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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Fun Day

Cousins are a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

Yesterday, my sister and I wended our way slowly west toward New Hampshire and for fifteen minutes or so we actually were out of the state. I was tempted to say that it's all we could handle, but since we both love NH, that would not have been true.

We did a little of everything, but the highlight was visiting with Aunt Ess and Uncle Bee and their son, his wife, and three children. We have not seen our cousin for a quarter of a century or so. (I have not seen my aunt and uncle for three years for that matter.) As we were leaving, I told his little girl (seven years old) that I might not see her again until she's 25 or 36 or something. She looked at me so perplexed and said, "But we're coming to visit again next year." We adults chuckled over that.

After a delicious lunch of Sloppy Joes, salad, and watermelon, we played briefly with Pinterest sharing folders and ideas. My 
aunt has had some trouble with a very unfriendly gal who leaves her  unkind, hateful messages. Aunt Ess  decided that Pinterest was too unfriendly a place to enjoy and deleted her first account. Then she changed her mind deciding to try again and not allow one person to ruin her fun. I was shocked about her negative Pinterest experience having never had a problem with another pinner.

Then we took off for NH; then a thrift store, then we landed in Bridgton at the movie theater. If you ever happen to be in Bridgton, Maine, the movie theater is the most interesting place. It's filled with wonderful movie-making memorabilia and it is so charming. I'm waiting on photos so I can share them with you. Anyway, I'll tell you more about that experience tomorrow.

~past Moose Pond on our way to the movie~

After the movie, it was off to a grocery store with a sale on butter ☺, a picnic supper from KFC, and home again, home again jiggety-jig-jig.

Today, I'll be catching up with you! 

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Change

~summer's garden 2014~

A collage of my tired old garden having nothing whatever to do with today's post. My sister called yesterday wondering what we might do today for an adventure. Fresh out of local family graves to visit, we have had to move on to something new. Hopefully, it will be something blog worthy. I do worry sometimes that you could grow bored by all the nothing going on at my little haven.

On my walk around the house last night, I found a wee touch of autumn. It looks a lot like some of those wee touches you have already noticed. It certainly feels as if there is a chill change in the air. 

Have fun today and I'll catch you later!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Sharing a Gift

A sweet package arrived from Downeast on Saturday. It was such a pretty little package that I thought I'd share. Abby always pays attention to the details, which made opening this such a joy. Abby says that she used an idea from Esther at Eastern Shoregirl. I couldn't find Esther unless *Here's Esther and this is her Gift Wrap folder at Pinterest. Lots of fun ideas there!

~such pretty paper~

~if I had a dollhouse, this would become art on the wall~

~pretty homemade card made by Abby's friend~

~sweet key fobs~

Thanks, Abby
Thank you for your comments on the homemade noodle post! I have so many suggestions and even recipes. Since something is up with receiving comments at my email account, I decided to thank everyone there. You were so sweet.

And thank you for your prayers and good wishes for my daughter. I have not yet heard how she's feeling today, but will keep you updated.
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Favorite Vintage Kitchen Tools

~butter paddle (I use it for stirring fudge.)~masher~jar opener~juicer~chopper~old Farmall hook~

I am late today and staggering around a bit having spent the night in the ER with my daughter once again. She loves blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and all manner of fruits and veggies. Sadly, the "berries" do not love her and her system is prone to develop kidney stones if she indulges. Funny thing, she had not remembered a lick of this until she checked her food guidelines. She has happily been indulging to the tune of 4 cups of berries a week for most of July and August. Yikes! I don't think that she'll forget this time. I am pretty sure that she has learned her lesson, yet again, the hard way. Doesn't it seem unfair that such good-for-you things cause her such troubles?

~shaving mug I use to scoop sugar and tea cup I use to scoop flour~

Since I was sleeping until 1 pm today, I missed out on my usual Sunday posting and am surprising Judith with another appearance at Mosaic Monday. Judith is featuring hydrangeas this week — so lovely!

Thank you for stopping by to see my humble offerings today. Do you have a favorite vintage kitchen tool?

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