A Haven for Vee

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Closet Explosion

Today when I was out running trash to the transfer station and picking up tomatoes at the farm stand, I noticed all kinds of activity. My neighbor at the end of the street was sitting under her tree reading a Bible; a blonde wearing the biggest pair of sunglasses ever and a large smile was driving her convertible through town; and I returned home to find my next-door neighbor tying his kayak to the roof of his SUV. We are enjoying the warmest days of summer (those poor school kids who returned just today) and in sharp contrast to these folks, this week, I had decided to cozy up to the air conditioner and tackle that dining room closet. 

No, no, that's not it. That's from last Friday when Laurel and I went to the Freeport Town Wharf. Okay, moving on to the important stuff...

There it is! Clean and tidy with everything that doesn't belong out and my vacuum cleaner in. Heretofore, the vacuum has been sitting in a corner of my bedroom. Not ideal.

What? Okay, those are the onion rings we ordered last Friday. We both enjoy them and so split a small order.

All that? That's the stuff that was in the closet, but doesn't belong there. It does look as if the closet was ill and exploded.




It has taken me three days to clean that closet and it will probably take me another three days to take care of the piles all around. 

Now this is a good price for lobster, clams, and an ear of corn; however, Laurel and I opted for hot dogs.

Today, I opted for a tomato. After waiting all this time for a fresh, ripe, local tomato, it was pure joy.

And made the thought of spending the afternoon decluttering a little easier to take. 

(I hope that coastal pics made this post a little easier to take, too.)

Monday, August 20, 2018

Of Angels and Gargoyles and Vacations and More

A bunch of Thursdays ago at the end of July, I was in Freeport (flagship store of L.L.Bean) to meet my blogging friend Linda of Sew What and her husband Art. They were in the state to visit Bar Harbor.

I am so glad that they did not allow the foul weather reports ruin their trip because they enjoyed a fabulous week. (There hasn't been any better one in the month since.) I read about their vacation on Linda’s Instagram account. Hope that she’ll share her wonderful Bar Harbor photos on her blog so that you can see them, too. (Her Instagram account is private as is mine.)

You may remember that my last meet was quite recent (the post before this) and that every meet is fraught with troubles. This meet was no exception as I drove for miles in a miserable downpour. Further, Linda and I could both write a post about how not to do a meet. We were both at our destination, but we had failed to give one another cell phone numbers and email wasn't working out so well. They waited far too long a time when I was there. (They arrived ahead of time.) I had told Linda to look for the Hobbit from the Haven and...goodness I missed that description...it was more like the deranged gargoyle from the haunted castle. Wow. I did look a fright. 😳

Nevertheless, the deranged gargoyle did not seem to faze them and we exchanged pleasantries and gifts. I received a very special gift in the form of one of Linda’s angels made from my brother-in-law’s two wives’ wedding gowns. True. You figure it out! 

↑This was where the Blessings Angel landed at my wee haven. In her new incarnation, she lives once again with my sister and her husband. My sister was so tickled with her. She said that the angel was not just going to be an angel on the Christmas tree. She'd be an angel all year around. ↓

The angel was not all... Tea towels, a candle, tea time napkins and more. I have been enjoying my gifts, Lin. Have you seen them showing up at Instagram?

As we “meet people” say, meeting someone you have known through blogging or even Instagram is as pleasant and easy as can be. Linda was a delight with her gentle sense of humor and her husband is a dear and patient man. Time flies and all too soon it is over.

Art and Linda  

My nod to their Bar Harbor vacation. ッ

Thank you so much for everything, Dear Ones! If you ever visit Bar Harbor again...