Monday, September 21, 2015

Odds and Ends

Nothing makes a house cozier than cats. 
~Gladys Taber

If this is true, and I suspect that it is, ours ceased to be quite as cozy last Thursday morning when we said goodbye to Fioré.

Fioré  2002–2015
We miss her. If you are a cat person, you understand.

You may be wondering how I am. John and I went out for a bite to eat Saturday afternoon and I told him that I was just beginning to feel human again, after nearly two weeks! Recovery continues as long as I drink my water; I know instantly when I need some. I hate drinking water. It takes me an hour to drink one measly cup. Sad!

Yesterday came blowing in on a Canadian high. Bright and glorious with lower temperatures and low humidity. It was a perfect afternoon for soccer. Both the grands are on the same team again this year so we are happy soccer grandparents. 

The one on the left in the yellow shirt is ours. (Prior to taking a closer look, I thought the one on the right also belonged to us. Nope. That kid tricked me.)

There's our blondie right in the middle above. You can see how I'd get tricked, right? 

In other news, John is working on a new project.

I'll be sure to share more when it starts pulling together. This is really a continuation of a former project.

Vexed: to be sloshed about as in a bucket of water.

Yes, so I continue to feel this way...sloshed as if I were in a giant bucket of water. Seems appropriate somehow given my recent circumstances. The vexation comes from the times in which we live. Read the most lovely piece titled Ore written by Brin, whom I have recently found again. I found it to be balm to my spirit.

Now I took a sidestep from where I had planned to be today so hope to get back to those things one day this week, if I keep drinking my water! Off to get some now...
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  1. So sorry to hear that you have been sick, and that your beloved cat passed! He sure was a handsome fellow! Praying you feel better soon! Take care! ~Rhonda

  2. Many hugs to you ... feel better soon. I'm a cat person and I understand..... More hugs .......
    I feel the same way about water .......

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved Fiore', Vee. Members of our family are not soon forgotten.
    It's so nice when the weather turns to Autumn and you certainly live where it is glorious in all of its beauty.
    Here's to your good health, my friend! I know drinking water can be a pain, but you can do it! ♥
    P. S. I'm looking forward to seeing that project you are teasing us with.

  4. Oh our darling heart is so broken for you today. I will offer a prayer for your beautiful Fiore'....the world is without your lovely girl....I also pray you begin to heal in both heart, spirit and body. Hugs....

  5. Although I am a dog person, I understand the loss of a dear pet. So sorry for your loss.

    As for the water, I assume you're not allowed to add anything to it to make it more palatable? Keep at it, friend. You're gonna make it!! I've just sent up a prayer for you.

  6. I'm so sorry about your cat Vee; she was a real beauty. I know how much you'll miss her; those little darlings are such special companions to us. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I, too, dislike drinking water, but I'm sure the recent memory of the pain of those kidney stones will keep you sipping. Praying that the beauty of this autumn season will be balm to your soul. xo Deborah

  7. I am so sorry that the kitty is no longer living at your house. I will miss pesky little Tuppence once her expiry date has been reached. Can't be too long now, for she is 15 years old and has arthritis in her hips, I think. I do understand about cats. They're so snuggly.

    On to the bit about kidney stones, you poor thing!! I know kidney stones far too well, having had a few which needed surgery to remove. That was before I started taking B6 and Magnesium (found this in an old Prevention Magazine article) and it, along with water, has kept me from stones for a long time. They do get one's attention, that's for sure! I don't know if you've heard the formula for how much water one needs, but just in case, they say take your weight, call it ounces, divide that number in half. That's how many ounces of water you need a day. Fill a pitcher with that much water, set it on the counter in the morning, and make sure you've drunk it all by the time you go to bed at night. It does become a habit. I find that drinking room temperature water makes it so much easier to get more down at a time. Cold water constricts my throat. Also, a bit of lemon or anything, except maybe cayenne!, helps to make it more interesting. Aren't you glad I'm giving you all this free advice! So sorry you've had the nasty experience, and I hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your pet. I do understand as I have had cats all my life, although right now I have none and will probably not get more. Earl is not a fan and we value being able to pick up and go now that we are empty nesters. I do miss having them, especially when I need a lap warmer in winter.
    So sorry to hear you have been ill, I try to drink a lot of water, but it must be icy cold or it would take me an hour to get a cup down too.

    1. Yes, we have decided that there'll be no more kitties here either for all the same reasons plus I'm tired of kitty litter. =D

  9. Sorry to hear about your cat....We have had many over the years so I do understand, but none since we moved here 5 years ago. And as for the stone....been there, done that. Sooo not good. And I am a HUGE water drinker. Guess I just got into the habit years ago. Other then my one cup of herbal tea in the morning, it is pretty much all I drink...ever. I actually kind of like it though. I often put a slice of lemon or lime or even a cucumber in mine to change it up a bit though. Glad your feeling better. I was sooooo glad when mine finally decided to move along. Just not good. Hope you have a good week!

