Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Memories

It seems as if it has been forever since I just popped in to share a photo or write a line. I have been "under the weather" with a flare of some sort. I am hobbling along like an old woman. But then, I am an old woman. I feel best when sitting with an ice pack. I need four: one for my foot, one for my knee, one for my wrist and hand, and another for my notoriously wonky back. So that explains where I've been. I've tried to keep up with you. If I haven't commented, I have been reading!

Remember that I don't do tablescapes and, in fact, used my everyday dishes because they're easier on the hands and they look best for spring and summer. I decided to just "go with it" and add the ivy as the centerpiece. I did make a new table runner in my favorite colors to add a little something (precious little). I asked my grandson if he was thrilled with his packet of morning glory seeds and he said, "Not really, but thank you anyway." LOL!

My daughter planned another wonderful activity for the boys with a treasure chest in plain sight. Talk about anticipation. The goal was to find the key that fit the lock. Sam just wanted to borrow my glasses for a bit. He doesn't wear glasses, but thought it might be fun. What a silly boy! Jake was happily borrowing my iPad.

A game of wiffle ball in the afternoon on a very wet lawn ended the festivities. 

So now I have documented that 2014 is not my year! ☺

Love Vee


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that the aches and pains malady has also visited your house! Oh dear, oh dear. I shall keep you in my prayers to feel better soon.

    I thought the seed packet decoration was adorable, and then I read your grandson's comment. LOL, boys! At least he thanked you anyway, which was most gracious.

    I see that the snow is receding, leaving a soggy mess. I hope that spring comes quickly for you now!

  2. Vee, I like your new header, the non tables cape (I love those ivy dishes), the window shot, and it all looks like a good family time. I think we forget that we are as old as we are --- aches and pains come but we don't think they should. I hope the ice works and that you feel more "sprightly" soon. :-)
    Meawhile I noticed the lack of snow in your photos.

  3. Sorry to hear you are under the weather...it's been a year for that!
    Adorable (and honest) Grandboys :)
    Spring is coming, hang in there!

  4. I understands about the aches and pains. They live with me too. The new header is beautiful!

  5. The key hunt is a great idea especially with older kids. Your frank grandson cracks me up.
    Just last night I was saying to Bernie that Iam so looking forward to a body that doesn't ache once we get to heaven.
    At least we have Tylenol and ice year round!

  6. Hopefully, the weather will change and you will feel better. Looks and sounds like a fun day. Lots of memories made for the little ones. (Your table looks lovely!)

  7. Dear Vee you sound like me. I cooked for three days, very little each day. Worried about my yeast biscuits and when to do this and when to do that so just got up about midnight Saturday and made the things and stuck them in the fridge. They were great. By Sunday night I was whipped. It was a beautiful afternoon and we didn't have dinner until 5 PM as everyone had somewhere else to go first. They like to end up at our house and just kick back. They seemed to all enjoy watching Louisville beat Duke and I did too. Too bad about the bad accident however. Your little ones are just darling.

  8. Ain't it grand getting older? :-). I'm taking physio every week to try and fix my lower back with some work on the neck and shoulders. It's stress and posture and I really have no stress in my life - think I was born that way.
    So, I can sympathize with you and wonder have you tried any treatments to ease the pain? We are fortunate to have coverage for various practitioners.
    Why do the grands always want to wear our glasses? Ours are older now but they've all had mine on in the past and they have iPods, so leave my iPad alone.
    I think when the warmer weather comes, our bodies will respond to the heat and be more pliable.

  9. What sweet and very polite and very honest grandsons you have, Vee! Better days are coming! Spring is coming! The sun will shine, the grass will green up, the flowers will grow! Good days are very near!

    Love your photos!

  10. Yep. The achy bits. Ditto. I feel like Methuselah. 2014? Did we skip a year? Or am I missing something? I managed to organise myself out of the house every day of the weekend. An excellent idea. Mind you, I had no children nearby, so that was why it worked!
    I too, am looking forward to those warmer days. Maybe the achy bits will ease in the warmth. I do hope we don't go straight to Autumn this year, though. Keep warm and keep the feet up, m'dear!

