Friday, January 13, 2012

Projects for a Snowy Day

l–r top to bottom
1. mug cozy and "saucer"
2. mug bottom
3. saucer on end
4. cozy button

Today is another stormy snowy mix, which gives me permission to play.  The pattern above was made up as I went along so I am not crediting it. All one has to do is Google "mug cozy" and you'll find many patterns. 

The "saucer" was supposed to have been the bottom of my handbag. No worries, though, by tomorrow I should be able to show you how that handbag turned out in the end. It will be good for a chuckle if nothing else.

I also worked on ric-rac (site cited yesterday) using the teeny-weeny crochet hook, crochet thread, and massive amounts of patience. This is going to be used on the tag for the challenge at Quill Cottage coming right up on the 19th 30th (can't read today).

Yesterday, I did bake, after all. John had been promised old-fashioned soft molasses cookies. My mother had a wonderful recipe, which I cannot find. Usually, I can find anything on the Internet, but not this time. I found something, which I switched up so much that I can now officially call this recipe my own. 

Not Good Old-Fashioned Molasses Cookies (though still quite delicious)


* ¾ cup melted butter (salted or unsalted your choice)
* 1 packed cup brown sugar
* 1 large egg
* ½ cup regular molasses (not black strap)
* 2 ½ cups King Arthur's unbleached, unbromated flour
* ½ tsp salt if using unsalted butter; ¼ tsp salt if using salted butter
* 2 tsps baking soda
* 1 tsp ground cinnamon
* 1 tsp ground ginger


* Melt butter, allow to cool some
* Add brown sugar
* Stir in egg and molasses
* Mix dry ingredients
* Fold dry ingredients into the soft mixture
* Stir well 
* Using a cookie scoop (2 TBS size), create balls and roll them in sugar.
* Place on parchment paper 
* Bake at 350° for 10–12 minutes

Very tasty, but NOT the soft, Grandma's bun looking sort of old-fashioned cookie I'm hoping to find.

Edited to Add: I was called in for Nonni duty today, which is a real treat. 
This movie is of my grandson just now eating a cookie from yesterday's batch. Listen to that crunch. Oh my! Consider yourselves warned. =)


Pam at Playing With My Camera has offered a *Soft Molasses Cookie Recipe* that uses coffee as an ingredient. Interesting! 

Love Vee


  1. Vee,
    I know the ones you mean. I no longer have the recipe either. I am watching your crocheting with interest. Have another quiet day.


  2. Crocheting is an art that I am so fascinated by. I've never tried it. Your projects look quite fun and relaxing! My son absolutely adores molasses cookies so this is a recipe I must try.

    And just so you know, I am quite jealous of your snow. It flurried here in Alabama for an entire 30 mins and quit. Needless to say my children were very disappointed (and so was their mom).

    Enjoy your snowy day projects!

  3. Vee,

    I'll check a few of the old cookbooks I have for a recipe - let's track this thing down! :)

    I love to see your projects - very creative!

    We have no snow - we had rain yesterday with mild temps. Coooold today, with high winds, which means cooolder. It is my big shopping day but Tim and the younger two are coming with me so it should be fun...


  4. I have an old recipe for soft molasses cookies from my mothers Cape Breton kitchen. It's what she baked every weekend of my childhood. I'll find it and email it by the end of the day.

  5. We in the NE certainly have good weather to be baking in!!! And those cookies do look yummmmmy!!!

    I have to bake an Apple Pie for our oldest "Grand" today. I'd managed to forget my saying I would, before she went back to college. And....... I got caught yesterday. lol.

    Apple Pie, here I come.

    And as you will see, from my Header Pic of my fallllllling barometer, I don't look for much good weather today. But! Low and behold! As I type, the sun is trying oh-so-hard to come out. -chuckle-

    Only a blip on the screen though, I'm pretty sure.

    "There's such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I'm such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn't be half so interesting."
    - Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

  6. Oh my kids would love the cookies...and they would be so warm, it is actually cold here today 24 degrees.

    Oh the I am inspired and ready to go unpack some boxes and find those needles of mine that haven't been used in decades...this time I will be wearing glasses ...times have changed.

    Thanks for sharing...loved your projects

  7. I've never had molasses cookies. Those look really good. :)


  8. I think you should come to my Wednesday evening craft night and crochet with us!

  9. Hmmmm...on the hunt for the elusive cookie...
    I blogged about my favorite molasses cookie over a year ago ( Not sure if this one is like what you're looking for. (It was also the 2002 winner for the Good Morning America Christmas Cookie Contest, if that counts for anything.)

    Stay warm and cozy today! There is no snow here, but it is blowing a gale! My woodstove is crackling!

  10. My mom was a crocheter. She made lots of doilies in her day. I have all of her crochet needles....lots! I have not picked up that art. Doily making that is, what I do crochet is what I make up in my head because I have no idea how to read a pattern. Also I use yarn, not thread. I wish I could pick up that art. It is beautiful! I must make your cookies Vee, my husband love molasses cookies.