  10. Oh, Vee, I am so sorry for your loss. I know there is really nothing anyone can say that can make it easier, but I am truly sorry. I know you will miss her very much indeed.

    And *isn't* the weather glorious indeed! Beautiful sunshine with the cooler temps. I just love fall! I was at a retreat over Friday night and Saturday and the weather was beautiful -- but so hot that it just didn't feel right for September. On the plus side, sleeping in a camp cabin was more comfortable temperature-wise than it often is at this time of year.

    I've never had kidney stones, but have had gallbladder attacks (and removal). I remember simply wishing to die and have it over with. From what I've heard from friends who've coped with kidney stones, those are even worse. Do keep on drinking your water! I find that a slice of lime or cucumber adds a nice flavor -- and, if you like berries, dropping a few frozen raspberries in your glass is even nicer.

  11. Oh Vee! I am sorry to hear about your sweet cat. Sending hugs. Hope you feel better too! Looking forward to seeing John's project.

  12. Oh, Vee. Fire was such a pretty kitty. I'm sorry. We still mourn the loss of our Maxx - have Maine Coon perfect cat! He's been gone three years.

    I just read Brin's post. I agree with her. Part of me feels an anticipation of the good that may come out of the bad. Can't explain it but she uses the term producing. I like that. Lots to ponder yet.


  13. I am so sorry about the loss of your Kitty.......I am very allergic to cats, so never was able to have one, but my little dog Bo is getting very old and I dread the day he will leave us....
    Paul had kidney stones several times. The first was the worst because we had no idea what was happening. The time in Budapest was second worst, but at least he had a cousin who was a physician so we were not without help. And there were lots of funny stories! Do drink water, maybe with lemon in it because most stones are calcium based and the acid may also help dissolve some of that. (Or not. That's my own idea, totally unsubstantiated by any studies.) Be well! Enjoy your grands! Read a good book and sip water!

  14. Hi Vee,

    I'm so very sorry about Fioré -- such a pretty kitty cat. We had a cat named Tucker years ago, during the time that we had our Scottie, Bonnie. They both died within a few months of each other, and that was so hard. I'll be thinking of you and John.

    Love the pics of the soccer game! :) I'm really happy fall is here -- it's such a busy time of year and brings renewed energy after the heat and humidity of summer. I'm happy to hear that you're feeling some better, my friend!! I've heard that kidney stones are just THE PITS, and I'm very sorry you've had to deal with them. I know what you mean about drinking water; I had to learn to like drinking water for the sake of being healthier. Now, I really miss it when I don't drink it often enough. :)

    I so agree with you about the times we live in! Whew -- what a mess. I talked to my husband earlier today, and he said they're in the middle of layoffs where he works (has worked for 24 years), and one of the men who sits next to him was let go. I believe they're going to lay off 450 people, worldwide. It's so stressful and depressing. I read the blog post you linked to, and I did find it inspiring. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Take good care of yourself, okay?

    Big hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  15. Hello Vee, so glad to hear you are getting better and that you are drinking your water! That's so great that both grands are on the same team. I miss watching my kids play soccer but I still get my soccer fix with our Seattle Sounders. Projects have stopped at this old house and the project handler has moved over to our son's kitchen remodel. Looking forward to see John's finished project. Glad things cooled down. I've been watching less and less news of late. I loved praying the "Message" version of the Lord's prayer today on my walk. Maybe you'll appreciate it, too...
    Our Father in heaven,
    Reveal who you are.
    Set the world right.
    Do what's best as above - so below.
    Keep us alive with three square meals.
    Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others.
    Keep us safe from ourselves and the devil.
    You're in charge!
    You can do anything you want!
    You're ablaze in beauty!
    Yes, Yes, Yes!

  16. Oooo Vee, I do know the pain of saying goodbye to dear furry, purry family members. That photo gave me a lump in my throat. May she be blessed as she goes back to the Father, from whence she came. May there be comfort from all sides for you and John.

    Enjoyed your post ... I'm hoping to be back in blogland more now that my new life (sans working the part-time night job) begins and summer holidays are memories. I miss you and everyone who makes my life here beautiful.

    Sending hugs,

  17. I am so sorry for the loss of your fur baby. I know that she gave you many years of comfort. And I'm glad that you are edging back into the human race from your sickness. Plain water is rather tasteless and gross, I think. I'd much rather drink something flavored. Enjoy your sweet hubby and those precious grands. Count your many blessings as you roll into the fall season of the year.

