Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fryeburg Fair 2012

It was yesterday or not at all. The weather has not been stellar for a fair week. No fair? No fair! I think that the weather pattern for this particular week in October is highly suspect as it happens year after year. 

So we struck out despite the fact that things didn't especially look promising.

Past the lake...

Over hill and dale...

to be welcomed at the fair!

Such a pretty picture and, if I had noticed the toppled mum, I'd have straightened it.

First things first—breakfast!

Yes, it really was good.

Perhaps we should have had celery...

Always love to see the quilts...

Those gals in the 1800s sure were dainty. The waists on these dresses are so tiny. The magazines above? Vintage copies of The Ladies' World.

A sweet tribute to E.B. White's Charlotte's Web... I've shared this before and will share it again. This delightful book's chapter about a county fair is based on the Fryeburg Fair. Mr. White, a resident of Brooklin, Maine entered his own livestock in the fair. One can read about this in a number of his essays. Say, do you like essays? I adore them and I especially adore any written by Mr. White. 

♪in the little red school house with my book and slate...♪

Recognize the colors on the John Deere wagon?

Wild cranberries have grown in Maine for centuries; although, raising cultivated cranberries is a relatively new business in Maine having first begun in 1991.

Wonder if they'd let me take this crock home because I like the number 3...

Love seeing beautiful embroidery...

For Judy...I cheated just a little, Judy. ☺

We were simply shocked, shocked, to learn that the wildfire danger was low! =)

 Then upon one knee uprising, Hiawatha aimed an arrow

This reminds me of a picture, also framed in birch bark and showing a scene from the same poem, that hung in my great-grandmother's home.

More quilting...table runners and quilts

I added this seed display box again because I love it so and because *last year's* photo didn't come out very well.

Yup. The fair has been around a long time.

Who is that handsome man?

Pretty autumn colors...

~American Arrow~

This seat is so interesting, though I'm pretty certain I'd be marked for life if I sat in it long. Ha!

Should I quit this post now? No. I'll just plug along to the bitter end.


Translation: We've got to find us something to eat (or something like that). You can tell from my response that I thought he was kidding. He wasn't.

Do you think we should be insulted having to eat hand cut fries from a dog bowl? John flavored them just right with kosher sea salt and vinegar. Yummo.

Christmas Tree Lane and the People's Choice Winner

My favorites! The Vardos! 

That's a fun tea set covered wagons, cowboys, and all...

Time to roll... The sun was out and we're not used to hot anymore. Besides, the fairgrounds were very crowded and I get kind of skitzy in crowds. I don't know how many times I'd tell John that I was going in this or that building only to turn around and head right back out. God love him, he's understanding. Then, too, Molly the poodle had been alone for five hours. Six is about her limit. We do hate to come home to surprises.

The race track minus the horses...

Following John back to the car...

Past all those who parked closer and those waiting to get in...

Maybe we should try the helicopter ride next year...

The foliage is popping! I'll save the journey home for another day. This post is much too long.

When I was leaving my hairdresser's, I asked if she would be going to the fair. She said that she wasn't really a fair kind of gal. How about you? Do you like going to the fair?

Wishing all my Canadian readers a wonderful holiday weekend and a richly blessed Thanksgiving. Show us all your holiday secrets now, too, won't you?!

Love Vee

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Drive Around the Block

After getting my hair done yesterday, I drove to the cemetery to make sure that the plants weren't beaten into the ground the way my new hairdo was beaten over my ears. (Let us not even discuss the logic of calling the hairdresser requesting an appointment on an obviously rainy morning.) The trees were so vividly green with pops of color as I drove back out through the cemetery's cedar hedge-lined road that I decided to take a little drive around the block. For once, I had my camera and so documented the trip. (My friend HappyOne would have walked it.) Anyway, you're welcome to come along. I won't talk too much.

I loved finding this mailbox with that surname. (I wasn't paying attention when the photo was taken and I don't know these folks.) I remember the fun of learning that Harper Lee chose that name for Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird because finch fathers take care of their young.

I met two cars. This was the second. Did you notice the first? Not much traffic today at all. Gas prices keep folks pretty close to home.

Here's my neighborhood. On the other end of this road is yesterday's orange tree.

Thus ends the ten-cent tour. It's Friday? Already? How does this keep happening? Have yourself a terrific weekend!

Love Vee