Thursday, August 2, 2012

Animal Farm Gardens and Things

 ~Gnarled Mossy Tree~

 ~Odd Shaped Tree~

 ~Our Idyllic Picnic~

 ~Not Sure Exactly What They Are Save Very Colorful~
Rudbeckia or Gaillardia?
(Very similar, though I'm thinking that Rudbeckia is the answer as they are perennials {assuming the Game Farm staff would be frugal} and they have the dark eye. Gaillardia is an annual and can have a variety of eye color. Phew I'm happy now. Thanks to both Lisa and Diane!)

 ~Morning Glories Growing up a Chunk of Driftwood~

~Benches on the Edge~

All the reasons why $7 may not have been so bad.

Tomorrow? The end of a perfect day.

Are you enjoying these first days of August?

Love Vee


  1. Looks like the perfect spot for a picnic. Beautiful area! I do believe those flowers are called Gaillardia, around here we call them Blanket Flower. Very nice!

  2. It does look like a perfect way to spend the day Vee. Your pictures are beautiful.

  3. Gosh, such beautiful photos to feast my eyes this morning..Each one has its own spirit..

  4. Oooo...there must have been lots of pretty garden scenes have some lovely pictures!

    I also love your picnic scene, including your perfectly iconic picnic basket. :D

  5. Now that wasn't so bad afer all. It is a rather pretty and attractive area for a picnic. I like the gnarley trees. I thinks it's very idyllic for a picnic. :)

  6. A very lovely spot for a picnic. Your pictures are beautiful!

  7. It's great how they have made the whole farm beautiful to look at and enjoy!


  8. Lovely, evocative photos!!!!

    And isn't being evocative of our post message, the nicest compliment to a blog post????? I hope it is. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  9. Beautiful shots Vee and very worth the $7 bucks. So far the beginning of August has been heavy for me but I know that things will lighten up again...

  10. Hi Vee
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that photographs interesting bark and gnarly trees - I think they have a story to tell.
    Part of our problem is that we can remember when things were much cheaper. I doubt our children give today's prices a second thought.
    Not to worry, the grandson will probably remember the day as a really cool outing.

  11. I think it well worth the $7. : )
    What a neat old tree that is. Looks so low to the ground too. Good for climbing on.
    Beautiful flowers and a perfect place for a picnic.
    Yes, I'm enjoying August so far. As long as I can go for my morning walk, I enjoy the day. : )

  12. I LOVE picnic too and I bet your grand children will always remember having time with you and doing such thoughtful and fun things..
    and to be arrounded with a Beautiful area too.. what a treat! I enjoy reading your blog..
    dear friend..happy day!

  13. Your picnic spot certainly looks idyllic. We would have never known the details had you not told us.

    I love all the small vignettes of growing things - the mossy trunk, the morning glory climbing, etc, - I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

  14. The flower is a Rubeckia ( There are quite a few cultivars, but I think the one in your picture is Indian Summer or possibly Hirta. Rubeckia is similar to Gaillardia (, but you'll see the difference in the petals, the center and the leaves.

    Love the pictures of the trees!!

    You live in such a beautiful area.

  15. Good to see you out and about enjoying August with your camera.

  16. what a lovely setting for a picnic! i especially
    loved the morning glories growing up the
    gnarled wood.

  17. Lovely setting. I'll bet that little boy remembers that picnic for the rest of his life. How special!

  18. Very pretty place! I agree with the 'r' choice. :D

  19. What a lovely place to picnic..and take some lovely pics.

  20. Hi Vee, Love your photos. I'm always excited about strange looking trees... AND--I loved your picnic area... Looks so inviting...

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  21. Beautiful photos, Vee! I see August's notecards in them :)

    We are in very hot and dry Nebraska tonight. Sad to hear on the local news about the way this summer's drought has affected their crops. Prices are sure to go up for all of us because of it :(

  22. Hi Vee!

    I love picnics! Your pictures are always so beautiful . . . I love the gnarled old tree!


  23. I'm enjoying the first days of August... inside! LOL...

  24. Oh Vee, your pictures are so beautiful! Looks like the perfect place for a picnic.


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