Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lilacs Will Bloom Again

A Gloomy Gus who is prone to making a fuss...that pretty much describes my temperament.  The good news is that I  never have any doubts that I need The Savior. I am not one  who wrongly believes that she is going to heaven based on her sweet nature or good works. I am going because I know in Whom I have believed and all that He did for me (and you) on the cross.

It has been discussed before, but one of my favorite sermons (I only remember two or three after a lifetime of listening to them) is "Roses Will Bloom Again." You can see the connection. 

When spring looked doubtful, and it's still looking pretty shaky, I fretted. My fretting and whining and complaining did not change a thing. The lilacs are blooming in spite of it all. God is good. He's always on time. He doesn't change.

It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22–23

This week, and just for this week, I am trying to post every single day.  I'm going to try because I am feeling chatty and don't want to overload any one post with an excess of hodge podge as I have done in past weeks. I do not expect anyone to visit more often or comment more often. In fact, like today's post, I may just shut comments off altogether except for Tuesday's post.  Still looking for the balance. That way, you can look (if you want) and then scamper off to springtime pursuits, presuming that spring has actually arrived where you live. ☺

Today I have seen the hand of God in everything. One miracle after another. I am afraid that I won't be keeping my promise about posting this week because of pressing concerns. John is in cardiac care after suffering a tear in his aorta. He was airlifted to a major medical center where he was in surgery for six hours this afternoon and evening. If you are a praying person, I covet your prayers for him. We know that he is a blessed man for having been in the right places at the right times with the right people able to help. When I can, I'll provide an update.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It Gets Worse Every Week

Thank you to those who agreed with me that my red posies from John were some sort of begonia. Alas, we were wrong. Very. They are, in fact, New Guinea Impatiens, not impatience as I once thought; impatiens = the correct spelling. Depending on your source, they either do or don't like sunshine. Everyone seems to agree that they like a lot of water. Thank you for all the information! I appreciate 
the help. ☺

You can see the flower baskets hanging outside in the header photo. It was a much warmer day. They are back inside these days because the weather has turned chilly again. Birds seem to be highly attracted to these orange red flowers, I have even had birds try to fly through the French doors. Silly things. Can't they see the mullions?  Here's where I'll get you to agree or disagree with my identifications. I believe this bird is an oriole. If you only knew all that I went through to capture this terrible shot. 


I am guessing that the bird above is a warbling vireo. I have a better picture...

Okay all this ID stuff is for the birds... 

Let's see...what can I rattle on about? You'd think that, after a week goes by, I would have a lot to say. Nope. It gets worse every week.

Last week, when we had a few warm summer-like days, John and I enjoyed a picnic at the lake. Picnic is too fancy a description; we had a fast-food lunch at the lake. It was so pretty that day... the water was choppy, the breeze was refreshing, and the blues were beautiful. 

(Speaking of blue, I was reading at Temple Grandin's site that some people find reading a stark white page very challenging. I am wondering how people find reading a blue page as I am having trouble finding just the right, light enough shade.)


Getting back to the lake, it was just the thing to do after a rather long, chilly spring. Where would you run off to for a quick, less than an hour, getaway?

Goodness. Am I already completely out of things to say? Wait, no, I'll add that last night for supper we had the most delicious 
new-to-us salad. We had never eaten bok choy

 before, but thanks to Susan at Savoring Time in the Kitchen, we tried it and loved that crunchy, mildly flavored bok choy. I  like saying it. You can find the recipe for 
Firefly Crunch Salad right here. (I have also pinned it on my Salads Folder.)

A happy week to you and a Happy Victoria Day weekend to my Canadian friends and family. (Memorial Day is the following weekend for us in the US.) Hope that the weather moderates for us all. ☺

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P.S. Anyone ever had a pop-up with this message appear over your post while trying to edit it?  I am documenting because sometimes groogle needs a screen shot. The pop-up won't stay put when I want to take a screen shot, but will not allow me to make an edit. Always something in Blogdom!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Food and Flowers, Boys and Baseball, Givers and Gifts

What a valuable resource a blog can be! For example, when my son brought this yellow flowering plant by on Sunday afternoon saying that he had no idea what it was, I could tell him because he brought the same kind of plant by one other Mother's Day. It is Lemon Chiffon Superbells. Now if only John had given me one of the red plants before. Neither of us knows what it is. A begonia of some sort? Anyone know?

Because of unseasonably cold weather this week, the plants must live inside. 

Eventually, I'll move the Chiffon Bells to the front yard, probably where the Morning Glories used to live behind the mailbox there. I no longer grow Morning Glories because they are only around for six short weeks. Not enough color for May, June, and July. They proved to be more trouble than they were worth, but I did love them.

Sam found this bird bath (I have zero intention of providing a buffet for the squirrels) at the local Flea Market. He loves Cardinals, both the baseball variety and the birds. This is made using a deck spindle for the base...very sweet! 

Laurel gave me this pretty little bedside lamp with a USB charger built right in. I have never had a bedside lamp before. Now that I have used it for two nights, I am totally sold on a bedside lamp.

The best gifts of Mother's Day are always my visitors . I am blessed to live in the same town where both my adult children live. I see my grandchildren weekly, especially in spring when they are playing baseball. (It may not look like it in the photo to the left, but they were playing baseball online and loving it.)


Someday, I won't be so antisocial, but these games are played in the evening when it is cold. The car is cozy enough and this vantage point right behind home plate has proven to be my favorite. I believe that Jake is on the pitcher's mound as he is pitching this year. Sam made Little League so he's busy playing second base. This week, I have four home games to attend. Two for each grandson. John loves that I am out of the house for the evening news. Now he can watch in peace. ☺


 ~Waiting for Breakfast~


I tried a couple of new recipes this week so am sharing. The first has already been baked twice so they are a keeper.  The grands liked them and you can find the recipe at Life is Good. Look around! Karen's photos are wonderful and Maryland is beautiful.

~Karen's Chocolate Chippers~

This Pinterest recipe is being shared because it is such an easy way to prepare  tacos for a family. I love ease. We did not enjoy this batch as much as we would have IF I had purchased a truly mild salsa. My error. I'll do it correctly next time because it was not only easy, it was good. It can easily be adjusted to suit your family's tastes. Find the recipe on Pinterest under Taco Bake or here.

A wonderful week to you!

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Greeting

The sweetest sounds to mortals given 
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven

~William Goldsmith Brown

If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go 
where a prayer has not already been. 

~Robert Brault

♥Happy Mother's Day!♥

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