Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Day Trip

Found myself wondering just now, if I dated the photos, whether you could figure out the post all by yourselves. ツ I wouldn't be at all surprised! 

We are having a few rainy days, which is fabulous because the lawns have been getting crunchy. It began raining not long after I finished mowing the lawn Sunday and is still going.

Both the photo above and the photo below were taken on Monday, June 29, 2020.

The photo above and the two below were taken on Thursday, June 25, 2020. That was the day my daughter's car wasn't ready from the repair shop so she decided to take my car home to her house with me in it. Her campfire roses have grown into a lovely hedge just as she hoped when she planted them two years ago. They are such beauties and a photo doesn't do them justice.

I don't know what kind of roses these are, but they are also doing well this year. I bought a swimming suit this year just to use at the pool. It was a pleasant hour floating about. After that, we had our supper right there on the lower deck. 

A few cuddles with Charlie in the evening... Charlotte was under the bed. She did arrive in my bedroom late in the night to give me a wee kiss on the lips. I appreciated that. 

The next morning, Laurel said, "Day Trip! Call Aunt Kim and ask if she wants to go."


She did! And off we went. What a glorious day it was. Blue skies and very warm weather.

Our goal was to find the new Cabin Masters Store in Manchester. Not too difficult at all.  

Edited to Add: I had no idea so many were watching Maine Cabin Masters. Silly me! In that case, you might be interested to revisit the episode where this building was featured:

Just a few of their wares. I can't reveal all because there's a birthday coming up. 

There were lots of tourists there. This is a bit of a problem because they are supposed to quarantine for two weeks. A number of them said that they didn't have time for that as their vacation is only two weeks long.

We went out for lunch to an old-fashioned diner where the waitress arrives at the vehicle if its lights are on. We all ordered old-fashioned red hot dogs. I don't remember the last time I had one. So good. 

After that, we visited my niece and her kiddles. No pictures! I can hardly believe it. We left my sister with her daughter and grands as time was growing short and Laurel wanted to be sure to get her car before the shop closed. The day went by much too fast. 

This tomato tart was prettier than it tasted, though it did taste pretty good. What else can one do on a rainy day besides bake and put up a blog post? 

Tomatoes on the Windowsill

It s unlikely that I'll be back in time to wish you holiday greetings so...

🇺🇸Happy Independence Day!🇺🇸

Monday, June 22, 2020

Small Projects Among Other Things

This summer, I hope to get the back deck and the side deck painted. Before that happens, some rotten boards need replacing. Prior to that, I need to chop down the lilac bush. It has grown so tall that, in its search for light, it is leaning well over the deck. Time to say goodbye.

It is such a forest back here that one can't even see the lilac bush.

Things are so shady again in the back yard that nothing grows in the raised bed that John built for me. My sister-in-law Mary offered me that hosta you see in the box. She has had it since 1999 or before. It's never been a favorite for her and she has tried to dig it out herself over the years and it kept returning. I knew that I couldn't dig it out so my son and grandsons did it for me. Yay! Plus they planted it. Double yay!

The hosta seems to be doing well. I have marigolds and chives there and hopefully they'll all do fine.

That's Jake just visible through the lilac bush. Only three blossoms on that this year. Must have over trimmed it last year. 

Sam Pondering... I am pondering painting that deck.

Now I am certainly glad that I never saw this bit until I was reviewing the video frame by frame. Yikes!

The things boys do!

If you have had quite enough of this foolishness, feel free to scoot off. I am about to share a bunch of strawberry pictures and then a bunch of peony pictures, then a "it's no wonder you're fat" picture and finally I'll close with a windowsill pic because you wouldn't know where you are without that.

Fresh strawberries in June! 

I have ditched my old huller for a cheap straw. Works ever so much better! 

Strawberries look even better in a red colander.

My favorite way to enjoy strawberries is with sugar and cream. 

These are gifts from a friend...cranberry orange muffins from a mix: Krusteaz  They were just the best things!

I have a small peony bush and how I love that week of blooming peonies. It is winding down these days.

Thank you for stopping by. I am using all my powers of restraint to keep my mouth shut. ;>

Friday, June 12, 2020

Things Change

Well that is the most obvious statement ever made. A lot has changed in the country and around the world since I last posted. You'll be grateful that I am not going to talk about it here. If you ever want to know what I really think, you can simply click on the Let's Get Political button at the bottom of the page. 

