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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Closing Out May

This post is being written on the Sunday evening before Memorial Day. I am not sad to see May go. I have explained my challenge with May before so will spare you another explanation. 

At this point in my blogging journey, I am documenting life like a journal. I used to think that this blog would not be a diary of daily details. Right. Silly me. I wanted to talk about books, current events, and ideas. Instead, I am too worried about what you think so I post current events comments on a back page. As for books, others do a beautiful job reviewing books. Ideas, I haven't had any lately. 

An overview of my dining and kitchen area. Now that's one thing I know better: this is not a pretty home blog where style is the thing. ッ

There have been a few current events. If you read a few years ago where the paper mill in town burned down, the owner has finally gotten around to the removal of the remnants. I caught the action when the last wall was standing. Cleanup is in progress.

Any old year at all, you can find the same sorts of images here. It was exhausting washing all the fence plates so I packed up a lot of them. Apparently, all that talk of decluttering has finally reached my consciousness.


The poem below was marked by John; I found it just last week. It blessed me. So like John, too. 

John and Jim

He didn't do much for Jim, perhaps,
 When he met him yesterday.
It wasn't much for John to do,
 As he hurried along life's way. 
Yet, oh, what a help it was to Jim,
 John probably never will know,
For John's on top, while Jim is down,
 And figures the world's his foe.
His friends, he thinks, have turned away,
 And some may have, that's true,
But some are loyal; they just don't know,
 The trouble he's wading through.
So yesterday, when John met Jim,
 And stopped for a glad, "hello,"
And grasped his hand and talked a bit,
 If just for a moment or so,
And told him how good it seemed again
 To see him, and have a chat,
About old times, they used to know,
 Of fishing, and this and that,
It wasn't so much for John to do,
 Not much, perhaps, to him, 
But he'll never know, what a help it was,
 And what it did for Jim. 
                       ~Orrin Alden DeMass


I am tossing in a few Memorial Day photos. My family was invited to my sister's place. Adam and Michelle, Sam, Jake and I rode over together. I very much appreciated hitching a ride. Laurel had to work. Bummer. Keanne was in New York. Also a bummer. The rest of us enjoyed a good afternoon.

Playing Ball and Bouncing 

Horse Chestnut Tree and Blooms

Thank you for visiting! 

The End