A Haven for Vee

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Simple September

Good heavens! It is past time to get a post out for September. The days go by so quickly. (Thing is, I am at a loss for things to say here as always lately.) 

What do you consider your favorite posts, you personally, at your blog? Do you like putting together a Day in the Life? Décor? Recipes? Deep thoughts? Stories of days gone by? Faith for living? Travel? Book Reviews? Gardening? Something else? All of the above? None of the above? I'm truly stumped. To make matters worse, I no longer have a working camera. I have an iPhone: that's it. I find it incredibly limiting. Therefore, I take very few pictures and hardly any pictures of my peeps. Come to find out, my peeps have never enjoyed having their pictures taken. Do you still enjoy blogging? See what I did there with that question?

One thing is certain, I am sure that you don't enjoy reading someone whine over having nothing to say.


Two things happened in September that I enjoyed immensely. One was driving myself to my daughter's on Labor Day. You know how fearful I have been about driving too far or too long. She got nervous waiting for my arrival and came looking for me. No need. Even though I thought I was lost, I was not. 

We enjoyed a fast hour of sunshine, then the rain struck with a vengeance. We couldn't even hear ourselves speak for the rain pelting on the tin roof. That's fine. The food was good. 

Laurel had built herself a nice set of stairs rather than the stepladder you see below. I didn't take a photo of the stairs. Two people swam that day in spite of the chill and the rain. Emmanuel paddled about for some time and Sam jumped in and right back out. 

Edited to Add 10/13/2021: Popping in the photo of the stairs

Later, as we were readying ourselves to leave, Adam asked if I minded if Sam drove my car. My reply was, "As long as I'm not in it." It's been a long time since I was the parent teaching the teen to drive. ツ Sam did a fine job driving back to our hometown I am told and the car is just fine.  

 Then one early September day, my sister and I went to Owls Head on the coast. It is pathetic that I live so close to the coast, yet rarely visit, especially in summer. 

We took a nice walk up hill and dale to see the lighthouse. My favorite part of that day was walking on the sandy, secluded beach we found after a very nice man gave us directions. We were practically the only people there. Perfection. 

      Plans are being considered for a foliage drive. 
The season is late this year, yet it will arrive right on time.

I am trying an experiment today by responding to each comment here over the next while. I know that most people don't return for such things. Still, I spend way more time commenting at your place than you spend here because I write so seldom these days. Maybe it will all even out. I am not saying that I won't be visiting your place. Oh, yes, I will. I am totally addicted to reading blog posts and have been for years. I'm just not as addicted, as I once was, to writing them.

Have a blessed end of September and a wonderful October!