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Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Cozy Stormy Day

One who lives in "the North" should never get too excited about spring. Spring is fickle and downright mean. It has me wondering how and why I get tricked every single year, year after year. I must be stupid, naïve or an eternal optimist. ッ

I was pretty bummed yesterday morning because the wintry storm meant a change of plans and I don't like having my plans changed. My sister and I had decided that it was time for another project. Last year, about this time, we worked together on white washing her fireplace. 

You can see the before and after of that project below.

This time, we were going to wallpaper her dining room wall. She has two dining room walls and was doing only one, which was a good thing since she had only 18 inches of wallpaper left when the one wall was completed. Because of the stormy weather, I stayed home and she tackled it on her own. She did a great job as you can see below. When she finishes putting this room together, I'll be sure to show you how it turned out. 

All of the above is old news for those who are Instagram friends. I keep my account there private, but sometimes entertain allowing friends to follow along. 

One person recognized my featuring my sister's home before. True. You can find the post of her living room, which my father really enjoyed for several months. The post Instagram Really? is where I shared the living room that is just to the left of the photos above. You can also see Sis's living room on my Friends page by clicking on that in my sidebar...all those plants? Hers. 

So Friday turned out to be a busy news day and I happily listened to my afternoon radio talk shows and I spent time in my cozy living room listening to the wind howl and the sump pump run. 

Sometimes things work out after all.

My son and family will be home from a week in Florida today. I have been on kitty and mail duty. I'll be glad to know that they are home and I think that they have had a good time. I know that the cat is going to be so happy to have her family home again. 

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Spring!

No matter what changes take place in the world, or in me, nothing ever seems to disturb the face of spring.

Surprise! I even surprised myself. The First Day of Spring deserves some special recognition after a long winter.

My little chalk board drawing message has been up for some time. I have certainly been eager for better days knowing full well that life goes on and that there can be challenging days in any season.

The above pictures are of the less than stellar joys of the day outside, though the temps in the 40°s are good. The car is parked outside because the garage door is stuck in ice. I will wait for more melting before I dare to put it back in the garage. Shouldn't take much longer. Once things settle a bit more, I'll be manning the leaf blower to get the dirt swept from my drive. I had my driveway professionally sanded three times this past winter, which is unheard of.

The Christmas arrangement returned to me from my sister-in-law who generously allowed me to tip firs in early December. These tips are still doing well so I am keeping them for a bit longer. 

Let's go inside where things are looking brighter. 

 My daughter has started me on a bunny collection I think. The blue one is the first she gave me and the pink one arrived for my birthday. Jemima Puddle-Duck also arrived  for my birthday. She is very cute and pert. Have you ever visited Martha Ellen's post about Beatrix Potter? So much fun to ride along with her and her husband as they tour England. You can find more tours on her blog The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen. 

Oh I have been loving visiting BJ at Sweet Nothings these days as her posts are so bright and cheery and she posts such pretty pictures. I have been teasing her that she can make anything look fabulous. Well, if you don't visit her, go ahead and take a look around. Of course, she'll make you hungry! These cupcake liners are a gift from BJ years ago. I used to keep them in an apothecary jar, but I took the jar to Goodwill this winter. Just tired of trying to make it be cute and it was so large. 

I am still enjoying twinkle lights even if they are on the pussy willows. ☺

No posies in the house, but this little windmill from my son and family sitting in the ivy is my little flower just now and it is enough.

Have a blessed spring, my Friend!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

How Long Does It Take

Hi there! I am writing this post on Thursday evening around 10 pm. Not sure when it'll post. Let's find out together.

Or, in my case, it takes me all month to get nothing done. 

I actually tried posting again in February. The above three were my photo offerings, which I found waiting for me in draft on a post thrillingly named "February Thoughts." Obviously, it was to be my Valentine post, but other than that, I have no idea what my thoughts in February were.

Winter is on the wane. It was long and hard. There certainly were some beautiful days, though.

Right now, I'm hearing the steady drip, drip, drip of melting snow. Guess that means it's not freezing yet even at this hour. 

So I had the big birthday and these are my cards. I'm in the process of destroying most of the cards I've saved through the years. One can't take such things with her and I'm trying to make things easy on the kids. Shocking. But I will at least have a photo of these.

One of the cards held this photo of my grandson Sam who played basketball for the MidKnights. He is growing up fast.

This is a sweet book from Abby at Little Birdie Blessings. It arrived just this morning and I have very much enjoyed reviewing it. You can see Abby review it on her Instagram account if you'd like. Her account is not private so you should have no trouble seeing it. It is a special blessing to receive a tailor made book just for me.

Today, I finally made a grocery store run and a Mickey D run for lunch. There's been so much sickness that I decided to get some immune support in the form of these knock-offs of a well known brand that cost twice as much and have the same ingredients. The well-known brand used to have sorbitol as an ingredient to which I am highly allergic. The stuff makes me mighty sick mighty fast. I was pleased to learn that this does not have sorbitol and neither does the name brand these days. The Essiac Tea arrived in the mail from Amazon today. I am highly suggestible and when Mrs. T mentioned the tea on her blog the other day, I read with interest. You can read more about it there and I'll review it myself when I've had more than a cup of it. I didn't mind the taste, but that's all I can say about that.

I was just putzing along through the aisles when who should I run into...my sister. Now this is most unusual because she lives an hour east. I have not run into her while shopping in many years. I was so surprised. She had been stood up for a luncheon date and decided not to waste a trip so was doing her shopping as well. I said, "I'm free for lunch." She said, "I just had a Filet of Fish at McDonald's." So that is how I also wound up at Mickey D's. Told you that I am highly suggestible. 

My sister has been sick twice since last I saw her and was sick today with a cold. I opened up my gummies and gave her one on the spot. She said,"I take one every day." I said, "One? Three is what you're supposed to be taking every day." I doubt that I'll get her straightened out. I've been trying all her life. ☺

Lastly, in honor of Pi Day, I purchased this wee little lemon pie. I couldn't eat it all. I haven't been having too many sweet things lately. Still, it was mighty tasty and I enjoyed it. Did you get your piece of pie?