Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Greening

~Almost Azaleas — Taken outside from my Front Lawn~

~Left View~Middle View~Right View~
Print: Back Porch Gathering~John Rossini

Yesterday, I noticed the change in light and color. Everything beyond my windows was glowing and greening. Once again, the views can be enjoyed because of the new neighbor who cares for his yard. You see, I am nearly completely dependent upon my neighbors for the view. These narrow windows are great for the level of privacy — I want no curtains — and for the way they frame these small views.

 ~Left View — Trees~

 ~Middle View— A Big White Barn Through the Trees~

~Right View — Same blue roof as in first photo~

Hopefully, we're coming into a week of rain where the drought, both inside and out, will be addressed. There's much to do in the house that I've not felt like doing and the lawns and plants certainly need some rain. 

If I am a bit scarce over the next week, think nothing of it. (You're all a bit scarce, too. ☺)

Have a great weekend!

Love Vee

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Happy Day!

~My Daughter-in-law's Tulips~

The standing joke of yesterday was that I would rather take photos of tulips, clouds, trees, and anything rather than a little boy who was in perpetual motion. Tulips don't waggle their fingers in their ears. Oh we laughed about that every time.

~Wiggle Worm~   

The grand, fresh from the doctor just the day before, had been given the okay to do whatever he felt he was up to. Did he feel like running?

Oh yes!

Quiet pursuits were mixed in, too. He chalked a heart-shaped rock and presented it to me declaring it his finest work.

I will cherish it.

Let's just say that he was indefatigable and led us through a merry day of hopscotch, soccer, hide n'seek, monkey in the middle, chalk drawings, a picnic, and supper with his brother now in tow. I had long since set the camera aside! A happy day...the one he had long waited how that boy talks!

I'll be limping about a bit today. I may have to hire him for a personal trainer!

Love Vee

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thinking Like a Kid

It's been awhile since last I enjoyed a Nonni Day. By the time you're reading this, we'll have picked up Sam and be off having breakfast at our Eggsceptionally Good Breakfast Nook. I'm thinking Eggs Benedict for a change. John will have two double yolkers, two pieces of toast, hash browns, and sausage. The coffee will flow. (Sam will have a chocolate chip pancake and a glass of juice. Of this, I'm fairly certain.)

It was lovely meeting new bloggers yesterday and looking at wonderful photos and hearing from several that this challenge makes them want to take better pictures. Me, too! (Next month's party is May 16th.)

Yesterday, John's sister blessed him with a little photo of his former self. Gosh, he's so cute I want to kiss him!

When you see photos like this do you wonder whatever became of the little guy? What did he grow up to become? Wonder no more...

Then and Now

Not many little boys grow up to be reindeer! (You just know that I'll be sharing this with Sam!)

(Many thanks to Picnik for all the fun I've been having lately. It'll be missed.)

Do you have a childhood photo of your beloved?

Love Vee

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Note Card Party~April

Welcome to this month's Note Card Party!

 a clinker?

This has been a challenge. My abilities have been improving over considerable amounts of time. Even though I have nearly five years of photos in storage on this blog, I have precious few of any merit. These photos have all appeared in former Aprils. I hope that there's no repeat of that last scene this year! (Yes, I added the note card feature from Photoscape.)

Rules Refresher:

1. Let's try not to make too many rules... ☺
2. Search for four photographs on your own blog that would make a nice set of note cards. They must have appeared on your blog by the time you link up. 
3. Write your post.
4. Link directly to your post below. 
5. Visit ten or so others (at least) and comment. Knowing that new visitors are viewing and commenting is part of the fun. (Permission granted to look and not comment at blogs practicing safe commenting. All those word verifications get very tiring when trying to visit a lot of blogs.)
6. Have fun!

This is going to be so much fun!

Love Vee

Back Yard Tour

Last evening was so lovely and warm that we opened the patio doors and just listened to the *peepers.* Then I decided to take you on the 90-second tour of the back yard. It's impressive. Okay, not so much.

Please note the far lawn in the first video all cleaned with the garbage removed. The poor new owner found five deer carcasses under the tarps at the edge there. Good heavens! The things some people do.



The forsythia behind the barn and a walk beneath the Eastern spruce. This is the path where the grands like to play. 


The final circle back up the little knoll to the deck and a little pal waiting for me at the door.

Mr. Linky will be up tonight between 8 and 8:30 for this month's Note Card Party and will remain open throughout tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Tuesday...

Love Vee

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Merry Heart and All That

Suzanne shared a wonderful video this morning if anyone needs a chuckle. (From what I can see this morning, a few of us do.) I have been in an exceptionally good mood this morning. It started with my singing a scripture song that nearly sent me into hysterics atop of being thrilled with the vivid yellow forsythia bells blooking blooming in the back yard. Anyway, the mood was further heightened by *that fun video* at Suzanne's.

The hysterics?

When I'm feeling achy, as today I am because of yard work yesterday, I often sing this phrase:

"...when I fall on my knees with my face to the rising sun, O, Lord, have mercy on me."

Yes, well that's how it is supposed to go, but for some crazy reason, I've been singing it this way instead:

"...when I fall on my face with my knees to the rising sun."


I think my brain needs a rewiring.


Anyone else been playing at picnik before they close forever in just three days? I have at BJ's suggestion.

Have been noting the difference between her beautiful headers and my not-so-beautiful headers. She does hers on picnik and I do mine in Photoshop and Photoscape.

Here's a comparison:

< Edited to add: Might have been interesting, but it's long gone now. >

Carry on and feel free to let me know if you have a preference!

Love Vee

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Forsythia~Mosaic Monday

It's only the lowly forsythia and mostly the same photo as in my header. That's just how taken with it I am. Funny how this coming season of flowers delights me year after year. And I am thrilled to be joining the rest of the country with some flowers of my own. At last!

As for the hand painted forysthia plate in the corners, no markings.

Though I may get lost in my fairy tale for a bit, I do plan to join Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

Love Vee

When Trouble Comes

 You can go to him for protection. 

   He will cover you like a bird spreading its wings over its babies. 
   You can trust him to surround and protect you like a shield. 
~Psalm 91:4

Tornado season...I don't like it. So many of my friends live in Tornado Alley. Take care. You are in my thoughts and prayers today. 

Love Vee