Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stone Path and Dead Fir

Aren't these titles inspiring? Ha!

John and I were out bright and early this morning trying to beat the heat. We were working on a new stone path to replace the one that used to go from the drive to the front door. The old walk was as straight as an arrow. I do hate a straight path.

~Path and Postage Stamp Front Lawn~

There had been an old tar walkway there until I ripped it out last summer. It was to the left of the stones where the azalea bush is now. We tried going without a path at all, but that doesn't work because the mower must squeak between the garden on the left and the mailbox morning glory garden on the right. Nope. Not working. Time for Plan B.

I set two stones yesterday and nearly keeled over so asked John for help today. Poor man dug and placed and fiddled and brought in dirt and took it out and wound up hopping up and down on each stone to set it, with sweat pouring down like rain. Too hot for such pursuits, but we were well into it by then. 

What was I doing? Digging out more sod, fetching tools, and issuing orders supplying suggestions.

~dead fir~

While thus occupied, a truck drove up and a lumberjack hopped out. He began talking with our neighbor about the condition of neighbor's fir tree. It's dead. Completely. I had tried to gently break the news to neighbor yesterday, but his hopes were high for a miracle. Not to be.

This is how you usually see this tree — from my kitchen window.

This photo was taken on June 20 of this year and I can see some red in the branches. The tree in question is all the way to the left. I can't believe how quickly this tree went from being mostly green to that sickly shade of red.(This photo also is the one I used to show the opening view after six trees were cut. How ironic. I never dreamed the view was going to open again so soon.)

Here's how it looked in better of three, labeled "3," and the tallest.

Mr. Lumberjack offered to take all three trees down. He says that it's only a matter of time. They may not even survive the summer. Our neighbor remains hopeful and so just the third tree will be felled. 

It sure smells like Christmas around here... 

Love Vee


  1. I giggled at the picture you created of John placing the stones and jumping up and down - too funny. I love crooked paths and rounded corners too. Your path is very pretty. Too bad about the fir tree - it's so sad when they die and leaves such a hole in the landscape.... Take care and stay cool! Maybe thinking Christmas will help?

  2. I wish a lumberjack would drive around here, I have a tree I'd like to take down, only it is not dead! That is the safest thing to do, Vee, take them down, don't need a storm to do it. Bless John, for being such a hard worker. And you, too. Now relax the rest of the weekend! xo

  3. "Offering suggestions" that made me smile. I like your new stone path that isn't straight! Don't tell any tree huggers but we have a healthy big tree we'd like to chop down in the night when no one can see us...
    Have a great weekend and try to stay cool...

  4. Yikes... Not sure exactly where dead tree (or all 3 trees) would fall, if "pushed." Hope not on your house, but I think they'd go on neighbor.... I get very mixed up, seeing pics, I know. Sorrrrry.

    Anyway, good to get the dead one down! Hope all 3 go, as which is more important? Saving a tree, or a HOUSE?

    TOOOO DAMN HOT for digging and laying stones. TOOOOOOO....

    OK, I did my usual holler at you. You'd think something amiss, if I did not. lol...

  5. Up here a tree has to be well and truly DEAD, preferably with several professional opinions before a homeowner can consider cutting it. We are advised to make sure that we really like a tree on a property before buying because it is impossible to take a tree down. The gardens in your neighbourhood will change with all that light!

  6. Nothing exciting about a straight path is it. We have had rain for 6 days and still rain today. I always hate to see a tree go down. At least I have not had to water any flowers for a week. Have a good week-end Vee.

  7. I hope you are finished with the path so you can relax and stay cool today. I bet you will be happy to see the dead fir go.

  8. Our neighbor has a dead tree and thankfully it is leaning away from us. Some folks put off the inevitable.
    Hope you can take a break from such an exhausting project. Very humid and rainy here this weekend.

  9. I agree.. straight paths are a bit boring. Your new design is lovely and such a nice welcome to your haven. You and John are working too hard for the hot weather. Hope you are now able to rest and relax. I moved one patio stone 3 years ago and that began my journey with sciatica. Ugh. I shudder just looking at them now.
    I was able to get a little yard work in today before the downpours began yet again.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks again for the shout-out yesterday. I have had so many lovely visitors as a result :).

  10. I like a crooked path too, despite being an engineer. It is well worth the effort to make the change. And it is always sad to see a big tree be toppled down. We had a lovely one in our back yard that up and suddenly died this spring. We have no idea why it spontaneous decided to do so. We've been asking the landscaping fellow to take it down for us, but he's been dragging his heels on the project for three months now. I suspect that we are going to have to find someone else to do it. We have no idea the name of the company who did our previous tree work because they were a subcontractor. Would love to get them in here again.

