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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pardon the Whiplash

(Maybe a cup of tea will help?) 

Hi there! 

You know, I've been thinking about my blogging difficulties and it comes down to this: I either have nothing left to say OR I have too much to say. Today, I have too much to say and not one bit of it amounts to a hill of beans so feel free to scoot along if you are short on time or have better things to do than listen to an old lady ramble. ツ

It certainly has been a delightful and lingering foliage season. 

Just look at the color on the old oak leaves...

 Snow? Oh that. It snowed all day Saturday last. Yes, it was a little depressing in October. I prefer snow in months where it belongs...December 24th. The end. 

Speaking of December. I have been getting ready.

This is what the tag says: 

This was such a good idea for a Christmas present that I am going to share it not that it was my idea, of course.  It is a family movie kit of sorts with a family fleece blanket for getting cozy on the sofa together. There are sodas and popcorn packets and a gift card for movie selections. The reason that I gave it so early is because the blanket is a holiday one covering all the holidays. 

Oh goodness, I have skipped right over Thanksgiving and it's my turn this year. Yoo Hoo to my future self...take note! Your turn will not come again until 2020. 

So I have a bit of Thanksgiving decor out. My home is beginning to look like an aisle at Hobby Lobby. That might not be a good thing.

I do love my Pilgrims and their colorful turkey and pumpkins. The apothecary jar holds the commemorative tea cup from Plymouth Plantation depicting John and Priscilla Alden. I found it at the flea market a few years ago.

This has been shared before, of course. Everything here has been shared before...

This colorful turkey has moved on and is living with John's sister. She is graciously allowing me to help her decorate. And, yes, he's a Hobby Lobby find.

This is an aerial view of my town. There was an awful fire several weeks ago that destroyed the paper mill that had a lot of historical significance to the community. 

My father worked there for a few years and even John worked there for a day. He was given the job of sweeping floors, which he did all day long. When he was finished, he was told to go sweep the parking lot. With that, he handed over the broom and told them that he had better things to do with his life. I have always liked that story.

Anyway, I had never seen a bird's eye view of my town. Yes, the Haven is there, but hidden behind trees. My neighbor's house can be seen. My parents' home can be seen. My kids' former home can be easily seen right at the bottom in the middle. I like seeing the White Mountains to the west there and Streaked Mtn much nearer. 

Many firefighters worked on the fire for several days and it was pretty noisy here at my wee home since it is quite close to the mill. Fortunately, though the mill, two apartments and two businesses were completely lost, there was no loss of life. God is good.

Well I guess that covers my ramblings for this time. If you have read this far, you deserve a medal!

Friday, October 12, 2018

It Was A Gift of a Day

So it was my daughter's birthday and, though the family had gathered to celebrate a few days early, she agreed to my plan for lunch on her actual day. Because she works full time and is taking three classes this semester, I wanted to keep it short and sweet so that she would have time for her schoolwork. I met her at her new home and we went out for lunch in her hometown.

At least two of the mums there were birthday gifts. And her front door swag is also a birthday gift from her friend Lindsay. I think Lindsay nailed it as far as Laurel's colors go.

The tree below is the one being reflected above.

Main Street

Just up the street from our restaurant

After our meal, I was chatting away like a magpie when Laurel took a different turn and soon we were off on a sightseeing tour. What a pleasant surprise! If you read this blog in autumn, you may remember that this is something Laurel and I have done each year for a few now.

Above us an eagle swooped and swirled on the thermals. Okay, you may have to trust me on this one.

On and on we went, one beautiful scene after the next.

Through small towns...

and back out into the countryside.

Along the river

and past the pond

until we had come full circle. 

The only picture of the birthday girl

It was her birthday and she gave me the best gift of all: Time.  Thank you, Darling Girl! What a beautiful day it was.

P.S. This will probably end my foliage reports as the rain came and has taken many of our leaves. Now I'm counting on you to share your scenery!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Foliage Report

It's a fun weekend as I am preparing for Laurel's birthday. (Laurel is my daughter.) I was up early and off to do my errands. On the advice of Pam (Playing With My Camera), who on Instagram reminds us to get out and enjoy the scenery, I remembered to grab the camera on the way out the door.

I am told that we are in peak week; I am not buying it. There are glimpses of color hither and yon, but we have much more to come. I soon discovered that I would not be able to pull the car over every few seconds to capture the sights. So, on the way back from "the city, " I decided to pull into the cemetery and check on my secret stash of bittersweet. Here are a few of the photos I took standing along the fence looking down into the ravine and around the cemetery. 

~one drives between and beneath those trees to enter~

~My feet got wet...the things I do for this blog~

~Ravine View~

 ~Crimson is my favorite~

~lots of green~

~pops of color in between~

~ketchup mustard relish tree...
I should come up with something more romantic~

~too green bittersweet~ 

~Home Again~

I am glad that we have more color to look forward to. Perhaps peak is a few more days, even a week, away. How goes it in your corner?

Thanks for visiting!