Thursday, August 30, 2012


This is a piece I love to play myself; however, my restraint is not as fine as it should be. My playing is more intense rather than playing it as written — lightly, gently. My inability to play it properly even with this very good example annoys me, but I'll keep practicing. 

~the last mallow blossom and the long shadows of four in the afternoon~

Down here in the hollow/holler, it can seem much later in the day than it really is. It takes an act of the will not to make supper at four and be done with it.

On the other hand, I am lately being tricked into believing that it is much earlier in the day. The sun is up later and so I am waking later and rising later. The days of being up and at'em at six a.m. are probably a thing of the past for a few months.


We are right on time, however, for the political season here in the United States. The Republican convention is now and the Democrat convention is next week. I have listened to the speeches for the past two days and will listen again tonight. I've taken notes. Yes, I'm one of those types.

Tomorrow, for the first time in a long time, I will be writing about my perceptions and sharing some of the quotes I've gathered using them on the front page of this blog. I hope to use restraint and to be able to communicate in a way that is comfortable to read. If I don't, I expect that my stats will show me. A promise is a promise, though. I told you way back that, if I ever discussed politics again on the front page, my readers would get a fair warning. When you see tomorrow's post pop up, you can decide for yourself if you'll be here. It's really all about allowing myself a voice. I have been so very, very restrained.

And on that note, a pleasant Thursday to you...

Love Vee
Edited to Add/Thursday afternoon: Something very screwy is going on with my blog. I touched nothing, changed nothing and suddenly I had no colors nor any background. I have been trying for the better part of two hours to get anything to hold or stick. I'm quitting for now even though I can not STAND the look of this place. When it's not fun, it's time for a break.


  1. Might have known it was the sun to blame for me sleeping later the last couple of weeks, I thought I was being lazy!
    As for the politics thing, Americans will speak up while Canadians tend to be passive. I' ll find your comments interesting so rant away!

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow's post. I've been enjoying, so much, some of the speeches I've heard. Your take is of interest to me.

    I would also enjoy hearing you play that piece. It is so peaceful.

    Have a delightful day!

  3. Good morning! Love the music again...I will be watching for tomorrow's post for sure.. Have a good day!

  4. I have noticed that the position of the afternoon sun has moved so a new season is ever so slowly approaching. Sleep late? Don't I wish! My internal clock is stuck in 3 to 5 am mode every single day! Sleeping til 6 sounds like heaven. Hope you have a beauty filled day.

  5. I love that piece of music! The book tore me apart. So sad. And politics? I've put a couple of things onto this blog from time to time and each time I've done it I didn't get one comment. Interesting. I'm not doing it anymore. I won't even tell my kids anymore who I'm voting for. It creates too much quarreling.

  6. Daylight changes here are also noticeable. I see that the leaves are starting to get a perceptible "tired" look. Now if the temperatures would just start getting cooler, LOL!

    It is your blog and this administration hasn't, so far, silenced our Constitutional rights to speak our minds. So post away! I remember that I got verbally attacked by several readers (not dear ones, I can assure you, but trolls) by posting a lone photo after the last election with no commentary. I normally refrain from political talk on my blog and leave my rants on twitter. But I know that I won't be able to hold back on a post in the next two months. If I lose readers, I lose readers. If folks can not respect my opinions, then they were never friends in the first place. So blog away, sweetie, now that you've warned everyone to put their adult panties on tomorrow.

    The convention speeches have been uplifting and inspiring. I've been pleasantly surprised and cheered by the overall positive notes and exquisite nuggets of quotes. The fresh faces give me hope that we can successfully turn the critical pivot point ahead of us.

  7. I was considering taking piano lessons this weekend. Always wanted to play. Course I'd need to get a piano...
    I look forward to your post tomorrow. I will be sure to read AND comment!

  8. And ding-dang-it! It is YOUR blog. You are FREE to put any form of a "Voice" on it, that you choose. !!!!

    If anyone doesn't agree, or doesn't want to read your "Voice," they do not have to do so.

    Go for it Vee!

    And just because so far, I have not gotten "involved in having a Voice," in this election.... Does not mean that I do not have one.

    I know my mind. I need no one (like convention speeches or "talking-heads" or etc.) to rev me up --- So I choose not to follow all the coverage. MY choice! Your choice is your choice.

    Courage Woman!!!


  9. And your 4 o'clock sunlight photo is lovely!!!!!


  10. It was pitch black this morning, and cool, when I woke at 6am. I love this transition time from summer to fall.

    I'm looking forward to your political comments tomorrow. And regardless, the sun will come up (:

    Interesting, this was on my heart when i woke up ~
    Gen.  8:22 "While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease."


  11. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts (voice). Love the music! I still haven't seen the movie.