  11. Well girl...what did you do to yourself? I hope your body is feeling better. My ole body doesn't seem to go as long as it used to....I am good for about 4 hours and then, I start to drag. I need a wind-up button!

  12. Vee, I am so sorry you are having aches and pains. Hopefully they didn't impact your Easter too much. Everything looked great. Watch out that your post doesn't get "accidentally" deleted so that they can rope you into it again next year. lol

    1. Oh I love it when it's my turn! I don't like sharing so much.

  13. I can relate to the aches and pains, too. My right shoulder is wanting to give me fits. The ole back is always wanting to scream at me. The knees are wearing out. Just saying all this so you won't feel alone! :) I don't know how to ease into things gradually, after a long winter of being inactive. So I overdo and end up paying the piper.

    Your g'sons are just adorable and I love the honesty!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Spring is coming and soon we'll all be able to sit outside and soak up the warmth of the sun. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

  14. I know the pains of growing old. I do so much "3-D paper work", knitting, and gardening that I've developed a bone spur on my left thumb joint near the ulna. I wear a splint and yesterday when I was skyping, my grandson said, "Mimi, take that off...I don't want you hurt!" A Bucky heat pad is my best friend; take care and I know Spring will bring you some much needed warmth of soul, XOXO

  15. Vee, hope you are feeling better soon! Love your new blog header! And that story about the seeds and your grandson's reply was funny and precious! haha! :)

  16. Hi Dear Vee,

    I'm so sorry you've been feeling unwell. It sounds like we've both been having the same kind of winter, and from what I hear, a lot of other folks have too. I have missed your posts because you're always such a cheerful and fun presence in blogland.

    Your table runner is BEAUTIFUL -- I love those colors and that fabric. I think your whole table looks lovely, and your grandson was so polite about his seed packet. :) It looks like a very nice day spent with family. I do hope you'll soon be feeling better and back to your usual self!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  17. I'm so sorry that you are not feeling well, Vee and I hope you are soon back to feeling perky! I notice that the snow is gone from your area although the grands are plodding about in boots. Surely spring will burst forth now, and hopefully that will help you feel better, too.
    Your tablescape is pretty and simple. Gathering around the table is more about the food and the people than the setting, although it is fun to play. Love the idea of seed packets at each place.
    There should be no doubt about where Easter dinner will be next year!

  18. Oh Vee, I hope things start to turn around and you feel better... spring is a beautiful time for the outdoors... maybe you can crack open a window and feel the breeze...if it is not too cold...sweet kids they look like they had a blast..

  19. I happen to love your everyday dishes, they are cool and pretty (or pretty cool) and I love lighter weight dishes, the colorful ones from $ Tree are a work out for me. I am sorry you had a flareup, I live like that myself, I finally got a semi-diagnosis and am on a new med, I may do a post about it. Once I know more. Maybe an appointment with a rheumatologist is in order. I had to go to one, and am glad I did. Love the new header. xo

  20. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been under the weather lately. I've been away from the computer too because I had to stay with my mother a couple days. She had a UTI and was hallucinating and couldn't be left alone. The medication finally kicked in and she's back to herself again. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  21. Vee, I'm so sorry you are feeling under the weather. I totally understand. I have RA and there are days I can't move but we just have to keep on going, right? Hope you are feeling good again soon. Love the photos of your grandsons. Take care.


  22. I am so sorry to hear about your flare up, Vee. I hope those ice packs are doing their job and you will soon be pain-free and no longer hobbling. In the meantime, take good care.
    I like your seed packet idea for place cards. Perhaps your grandson will like it better when the seeds start growing.

  23. All those necessary ice packs!!! 'Uncle A.' says; "What the hell did you do to yourself" Fall down stairs or something?"


  24. But I'm sure, you didn't have to fall down stairs, to have all those wonky/hurting places. -sigh-

    But you are not, not, not an old lady!!!!

