Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting 2012

If you believe the disappointments—if you believe the disappointments in the last few years are a detour and not our destiny, then I'm asking for your vote. ~Mitt Romney
Last night was so beautiful around here. My daughter, who as I've mentioned, has been very active through this political season, had been to a few engagements yesterday (and even had to borrow some of my signs). Well, I'll just show you instead of wasting time on words.

Oh that's not it... This is my daughter and Charlie Summers who is running against a King. Charlie is fiscally responsible and a Conservative whom we'd love to see go to Washington. It would end decades of RINOs from Maine serving there. It is more than time! 

And this is how dear daughter looked at the end of her busy day having just returned my sign to its rightful spot. Think freezing. See that one little rose? Think popsicle. I do believe that it is truly the last rose of the season; although, that rose bush has surprised me all autumn long.

We only have sunsets and these colors in this season of the year. I'm hoping that tonight we'll have another and that, tomorrow night, we'll have another and the night after that... 

Many blessings as you head out to vote — if you live in the U.S.A. 

Love Vee


  1. Proud to be an American!


  2. Many and huge hugs, to your Darling Daughter.

    Off we go to Vote, in a couple of minutes.

    To Vote For Love of Country!

    Love your sunsets. We don't seeee sun rise, or set here, either. But these tree top views, can be lovely too.

    Happy Election Day,

  3. Dee, you must be very proud of your daughter. I hope Maine voters make really good choices this year and uphold marriage. You're right about the roses. I noticed two bright little blooms on my porch climber and it's way too late for that! :D
    Hugs, Debbie

  4. Good Morning, Vee! I enjoyed browsing around your blog, and am now following you! Your daughter is beautiful! I bet she has been really busy if she was involved this Political Season. It's been a whirlwind, hasn't it? I voted last week, early voting. Praying we see a new change after today! :)

    Your sunset is gorgeous!

  5. Will be heading out to vote sometime this morning with youngest son who came home from college Sunday so he could vote in person today.

  6. What can I say other than "choose wisely".
    Good for your daughter becoming involved in the choices for your country. The sun on the trees is spectacular.

  7. Glad you pointed out the popsicle rose. I don't think I would have noticed it as I was enthralled by the way the sun was lighting up the trees. Gorgeous.
    We mailed our ballots in already. Hooray for not having to stand in line.
    I applaud your daughter for working so hard on the campaign.

  8. What gorgeous pictures, and I congratulate your daughter for her hard work. Already voted over here. Sent it in last week. Let's pray for real change in America!

  9. We voted! I think there will be a record turn out! Love the quote you started your post with! Very good!

  10. It's on my list to do today...of course! Both of our old enough daughters are Home as well to vote! Great photos, hope you have another delightful sunset today!

  11. I love that we are free to vote our conscience here in America. You know what? I love this country!

  12. I was mourning 4 years ago. Tonight, I plan to celebrate. It's time for America to take out the trash. It's been stinking up everything for the last 4 years.

    I have to schedule tomorrow's post in advance, so I hope that my instincts are right, LOL!

    Please tell your daughter thank you for her positive efforts during this political season!

  13. I'm keeping my American neighbours in thought and prayer today. The end result reaches us here in Canada too. God Bless! The sunset photos are wonderful. I like the contrast of the golden trees and the darkened houses. Such is winter. Have a blessed day! Hugs, Pam

  14. That's wonderful that your daughter is so politically active. Good for her.

    Love those pictures! They are absolutely gorgeous.


  15. Oh oh oh! I've been away and starting to catch up on blog reading ... and enjoyed your recent posts. Already voted so am trying to distract myself today. But your vanilla post !!!!! The timing is amazing! As I plan to teach that little skill to some young women very soon ... and yes, the cost of vanilla beans... SO ... I will look at amazon! I always make my own vanilla so this is wonderful. Thank you friend!