  12. I so enjoy your political discussions. Go for it Vee.
    I've really noticed the daylight changing here too. I said yesterday it is starting to feel like September.

  13. Dear Vee it seems as if all your readers are looking forward to your political post. I am a close watcher also. Neither party is what it was many hears ago. I find it hard to trust what anyone says anymore. I know who I want to believe. I have made a point to listen to the different news stations. The one that is for Obama and the one for the GOP. Blessings sista blogger.

  14. One of my favorite movies--I am listening to it now via the link you provided. I play the piano too and will have to get that sheet music. So beautiful!

    thanks for posting,

  15. Oh you brave soul. We've caught a couple speeches. I'm not afraid to come back tomorrow. Thanks for the warning!

  16. The days are getting shorter. I hate getting up when it's dark but I usually am up by 6 each morning and in bed by 10 at night.

  17. I am looking forward to your thoughts and quotes on the political arena. My instincts are to leave the country for the next four years. So sad to have to feel that way.

    That photo is stunning. I would lose all concept of time if I was in that spot. xo

  18. OH MY GOSH!!!!

    A new blog look here. And a dark one! How about that?!?

    You are really shakin' things up around here! I love it. Change rocks, and all that jazzzzzz.

    I am still, still, still trying to find a New Blog Look on mine. -moan- -sigh- -pout- -sniffle-



  19. Your blog looks fine to me - lovely sunny background with a green ribbon around the text.

    I find American politics fascinating. It's so polarized (ours is too, but differently). So rant away, I'll read with interest.

    You're tricking me with all the references to the music. Once again, I just had to click and listen! Lovely piece. Reminds me that I should practice piano more.

  20. Politics. Bleh. I'm so fed up and tired of election year already that I can't even bring myself to turn the conventions on. Now college football? ALL about it right now! =)

    Of course I know that I'll have to catch up on he political front so that I can vote the right decision for my family in November. I do look forward to reading your opinion though!

  21. I've been trying to watch the convention each night, but I fell asleep in the middle of it last night. Nothing personal to the speakers, I was just tired.
    Anyhow, I do look forward to hearing your thoughts.
    Very mysterious ... and frustrating what is happening on your blog.

  22. What a lovely picture!! I could see that in a little white cameo frame.

    As for the politics, fire away. I'm looking for opinions.
    I worry about the Republicans. I don't think there was one person under 40 years old in that convention hall. Not a good sign.

  23. I do like the new look but agree with you that every time something doesn't work with my blog it makes me want to give up. I do think figuring things out blogging is way more fun than doing crossword puzzles for the brain though. I like the brightness of your page and love the header pictures. Have a sunny day!

  24. I look forward to what you have to share...we can all learn from one another, and we must all remember that our blogs are just that, OUR blogs and a place for us to share our 'voice.'

    Your blog looks lovely 11:15pm. The music is so soothing as I am waiting to see my man off to work tonight.

    Sweet dreams friend!


  25. I look forward to your next post. Like you, I collect quotes, some cute, some patriotic, some romantic, and lots of favorite Scripture too.
    I think you should say what you want on your blog, so, go girl!

  26. I watch both conventions to make an informed choice as I am an independent and do not vote one party, but as a rule I hate politics. I have not been inspired by many Presidents I have voted for over the years, both Republican and Democrat. Perhaps my expectations are too great or else I think they have more power than they do? Sometimes I wonder who really runs this country.

    I'll be interested to see what you have to say tomorrow, Vee. I'm still scratching my head over Clint Eastwood's speech.

  27. Now I find out that you play the piano!! I have always wanted to play the piano, but we did not have a piano in our home...which makes it kind of tough to learn. I have great admiration for pianists. Bekah shows great promise...she is a natural, and she loves to play.

    I am very much enjoying your musical selections. Like Lorrie, I most often have the sound off on my computer. I am too easily distracted, especially by music that I don't like. But every day I am following your links and listening and sighing...such beauty!

    (I find it hard to see any beauty in politics.)

  28. Hi Vee!

    Well, I must say that I love your music... :0) I wish I could even begin to play that beautifully!

    I don't take notes when it comes to watching the political debates and such, but I DO pay attention. I think it will be very interesting to see what your perception is about this very important topic!

    I am having problems with blogger too! I do like your background, and always love your beautiful header pictures!


  29. Looking forward to your post today (Fri). ~ Abby

  30. The slant of the sun is really messing with my head too. I'm sleeping in and can't figure out when I should eat a meal or go to bed. I don't like it but will have to live with it for the next 6months anyway. I read your opinion for Friday's post and enjoyed it. Being Canadian, we get some American politics on our news but I don't have any idea how your government works. I do know you have a long election process which can be good or bad. We tend to have an election called within a month and it's over and done with! I must say I agree with your viewpoint. :) Enjoy the holiday weekend!


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