Monday, September 17, 2012

Farm Stand

Prices vary from farm stand to farm stand. John and I were out running errands yesterday afternoon...urgent need for kitty litter...when I decided to drag him from farm stand to farm stand. 

One of our favorites is on Apple Ridge where two large apple orchards are in business. One of them has a bakery. The thought of a doughnut fresh from the fat vat was very strong. In the end, we didn't go there having heard that people were standing in queue around the parking lot. I like my doughnuts, but not enough to wait for an hour.

We decided to visit a little farm stand closer to home instead. I found a lovely large pumpkin. The price was 25¢ per pound. John hoisted it up and announced that it was seven pounds. It was seventeen pounds. Does $4.25 sound like a lot? I didn't think so. Now it is sitting out on the newly painted deck.

The mums were priced at 3/$15 or $6 each. I only wanted two and I really wanted a larger one. I'm waiting on that choice. So many choices; so many farm stands.

We had a near frost last night. Can you believe it? I covered everything forgetting the tomatoes entirely. I bounded out of bed early this morning when I realized what I had done. All was well here. I'm sure that places in town were hit because the temp was 38F when I looked. Mighty chilly. When will your corner start getting frost warnings?

Love Vee


  1. Golly, I haven't even thought about frost warnings yet! :-)


  2. We get lovely cool weather at night, of course. But .... Not to the point of thinking of frost. Although much of the growing things, don't even need a frost, to tell them it's time to go-to-sleep, it seems. -sigh-

    Btw, yesterday we picked 3 ripe tomatoes. And one of the 'Grands' came over to ask if he could look for some. Guess theirs are done. Well, he found 5 more! :-) Finally, after soooooo long.

    They aren't huge but they are "meaty." :-)

    Oh and if you really want a pumpkin, no price is too steep!!!! After all, look at all the joy it will bring you, looking at it, on your newly painted (by you!) porch! Bits of Joy, like this, are rather priceless.

    Unless you didn't have enough $$$ left, to purchase the cat litter, of course! -gigggles- But I'm sure that was not the case. :-)


  3. I love going to farm stands in the fall. Next weekend I am spending two days, traveling 5 counties going to several actual farms. I am looking forward to it.

    First frost here is usually the beginning of November.
    p.s. now I want a donut :-)

  4. Those mums are so pretty!! I considered getting one or two for my front step and then conceded that I would probably neglect them and would just hurry them to an early demise....
    I think we have until mid to late October before we usually have any threat of frost.
    Sounds as though you had a wonderful day visiting farm stands - I hope today will be another one...!

  5. I have forgotten what a cool morning feels like, we are still hovering in the 80's here it will be a bit longer before we catch our first frost here.

    I saw some really large pots of mums here over the weekend, really full and wanted a couple but they were $15.00 each! Great bargain there.

    More gentle pattering much needed rain here today so it is a studio day for sure. Have a sweet Monday!

  6. How I would love to find farm stands as beautiful as the ones you're seeing!

  7. Gosh, farm stands are getting to be a thing of the past around here these days! I got some little mum plants to get for my willow basket on the front porch the other day. Got them at a local grocery store, $1.50 each. I think they are in 4" pots. It's too early for pumpkins here. Nary a one in sight. Also, we won't get a frost until sometime in October. You are way ahead of us on the season!

  8. No frost warnings here yet, but we are definitely having some delicious overnight cool-downs and pleasant temps during the days. We have finally turned off the air conditioning after weeks and weeks with no break. (Maybe we can open this month's electric bill without cringing.)

    Hooray for farm stands and pumpkins and mums!!

  9. Hi there, Loved seeing the farm stand and Mums! Let's see we had rain early this morning and it was coming down pretty good. I'm trying to remember when we get frost and it is getting close; there was a frosting of snow in the high country and I'm just not ready. Have a great day.

  10. No frost here...still in flip flops...oh my we don't have farm stands like that, nor do we have prices like that...what a bargain. It amazes me to see the difference in different parts of our country.

    Enjoy your pumpkin and cool weather

  11. Hello Vee, mighty cool this morning here in Winnipeg. Love the pumpkins and corn, looks great. Mums are pretty to, love this time of year. Blessings Francine.

  12. so amazing you are talking about frosts and the start of winter. Does it snow where you are. We are in early spring hear and looking forward to beautiful days, although we desperately still need rain. Have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by my blog today.

  13. Those are some beautiful pictures, Vee! I love mums, but I always forget to water potted flowers. The only plants that stand any chance of survival are the ones in the ground and I rarely ever plant annuals. (Mums count as annuals in our little area because of the bitter cold spells we usually get.)

    We've had some really cool nights/mornings lately, but we usually don't get a frost until mid to late October. We are starting to see leaves changing, though.

  14. I love farm stands!

    We go to a farm that sells their pumpkins for $1 and $2! I feel so spoiled by that, but I think that what you paid is not unreasonable at all for the size of the pumpkin.

    We don't get frost usually until October...

    I love this time of year!

  15. The mornings have definitely been cool but no frost yet. Glad your tomatoes survived!

  16. Frost? I'm not quite ready for that much of a temperature change yet, but I know it's only a matter of time. It's much cooler here than it was a couple of weeks ago.

