A Haven for Vee

Wednesday, October 7, 2020


 This is a post to introduce my peeps who are most often mentioned on the blog. It's a reference post in actuality. It will be posted on a back page and then will be linked in my sidebar.

John~my second husband who was a large part of this blog for eight plus years~was a contractor and began his experience at A Haven for Vee as the hired help and wound up as Lord of the Manor. There are many photos of him in the pages of this blog and fun stories. The photo below is one of my favorite pictures.

Sam and John

I have two children. My daughter Laurel is two and a half years older than her brother Adam. She appears quite often on the blog. I'll be adding a more recent picture soon.

My son Adam and his wife Michelle...the little girl from next door...literally. ☺

Sam and Jake are Adam and Michelle's sons and my grandsons.

Jake on left and Sam on right a few years ago...


⬆️And a dozen years ago⬇️

Jakob at John's knee

Jake and Sam School Pictures 2020

Sam Fall Cleanup 2020

Jakob fall cleanup 2020

My sister Kim and her husband Steve

I am almost four years older than my only sibling.

Kim's daughter Kirsten and her family...Joel and Emmanuel

Kim's youngest daughter Keanne with Baby Anneke

Kim and Grands

The "Mountain Climbers"

The End