Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Project Completed

Before I forget any more than I already have, I need to post. Something. Anything. ☺ 

Where have I been? You may have guessed that my health took another turn and so I have been trying to get back out of the hole once again. The health of my iPad also took a turn, after the most recent update. I am experiencing constant crashes and Google does not allow me to stay logged in, which makes visiting and commenting an exercise in frustration. Hope to one day have that sorted out. I visit a lot of forums, yet, so far, no suggestion has worked.

Okay, enough whining. John took me on a little drive last Sunday afternoon, even though it was a gray, overcast day with only brief glimpses of sun. We're not yet at peak, but getting there rapidly. I took nearly 50 pictures and am showing only one. What restraint!
Let's see, what else...oh, my daughter celebrated a birthday last weekend. I took no family photos, but I did manage a photo of the cupcakes!
Pay no attention to the specter in the window. Freaky!
John continued to work on his project. I do believe that he was quite ill with cement poisoning for a few days. Scared me. He took it in stride.

He looks pretty tuckered here, but pleased with the outcome. There's more tidying up to be done and planting of grass seed. We certainly hope that this resolves the issue of erosion that we experienced last winter and spring. We'd sure hate to have the garage slip off into the ravine!

I do love these stairs. They are rather whimsical as John just made them up as he went along without working from a plan. I think some mums on every step would look charming. Oh, and if you look over there by the wishing well, you can see that there's another project in progress. 

In a day or two (edited to add: a day or six), I have an already written post that I'll put up. I'll be closing comments because it is one of those posts: politically incorrect and not especially pleasant.

After that, I'll be stepping away again for the remainder of October for the usual reasons. 

Thank you for popping by. I am sorry to leave you in the lurch so often. So much on my mind, so little energy to express it.

Enjoy a marvelous day!


  1. Love the steps. I hope you are the mend. I usually don't blog in September, and I am gone in the summer, so I am just starting to get back into blogging. That's weird about your i-pad. I had a problem with my mac after an update. I took it in, and they tested everything and told me there was nothing wrong, but to reset my location on the router. It helped some, at least it doesn't drop out every few minutes, just anytime I leave it for a few or when I close it, I have to reset the internet. xoxo Su

  2. It's always a treat when a post from you appears in my reader. I'm sorry that you and John have been ill; that's no fun at all. The steps look great and I do enjoy a bit of whimsy. Your idea of mums on the steps will be the finishing touch. Yummy cupcakes, just the way I like them, with lots of chocolate icing.

  3. Love those whimsical stairs. It will be so much easier for you to get to that part of your yard! Good job John. So sorry for the health set backs. Hope the rest of your fall is healthy for both of you. I might have to stop watching the news totally and just start watching murder mysteries on DVD's! Oye. It's good to keep reading the TRUTH in the good book and keep my perspective towards eternity.

  4. Hugs and prayers for you Vee. I hate that you have had so much on your plate. I loved the photos...that red tree is beautiful. I am thrilled your project is done. Some times our projects take over our lives for too long. LOL. Vee, if everyone knew all the hoops I jump thru to blog, they would ask, "why bother?" Sometimes, I click on a blogsite and it will say this page can't be shown...why.. I just keep clicking along and what should take five minute may take 10 -15. Breaks my heart that I can't comment on some sites. Blessings to you and good health wishes. xoxo,Susie

  5. That first photo is so gorgeous...such deep red tones on that tree. Oh, I do like the whimsy to those steps! Mums will look great and the spring and summer other potted plants or ferns too! I am about "projected" out...our home improvement project that started back in June is taking WAY more time than it should...frustrations abound! BUT we are thrilled to be able to use our new fromt porch for the first time in a day or two...just in time for the Nashville bunch when they get into town tomorrow! Now you've really got my curiosity up about the post you mentioned....hmmmm. But take your time away that you need and do what you gotta do!

  6. Vee, I love seeing what is going on in your world. Great job, John on the whimsical stairs. Very smart to brush them so they are not slippery! The outing on Sunday looks wonderful--that is a gorgeous red leafed tree! Birthday cupcakes sure look yummy with a lot of icing. Do take care of yourself and have a peace filled day. ♥

  7. I always enjoy your posts when you are able to write them. Your autumn trees are beautiful, and an overcast day is probably better for photography anyway.

    Like you, I hope your garage does not slip into the ravine!!! Looks like your sweet hubby has done an excellent job with that!

