Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Welcome Autumn Hodge Podge

 The questions:

1. It's fall y'all. What's something you love about this season and also something you don't? 

2. When you think of the colors of fall, which one is your favorite? Is there somewhere you could easily day trip to see the leaves in all their glory? Will you? 

3. What's one thing you've let 'fall' by the wayside during this season of staying home and staying away? 

4. If you're wearing a sweater is it most likely a cardigan, crew neck, v-neck, or zip up hoodie? 

5. What's your secret to dealing with change? 

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

The Answers:

1. Autumn is my favorite time of year for all the usual reasons: apples, pumpkins, leaves, crisp days, cozy sweaters, hearty meals, extra blankets on the bed...

Something I don't like about fall is Halloween. Why, when all the world is showing the glory of God, must I look at a witch splatted on the side of my neighbor's home? 😣

2. Even though yellow is my favorite color, red is my favorite autumn color. It looks like a great year for reds this year! 

3. Though I have been home a lot, I have not felt like "creating home." I'll try to do better this autumn. 

4. a hoodie

5. Oh I hope someone has the answer to this because I sure don't. The best I can offer is to "Trust in The Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thy own understanding."

6. For my regular readers, my daughter has sold her home (closing in late October) and will be relocating permanently up north on the river. When I visited my doctor today, I pulled into my daughter's place to take some photos before it's too late. I think I'll miss that place, but she is sure that she won't. 

She's trading the above for the below...

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

It Has Been Awhile

July 26, 2017 to be exact. 

A lot of my blogging buddies participate in Joyce's weekly Hodge Podge. For lack of an original blogging idea, I have decided to join in this week. Thank goodness, Joyce is still coming up with great questions.

Let's begin! 

1. What's one thing you learned at the ripe old age of whatever age you are now?

Hmmm...I have learned a lot in this particular season of covid, masks, isolation, social distancing, talk of vaccines, etc., etc., You think that I'm going to tell you, right? No, though I will say that I am never putting myself in a place of isolation again. Quite frankly, death would be preferable. Needless to say, this is my opinion only; I am not speaking for you or anyone else. 

2. I read here a list of foods that can help you look younger-

extra virgin olive oil, green tea, fatty fish, dark chocolate, vegetables, flaxseeds, pomegranates, avocados, tomatoes, spices, bone broth

How many of the foods listed have you tried? How many do you eat regularly? Your favorite from the list?

Since I am currently on a sliced tomato drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt kick, guess that that's my favorite.
green tea 😣
fatty fish 😣 wait, is haddock considered "fatty fish"?
dark chocolate πŸ˜–
flaxseeds ?
pomegranates 😣
avocados πŸ˜–
bone broth 😏

3. Something you miss from the 'good old days'? When were the good old days anyway?

I miss the days when almost everyone was a patriot. I'm a firm believer in not looking back all the time, but if forced to make a choice, I'd say the 1980s was a pretty good time. My years married to John were very sweet; nevertheless, the politics of the time made life unnecessarily difficult and oppressive. I'm looking forward to better days ahead. Sometimes you might hear me whispering Maranatha... 

4. What are two or three of the most rewarding things to be found in growing older?

For me, Sam and Jake. Grandchildren. ツ I like to see families moving forward and growing. 

5. What's your favorite part of your life right now?

Family, friends, books, flowers, cooler weather, cozy days...

My friend Deanna from Creekside Cottage found these Gladys Taber books for me at her local used bookstore. They arrived today just in time for tea and cozy time.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

It's back to the garage for me. My goal is to have it all cleaned out by the end of September. So many unnecessary extras that have gathered over the years were making it impossible to function. 

It doesn't all belong to me, but since others are content to allow me to deal with it, deal with it I will. No yard sales for me, though I have considered putting things on the lawn with a FREE sign. I'm just worried that others would not be interested in my castoffs. So to the landfill it is... 

Perhaps you've been away from the Hodge Podge for a while and would like to check it out once again. You can find Joyce 

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Monday, September 14, 2020

And a Fun Day Was Had by All

<So the new blogger was rolled out I see. A minute in and I already see problems. Okay, Vee, calm down, carry on.>

If I get any further behind, I'll never catch up. I want to document, for myself, the wonderful Labor Day we enjoyed at my daughter's home on the river. I have made a little movie and I hope that it will show the shape of the day, but the movie is a little out of focus so I am also adding photos.

That beautiful September day, I drove to my sister's home and from there we went further north to Laurel's. Laurel was mowing when we arrived, but soon gave the job over to my grandson Sam...

because she and her brother had to get the grill going.

There was a bit of color...

There was time spent chatting and eating, but it was a remarkably active crowd.

Time at the River...

And time in the wiffle ball field...

where big boys and little boys played happily together. (Girls, too, of course!)

My sister's grandson spent some happy times in the middle of the field. At one point, when she had a hit and was running bases, he watched surprised as she sped right on by him. "Grammie," he said in an accusing tone. "I can't stop, Emmanuel, I'm playing a game." ツ

And that was not all...Laurel remembered Streamer Tag which captured Emmanuel's imagination completely.

