A Haven for Vee

Saturday, September 29, 2018

A Little Picture Story in Autumn

Hi! Nice to see you. 

It's time to share some puttering and I promise I won't chat your ear off. Just a little picture story with captions. 

One more thing, this is not to be confused with a house or yard tour. I don't even attempt to do those anymore. I have embarrassed myself one too many times. 😥

~Summer Flowers Hanging On~

~Tired and Leggy~

~Ahhh, that's better...I have plans for the toolbox...stay with me~

~Yes, I climbed the ladder to do this!~

~Very Simple~

~Neighbor is busy doing yard cleaning (and chucking it into the ravine) and I should be, too~

~This corner needs a do-over~

~See, I told ya!~

~The Bigger Picture~

Thanks for stopping by. Now I really should get down to business because I am just goofing off. ッ Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 24, 2018

What Comes After

Autumn has always been my favorite season and I know that many of those who read here share the enthusiasm; however, this year, I began to dread the mere thought of autumn. Because, with thoughts of pumpkins, apples, fires, leaves, and crisp, golden days comes the thought of what comes after. And what comes after has been so vile, so difficult, so obnoxious that the mere thought of it sends a chill up my spine. If I were speaking metaphorically, this may also have something to do with my growing older and now having definitely become old. (To those who wish to admonish me with the classic "you're only as old as you feel" line, I have felt old since I was six. Nothing particularly new here. ☺)

~Fryeburg Fair 2013~

I have been trying to think how to better survive what comes after. One must, after all, prepare well in advance. Ordinarily, this would mean preparing the pantry with comfort foods and making certain that the garage is winter functional...it isn't yet...and buttoning up the house. Then some new bedding might be in order and a way to avoid having to go out. 

When my hometown family went to New Brunswick for a week and I began to look after the grandkitties, I noticed that a whole lot of packages were arriving. I'd haul them inside and that was that until I had to question the number of them upon their return.

My daughter-in-law explained that she had had quite enough of schlepping when Wal*Mart had a perfectly lovely app and that she could order many of her favorite and needed items online and they would be delivered free for a purchase of so much...not that much either. So I asked "schlepping?" And she said, "You know, you have to drive to get to the store and you haul the item from the shelf and drag it all around the store with you and then you put it on the belt and put it back into your cart and then haul it out to your car and put it into your trunk and then you drag it home and haul it out of the trunk and into the house." She added that ordering online meant that all you did was drag it into your house. 

Obviously, that eliminates a whole lot of schlepping. Well, when she put it that way, the light went on immediately.
So I downloaded the app, set up  my account, and had a fine time receiving my packages without ANY schlepping until the day the delivery truck backed into my house. 


There went all my dreams of hunkering down until spring. 

I need to remember this:

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. 

Matthew 6:34

So it's back to schlepping for me. I have had zero success with my insurance, the delivery service employed by Wal*Mart or with Wal*Mart itself. Who knows the final chapter of this story... (Personally, I think I'm biting this one.)

The End