Friday, June 14, 2013

Doable? Perhaps Not...

So I told you I was going to work on the kitchen.  I tried. I lied. And this is the extent of "the freshening" downstairs.

This little game I've played...copycat...and one where I have failed miserably (no bread, jam, butter on the counter and certainly no white paint on the walls) has taught me more about myself. I can't show you the entire scene because the stuff from the counters and windowsills would show. If I cleared a lot of items, cute ones, too, I could have more the pared down, clean look of yesterday's kitchen. And I really, really like my stuff. And I really, really like color. Disclaimer: No, heaven's no! I am not redoing my kitchen. My sister is redoing hers. I'm helping her with ideas. 

(I'm really still in the sewing room folding material. I dig in and find a fabric that I had forgotten, which makes me think that I should make something instead. It's a case of the good angel on one shoulder and the red dude on the other. Oh my. The battles I have had. You can't imagine or can you?)

~Flag Day in the U.S.~

~Peonies and Irises~

That's right. That's all I've done on the ground floor besides keeping up with the dishes and the bathroom. The end. It's pathetic. Say, have you ever read Michele's tips for preserving cut flowers? You can find them *here.*

I turned the small pot of flowers on my deck into two pots because the geranium went beserk and really needed its own pot. Then I thought I'd put a chair on the little side deck so I could stare at the thermometer and by the heat of my gaze make it rise by a degree or two — at least to the 70s.

Then I visited Lorrie at Fabric Paper Thread, which was my undoing because I abandoned all work for taking pictures. Sigh. You can see what she did that inspired me so. I'm still working on it.

A happy weekend to you!

Love Vee


  1. looks to me time well spent, such a beautiful haven you create!

  2. The best laid plans...I feel the same way some days! Now, I've got to pack up a house before August 1st! XOXO

  3. I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on friend's blogs (won't even try to read those I just peruse once in awhile) after having the family here for nine days. Lots of fun but exhausting.

    Love the way you put items together to create a warm and cozy scene. My daughter is re-doing her kitchen just one project at a time. Her dishwasher recently broke down which made replacing it a priority in a family of seven! But next she is installing a farmhouse sink. I think it may be Ikea that has one she loves for around $200.

    Isn't it fun to look at those pictures and take from them little things we can do here and there?

  4. My day's plans were diverted too. Instead of cleaning the house or shopping for food in anticipation of our Father's Day family gathering this weekend, I whiled away the hours making origami boats and paper pennants. Yep.

  5. P.S. And I do see the kettle on your stove, so you completed part of your project! :)

  6. Oh I've had days like that. When I went through all my fabric, it was a good thing my sister was there, because I would still be there. I'm off to check your links.

  7. Good morning! yep, get it. I found myself digging through a pile of fabric yesterday afternoon with the intention of getting rid of some of it to make room for some other I can be without. An hour and half later I had eliminated one piece only, and had come up with 3 more things I just have to make NOW, WHICH! require buying some more fabric....what's a gal to do? haha Enjoy your week-end Vee!

  8. You've done more redecorating this week than I have done all month, so don't be hard on yourself, LOL. Ah, and that little red devil is telling me that I have a ton of fabric that I haven't even touched all year. Life is upside down these days, so I'm kicking him to the curb.

    Love the flower photos and the latest cabinet vignette! I will scoot over to Lorrie and see what she is up to.

  9. Well, I think you are doing the important things. You are enjoying those things that bring you smiles. Life. Love. Laughter. Clean counter tops are way over-rated (in my humble opinion) ...!!!! Love the flowers...

  10. It's sure a lot of work! Love the flowers:)

  11. If all you ever have to *deal* with, is a "battle" between continuing to clean up, and stopping to make something, you are lucky. :-)

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them. So, thank you for stopping a project, and going out and taking them. Project will be there, the next rainy day. But sunny pics won't. :-)

    Wishes for your temps to rise a bit.

    So glad you seem to have lost the rain, for a few hours. Here too. And Sat. is supposed to be purrrrrrrfect. A day to go outdoors at 10am and not come back inside, till about 7pm. :-))))))))))

    Well, now I have to get baking!!!!


  12. Hi Vee
    I sometimes wonder if it is an age thing. Lately I just feel I'm spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. I haven't been in my craft area for a couple of months; I go to my card workshops, bring home the new stuff and throw it on the desk. Two months worth are still sitting there.
    You've accomplished a bit, more than most, and it looks nice.

  13. The fragments of your thinking process sound very familiar!! :)

  14. And that will explain why I have been away for a bit. Short attention span.
    I get into a project and end up doing something all together different.
    Just know your pictures are delightful, as always, so you accomplished getting a smile from me.

  15. Oh Nellie...I've had those angel on one shoulder and red dude on the other moments all day yesterday as I cleared out the free standing cabinets in our kitchen and made several trips down to the basement to store that crap/ I mean stuff...
    I kept thinking about what I should just take to the thrift store. But I like my stuff, too. Oye!
    Thank goodness I don't have a sewing room...that could be tragic around here.
    Happy Flag Day to you. I had forgotten that and so I was out in my yard with my robe and slippers on hoisting the flag pole this morning. If Dear was here he would have done it but he's having to put up with the French. Oui Oui
    Have a wonderful weekend, Vee.

