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Friday, February 28, 2014

So Long February

How can such a short month be sooooo long? I am so happy to say so long.

This month I am joining both Kati's Photo-a-Day Challenge and Cheryl's Gathering the Moments. They are a mother and daughter duo and their memes complement each other very nicely.

1. Your View Today (February 2)
Directive: Smile with your eyes.
Too funny...

2. Words

3. Hands

4. A stranger or two

5.  10 a.m. Close enough!

6. Dinner (midday meal)

7. Button

8. Sky

9. Entrance

10. Self Portrait (Ran myself through the diffuser about five times to achieve this lovely plastic look.)

11. Something new

12 In My Cup

13. Something red

14. Something orange heart

15. Phone

16. Makes me smile

17. Time...clock, old stamp, 100 year-old map of my town

18. drink

19. tired old eyes
20. Handwriting

21. Pattern

22. Blue

23. Your Shoes A boot...can't find my shoes
24. Your bedside table No bedside table...a bedside bag

25. Get Out Green

26. Light

27. Something I ate

28. Sweet
The End.

p.s. I had to bend the rules a bit, but I hope that I might still get a passing grade. ☺

My prediction for March? 

More of same!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Downton Abbey Leftovers

Oh dear. I had so many beautiful screen captures that I did not get to share yesterday that I'm just popping them in today in no particular order and without much commentary so that they'll not go to waste.

~Daisy in Pink~
*Click to see a stunning photo of this dress.*
~Mary wearing the beautiful blue dress of flowing fabric~
~Party Girls~
~Martha wearing red and green~
~Madeleine Allsopp~
~Pretty Tablescape~
~We must retrieve that letter!~

~Let the Battle Commence~

Do you have a favorite dress or outfit, from any season of Downton Abbey, that comes to mind? 

For me, it would be Mary's wedding dress. I had forgotten that she carried Calla Lilies.

As lovely as the ladies are, for me, the best dressed are the homes.☺ This is Isobel's cottage where I could happily take up residence.

 I don't know what we'll do without Downton Abbey on Sunday nights, but I'm sure that we'll find something!


Wanted to share a little bit of  family jewelry I have from the time period. These were pieces belonging to my grandmother and her mother, my great-grandmother. I stole the idea from *Diane at Lavender Dreams.*

Thanks for stopping in. Have a beautiful Thursday!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Downton Abbey Christmas Special

Please boot it outta here if you haven't watched Downton Abbey Season 4 and would like to do so at your leisure without spoilers. 

Let the Discussion Commence!


Oh my! I hardly know where to begin. One might think the beginning a good place, but I know that I shall be bouncing about a bit on this. Hold onto your hats, it could be a bumpy ride.

I found Ivy one of the most sensible characters in this week's episode. She has noticed that Lady Edith looks much more tired than she did eight months ago before going to the Continent (that fantastic time leap spoken of) and she (Ivy) will be the one to leave Downton Abbey for America to serve as Harold Levinson's cook. (Nice tidy wrap-up that.)

The show begins with Mrs. Hughes saying that she and Daisy must get off to Grantham House in London because the housekeeper there is ill. She sighs when Ivy mentions "tired" saying that they're all tired and about to become even more tired.

Ostensibly, this program is all about Rose being presented at Buckingham Palace to King George V and Queen Mary. It also involves the Prince of Wales' first love Freda Dudley Ward and a stolen letter that might ruin him. The Prince and Mrs. Dudley Ward carried on a romance for fifteen years prior to Wallis Simpson coming on the scene. Just a little historical background. 

~off to the palace~

~Awestruck Rose~
The other point of historical background that I needed to look up, and I'm sure that there are many more, was the point about Brown Shirts in Germany. Edith makes a passing reference to the fact that Mr. Gregson was attacked by Brown Shirts.

~Why Not?~
Now, presuming that Mr. Michael Gregson is off the scene permanently, I'd like to suggest this "Why Not." This was first suggested by one of you and I have no time to verify which you now, but I rather like the idea. And I loved the way Tom told Edith that the two of them would have to stand up to the Crawleys or be bowled over. That's when Edith stood up to her aunt and explained that she'd (Edith) be returning to the Continent and we all know why: Baby retrieval time!
~Edith and Violet have a chat~

Though Violet probably tried her best, she came up wanting in her discussion with Edith about it (the baby). And Edith is mighty prickly.

Edith strikes off for London, with Mrs. Hughes and Daisy, and is the first to greet her American 
family—Grandmother Martha Levinson and Uncle Harold Levinson. What a pair! Didn't Carson have the look of sheer panic and I laughed to see the way Martha glommed onto him holding his arm as she made him walk her into Grantham House. Do you like the American side of this story? I know that Mary does not!

The machinations in this final show were pretty intense, interconnecting, and amusing. The loss of the letter...the THEFT of the letter by that card shark Sampson...written to Freda Dudley Ward by The Prince of Wales was a significant subplot. We learn that Robert is a serious Monarchist who will go to any lengths to protect the Prince and that Mary is a
"practical Monarchist." She knows that the Prince is something of a scamp and she doesn't trust him not to run himself off the rail. 

Oh yes! Bates is a good man to know and Robert asks him for his help in letter retrieval. The first effort failed.

~No Luck~

The second effort works! Who knew that Bates is also a pickpocket?!

Now there are many other stories floating about...so many. Please feel free to pick up a thread and run with it. Do you wish to discuss Edith's story with Mr. Drew? Mary's story with her Desire of Suitors? The Lord Asygarth and his daughter Madeleine Allsopp's story? Harold and Madeleine's story? (What an odd couple!)The ongoing Thomas/Tom antagonisms? The catching of Sarah and Tom by Thomas in the Gallery? The ticket in the coat pocket? Mary's decision concerning same. Oh my! Any one of these could lead us a long way down a number of paths. Any specific quotes?

I thought I'd mourn Matthew forever. Now I know that is not true. There'll be a new life for me. ~Mary to Gillingham 
Oh please do share more!

I found a clip on PBS where the stars of the show discussed whom Mary should choose. Fun!

But let us wrap this puppy up with a bow. Cora asked Carson to plan an outing for the staff because of all the extra "kerfuffle." That's another story you might wish to discuss. 

~All Seems to be Well~

You can always hold my hand to steady yourself...We're getting on, you and I, we can afford to live a little.

~Mrs. Hughes to Carson

And the best news? There will be a Season Five!