Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kitchen Ideas

Thank you so much for the ideas! I've gathered them in this handy-dandy mosaic with sources listed just for fun.

~Right click, open link in new window, and regular click again for largest size~

Presenting your ideas in no particular order...

1. a large island either a built-in or a farmhouse table with lots of outlets (My sister wants her sink and dishwasher built into her island.) Source

2. a pantry in the kitchen or handy to it  Source

3. a cabinet specifically for cookie sheets and racks Source

4. more lower drawers and fewer upper cabinets (My sister is about five feet tall. This is an important one for her.) Source

5. warm floors Source

6. light painted cabinets Source

7. double oven and built-in microwave Source

8. instant hot water Source

9. pull out storage Source

10. lots of windows and a big sink Source

11. a chaise and a cool drink to watch the workers Source

12. not too matchy-matchy

A lot of points were hit in *this photo from Houzz:* note difference in counter surfaces, what a view, farmhouse sink, and painted off-white cabinetry.

13. Oops...forgot an important one that many mentioned: a gas stove!

I'll try to pop in a photo as work progresses over the summer. Sis is actually not going to have a window in her kitchen (accckkkk!) She will have two patio doors opening to a screened in porch. An added feature of her kitchen is a brick fireplace on one end already there, and she has her porch swing, too. It's not my project, but that doesn't mean that I'm not nosy interested.

Anything you'd like to add?

Love Vee


  1. These are great ideas. I would love to have a fireplace. That would be so cozy in the winter!

    Wishing you a nice day, Vee.

  2. There is lots to choose from there.
    Love the heating coil in the floor too.
    On really bad days, I crave an all stainless steel kitchen with a power washer in the corner.

  3. Great ideas! I forgot the Pantry. And other items. :-) Like a special place for big things like cooky sheets, etc.

    Oh will she let you take pics, to chronicle the "before" and "during" and "after" Kitchen? Oh I hope so. Such fun to see a project evolve and come together. You could do it, as a bottom-of-your-post-addition, whenever you had something new to show us.

    Please Sister Dear, please let Vee do this????????? Please... Pretty please.... Pretty please with sugar on it.... :-)


  4. I love your portfolio of pictures Vee. They are perfect for the suggestions made. The photo of that kitchen is wonderful and the porch one too. I think your sister will be fine without a window especially if she has two patio doors and the sink is in the island facing them. And having a fireplace in the kitchen is awesome. I hope she has room for a nice cozy chair beside it. We had heavy rain yesterday after noon and all night but today is cloudy and wind so far. More showers are on the way though. Have a super day!

  5. Lucky her with a fireplace! Love it!

    I like the hot water tap idea and the island with lots of outlets!

    This is so fun! I love a farmhouse sink too! Ikea has a great one that I thought was very inexpensive. I know where I am going to get mine!


  6. What a fun post...and of course I love it. This is so up my alley. I would love a kitchen like that. My aunt had a hot water tap and really enjoyed it. What is an island without outlets? Oh yes, no matchy matchy!!

    Have a great day...I cleaned a house like the modern day Ponderosa yesterday and thought of you...I didn't rearrange anything!

  7. Fun to dream and plan, isn't it? Especially with someone else's kitchen and money.

    I need my window over the sink so I can enjoy a view while washing dishes or making candles. Yesterday I planted flowers out there so I have more to enjoy. I spend hours per day in my kitchen.

    I'm thinking that the dishwasher in the island is a good idea. Less wasted space.

  8. A fireplace in the kitchen. Be. still. my. heart. (I am drooling, you know.)

    I love this post, Vee! It was fun to see your collage of great kitchen ideas. Maybe you have a future in kitchen design!

  9. That wish list is similar to what we built here at our cottage! We didn't get light painted cabinets. Our island is painted distressed black and the rest of the cabinets are natural cherry. We also didn't put in a heated floor. We have a wood floor in the kitchen and it stays pretty toasty without any extra spent on energy. You might want to search on my blog for "cottage kitchen reveal" to see the photos and read the descriptions. I don't know if you were a follower back then or not.

  10. One word of advice - go for the upgraded cabinets which include full extension roll-outs and automatic closing of drawers. It's worth every penny. We worked with a kitchen designer at the place where we bought the cabinets. She did a great job incorporating everything we wanted, including a little bookcase in the island for cookbooks and decorative items.