    Lovely pics! Fun pics! And they do DOCUMENT, that you don't have to do full Easter Dinner, in 2014! (But I betcha' someone will still try to talk you into it!!!!!!! ,-))

    Congratulations to your son and his wife! They are bringing their sons up, to be both polite, and gently honest. Yeaaaaa for all!


  25. So sorry to hear you are sitting with ice packs. Hope your feeling better soon. : )
    Looks like you all had a great Easter.
    So, what was in the treasure chest!!?

  26. Getting older is really trial and error ... mostly error on my part! :D An adventure filled with ice bags. I went to the gym this morning to be spindled, folded and mutilated by my trainer ... and have been napping since I got home. I won't be able to move tomorrow. Sure hope your ice bags disappear soon. Love the seed packets. Inquiring minds want to know what was in the chest?! Happy Day!

  27. I love your header photo Vee. Oh, I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well. Do you suppose you caught the same bug I had? Thankfully mine only lasted 24 hours but I really am not feeling 100 % yet. Children can be so honest eh? That was a funny comment from your grandson but he was very polite too. ;) I think your table looks lovely and springy and I like the idea of the seed packets. I'll have to remember that sometime. Is it as cold there as it is here? Fickle April weather!! Feel better my friend. Hugs, Pam

  28. Hi Vee, Love the pics of the grands, the spiderman boots, and the treasure chest idea. Sorry you're in need of multiple ice packs, that doesn't sound good. Praying for better days. ~ Abby

  29. Just having the wonky back thing last week, was ouchy enough for me...BenGay was my new favorite scent! I'm afraid if I had all of the other things going on there would have been no way that I could have planned Easter dinner for the family. I hope you're taking time to rest this week.

    Love the pictures! So much going on at your place.

  30. Vee,

    I hope you back up to speed soon! What sweet family memories you have recorded here. Your grands are growing so fast, they are so handsome. Healing prayers sent your way dear friend.


  31. Sorry to hear you have been so achy recently. I am very familiar with that, and working a few ice packs at a time too...sigh. The pics of the grands are cute, and I especially love the spiderman boots! Take the time you need to rest and up and feel better soon!

  32. Dear Vee,

    Hope your ouchies go away SOON!

    Your grandson with your glasses - hilarious.

    Big healing hugs,


  33. I'm sorry you have been in pain. I have been struggling with traveling pains as well. I didn't blog about it because I have been nothing but a big old blog whiner this whole year so was afraid to. (So I dumped it all here instead LOL) I hope yours travels right on out so you can feel normal again.

    I loved your daughter's idea with the treasure chest key. I am going to remember that if I ever have kids around here again.

    Get better soon!

  34. Sorry to hear you are not too good, aches and pains do seem to come with age, I rub down with a heat rub every morning at the moment and winter is not started yet.
    Do love the young fellows spiderweb boots.

  35. Oh Vee! I hope you are feeling better now. I know what it feels like to be "olden". Love the "not really, but thank you"...made me smile.

  36. You have me laughing here...about your closing statement! It looks like a fine time was had by all at your Easter 2013 gathering...AT YOUR PLACE. I love your placecard/seed packets. I must remember that for next year...since I'm pretty sure it will be my turn again!

  37. I'm sorry you are having so many ache and pains, Vee. I guess that's what happens as we get older. I have plenty too. I hope you will be feeling better soon.
    It looks like you did have a nice Easter though. Grandkids are so honest aren't they.

  38. Sorry about the aches and pains! Looks like you had a fun Easter with the family at least :)

  39. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well!

    Had to laugh at your polite and honest grandson :) I think the seed packets were a beautiful touch to a very pretty table.

  40. Like all the others above i am sorry that you are not feeling well these days. I hope the ice packs work. On the farm we don't use ice packs but trust that the heat from microwaved wheatie bags will trick our old bones into feeling better. I enjoyed seeing the boys playing on the grass. I like the seed packets to mark the places at your Easter table. What a great idea!