  16. I like how you think! If the kitchen counter is relatively clean and the bathroom is clean - Life is good! Fresh cut flowers makes it all good too. Going over to check out Michele's tips. Sending warm weather thoughts your way....we're in Ucluelet and it's quite cool and rainy but it's ever so beautiful!

  17. I have dirty bathrooms and kitchen right now... I am so enjoying my freedom from academia that I am avoiding doing anything but fun things!! Have a lovely weekend!!

  18. Ok, so we aren't going to see the kitchen???? I want to see it (feet stomping on floor)....maybe, it looks like mine?!?!

  19. You're so funny. My kitchen counters are wall-to-wall clutter *I think I need it all). But then, so is the rest of my house. Not a blank wall or surface to be had. I say enjoy it! Have a blessed weekend. We're flying the flag. xo

  20. I played tennis this morning, for the first time in a year. Hurt my I have to clean the house, because we have company coming tomorrow for dinner. And speaking of kitchen counter clutter....I think the more counter I would have, the more I would find to place on it :-).

    Happy Weekend!

  21. This is what happens when a house design does not include a downstairs for a maid, cook, butler, laundress...

  22. It has been a busy week here--for many reasons--and I see you have also been busy, Vee! I don't like a pared down sparse kitchen. I also like to see all my *stuff*! :) It makes me happy!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. This doesn't necessarily have to do with this post but with the past three. I am so behind, and you pick THIS TIME to have all those wonderful posts about kitchen? ACK! I was in love with every photo that you showed in the previous posts, and I kept nodding my head about the things that I would like in a kitchen.

    After seeing that wonderful picture with the gingham, I want to make some gingham curtains for my kitchen just for the summer and take my toile down for a while.

    I want to, I said...
    Not I'm GOING to.

  24. I noticed your green gingham towel or rag by the sink. A delight to the eyes. And I love the window over your sink. I just learned that if you trim the end of hydrangeas when they are starting to look old, hold them upside down and run hot water into the stems it will revive them again and again, I am trying it out and so far so good!

  25. It looks like YOUR place, Vee, no one else's. I always admire the vignettes you create on your kitchen windowsill. So creative.

    Your roses are beautiful. Isn't it wonderful when they bloom?

  26. Checking in to see what you're up to..... and it looks to me like you're always up to something creative and pretty....beautiful flowers and fabric... goodness, what more can one ask for?

  27. Lovin' your flowers...
    and, being in limbo right now, and having the house "READY TO SHOW" at the drop of a hat, it is cleaner and more sparse than it's ever been and....
    I love it. I think I might be turning into a minimalist....what a hoot.

    You are the first person I thought of that might want to crochet a pink scarf....just sayin'.....:)

  28. Vee, I hope you don't go too 'simple' in your decor as I love all your little things you have around, like the teacups hanging on the stick in the window. You always have cute ideas to display your things. I also get distracted easily. If I sit down to enjoy the view the next thing you know I'm out in it checking on plants growing or pulling weeds. Looking at blogs inspires me to do what they do so I up and do it! I'm so scatter brained. Let me know if staring at the thermometer makes the temperature go up will you? Enjoy the weekend. It looks promising. :D

  29. Vee,
    Happy Weekend to you too. You are always so ambitious. Me, I just leave everything they way it always has been for the last ten years. I decorate my baker's rack in the kitchen and my mantle gets a sprucing up season to season. Otherwise, everything remains the same. Thank you for the links to inspiration. I think you are pretty inspiring in my book!


  30. A hair dryer on the thermometer would have more effect than a stare....of course it would be a
    Great photos and I don't think your kitchen needs a makeover.

  31. That rose is a beauty and I like how you created your little outdoor sitting area.
    Oh boy, could I ever relate to this post. It seems I start the day with plans to accomplish so many things and suddenly it's dinner time and I have to remind myself that I did make some accomplishments... perhaps not the ones I had set out to do.
    I'm off to check out those links.

  32. My house is pretty empty now. Very easy to clean!!
    I'm not even moved into the new house and I'm thinking about redoing the kitchen. I'd like to turn it into a cottage looking kitchen and I think I'm going to paint the cabinets white. I'd like yellow around too and just a touch of blue.
    I've been getting ideas from Houzz which I just started looking at after your post. Great place to get great ideas. Thanks!!

  33. just listening to your thoughts is exhausting. :)
    your photos are gorgeous, though!

  34. I'm laughing at Jill's comment. Yup...if we had servants to keep everything under control...we could just sit in the rocker and admire! I too get rather sidetracked in my household chores...there's always something else that needs attention.

    Enjoy your stuff, Vee! Once it is in the cupboards and out of will forget you have it.

  35. I'm always getting rid of things and then 3 months later am wishing I hadn't!

    That's a very pretty peonies and iris vignette!


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