Friday, February 8, 2013

Nemo Begins

Okay, maybe this storm-naming business isn't so bad after all. At least, I can keep them straightened out in my thinking. Wait. Why do I need to keep them straightened out in my thinking? Hmmm... Anyway, here is the thing. We were told that the storm would arrive at 2 this afternoon. Exactly, Nemo was supposed to arrive at 2 pm sharp on the Downeaster. No, no, I'm just being silly. The point is that it was supposed to arrive this afternoon and instead we woke to falling snow. I went outside just after seven this morning to take this photo.

You'll note that the sand bucket is at the ready and the outdoor broom. I took some photos yesterday and tomorrow we'll compare pre-storm with post-storm and that'll be boring as all get out fun!

Enough of Nemo. I'm sick of him already.


Moving on to granola. I may be the last person on the planet to make granola; I made some yesterday. What can one say about it? It's pleasant enough, smells good while baking, helps make anything it is sprinkled over taste a little more flavorful, and it's more or less healthful. I found my recipe at Carol's Our Sears Kit Home.

~The Ingredients~

~The Recipe~
That circled bit is my latest trick for
keeping printed recipes sorted as to
where I found them. A simple copy
and paste let's me know whose blog and
what post. It's been very helpful.

~Fresh from the Oven~

Stay warm and cozy today. Perhaps make up some granola.

Love Vee


  1. Yummmm, I love granola and I can only imagine how heavenly your house smelled while you were making it!! I can't imagine getting all that snow Vee! You guys hunker down and stay safe and cozy ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  2. I have always found it a cozy feeling to be preparing for a snowstorm. Since that is rare in these parts, I think it sounds like FUN to see your pre and post storm photos.
    Granola making sounds like a good idea. I have made it before, but it's been awhile. I'll go check out Carol's recipe. Great tip on keeping track of your recipes. So glad you shared.
    Stay warm.

  3. Is this the first year winter storms have been named? It's new to me.

    I have never made granola, maybe I should make a batch using this recipe. The grandkids would probably love it.

    Be safe & warm. Hope Nemo is not too severe.


    1. Yes, it is the first year that they have been named.

  4. Vee,

    I actually have never made granola but I think I will at some point. We shall watch the weather up north as our children are there as is Jack's house.

  5. I haven't made granola yet, thought about it a couple of times and that's as far as it goes.
    If I had a bucket and broom outside, they'd be buried in the snow right now!

  6. I may have to give granola making a try! My post today may be boring to you, because I did it about the Snow. I did not however know this snow is named Nemo! How did I miss that? Have a warm and cozy day!

  7. 2/8/13... 8:40est...

    Yeah, we here are in what the weather guy said was to be the "easy-peasy-bitty-bit part" of Nemo. And it isn't so "easy-peasy-bitty-bit." Don't want to think about later, when the "REAL part" comes along. ,-)

    I will continue to think about Susan Branch, out there in the Atlantic Ocean. But they have a fireplace, which they're used to using.

  8. Opps, published too quickly. :-)

    Wishing you the best!!!

    And we must remember, at times like these, that we LOVE-LOVE-LOVE living, where there are 4 distinct Seasons. :-))))))))))))))


  9. I have never tried making granola either. Sounds easy enough, but I doubt I make it anytime soon, haha. Stay warm, cozy and safe! HUGS

  10. Granola sounds good!! I hope your storm (Nemo) is not too severe. Be safe!

  11. It's been years since I made home made Granola...sounds wonderful! Stay warm today...keep the home fires burning! Sweet hugs!

  12. We're in the middle of the storm here and it's heading your way. Everything is closed down and we're safe at home!
    I just made a big batch of granola a couple of weeks ago, using my "70s" recipe - it's still our favourite. Yours looks delicious and I agree about how wonderful it makes the house smell as it roasts! Great tip on how to document the recipes.

  13. You're not the last person to make granola ~ you've beat me to it! Granola is yummy!

    I've been wondering since I heard about this new storm, if you were getting reading and hoping that the weather forecasters are wrong.

    Great way to remember the location of where you found the recipe.

  14. Your granola is a shot back to my past. I used to make it regularly as I did our bread. One year I made it for everyone for Christmas, given in a pretty (?) container. Stay safe in the monster storm. I told my granddaughter a monster storm was coming to her great grand dad's house and immediately regretted it. A minute later her eyes got wide and she said, "A m o n s t e r storm? I quickly explained what it meant. sigh.

  15. you are on a roll this week & recently - have you been taking your happy pill. ha. ha!!! ( :

    sounds like the snow will be your way soon - i would like some here in VA, please. nothing yet. maybe the weather folks do it for folks to buy up all the groceries, milk & snow shovels. so crazy.

    home made granola is such fun. going to check out your recipe now. any snow yet??

    1. We woke to must not show up in the picture well enough for you to see.

  16. I hope you stay warm and safe with the latest storm. I thought of you two this morning when I saw the weather map and the snowfall predictions. We've got rain, rain, rain here again. Gosh, this is the rainiest (is that a word?) winter that I can ever remember.

    No, you aren't the last one on the planet to make granola. After all the home cooking we do (OK, OK, Mr. Jim does), can you believe we've never tried to make our own batch?

  17. I just spoke with my daughter in New Jersey and it's snowing there as well. She says in four words..."I'm sick of this!!" Snow and humidity are the two reasons we stay planted in the Pacific Northwest, even though family and friends are on the east coast. I just can't do it anymore and prefer the rain--at least everything stays green!
    Warm granola from the oven sounds divine and I may have to make some; I love it with my yogurt. Have a cozy day and this too shall pass, XOXO

  18. Your granola sounds so yummy!!! Stay warm and safe...

  19. I've heard they are naming storms, but I haven't heard it called Nemo yet. I hope it is not too severe.
    I have not made granola so you are not the last person to make it. I really should make one of these days.
    Stay warm and safe.

