A Haven for Vee

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Leaf Peeping Up North

Laurel had a birthday last weekend. She's making her age look great. The day before, she suggested that I pack my bag and go home with her (after the family gathering) so that we could strike out the following day for what has become our annual foliage drive. Yay! 

Laurel lives north of me in Somerset County. We also drove around a good bit in Franklin County. At one point, we were just 21 miles from Quebec. Heretofore, all our foliage drives have been in Androscoggin and/or Oxford Counties.

So without further unnecessary chatter...

It was a beautiful day in Laurel's town.

The River: The Carrabassett 
The Mountain: Sugarloaf (not all mountains are Sugarloaf, which made Laurel laugh every time I saw a mountain and called it Sugarloaf).

↓Sugarloaf  Mountain Hotel

There must have been a lot of day hikers on the Appalachian Trail because the parking lot was nearly full.

A fun sculpture in the woods...

Back home...a carpet of leaves

Thanks to my daughter for another fun foliage tour and thank you for hanging in there through so many photos.