Saturday, October 22, 2016

Got Any Tips?

Let's see, how long did blogging every day last? Eight days. Pretty good for me. Of course, I am hoping for sanity in posting from now on. Not that you everyday bloggers are insane, of course. ☺ See how I so easily stick my foot in my mouth?

What I really want to talk about today is how different it is to eat properly these days. I mean why bother? Just make a piece of toast and be done with it I tell myself. Recently, I began to feel sick as if I were not eating properly. Ya think? Besides all those carbs...not good.

So when I went shopping a few days ago, I asked myself what I really wanted for supper. 

Fruit. I wanted fruit. And a piece of toast. And a cup of chamomile tea.

The next day, I wanted cole slaw. Cole slaw? 

 By Friday, I decided to bake cookies since the weather was not cooperating for working at The Ponderosa. 

Ready for freezing, which I did and now there are nice frozen individual cookies in a freezer bag at the ready. There are also, unfortunately, some in the cookie tin.

On the one side a rainy day, though with all the yellow it looks as if the sun could be shining, and on the

 other side, a snack and QVC. If Lori talks about those pillows one more time...

How in the world did my tv stand get so off? (I have fixed it you'll be happy to know.) 

So do you have any suggestions for me? I think I need some help.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Feeling Loquacious

Please forgive me. I may have slipped into bragging lately. It's just that the natural world is so beautiful in this late middle October. The light is gorgeous from morning until night and it changes from moment to moment. It doesn't take much to fascinate me.

The photo above was taken for that little patch of red leaves (and the light, of course). The red leaves are actually deep, blood red. In actuality, it is a very different scene from what I captured.


The morning light was pretty, but as I looked at the photo above, I decided that I could do better because my carpenter's tool box holding the pumpkins was not quite right. Yes, I fret over the stupidest things. Oh my, how I have loved my beautiful dahlias since they arrived from The Mennonite Girls Who Can Cook after John's passing. They were displayed at his service. They have made a remarkable comeback from the heat of summer. I love it when flowers are still going strong this late in autumn.

So I plumped up the box with lots of leaves. I think I can still do better. Maybe it's time to look for the burlap.

This is the only Cinderella pumpkin I've been able to find. 

This week's "Dad Day" was a few days ago. Both my father and I have been limping along since. Why? Because I found him on the floor when I arrived at 7:45. For the next too long a time, I struggled to get him to his feet at his insistence. When we were both thoroughly worn out, I called 911. This was a learning experience for me on several levels. One does not have to listen to her dad no matter how he barks when his safety and her own is at stake. Good heavens! You'd think I'd be intelligent enough to know this. Something about an upset parent can put one right back in child mode real fast. 

The rescue crew arrived from the next town over and the first thing the EMT said was, "I've been here before." 

"Why?" asked my father.

"To get your ask up off the floor," said the EMT.

This is just the kind of response that my father appreciates and he laughed heartily.

I was told, in no uncertain terms, never to attempt what I had attempted again. Two men had a bit of trouble getting him to his feet. Now this is my second time with his falling. The first time, believe it or not, I was able to get him back to vertical. My sister has been through this 17 (!) times. Yikes. 

~a quilt panel kit~

My dad's day turned around completely when we received a call from his baby sister saying that she and her husband would be over for a visit.  They brought lunch and gifts. Wow!

~a cute apron pattern~

~a tea towel~
The tea towel gift blessed me because my aunt said that the moment she saw it she thought of me because of the artwork that hangs in my living room. The one that always "fretted" John because he could see all the work that needed doing. =D

So all in all, except for the aches and pains, the day turned around. Warm thanks to my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Billy. My dad mentioned multiple times what a good day it had been.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Glorious, Fun, Too

So there we sat looking out at the golden light when Laurel suggested a leaf peeping drive. Yippee!

We looked for's almost ready. Laurel liked this twirly piece of twig so now I have it.

Laurel has a new car and the foliage was perfectly captured in reflection so I had to take a picture.

Oh, what's this? A call to Starbucks? Things are really looking up. Apparently, Laurel has them on speed dial.

It's even pretty waiting at Starbucks drive-through.

Now what?

What's in the bag?

Doughnuts! Specifically, apple cider doughnuts fresh from the vat.

Looking at the Presidential Range in New Hampshire some fifty miles away.

And typical of what the season is tree with leaves nearly gone and the other with green leaves that haven't yet turned. Oh good. More to look forward to!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

At Kim's

Don't shoot me now. I didn't have as much to share as I thought because I have already used a few of the pictures from my sister's. A wooded foliage scene, which is actually her west lawn and the wood boiler shed. I don't remember what else.

^Just a few little scenes I thought were cute from inside. 

^This is what is keeping her husband Steve busy, the living room addition. He is hurrying to get it socked in before winter so that he can work on it over the winter from the inside. That fireplace will become a kitchen cozy! I'd show you from the inside, but it might be best to describe it. The mantle and one side houses all of Steve's movies. He is thinking about better storage. The other side is blocked by a giant screen tv, which my father dearly loves. This will all change once the new living room is up and functioning.

^After I saved the collage before the one above, I returned to find that PicMonkey had done this one for me. Never had that happen before, but didn't want to waste their work and it shows a slightly different perspective.

Some readers may remember that my sister allowed me to come and take several boxes of perennials from her yard several years ago. She had some beautiful gardens now taken over by the addition. I hope that I rescued a lot. ☺ Anyway, she and her husband enjoy a quiet country setting and a lovely yard. My dad has enjoyed knowing that some of his Pilgrim ancestors settled in this town nearly two hundred years ago. 

Now, come back tomorrow and I'll share the leaf peeping tour my darling daughter took me on. It will be picture dense and word light.

Have a wonderful day!

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