Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Day; Another Weather Report

The plow rumbling by on all the neighborhood streets woke me this morning and I had just enough time to catch this before he came right through the house. It always sounds that way and looks a little that way, too.

The neighborhood looks more like Christmas now in February than it did 
in December.

This time it was a pretty snow that leaves tracings on the trees and the old roofs covered.

The next photos were taken yesterday in my nieces's neighborhood. She has some lovely views.

This view always looks like Narnia and the lamp post to me.

An 1800s farmhouse with attached shed and barn. This would be my favorite view if I lived at my niece's house.

I was visiting in my niece's neighborhood to feed her cat Topie who was all over me like white on snow until I fed her. Then she lost all interest in me.

Topie's story is an interesting family one. She started out as a kitten belonging to a friend of my son's. Then my son took her and gave her to my daughter. Topie had a litter of kittens while with my daughter. (Cute story: My daughter took Topie to the Vet to be spayed and was told that Topie was expecting, but that it would be no problem. My daughter promptly packed Topie back up explaining that she didn't believe in abortion.) When the kittens were born, my daughter kept one and gave Topie to my niece. Convoluted or what?! I do love all the kitties in the family. Family cats number seven in all. My son and his family have Max and Phyllis; my daughter has Samantha, daughter of my niece's cat Topie; my sister has Talitha and Lily; and I have Fioré (who oddly enough started off with my son...obviously, he has a soft spot for cats).

Have any pet stories you wish to share? 

Love Vee

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hodge Podge

More freezing rain and snow this morning. Has the blog been reduced to a weather report? Ugh. I hate when that happens.

Spent a quiet Sunday at home. John didn't even go out in the afternoon, as he usually does, once he arrived home from church. I watched an episode of Foyle's War on the iPad as recommended by Brenda. (You really can't go wrong to pay attention to her recommendations on nearly anything.) Then John and I watched two episodes of Waiting for God on the iPad. (I really need that gizmo that hooks the iPad to the tv, but oh my we were cozy on the sofa together watching that wee screen.) Then I baked.

Baking is always dangerous around here because I do not do it often and we have all the control of half-starved wolverines. It's not pretty.


My sister, brother-in-law, niece, and her boyfriend are all vacationing together in Puerto Rico. What good timing getting out of here and missing out on the thrill that was the Blizzard of 2013. I've been getting more and more emails from them to take a photo of their dog Bailey who is being boarded right next door with my neighbors.

Bailey's getting older and they were missing her and needing word. Thing is that I haven't seen Bailey, even if she is living right next door. My neighbor took this great photo and so they had proof that all is well.

Instead of finding Bailey, I found this golden window. Do you remember the old story of The Golden Window from childhood readers? I remember so many of those old stories.

And this is one of the photos that my sis has emailed me. Lots of green grass, palm trees, blue water, and golf courses. =D

Do you dream of going someplace warmer at this time of year? Where would you go?

Love Vee

Sunday, February 10, 2013

So Fresh and New~Mosaic Monday

  1. Snow patterns imitate fence posts
  2. Melting
  3. Tipsy plates
  4. Tree shadows are more interesting than the trees
  5. Ditto
  6. My favorite view from any window
  7. See #1
  8. Fioré finds some sun
Everything always looks so fresh and new after the snow. Closing comments so that you may look and dash. (I will do the same today.)

Linking to Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

Love Vee

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Documenting Nemo

 ~Best Indicator of Snow Totals~

 ~Best Get It Gone Guy~

 ~Snow crammed into Every Crevice~
~John and the Winter Wreath~

~Befores and Afters~

One good thing, because of the wind, there'll be no need to shovel roofs.

Praise God, Nemo's gone!

Love Vee

Snowstorms and Sachets

It's still snowing. The prediction is that it will end later this afternoon. I'll try to remember to pop another photo or two in when it's over just to document.

Until then, here is one taken this morning. This is the kind of storm that blows and blows and crams the snow into the windows and doors and leaves hardly any snow on the trees. It's not that pretty snow. When I try to show what the blowing snow is like, the camera reads it as "fog." We are snug and cozy and warm and have our electricity. If you're in this, I hope and pray the same for you.

~In the Thick of It Yet~

~Grandson Shoveling This Morning at 7 am~

The grand does love to be helpful, but what a task for a seven-year-old! Hope that he was having fun. It's definitely a blizzard out there. This photo was taken by my daughter, his aunt, from her upstairs vantage point.


I had another sweet package in the mail yesterday. This time from Dawn at The Feathered Nest. I have been watching her whip up these beautiful sachets and had to order some. To see more, just visit Dawn as she has photographed them so beautifully. I can tell that she loves her creations just by the way she presents them.

~Still in their protective wrappings~

~The note is as sweet as the sachets~

~The One I'm Keeping for Myself~
Thank you, Dawn! I love them. The linen drawer has never smelled so wonderful.

Stay warm and cozy out there!

Love Vee

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nemo Begins

Okay, maybe this storm-naming business isn't so bad after all. At least, I can keep them straightened out in my thinking. Wait. Why do I need to keep them straightened out in my thinking? Hmmm... Anyway, here is the thing. We were told that the storm would arrive at 2 this afternoon. Exactly, Nemo was supposed to arrive at 2 pm sharp on the Downeaster. No, no, I'm just being silly. The point is that it was supposed to arrive this afternoon and instead we woke to falling snow. I went outside just after seven this morning to take this photo.

