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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

National Popcorn Day Et Cetera

 1. It's National Popcorn Day-my favorite! Are you a fan? Sweet or salty? A good or great movie you've seen recently (at home or in a theater, either one)? 

2. What's something you didn't realize was going to take so much of your time as an adult? 

3. Your favorite yellow something? 

4. Why do you write? 

5. Share a favorite memory associated with snow.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

1. Yes, I like popcorn a lot. My favorite is buttery so guess that best translates to salty. 

The movie I watched recently on Netflix that I have since thought about more than a little bit is The Professor and the Madman with Mel Gibson and Sean Penn.  

2. Home care or really the care of all those things for which I am responsible from the house to the car to the lawnmower. Sometimes, I can toss myself in there as well. Maintenance takes effort. 

3. Yellow is my favorite color. Some yellows are nicer than others, I think. My preference is a buttery yellow over a lemon yellow. Yellow roses are delightful, lemony or buttery doesn't matter.  

4.  Lately I write because I am ashamed not to. I have become one of those bloggers that I used to poke requesting a new entry on their blogs. Did I ever poke you? Please forgive me. 

5. Snow is king here in Maine for many months of the year. Now that I am olden, I definitely have many snow memories; however, why reinvent the wheel? Tobogganing Over Snowy Roads remains my favorite.

6. It is unwise to wish time away, still I am very pleased that we already are this far through January. Winter months are harsh and dreary and I am always looking forward to spring. 

Thanks to Joyce for coming up with this week's questions. You can find Joyce and the other participants here at  From This Side of the Pond



Saturday, January 1, 2022



The amaryllis bloomed again in time for the new year. I am totally smitten by this gorgeous plant. Next year, if there is a next year, I'll pick up a waxed one so that I don't have to fret so over watering or not watering. Above is the new flower blooming. Below the final photo on the bottom right shows the first flower and, if you look closely, you can see the second stalk growing up beside the first stalk...just a wee thing. 

So, if I believed in signs (I don't), I'd take this as a good one for the new year.ッ

A blessed 2022 to you!