  20. We are hearing all about the wicked storm arriving on the east coast. Our son has been been in Ottawa at meetings all week, and was due to fly home early this morning. We were hoping he got out before the storm shut things down...and just heard he is on his way home! (He is needed on the we are leaving.)

    Your granola looks most yummy!

  21. To me, Nemo is a sweet orange fish, not a storm.

    Good news: you are not the last person to make granola . . . it's me. It's been on my list of things to do for years now.

    Stay warm! Can't wait to compare the storm before/after pix.


  22. Snow is prettier than rain, which we are supposed to be receiving some of today (for which I am very thankful, we need it here in Southern California). Rain is a big event here! I don't know if any of our winter storms are grand enough to have names.

    Your home looks so pretty and cozy, just the place to shelter from snow storms.

  23. See...I knew love is not all you need. Looks like you need granola, too. :)
    For the record I've never made granola...yet. It will be interesting to see if this storm lives up to all the hype. You know I'll check in here to see the real nemo story...

  24. Stay safe and warm dear Vee! It sounds like Nemo is going to roar on through. I would love to have even just some flurries form your snow. The granola sounds so good. Spending time in the kitchen is always fun when its snowing and cold out.

    You & John take care of yourself and keep warm!

  25. Enjoy your granola while Nemo comes visiting. Hope it's not too bad for ya'll. Take care!

  26. Making granola is a regular thing around here. Tim likes it almost every morning for breakfast. It keeps him full since he often doesn't get to lunch until 2 or 3.
    There was no breakfast cereal available when we first went to Ecuador, and later, when it did arrive, was either too expensive (imported) or ghastly (local) so I made granola for years. I hated doing it. It got to be a dreaded chore.
    I told Tim when we moved back to Canada that we were going to start buying granola now. That lasted one trip to the grocery store. So expensive, especially when all the kids ate it too. So I decided to embrace granola making, and now don't find it so much of a chore.
    That said, we bought a box of Trader Joe's, I think it was Maple Pecan, on our vacation, and loved it! Good thing there's no TJ's in Canada! But it was pricey, too.
    I don't freeze ours. It stays in a sealed container for several weeks, which is as long as it lasts around here.
    Hope Nemo isn't as ferocious as the newscasters are making it out to be. They do love drama. Take care!

    1. Don't they just! They drive me foolish.

  27. I see the the Maritimes are now forcasted to get 35-40 cm of snow in this storm called Nemo. I'm kind of glad I'm where I am as it's sunny and -5 this morning. I hope you will be safe and that you won't get as much from Nemo as they're forecasting for your area. Can't wait to hear the run down on what you got! ;)

  28. Sounds GREAT - and you aren't the very last to make granola, I sure haven't but certainly willing to give this awesome recipe a try!

    Stay bundled up warm and tight, Vee - good luck with the storm.

    Yesterday was so pretty and sunny, funny all I could think of was how I wish I could get up to take pics in that awesome natural light. Haha, call that Blog Sickness, huh?

    Today is gloomy and dark, a shadow for things to come.


  29. I have never made granola before, so you're not alone. It looks great though! In the midwest we have come to take the weather man's "storm of the century" announcements with a grain of salt. If thy say it's going to be pleasant and warm, then you had better watch out! I happen to love snow, which makes me a little odd, but don't think I want 24 inches. Stay warm and I'm looking forward to your "after" pictures!

  30. Great minds think alike - I got her recipe yesterday too!

    Still all rain here in PA, snow is supposed to start around 8pm.

    Much better time frame for me:)

  31. Just rain here today.
    I don't even like granola that much so I've never made it.

  32. Stay safe through the storm, Vee! I hope it won't be as bad as they've predicted, and I'll be thinking about you.

    I love seeing pictures of your home; it's really charming! Thanks for sharing the link to the granola recipe. I've never made any, so I'll have to give it a try. :)

    Take care,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  33. In all of my pinning things that I'll never cook on Pinterest, I don't think I've ever come across a granola recipe. That's something I might actually try.

    Stay warm!

  34. We've been enjoying our homemade granola - I will give this recipe a try too! I love the smell of baking on a wintery day!

    We were supposed to get a bit of snow but so far only rain here and not much at that.


  35. I'm not good with granola is gives me cramps so I avoid it stay safe in the storm.

  36. Oh, Vee,
    The granola looks simply delectable. Thanks. Now I'm going to have to go and chow down on mine.
    Love how easy it is!

  37. Funny name for the storm, don't you think? I've been taking some pictures, got a beauty of a male cardinal at the feeder. Will have to blog about that of course. I didn't make granola but I do have a stew brewing in the crock pot. Stay warm. ~ Abby

  38. Granola warm out of the oven is a tasty snack! Granola is expensive to buy and if you make it yourself you can add in whatever you like!

    I'm hoping that the storm winds up not being as bad as they say. Stay safe and warm!

  39. Stay warm and snug, that storm is supposed to be a big-un.
    We had ours yesterday. It is like a winter wonderland here.

  40. I've never made granola. No one around here likes it well enough to go to all the bother. Hope you are all snuggled in for the night. Hugs

  41. Thinking about you and this storm....keep safe and warm Vee.

  42. I just made granola for the first time this fall, and I froze it so I can enjoy it for awhile. I like your tip about the copy and pasting, I always forget where it comes from unless I write it down or bookmark it.

  43. Looks good. For me I would be making Muesli. Your snow did come down quick.


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