  11. Is Christmas on your mind for cooler temperatures? We had to have some evergreens taken down last year and for me, it's like cutting off my arm. Alas, they were overcrowding the garden and pressing up against the house; something that is not good. I admit, I'm looking forward to starting new gardens at a new house and be there from the beginning when trees and plants are being set in place. Curved paths are always good, XOXO

  12. Christmas in July! Our neighbors let a beautiful, medium sized tree die in the middle of their front yard a few years ago because they never watered it during the hot weather months. They cut it down & finally replaced it with a small tree 2 years ago. Believe it or not they're neglecting it, too! We keep the their tree alive that borders our property line by watering it. It would be too obvious to drag our hose to the middle of their yard to the small helpless tree. I understand that trees get diseased & die, but neglect is another thing. Thanks for letting me vent. HA!

  13. You asked, do I swim?


    Never go near the pool, other than to take pics of it.

    But entire rest of family, enjoy/enjoyed it, for years, and years and years. :-) And I have totally enjoyed watching them, enjoy it!!! And this enjoyment continues, as you know, from my blog.

    And it makes a grrrrrrreat coooooool loooooking Background. ,-)


  14. Sometimes trees just have to come down. I had a huge one in my front yard that went a couple of years ago. It was wonderful shade, but it was too close to the house and way too huge for that very small smatter of grass.

  15. I like a curving pathway too for as you said they're more interesting. Even to edge a garden bed, curved or wavy is more appealing than the military straight line that has been acceptable for years.
    Sometimes it's best to get a tree down before it falls from decomposition or high winds where damage can be done.
    You're going to feel like you're in a whole new place with the changes. :-)

  16. I really like your curved stone path. We have a path of stone in the new back yard too.
    Too bad about the trees.

  17. I like a meandering path too...although, now that I think of it, both our front and our back brick walks (which we laid ourselves!) are straight. I have a hard time visualizing outdoor things, like how a flower bed should look or where to plant a tree or shrub.

    It's too hot to do much of anything outside. Only two more months until fall...

    1. Oh Cheryl! I was going to say I like a meandering path too! :)

      It was a oven outside today - I love that you know that it is only two more months until fall - the count down is on!

      Vee, I do love a meandering path! I love seeing what's going on in your neck of the world, too. Please don't over do it in this heat, John either!


    2. Ha, Deanna! Great minds think alike?
      Yes, the countdown is on! :D

  18. Yes, these days are definitely not ones for working outside. You do paint a vivid picture!

    That's a shame about your neighbor's tree(s) I hate to see them die.

    Stay Cool


    BTW - I had to read you comment on today's post 2x and then go to my post to see what you meant - lol. Spell check didn't catch that one. I don't have an ipad, just a noebook and it posts fine.

    Love your new header shot too!

  19. Curving pathways are much more whimsical than straight ones. Who wants prose when you can have poetry? Hmmm. Actually, many times prose is preferred, but let's not go there.
    Your view is opening up marvelously, isn't it? And you don't have to do a thing! Good for John for all his hard work on the path. It's like that around here, too. I start a project and then can't finish it so Tim ends up doing it. With "suggestions."

  20. Oh, and the light in your header shot is just wonderful.

  21. is always sad to see a tree die and need to be taken down, but better than having a storm take it down on top of the neighbor's house! Is there a beetle problem there? So many Colorado trees were infected with a beetle a few years ago that caused many forest trees to die.

    Your new stone path is very charming. I know a job like that can take a lot of time and effort. V and I have been doing a lot of yard clean up and planting this summer, which never seems to end. We hope that all the perennials we planted will survive and flourish next summer.

  22. it is always a tragedy to lose a tree,
    especially an old, glorious one.

  23. well, shoot! i can't figure out to be a 'reply' commenter . . .

  24. I love the smell of Christmas, and have three big bags of balsam just waiting to be sewn into some sachets. The way to get my husband to help with a project is to start doing it myself, at which point he will tell me to step aside. I learned this important fact from my stepson. I see this works with your husband as well. Hopefully you kept hydrated, yesterday was a hot one for sure. Looks great Vee. ~ Abby

  25. July 7th...

    Delightful new Header.

    Sweet use of color and dark.

    Love it when I see a Header, into which the blogger obviously put thought... Noticed a *perfect* picture to use... Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Gentle hugs,

  26. sorry about 'your tree'! There are some things we have absolutely no control over.

    Enjoy your new walkway! It suits. I rather like a crooked path myself! I well remember laying our stone pathway(all 60 feet of it)...with all it's heavy and uneven boulders. I'm glad it was not in the sweltering heat.

  27. Your new path is really nice. Like you, I most enjoy the effect of a curved path.

    It's always sad to lose a tree. There is a disease in the lower Midwest that is killing a specific evergreen. I can't remember which, but when you see a grouping of trees, you immediately know which ones are that particular evergreen...they have that reddish brown on their needles.

  28. I love stone paths, they add charm to a small space. Well done!

  29. I really like your new, not straight path of stone Vee. I never liked a straight path either. In another week or so, we will be creating some paths too...

  30. Best to take down dead trees anyway. In Georgia we have trees fall over and kill people or damage houses and they don't even look dead!

    Very nice path. I know that's hard work digging out the sod and getting them level.


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