Emmanuel arrived at my knee because I had the nice cold drink he was making short work of. It was a lovely day and I am grateful for it.  

Adam meets Anneke for the first time...

Since then, I have been stuck in the garage trying to reclaim some much needed space. Perhaps, if I get more brave, I'll share. 

Yup, it's been an adventure posting. Hope it flies.

Thanks for your visit.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Running Late

If I don't get crackin,' it'll be September and I have only one post for August. Unacceptable. I'm taking this opportunity to thank those bloggers who are blogging regularly and those of you who are blogging nearly every day deserve a gold star.


The most excitement I've had lately was heading to the coast to visit Abby a couple of weeks ago. She was given a last minute yelp and responded with a "sure." Amazing how quickly things can come together if everyone is willing. My sister Kim suggested the day, I agreed, and Abby did as well.

 It was great to see Abby again after all these months, eight to be exact. I was feeling so bad the last time I saw her that I felt as if it might be our final visit. Just keeping it real. This time, I was feeling ever so much better. God is good all the time, no matter how I'm feeling.

left to right: me, Kim, Abby

Abby gifted us with the masks. I wore mine because I wanted to eat and I wanted ice cream. ☺ I didn't want the extra drama of going rogue and making everyone nervous. I am almost to the place where I am not going to be wearing them anymore. I don't know why I have allowed myself to play the game in the first place. My sister, a nurse, told me from the beginning that masks wouldn't work. Now that that has been proven, I don't see the point of them anymore. I don't fault those who feel better wearing a mask, but already.oxygen. feels better without one. Further, Sunday's news reveals the new CDC information rolled out quietly. I'm not here to connect dots so will leave it at that. I am not saying that covid isn't real, it is; I am saying that Ignorance made us all respond in excessive ways. We just didn't know. 

On our way home, we stopped by Kim's daughter's because how can one drive right by without a quick visit? 

Anneke tested out the sweet dress that Abby sent for her. It is so cute! Anneke really liked it. 

They live on a lake...wonderful spot to grow up. That's Pencil the cat. 

Here she is peeking in the window. In my world, that's an automatic win. 

Pencil likes to play fetch. Hopefully, blooger will allow me to upload a video proving it.

Enjoy this final day of August! I'm going to let you scoot. Comments are closed today...feeling lazy and tired of dealing with bad comments.

Monday, August 10, 2020

On the Carrabassett

  I don't know exactly when Laurel (my daughter) told me that she had lost her job. It was definitely after Christmas and the explanation was that I had enough on my plate without fretting over the loss of a job. Her company gave her a generous severance package so she wisely used the time to finish work on her degree. 

She graduated this spring with a Bachelor's degree in Operations Management. I am very proud of all her hard work through the years as she always worked full time while fitting in a half load of classes. She received the job loss as a gift, which it turned out to be in more ways than one: she was able to finish her classes without distractions and she left behind a toxic environment with lots of chemicals.

She hit the deck running looking for good employment. She found it in mid-spring. The only problem was that it is two hours north. This meant lots of of commuting time, about four hours a day total. Needless to say, that wasn't going to work long-term.

She closed on her second home a few weeks ago and, week before last, I was invited up to see her new digs or her half-time digs. She spends her working days there and her days off back at her custom-made home, which is just 30 minutes away from me. Those are the days I like best. ッ

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of the photos I took of the drive and her wee, adorable camp on the Carrabassett River. (It looks as if the Maine Cabin Masters could have been at work on her home away from home.)

Heading north...Love a Rock Wall 

Laurel did all the driving 
Looks like Maine to me

The front of the cabin faces the river

We found Charlie and Charlotte in the Loft

Laurel found a package waiting and set about to assemble her new grill while I sat watching from the porch and then went exploring a bit.

My corner on the porch

The River

The Guest House (No, I didn't stay there.)

An Outside Shower 😳

Lots of Christmas Trees...Laurel is getting rid of them; Adam already has his selected

Only Neighbors...what great quintessential New England architecture!

There are lots of flowers about...Laurel is not impressed with them as she has zero time for gardening
side view

all done

Goodness, blogging with Blooger has become a pain. All I wanted to say is that that's the kitchen above and below is the loft with Laurel and Charlie having a moment. (Not allowed at this moment to caption.)

It was lovely to see Laurel's new situation. I hope that she is not there for much longer than a couple of years. It's the end of the world...17 miles from a grocery store. But, it is just 15 minutes from her employment so that is a good thing. Long commutes are revolting.

Sweet yellow watering can...guess she's taking care of flowers after all

The cats have commutes these days, too. That isn't always going very well so Laurel has a plan for them that includes staying by themselves for her short work weeks and joining her wherever she is for long weeks.

There, there, Charlie. It will all be okay.

Thank you for reading. I don't think I can face another post the way this one behaved so it will be awhile until the powers that be get their act together. Take care!