used. I'm going to follow the berry stains and whip up something tasty one day. Thanks so much for everything, Sandi!

Thank you for all the suggestions regarding moon shots. Since the camera isn't functioning on all settings, it's become more and more exciting. A hit or miss proposition at the best of times, it becomes a real challenge now. I did read a good tip and would've used it if I had had a flashlight to see my settings. When taking a moon shot from a tripod, set the timer to reduce shake. Of course, you could invest in  sophisticated equipment, but I'm using a five dollar flea market tripod so what do you suppose are my chances of buying any snazzy camera gadgets?

Washed out Moon~Blah, Blah, Blah

I did try the mountain icon or infinity setting and it seemed to do well with getting the moon sitting on the tree tops. But oh that coppery moon last night. I wanted the color more than anything. Silver is nice, but nothing beats that orange harvest moon. Below was my best. Not great, but it isn't washed-out and it is round. It isn't as crisp as I'd like, but let us look at the positives...color and craters! And doesn't it look like an orange? I can see the navel there toward the bottom.

Waning Gibbous Moon 9/13/2001

Forever in blue jeans, Babe. And money talks, but it don't sing and dance and it don't walk...


Love Vee

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Broken Promises

Broken promises...I have a lifetime full of them and a sewing room, too.

Just yesterday a dear blogging friend told me to watch the mail. Now how many times have I told her to do the same? I'm pretty certain that something is arriving this week; she, on the other hand, has learned that she can't count on me.

I have reasons. The best reason is that my grandmother's little sewing machine doesn't function so well anymore. It skips stitches with abandon. Reminds me of someone I know. Then I thought, no problem, my mother has her trusty Singer in storage.

When I brought it home sometime in May, I cleaned it and tried to find a manual for it, which I was able to do on line the internet being such a great resource, and then realized that it was another skip stitcher, too. Sigh.

Thus began my search for a quality machine and I settled on a little Janome. It came within a week and I like it fine. No skipped stitches. Now where were my projects? Were they in that pile there? In that drawer? That box? That laundry basket? The entire sewing room now had become filled with my mother's abandoned sewing projects in addition to my own. I had many distractions in my wee space for weeks. The potential for getting lost in there is still great.

Finally, just Sunday, when I had decided that television coverage of the 9-11 events in NYC would be totally unsatisfactory (all those talking heads yapping over the top of anything meaningful that was going on and each with his own agenda...ugh), I slipped upstairs to my sewing room where I could be alone with my own thoughts. I began folding fabric and praying. I folded and folded and folded, prayed and prayed and prayed, and came, at last, to a white laundry basket where I found my lost projects.

Tea Cozies Three

There are three, two good ones and a dud. Odd that they are heading for gals named Sandy. Well, one name Sandy and the other named Sandi. I have no idea if I'll finish them this week. I hope so. I'm tired of skipped stitches.

I have a new kitchen window and as soon as I can take a good picture... my camera has been acting up terribly... I'll post one. There I go again — another promise!

Enjoy your day...

Love Vee