  11. Now that Florida room is something I could go for. Our house is just 13 years old, will probably just leave it alone. I understand the interest in other make-overs. Got some going on in my family too. One son is building a big horse barn. Now that is a project. Happy summer to you.

  12. You really rounded up some great photos of the ideas you received. I'm working on not being envious of those kitchens right now.

  13. Tell your sister that by the time all of your blogging friends gave their advice, we have spent her out of house & home!! :)

  14. GREAT LIGHTENING! Most important for me as I get older and my eye sight is not as great. Strong overhead on a dimmer. Under counter task lighting too.

  15. Hey Vee- another thing to suggest- I know your sister wants her island with sink, etc. - but my island is plain topped and OMG we use it so much for buffet style dinners - throw a tablecloth over top and voila - another serving table you have...but not if there is a sink in it.

    I love changing the coloured tableclothes with the seasons, too - it's a nice way to add pops of colour to carry a theme between the kitchen dining table and the formal dining room, too.

    Just thought I would throw that out there just in case she hadn't considered what a true work horse a solid island can be. Also we have outlets on either end of the island and I hate them. Hate the way they look and have never once used them in 11 years of being here.

  16. I love the mosaic idea - you've done a lot of searching to come up with the photos to go with the ideas in the comments. Great idea. I do hope your sister will let us peek in on her project.

    One more thing that I love is drawers, deep ones, in the bottom cabinets. No need to get down on the floor to get to the back of them. So much easier to organize. But someone else likely thought of that as I see sliding shelves (although not deep drawers) in your mosaic. Our house up island had them and I miss them in this house.

  17. I love all the ideas! I especially love the farm sink! That is one thing whenever we remodel our kitchen that's going in first.

  18. Ooh, I'm getting kitchen lust. Especially yes, the farmhouse sink and a gas stove! Oh what fun.

    Blessings, Debbie

  19. Great suggestions and nice job pulling them together in your mosaic. Oh, that farmhouse kitchen is lovely and what a view!!
    One of my favorite kitchens that I have been in had a fireplace with a small sitting area in front of it. Seemed like such a nice cozy spot.
    I do hope your sister will let you do a post once the kitchen is all done.

  20. Actually the PERFECT kitchen is one with a room attached in which the live in cook will be quartered.
    Obvious, no?

  21. We moved a few years ago and my "new" kitchen is sooo much nicer than my old kitchen. The best thing is, I can spin around in it with my arms outstretched and not bump into anything. Another bonus is we actually can fit a small table in it. (don't laugh).

    I do have to say though, that I like the look of the big open white kitchen in the middle of the post. Nice ideas. ~ Abby

  22. Good ideas Vee! Thanks for all the links!

  23. Great ideas. I have a pantry now and love it.
    I love all those windows in number 10 and love the view in 12.

  24. Love all the neat ideas..
    My husband wants us to build an outdoor kitchen, so we have been looking at all kinds of different ones.. problem is so darn expensive..

  25. Great ideas, Vee, I am sure it is going to be beautiful, please do keep us updated. I love that swing.
    Enjoy your evening,

  26. All great ideas! I've always wanted a pot filler over the stove and a nice big pantry!

  27. Lots of projects but I'm partial to the kitchen one. I rather enjoyed my sister's kitchen redo and very happy not to be living in the mess she was for a time. I would vote so highly for a cabinet for the cookie sheets and trays, and I do love my sister's lower big deep drawers rather than cupboards that you have to crawl into to find what you want.
    You've shown some luscious pics@

  28. wow...I think you've about covered all the coveted features we'd ALL love in a kitchen.
    I have a post drafted about some of the fine things in the kitchen at our new place...:)

  29. Well, Vee, I like all of your kitchen samples, but eleven is my favorite.
    I think I like it because it looks like it was put together with items the home owner had collected or inherited over time-nothing new and shiny.
    You'll have fun helping your Sis put her kitchen together. It's good to have a sounding board!

  30. I don't know which photo I like better they're all beautiful! I love planning and renovating our kitchen it was a blast! I hope you enjoy the process!


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