  11. In Texas there are not many snow days, but I remember them from my childhood in East Tenn.: homemade soup, jigsaw puzzles with my sister, books to read, oatmeal candy, etc. I love those leisurely days with freedom to work on whatever project takes your fancy. Enjoy your time!

  12. What is unbromated flour? I've never heard that term before. Cookies look delish.

  13. Love the white ric rac! We have snow a-coming...maybe I need a project.

    Your cookies look just like my gingersnaps...which we have been pulling out of the freezer daily over here. How is 'black strap' different than regular molasses? Now I must go see what kind I use.

  14. oh yum...I love cookies.

    Your crocheting is most inspiring. I love that tiny rickrack...oh how sweet would it have been had I done that for the mgcc aprons. Maybe I'll have to learn how to do that for future reference.

  15. I have not crocheted in years! But I may take it up again. It is a lovely way to keep one's hands busy but still allow you to visit or look around.

  16. Your mug cozy turned out well. Love the little button embellishment.

    Jake was much too intent on eating that Not So Good Molasses Cookie to respond to Nonni's questions. What a cutie.

    Enjoy your snow day. We may have some coming on Sunday. I hope so.

  17. I see that Jake is the strong, silent type, but the cookies speak for themselves. Have a good day.

  18. I think Jake was really enjoying your cookie so much that he couldn't give an answer. So cute! I'm going to do a post with a recipe for 'soft' mollasses cookies. It'll be up soon. Have a great day! Hugs, Pamela

  19. You are giving that new oven a workout. I bet the house smelled good with the scent of cookies wafting through the air! I love the smell of baked goodies.

  20. Ha! I did hear the crunch and he's keeping his opinion to himself...but he wasn't putting that cookie down for anything so I think he thought they were good! That mug cozy is great!

  21. I love days when I can bake and create and not worry about anything else. Those cookies certainly look good!

  22. This is so adorable. Grandma's cookies are always the very best! No words needed :) I love the rick rack. Looks labor intensive but so worth the effort. Keep warm! xo

  23. That cookie was just too good for words!! : )

    It's been very windy here and I spent a few hours doing counted cross stitch.

  24. Well Vee
    The cookies were so...yummy that g'son didn't want to take one single second away from eating his to answer your question! Cute fellow there.
    Does your mug warmer keep your drink hot?
    I am constantly re-warming my tea.

  25. The cookies sure do look good ... and pretty on that beautiful plate. Jake seems to be really enjoying his ... even if he won't tell us how good they are ;).
    Your crochet projects are so pretty too. I feel like I should know how to crochet if I want to be a true blogger. LOL. Do you think it could be learned from the internet?

  26. Sounds like a wonderful day. Hope you stay warm and have a lovely weekend.

  27. What a cute mug cozy!

    Don't rush yourself, the art challenge is not until Jan. 30 you have plenty of time. I am cracking up that you actually counted the elements on the tree tag! Did I really use that many? Too funny!

    Off to the farm, have a great weekend!

  28. Vee,
    What a cutie. I think that he was so busy enjoying that cookie he was lost for words. That cozie project looks complicated. I can't knit, crochet or sew. Those gifts were given to my sisters.

    Those cookies look wonderful, and you are so lucky to have snow. Our snow dust looks like the sugar on your cookies. Just a teaser.

    My daughter Sarah and her boyfriend went skiing in New Hampshire. She is always blessed, she picked the perfect weekend to go skiing.

    Well have a lovely evening.


    P.S. thanks for your note. I am finally on the mend and I went out and purchased your suggestion.

  29. Awesome! I use to ski in Vermont and Mass. Oh by the way, I'm Bacckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...I have so missed being online!!

  30. Molasses cookies always turn out crunchy on me too. I never have figured out how to make them soft. Oh, and I spied the Johnson Brothers dishes. I dearly love that pattern. Have fun with the ricrac!

  31. hmmmm, don't believe I've ever eaten a Molasses cookie. I think it is so funny how our tastes are different and our foods are different from state to state, across the country. and...I always WANT my cookies to be crunchy...never soft. Now, Mr. Sweet on the other hand, likes his cookies soft. I tell you, I don't know how that man and I ever got together. :))) and I can't even imagine crocheting RICRAC !! :)

  32. Glad I came back to hear that cookie crunch! :-D
    (And I think Jake is just camera shy. And quite cute!!)

  33. Hi Vee!
    What a darling video!! Jake is so adorable working on that cookie and I loved hearing your voice Vee and your sweet accent.
    The rickrack is awesome... I love to do the small fine crocheting also but haven't sat down to do some in a long time.
    Have a warm snuggley weekend! Sherry

  34. Love the video! He was savoring the moment and that didn't include discussing the cookie. I do believe his focus was eating that yummy cookie - no need for a verbal response.

    Does the mug cozy really work to keep your drink warm longer? Great idea!

  35. I adore your mug cozy! My favorite cookies are molasses. I like mine chewy...

  36. Love your crochet pieces. I love to crochet on cold, wintry days too.

  37. Jake having a reaction to being videoed!


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