  41. Vee.
    I liked your seed packet idea. I hope I can remember it for next Easter!
    The boys are so cute and really when you think about it, it's refreshing how Sam felt he could be honest with his g'mother.
    Honestly, this must be peak season for aches and pains. Maybe it's the cold and dampness in the air. I'm praying for you-Kimberly

  42. Dear Vee, I am so sorry you are not feeling well and I pray you get better soon! I loved the flower seed packets as favors. My daughter, Mary, would of been thrilled! She is already a gardener at the age of 6 :)

  43. So sorry that you have been under the weather! I don't consider you "old," nor do I consider myself "old"...but sometimes those aches and pains remind me that I am not "young" either! I remember when I was a young 20-something mother, my friend's mother told us that she always felt like she was 18. She said that when we were her age, we'd know what she meant. I think I do. Age is so relative...

    I love your seed packet place cards! Believe it or not, I had considered the same thing at our adult table, since I was using my potted tulip as a table centerpiece. Then I considered finding pictures of vintage seed packets online, but never got around to doing that either. Oh well...

    Sam is adorable in your glasses...and I chortled over the response to the seed packet! At least he was polite! I love how honest kids are!

    Praying you are soon on the mend, dear Vee!

  44. Looks like a wonderful day! Love your grandson's honesty! LOL!!!

  45. Vee, I fully understand the paches and pains of thse our silver years! My body rotates what hurts the most on different days..lol..but I look at it all as reminders that I'm still alive.

    It looks like a nice cozy Easter at your home! Rejoice! Christ is Risen!

  46. So sorry you're under the weather. You Easter still looks like it was fun.
    Since we had a poorly planned OPEN HOUSE on Sunday, it was the first time in over 50 yrs that I didn't do an Easter lunch. since our kids always go to my house for Easter lunch and their spouses parents for Easter dinner....we just did NOT MUCH. Part of the family came over for a bit, which was nice.
    I am HATING this waiting on selling our house. Drives me nuts that I have to keep everything JUST PERFECT...just in case someone calls and wants to come SEE. Will be thrilled to sell...

  47. I've been having a hard time recently keeping up with my blog reading. It's busyness, plain and simple.

    I love how you used those seed packets for place cards! Cute and simple.

    Your little grands are too cute! I'm particularly fond of small boys, as you know! :)

    Sorry you've been struggling. I wondered....I'll be praying for you!


  48. What a beautiful day. For a wonky woman you sure know how to do a holiday!

    Blessings, Debbie

  49. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well but happy to see you haven't lost your sense of humor. Monday and Tuesday got away from me and I'm coming around late. Hope by now you are not needing those ice packs!

  50. Dear sweet Vee, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been under the weather! Keep on icing and taking time to feel better ~ hopefully with Spring approaching it will bring healing to you as well. I just love what your little grandson said about the seeds!!! Ahhh, from the mouths of babes, they certainly speak the truth, don't they? Sending you big ol' hugs Vee, feel better soon! xxoo, Dawn

  51. Hey Vee - I'm doing some visiting today - hope all's well at your place. Can I have a couple of your ice packs? I'm feeling a little feeble, too. LOL

    Looks like you and your family had a good Easter. I was at Lisa's house most of last week, hence no blogging. I've not been in much of a blogging mood lately, but I miss you guys when I'm gone. Your little grandsons are getting so big. I love your nametags that you made for the Easter table - I'm going to have to steal that idea sometime - it's fabulous!

    You get yourself all packed in ice this week so you'll be ready for warm weather - it's just around the corner. It has to start warming up soon - we were having around 80 temps, then last night a rain came through and cooled things off for a couple of days down to 50. Today's been an inside day. It's all good, tho, because I'm tired and achy myself and I needed a day to rest up. I think a nap is in order!

    Take care my dear friend - thanks for stopping by!

