A Haven for Vee

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Here I am as promised. I am well; thank you for asking. I did enjoy my time away. As you may remember, I'm working toward finding the balance between being in Blogdom an inordinate amount of time and not being here at all. My head and heart want to be here; my body can't handle it.
Today I'm documenting September using Cheryl's Gathering the Moments. (Linking to, but not participating in, that is.) Though these photos have not been featured, they'll look familiar. ☺

Taken the last Sunday of September ↑. We're still in "low" color mode. I'm sure that will change quickly.

Sometimes we look over hill and dale for color and find it right under our crunch wraps.

Around the block and in the neighborhood ↑

Oh! Sneaked that crunch wrap in again. These are some of my late September flowers and some taken at the Community Garden.

September in the dooryard...why, yes, the leaves did just line themselves up that way. The bright red berries are the Jack in the Pulpit. Hope that he comes back again next year.

September in the house and through the windows...

September on the deck...

Enjoying September on the deck all Sunday afternoon when the temperature was 80F, the humidity was low, and the bugs were few.

September Soccer Games... the grands don't play on the same team this year so there's brotherly support from the sidelines.

September Sam is enjoying his position as goalie...

And if I had been around to participate in Donna's Photo Challenge, this is the photo I might have selected: Pizza making!
A happy October to you! I am, you guessed it, taking another month. As always, many blessings.