My news? I am gaining more weight every day. The pizza above was not great. The crust was pitiful; I made it. Karen (aka Happyone) tells me that I need a stone. 

The apple enchilada below was delicious. You can find that at Kitty's Cozy Kitchen.
I put some cheese in mine. 

The pears are so tasty. They came in a fruit basket my daughter sent me for Mother's Day. Are they Bosch pears? They're not Bartlett pears.

Waning red azaleas...there are better pictures from other years. I do like Everlasting as ground cover.

Lots of purple in the garden these days.

lilacs are on the wane, too

Next up will be the peonies...lots of blooms this year

Pitiful roses...one lonely bud...

Neighbors' lawn looking peaked...loaded with acorns. He wonders what happened. I didn't clean them up this year, that's what happened. Look at them! Way too many for me to sweep up and haul off. Maybe the grands would love to do it. 

Leaving you with a windowsill shot.

Monday, May 25, 2020

May God Bless America and Heal Our Land

As we remember every life laid down and every life that served, may God continue to bless America. 

Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Gone to the Vlogs

So what have I been doing with myself during the past several months? Well it's not easy to explain, but I have been hanging out with some interesting people via You Tube. Yes, I've gone to the Vlogs. There are many of them and they seem to be more prolific than most bloggers these days. 

One also has the choice of Instagram, but I do not like the abbreviated sense of life there. From the number of photos that some post, I get the sense that some Instagram participants don't either. So there you have it, I've jumped ship, yet again. 

Did she jump ship?

Here are my absolute favorites: Kirsten and Joerg. I like them because they remind me of people in my own life. 

If, in fact, I like you, (and I'm certain that I do 😊) it's because you remind me of a person in my real life. ツ  Does anyone else do this? I had duplicate people at college who reminded me of those I knew in high school. I'm probably just weird. Don't mind me.

The gist of Kirsten's channel is that she and her husband are Germans living in Great Britain. They share many things and visit many places. Well, they used to go to many places before Covid. The good thing for you is that those videos are still right there. I really enjoy them and I enjoy their calm personalities. Their beautiful walks in the English countryside are so stress-relieving and enjoyable. You can find them *here.*

Edited to Add: Just got the link straightened around to Kirsten and Joerg's. So glad because they are out for a walk today and they're featuring long boats on the canal. That reminds me of another You Tube favorite, but I can't go on this way. Anyway, hope that you enjoy it. 

🎥 🎥 🎥

Sophia is a French woman who married an American and has been living in the States for several decades. Nevertheless, she has not lost her French accent and it's nice to listen to her. She is a Flybaby and so has shared many homemaking videos. She also has her own method of cleaning, which involves a jar and slips of paper with various chores. I could do that. Maybe. 

Sophia tackles anything from changing out a commode to stripping a deck. I have learned a lot from her. Most recently, she taught me how to properly wash my hands. 

Sophia also takes her viewers on field trips. My favorites have been Christmas day trips to NYC and her trips back to France to visit her mother who lives in Paris.

Check her channel out *here.* 

🎥 🎥 🎥

Angela, aka Parisienne Farmgirl, is another amazing woman who lives in Door County, Wisconsin with her husband Joel and her six children. Another she who does it all. Further, she does the most beautiful videography of the 
scenes around her home. Really stunning. Oh, and she was homeschooling before it became mandatory. I think you'll find her fun and informative; you can find her *here.*

🎥 🎥 🎥

What can I say about Stephanie? She loves life. There is lots of laughter and fun at The Chateau Diaries. She's  transparent and will tell you exactly how things work via the vlog world in *this video.* 

When you see a dark cloud coming, that's not the point at which you see the silver lining. ~Stephanie

So Chateau de LaLande is beautiful in the gorgeous French countryside. Truth to tell, I have enjoyed this Vlog more since Covid because life is less frenetic at the Chateau these days. Let's just say that, when the Chateau is full of guests, it's a party. Happily for her viewers, her mother Isabelle has been stranded at the Chateau in this time of Covid. What fun she is! For a complete list of videos go *here.*

The tie that binds these particular vlogs is the creation of home. Each one is creating a home albeit very different ones. It is interesting to see how others live. 

And there are more that I enjoy (I seem to especially enjoy those chateaus), but that should be enough for now. Besides, I'm sure that many of you have gone to the Vlogs, too. If so, please share your favorite. If you have watched any of these, please let me know and let me know what you think. I'd love that.