  18. Vee, I am so sorry for your loss. Sorry too that you have been ill but glad your health is improving. Take care, the beautiful season of autumn will soon be here to enjoy. :) Hope I can make it to New England for a fall foliage tour sometime.

  19. I would agree with Gladys. Although I have never owned a cat, I think they do lend a very cozy look especially when they are all curled up. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Fiore. Our pets truly do become members of the family and losing them is not easy.
    I am also sorry to know that you have been under the weather for so long. Sounds absolutely miserable and I hope you will feel back to normal soon. Sending gentle hugs your way.

  20. I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Fiore', we have indeed had both cats and dogs, however, not at the same time, and have had losses too! I am also sorry that you have been under the weather, I've always wondered about that statement, I could have said I was so sorry you had been feeling poorly, and then I would have wondered about that one too! !! A little jest to cheer you up my dear Vee,
    Hope you are well on the mend! I will be praying for you!
    Much love from me to you,

    I am totally amazed at how much Jake and Sam are growing, and am so glad you get to enjoy watching their soccer games!
    It seems I have fallen off the blogging band wagon, and to tell the truth, I have so many irons in the fire for now, finishing the outdoor project, grandkids visited this weekend, along with their friends, just keeps me hopping, which I love!
    So much to catch up on, oh well, maybe some day!

  21. Oh dear - nothing worse than feeling bad. Prayers for healing. Lots of rest.

  22. Deepest sympathies dear Vee on losing Fioré. I'm not a cat person but do understand how it hurts to lose a beloved pet. They love us back so completely, they become family with their endearing ways. And I pray you are 100% soon.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  23. So sorry about Fiore. So sad when a pet dies.
    My neighbors cat had kittens and I ALMOST took one.
    Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  24. Gosh you were sick for a long time - I am glad you are getting better. I am so sorry for the loss of your kitty - I don't know what we will do without Disco! I understand. Hugs.

  25. I'm not a cat person, but can sympathize with anyone who's lost a pet they love. Sorry, Vee.
    The g'boys are sure getting big. Are they on a school team in soccer?
    Now I'm wondering what those spindles are going to be used for....

  26. Vee, I'm so sorry about the loss of your cat, Fiore. And I didn't see your previous post about having kidney stones...hence the reference to drinking a lot of water I'm very sorry for all the trials you've had the past couple weeks. Great that your grands are playing soccer together this season, one less game to attend at least. ;) Do take care and keep on with the water or cranberry juice...which has more flavour. I'm glad you're enjoying the cooler air we've sent down to you. Sending a hug for you. Pam

  27. So sorry for the lost of your furry friend. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  28. Oh no, I'm so sorry for the loss of your Fiore, I'm sure that was very hard and I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well. I know about drinking water but not for the reason your needing it, mine is bladder related....tmi I know :)

  29. So sorry your furbaby Fiore is not with you any more Vee. As long as one is a pet lover, they understand about the loss and empty feeling after losing this part of the family.
    I can see how you might mistake one blonde youngster for another in the same yellow shirt - easy enough to do! Is that your Sam? Ours is still taking karate, couldn't get into soccer for some reason - too many weeds to examine on the ground I guess.
    I hope you're feeling better soon. For years I didn't drink water but now I'm rarely without my double walled container with straw that keeps it cold. Installing a reverse osmosis system provides water that actually tastes good too.

  30. Hi Vee~

    I'm so sorry . . . Fiore' was is a beautiful cat, and I know she will be missed, but not forgotten . . . I love the quote.

    On a brighter note, I'm so glad you are feeling better! Two weeks is a long time to be feeling under the weather. Take it easy and keep drinking your water, no matter how difficult it is (I'm the same way with water... :0)).

    Autumn is definitely the time for sports - I love soccer! Right now we don't have anyone playing, but I love to watch those little's hustle around kicking the ball, your little grand is adorable . .. and growing. my goodness!

    Stay healthy! Can't wait to see the finished project, it seems like there s always something fun going on at your house!

    Extra Gentle Hugs,

  31. I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss your beloved Fiore', Vee. It must've been a very sad week for you and John. However, there's nothing like the grands pulling you into the light with their activities. Those kids sure keep us busy, don't they? I have three playing soccer and one of them is also playing volleyball. Whew! Saturday's are busy!
    I'm glad you're doing better, and keep drinking that water. ((Big Hugs))are sent to you.

  32. Oh no!!!! I am so sorry to hear of Fiore's demise, Vee! I do know how you feel--I still weep on occasion fr my Bo, who passed away over two years ago. I miss him dearly, and I have not been able to get another cat as I fear I'l never love a cat as much as I loved Bo.