  16. We dropped off our ballots last Friday. Now we wait and see...

  17. Voted by mail and happy to have an all-day conference to pas the time. God bless those that give their time to grassroots efforts. xo

  18. Hi Vee,

    I love your neighborhood.The golden leaves are beautiful!
    Gary and I votes weeks ago and sent it in...You know who I voted for...fingers are crossed and prayers are being sad..
    Sending hugs, Elizabeth

  19. Thinking of you, our neighbours to the south of us today as you go to the polls. Voting is a right and a privilege!
    You must be so pleased with your daughter's work. Good for her!
    I hope you have beautiful sunset after beautiful sunset!

  20. I always feel such comfort after spending time here. You have such a way with words that put my mind at ease when it's turning like crazy.

    Happy Election Day to you!

  21. We voted after standing in line 1 hour & 10 minutes, so worth the time.
    God Bless America!


  22. Kudos to your daughter for all of her hard work! I'm going to vote in just a short while. I hope we're all celebrating tomorrow!!

  23. I got my vote in. Hope it ends well. If not.. . . . . I have no words. I don't remember an election where I have been so tense about the outcome.

  24. Voted even before walking this morning!!!!

  25. My husband and I got up bright and early to vote.
    You're a lucky lady to have such a dedicated daughter!

  26. We are keenly watching your election process from far away - good luck!
    It's always great to see our young ones getting involved.
    It does look cold Vee - hang on to that lovely rose.
    Beautiful sunset images - thank you.
    Shane ♥

  27. Hi Vee,

    I love the quote at the beginning of your post! It sums up the choices perfectly! I, too, am praying for the results of today's election; I believe our future is riding on it like never before.

    Your daughter is lovely and you must be very proud of her hard work for such an important cause. I hope she'll be celebrating a win tomorrow.

    God Bless our United States of America.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  28. On my way out to vote right now, then hair cut! Beautiful sunset, your daughter is lovely and you must be so proud of her. xo

  29. gorgeous.... gorgeous country!!! Im drooling!!!

  30. Hi Vee, I find it very interesting that you proudly display your preference in this election. So many people are so sensitive on their blogs and don't mention politics. I guess you never heard not to discuss religion or politics. haha.

    Glad you got out to vote. We have heard so much about your election that I almost feel cheated that I can't vote today. I am glad that the poor reporters will finally get some sleep (perhaps next week).

    I wonder if it will turn out to be a close vote and a headache like the Bush v. Gore thing.

    xo Terri

  31. How perfect that your beautiful daughter is standing by the rose! Please thank her for me for all of the time and energy she's given to this election. If she has the same view as her mother, let her know that we truly support her efforts!

  32. Bless your sweet daughter, and please God, bless America.

  33. Vee,
    I am proud of your daughter, too. We voted this afternoon. Big turnout here in our district. We went at a good time - no line.
    The sun setting in the golden trees is so beautiful.

  34. Yea for her..that is awesome to see the next generation!!! She has been inspired well.

    Watching the returns right now!

  35. You have such a lovely daughter, Vee. And I'm so proud of her and admire her so much for being active in things that she feels strongly about! Doing more than her civic duty she is! I think you have a perfectly beautiful neighborhood - don't know why you think it's not much...

    We're sitting her watching the results come in... we voted early!

  36. Watching the returns right now and praying for our country and for a change.

    Good for your daughter, proud of her. She sure is pretty.

    The sunset and golden trees are gorgeous!

  37. Good for your daughter to get out and work for what she believes in! I voted today, and hubby just turned off the election coverage--just tired of all the commentary--still trying to hang onto some hope, but I'm afraid America has changed--her people have changed-We shall see in the morning.

  38. Well, it's morning, and I can't even turn on the news. I just don't want to listen to it. As they say, "If you steal from Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on the vote of Paul."

    I'm proud of your daughter and so many others like her. Mine has spent the past week campaigning in New York state. She'll return home to DC this morning tired and I'm sure very discouraged. I pray for these young people that they don't lose sight of what America used to be.