  52. It looks like a wonderful day!

    I got such a chuckle from the last sentence. Yes, it is now documented. :)

  53. Your new header is absolutely beautiful Vee! I hope you are feeling much much better by now! Looks like you had a great Easter and I think your table setting looks just fine and so welcoming! The treasure hunt looks like fun!

  54. I'm so sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather. It seems the cold, damp days are a challenge for so many of us. Hopefully you will feel better soon. Warm sunshine pouring through the windows will help.
    I love your grandson's response to your question. Children are so entertaining.


  55. Hello Vee. I completely sympathise with the ice packs. The wet spring makes my arthritis flare up something rotten. I do hope you feel better very soon. Your grandchildren look so sweet, especially Sam in your glasses. I have two little girls, almost 1 and almost 3, just came into town for a visit. Much health and healing your way Vee, till next time. :)

  56. Dear Vee! I so hope you will feel much better soon, and am praying for you. Keep very warm, drink lots of water, rest. A little chicken soup might help. Does John make chicken soup? Be well!

  57. I just love looking at the images of your home - how do you keep it so lovely? You inspire me.


  58. Greetings my friend! I've popped in after weeks away and I'm sending a belated Easter-hugful-greeting to you and John! But I see that you have not been well. I'm so sorry and pray right now for your return to health. You did a great job of hosting your family get-together. We were home...for once and I hosted too, even guests from Canada as well as our own family. I came by to read your novel and was delighted to find Chapter 3. A lot of us can identify with your main character. She is very droll and apprehensive, but makes you chuckle and nod in agreement at the same time. Good lead to the next chapter too! Will we be seeing more of Brenda? We are off on travels tomorrow so I may not check in for a while - but blesings to you both! ~ Gwen ~

  59. Children growing up and cute. I do hope you are feeling somewhat better. Know the feeling. I have been struggling with Sciatica since October and as you know the pain can be so draining.

  60. I sure hope you are feeling better by now! I was worried when I didn't see any new posts! Take care of yourself and stay warm! Sweet Southern hugs, Diane

  61. it sounds like you have taken a nasty fall, and i'm so sorry!
    i pray that your fearful and wonderful body will be healed

    you made me smile at your grandson's not being too
    thrilled with morning glory seeds but enjoying your glasses.

  62. Oh, your Easter memories are wonderful, and you crack me up. Documenting to set the record straight for next year. You are so cute. I hope you are feeling better.

    I'll say a prayer that you are feeling better. Probably all that Spring cleaning and prepping for Easter company. After Ashley's baby shower I didn't move for a week.


  63. OH! Dear, I go away for a few days, come back and find you are out sick! So sorry you are not feeling well, I too,am still under the weather. What a shame we don't live next door, we could really compare our aches and pains. ~smile~ You are so funny, blogs can really tell on us. ~wink~ You did a great job of documenting, great photos! Our little Katie likes my glasses too!
    Hope your weather is getting warmer, I think we are going from winter to summer, it will hit 80's next week. I just might go out and bake in the sun.
    Sending hugs and prayers your way.

  64. Oh dear, you must be down for the count with your aches and pains. No post in the past 4 days must be a new record for you! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  65. Hoping you're feeling better soon Vee! Missing you :)

  66. Vee, I hope you are feeling better! I've got arthritis so I understand the pain and creaky joints--are we really old???? I only feel old when I get up after sitting for a long spell!
    Although I love the beautiful flowers of Spring, I am waiting for the much warmer days of May! I know that I will feel better! Even as a child, I loved early summer days waiting for school to be out! I'm still waiting--it's getting closer!

  67. Dear Vee
    Getting old isn't easy I know....
    I'm hoping that as the days get warmer you will enjoy some time sitting in the sunshine - it's God's natural healing ray of Vitamin D for our ageing bodies - and it's free!!!

    What fun your grandsons had with the treasure hunt for the key.
    I loved Sam's comment on the packet of seeds - Vee, full marks of his honesty (not quite old enough yet to embroider the truth)!!

    Take care
    Shane ♥


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