A Haven for Vee

Monday, August 23, 2021

Tropical Storm Henri

 This morning, I busied myself with battening down the hatches as we (figurative we) await Henri's slow arrival. He's wobbling in from Long Island, NY, but still, I don't want to sacrifice my flowers to any old tropical storm. My roses are cut and sitting on my windowsill.

The hanging plant is visiting the car in the garage and anything that could become airborne has been safely stashed on the bottom shelf of the gardening bench. 

For a tropical storm, Henri is sure making a nuisance of himself. It rained all day Sunday and will rain all day Monday and most of Tuesday. I am also concerned about whatever is coming this way from Canada. Maybe I shouldn't fret. It appears that it will blow north of me. I'm the blue dot down there.

But no worries for some anonymous darling has sent me sustenance. Do you require comfort food in stormy weather? I'd really like to know.

To whoever sent this...Thank you! I'm going to be all set.


P.S. Changes at Laurel's below... 

Guess the river wasn't quite enough. (It really isn't. She does a lot of heavy lifting in a day and needs to soothe those tired muscles.)

Thanks for your visit!

Friday, August 6, 2021

A Few Days with Laurel

Now is the time the tide of summer begins to recede in New England. This is a strange thing, for you cannot say that one day is different than the next. The garden is bright with vegetables. Nicotiana makes the air smell sweet and zinnias paint the border with color. But we do not have to mow the lawn so often. Days are hot, nights are not, as the Farmer's Almanac says. There is a slanting sunlight and twilight comes sooner.

~ Gladys Taber from The Stillmeadow Road


It is raining. Cool. Green. And I am making myself a proper crockpot supper for the first time in weeks. When you read this, it will be sunny with the promise of mid 80s temps. 

That is about all the news from here for today, but the last week of July, my sister and I spent a couple of days with Laurel at her home up country.

See if you can tell the story for yourselves because I am often at a loss for words or fingers. 

Day 1




Day 2 

The goal was to spend time with Laurel and my sister. Laurel has been inviting me for some time. I am no longer excited about driving very far so my sister kindly agreed to go from her home. All I needed to do was to drive that far and she would take over from there.

The peaches? Well my brother-in-law sent them when he was in Georgia on business. Oddly enough, he and my sister are on their way home from Georgia as I type because of yet another business trip. Anyway, I took one to Laurel. That's all I had left of those delicious peaches. 

We had a few things on our list: 
1. River time 
2. Steak on the grill time 
3. Campfire time 
4. Breakfast at Laurel's favorite haunt 
5. Johnny's Seeds

Four and five were a bust. The restaurant was closed due to lack of help. Johnny's Seeds may have been closed for the same reason. We had lunch out at one of my dad's former favorite spots and it was just okay. Two waitresses for the entire restaurant. So it appears that many places are short staffed. Have you noticed this in your corner? 

Still we had a good time and the day ended with two of my favorite things. Ice cream and this sign.