    I am also sad to hear that you've had a kidney stone episode! I know it is very ,very painful. I never had one, but I cared for many passing stones when I was a nurse in the ER, and morphine would not even relieve the pain. Yes--water is the answer--drink, drink, drink!! I hope you feel better soon! (((Hugs)))

  33. I am so, so sorry that you had to say good-bye to your beloved Fioré. It is a heart-wrenching thing and my heart goes out to you and John. And all of this at a time when you're not feeling well in the first place! I have been praying for you, that your health is restored. I am happy to know that you're making progress on the road of recovery! (Keep forcing that water!)

    Have fun watching those growing grands playing soccer!! Good times! :D

  34. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your beautiful kitty. I do know how you feel and love Gladys' quote. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I know water is good to drink, but I have to have mine flavored with tea. lol!
    Your grand boys are sure growing! I know you will have lots of fun at the games.
    Take care of yourself and keep drinking that water! I'm off now to check out the link, I'm very vexed at the way things are these days, too. Very.

  35. So sorry to hear about Fiore. Pets really know how to get into our hearts and can leave a blank space behind.

    I'm so glad to hear you are doing better and please keep drinking that water. It takes time, but you do get used to it and it makes such a huge difference.

  36. I'm so sorry to learn of your loss. Not feeling well and the loss of a much loved family member is way too much to deal with at the same time. The memories of Fioré will forever be in your heart. ~ The grands are really growing. Are they looking forward to snow skiing again? ~ The spindles and railing are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing where they're located. Take care. Drink your water!

  37. Oh Vee, how sad that Fioré is no longer a part of your cozy home. And to lose her when you yourself are not feeling well makes the moments more difficult. It will be fun to see what John comes up with next. How your grands are growing. I can see where the mistake between the two yellow-shirted boys might happen. Keep sipping that water. I love water and rarely, if ever, drink juice or pop. Tea and water are my poisons. I live a reckless life.

  38. So sorry! He will be missed...your dear Fiore.

    Glad you are 'beginning' to feel like you are among the living again. Hope your ailment is soon a distant memory! I can't even imagine not liking water. Water and two favorite beverages. :)

    Your grandsons are growing up before my eyes. Where do the years go? I'm cheering for yellow from over here!

  39. So sorry to hear about Fiore, big hugs and all good thoughts to you. xx

  40. Victoria sends a sympathetic Meow. I said I'd never get another cat after Sasha and Storm died. Then Victoria walked out of the kitty carrier and I was smitten. She is around nine years old and I do think she would be our last. A home without a kitty is sad indeed.

  41. The project looks interesting and the color in the soccer pics is amazing! How nice the boys are on the same team. We have yet to start attending sports events --in a couple of years; I'm in no hurry feeling like I just am recovering from my own kids (it takes me awhile!) Glad you are on the mend -- but sorry it has been such a beast. Enjoy those cooler temps, it's cooler here too! finally!

  42. I am popping back into blogger for awhile to post and journal about my trip to Italy. Join me if you'd like! I hope you get to feeling much better. Hey I use to follow Brin. Thanks for posting her link, I will have to go check her out again.

  43. I've not been here for a while...I drink my purified water with a slice of cucumber or apple or frozen fruit and ice and I find that I drink more water that way. No sugar needed because of the natural sugar and flavors. I hope that will help you! I wish you sunshine!

  44. I am so sorry that you have been ill and hope that you are feeling better quickly. This is such a tough time of the year to recover. Losing a pet is difficult for sure. Your quote about cats making a home cozier was spot on, and I know you miss you fur-baby very much. It sounds like you have a busy autumn ahead as soccer grandparents. Kids are so much fun to watch at that age! Have a wonderful First Day of Fall!


  45. I posted a reply on my blog inkyquillbysuzie....thank you for stopping by! Also, my heart goes out to you for the loss of your Fiore. Our cats and dogs...they matter so very much...

  46. VEE!!!!!! I missed this, oh I am so so so terribly sorry! I know how much your loved your Fiore. Seriously just last night I had a big ole cry (again) about my Romeo. I miss him so much, still - always expecting him, always looking for him....he was such a huge part of the best parts of my day working from home. I can only say that I am so sorry, it hurts like the dickens...and they will hopefully be waiting for us on The Rainbow Bridge! Till then, enjoy the beautiful crisp autumn days, your wonderful family- and find comfort in your memories and faith. Huge hugs, truly sad for you all. ♥♥♥

  47. Vee, I am just now seeing this post. I am so sorry for your loss of Fiore. I know your heart aches. Sending my love and best wishes to you and yours this Thanksgiving week.


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