You'll note that the sand bucket is at the ready and the outdoor broom. I took some photos yesterday and tomorrow we'll compare pre-storm with post-storm and that'll be boring as all get out fun!

Enough of Nemo. I'm sick of him already.


Moving on to granola. I may be the last person on the planet to make granola; I made some yesterday. What can one say about it? It's pleasant enough, smells good while baking, helps make anything it is sprinkled over taste a little more flavorful, and it's more or less healthful. I found my recipe at Carol's Our Sears Kit Home.

~The Ingredients~

~The Recipe~
That circled bit is my latest trick for
keeping printed recipes sorted as to
where I found them. A simple copy
and paste let's me know whose blog and
what post. It's been very helpful.

~Fresh from the Oven~

Stay warm and cozy today. Perhaps make up some granola.

Love Vee

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's Talk Tea and Toast

~trying out the toast rack~

~notice unmelted butter~

~half-eaten toast~

~primrose gifts from John~

~The M&Ms match the primrose!~

~Cozy Lights~
So I decided to test the toast rack. I discovered that it will make a lovely letter holder. Why? Because, while I like crisp toast, I really like the butter to melt into the toast and not float on top. One good thing, though — I was able to duplicate that wonderful scraping sound I hear whenever the actor butters the toast on those Brit shows. Yes, that was nice. ;>

So if you don't have a toast rack, do not despair. It's unlikely you'd really want to use it for its intended purpose anyway unless you enjoy cold, crisp toast with unmelted butter on the top. It's all a matter of what you get used to. I'm used to grabbing the toast fresh from the toaster, buttering it pronto, and eating it right over the counter. Ahhhh...that's the life for me! How about you?

Love Vee

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


~A Meme~ 

One of my favorite things is home.

Outside my window the sun is casting long shadows of blues and grays.

I am thinking that my foot hurts.  

From the kitchen I hear the radio and that noisy clock ticking.

I am wearing jeans, a turtleneck, a long sweater, and no shoes.

I am reading a biography of a missionary written by his wife. Sometimes we have no idea who lives in our midst.

I am hearing the furnace click off and now the blowers start up.

I am hoping that the economy will improve and that people will be able to stop stressing.

Around the room are deepening shadows and many memories.

I am going to start preparing supper.

I am creating a life, a story, and a table runner, not necessarily in that order.

I am thankful to God for this good life, for family to love, and a home to care for.

Here is a picture thought I love thinking about:

I found this meme at Cait's. Hers reads like poetry. You'll love it! As she encouraged her readers to try this, I also encourage you and let me know so I may read it.


A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. ~Benjamin Franklin

~a stack of cookbooks~


~jelly cupboard and vintage stove top~

~top of china cupboard~

Linking to Mary at Little Red House who is featuring "home" on her new Thursday Inspirations. Future Thursday Inspiration prompts:

February 14:  love
February 21:  white
February 28:  architecture

Have a wonderful Wednesday...

Love Vee
P.S. This meme is very similar to The Simple Woman's Daybook, though I see that some items have been left off. Even though I have known about the former, I never even gave it a thought reading Cait's Meme that it was the same. Probably because Cait turned hers into lovely poetry. Anyway, my sincere apologies to anyone who might have been offended. (I know that many of you do this on a weekly basis. I can't imagine ever doing it more than once so kudos to you!) I am linking to the Daybook without participating. I'm a quiet gal and can't handle too many parties.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good Neighbors Candle Company

Ohhhh...a package in the mail. Love those!

This sweet note makes me smile. I'd like to thank Becky, the owner of Good Neighbors Candle Company, for agreeing to try something new for me. I had read about candles that smelled like a fireplace and since we've been enjoying our dvd fireplace so much I thought that this scent would add a nice touch.

Oh so sweetly presented and so cute in a little red tin cup.

And, generous to a fault, Becky tossed in the Autumn Magic scent, too! Recently, Becky has been working on new waterproof labels. I must say that it just looks fabulous.

There's the little wood wick that Becky mentioned. So my verdict? I think it smells like a fireplace burning and it's subtle, not at all overpowering. When John arrived home after the candle had been burning for a while, he wasn't able to pinpoint the scent. When I told him, he said, "Of course! That's what I almost said, but it seemed silly." Later, when I had him sniff the Autumn Magic, he said, "smells like juniper." I don't know if there's any juniper in there, but thought it possible. Now, don't forget, Becky, if you'd ever like to work on John's favorite scent... (For those who need a reminder, that would be pine needles and horse scat.)

Please visit Good Neighbors *here* (it's a very pretty place). Becky is a dear blogging buddy and blogs at Hospitality Lane.


Thanks to all for the fun discussion of Downton Abbey held behind the scenes. I promise that, when I do start discussing it here on the blog,  I'll be sure to give an upfront spoiler alert. Anyway, I wish that we could all get together, try that British toast, have a pot of tea, and carry on a wonderful discussion about the show. To those who think you'd find it dull, try it, you may find that you really like it!

Love Vee