    The mums are beautiful and I'd say your pumpkin prices are very reasonable. Enjoy!

  17. Wow Vee, isn't it a tad early for frost?? Still lovely here, temps at night in the high 60's, perfect sleeping weather. I do love a good apple cider doughnut, have to travel to New Jersey, there are a couple of good places. And they do get really crowded! xo

  18. We're about eight degrees warmer than you are -- it was around 45 this morning... We probably won't get frost warnings till mid-October... Love your mum pics! xoxo

  19. I love a good farm stand! Audley & I discovered one by accident while we were out and about Saturday night, but it was already closed. I see a visit this week as they were loaded with beautiful pumpkins and mums! Fresh donuts would be amazing.... and at this very moment I think I would wait an hour for one. Something about the changing of seasons is making me want to cheat a little here. We have a cold front coming in, but no frost warnings here in SC. I think our low temps are in the mid-50's. Perfect weather in my opinion! It's going to be a beautiful autumn, for sure!

    Have a wonderful Monday Vee!!

  20. I love visiting farm stands and there are a lot in the Fredericton area. That's a good price on the mums. There is a frost warning tonight for low lying areas - 36 deg. It was 38 last night. I had to close the windows.

  21. It is hard to imagine it being that cold but I guess we'll find out soon when we travel to the mountains. Enjoy your day! Hope the sunshine came out and warmed things up!

  22. I like the fall decorating you have done so far - your header photo looks great! I need to work on getting the summer items put away and autumn out.

  23. Beautiful mums. I think the price for the pumpkin a good one.
    I don't want to think of frost yet. I don't really even know when to expect it around here.

  24. I love your photos, and your prices are much better than ours. Last year one of our farm stands had these nice big pumpkins carved with the word Welcome on one side. I asked how much, he said $30.00, I said goodbye. I tried carving my own but it didn't look as good as his. $30.00 for a pumpkin...highway robbery, I say.

    We haven't had a frost yet, but there is a chill in the air at night. Love your blog background. You are always changing things up.

    Love you Vee. I have that gorgeous card that you sent me displayed in my kitchen so that I can see it all the time.


  25. I'm thinking we have another month until the frost arrives. I've hardly switched into fall mode over here...since it has been in the high 20's most days (that would be nearing 90°F)...though it cools off nicely at night.

    I'll have to check out our local farmstands for prices. (It seems to me the pumpkins are sold at a fixed price...not by the pound.) I've been a regular customer at those selling corn for the past month or two. That too will soon be over!

  26. I wish more of our farmers sold from stands at the road like they used to. Good buy on the pumpkin.
    Our daughter in the north had frost the other night and I think we've been close but not yet.
    A beautiful sunny day here today and I spent most of my time inside for various things.

  27. Wow, no, I can't believe frost being a possibility already. Glad to hear you escaped it.
    I just might stand in that long line for a donut and some cider. I love that combo at this time of year.
    The mums are so pretty. Always such a cheery fall sight to see.

  28. Oh my frost already, our low temps at night are still in the 60's. we usually get frost end of Oct, beginning of Nov. One thing I do enjoy about falll is the mums, I have already bought one for my porch

  29. Sounds like a great price to me and if it brings some fall joy your way then I say I'm glad that you bought it. Those donuts must be really really go for people to stand in line. I haven't had a donut in over a year since the whole gluten free thing - now I'm really hankerin for one:)

    Enjoy the night!

  30. Frost warnings Vee? oh boy...we would be in trouble. I have only now started picking the tomatoes. We had such a late start to summer and so we are hoping the sunshine stays for a while longer.

    Our pumpkins are turning and soon I will have a row for the grands to pick and choose.

  31. Hi Vee - your deck looks spic and span (and I still love that soft grey...) Y'all have really cheap mum prices up there. The big ones like those around here are anywhere from $15-$25. Wow. and our pumpkins are lot more expensive, too. Now why is that?

    No, we won't have any frosts til waaaaaay later, probably November. It has been nice around here the last week, with some showers, and cooler sticky air. My hair frizzes and curls up and I can do nothing with it. I just have to give up.
    :) Hope your week is getting off to a good start!

    Four more weeks!

  32. Hello Vee,
    I found you on Cait's blog, your comment 'you have to bag your own groceries' immediately alerted me to the fact that you were either in this country and wealthy, or elsewhere. So, being a nosey old bird, I followed your link and found you. We have a bit in common... 'The Notebook' and 'It's a Wonderful Life' are two of my favourite films - I love to bake, and craft, read and garden etc. - love most types of music except rap and heavy jazz or opera - and live in a small house, in a village, in the county of Norfolk in England, with a nature reserve ten minutes walk away, the woods and open countryside likewise, and the beach fifteen minutes drive.
    I'll come back and see you again.

  33. Yikes! Frost warnings already? I hope we have a month or so before ours here. But I can extend the tomato harvest by dropping the plastic on the tomato beds. It's been so warm here lately, really beautiful.

  34. I thought it had turned cold here at 63f!


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