  8. What beautiful fall color! We are just getting little bits here so far. The steps look great and yes, I think mums would look lovely on them. I am sorry to hear you were not feeling well!

  9. Thanks for the update, dear friend. Sorry you aren't super well - I understand it more than you could know, and also empathize with not blogging in large part due to it. Hugs. The stairs are awesome - love how wide they are too, no fun falling down em!

    Look forward to your next post. Hugs,

  10. I love John's whimsical stairs! I do hope you both are feeling good soon!

  11. Sorry to hear you are having "turns". Hope you are feeling much better and that your energy rebounds. I love the steps - cementing is hard work! Always, always so good to hear from you.

  12. Hi Vee!

    I love your posts, no matter how few and far between . . . ;0) I can sympathize with you over the computer issues, what a pain! I hope you can get it resolved without having to pay someone to fix it.

    I'm so sorry that you are still no feeling well, many prayers for you sweet friend.

    The "project" is just beautiful, and I love the whimsy of the stairs, kind of reminds me of, Harry Potter in a way.

    The fall colors are just amazing, I envy all those hardwood trees, they are just amazing!

    Take care of yourself, gentle hugs to you!

    More Hugs,

  13. Hi Vee!

    It's always so good to see a post from you!! I'm so very sorry you're having more health issues, and I hope that you and John will be right as rain very soon. Love all your pics, and I'm surprised that no one else mentioned the cute chipmunk picture at the end of the post. Trust me to notice. {:-) I think it's so cute and you did a great job capturing the image; I'm surprised he stayed still long enough.

    I think John's steps are wonderful -- just right for a garden, and I think your idea of mums on each step is perfect for fall. Is the specter image in the window you? The cupcakes look yummy and your fall photo is gorgeous!! Is that a big hydrangea bush in the left of the picture? Wow -- I've never seen one that big. I think you showed much restraint in only sharing one fall foliage picture. :)

    I look forward to your next post; you'll probably be addressing the very things that are worrying and making me very angry right now. Feel better soon!

    Warm hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  14. Hi sweet Vee! I am so sorry to hear your health took a turn for the worse....dear one, I hope you are doing much better now and please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    The cupcakes look oh-so-yummy and sweet :) A Happy belated Birthday to your daughter. And the steps look fabulous! Hugs to you!

  15. The steps are great aren't they! A big job, but well done! Hope that you are feeling better soon. xx

  16. It was nice to see a post pop up in my email from you, Vee. I'm sorry about your health issues and hope you and John will feel well soon. Your Fall photo is stunning! Happy Birthday wishes to your daughter. John did a great job on the stairs and I look forward to the next project and post. Hugs are sent your way!

  17. Oh, a real chipmunk! I love it!!

    You and John are always up to something. So many projects. Those steps are amazing. John doesn't seem to be afraid to do anything that involves making your home more beautiful.

    Those trees are gorgeous. I really appreciate the picture. I need to post my one picture. Just looking at the tree makes me happy. Notice, I said tree. I would be spending hours outdoors if I had the scenery you have.

    I'm so glad every time I find a new post. I do hope that you're feeling much better.

  18. I always treasure a post from you, Vee....But I am very sorry to hear you have not been well. And your iPad has also been having.........issues. Love the fall colors, the wonderful steps created by your John who is so very accomplished, love the cupcakes, and the wishing well! And most of all, I wish you well! Praying for every blessing for you!

  19. I am very sorry to hear you haven't been well too. I'm not sure what's been wrong (I have read some of your other posts) but I've had kidney stones more than once and they are miserable. I hope it's not that. You always inspire me and make me feel at home on your blog. You are my friend and I love to hear what you are busy with (or what John is up to). Take care of yourself and get some extra rest. Sweet hugs, Diane

  20. Love and prayers for you both from Texas! It's always good to see a post or read a comment but we think of you often no matter what. Hope you are both feeling better soon. Love your every photo and the colors of fall in your area is amazing! Louis Dean and I are looking into taking a train trip up to see the fall folliage next year. He has never been before!

  21. Hey, glad you're back but it grieves me that there have been so many health issues and then the computer problems. I pray that all that is past now. Y'all live in such a beautiful area (when it's not snowing ... lol). Thank you for sharing the beauty with us. SE Georgia is just starting to 'turn'. When it does, it can have it's own beauty with the red's of the Maples, yellows of the Tulip Populars, Oaks contribute with a brown back splash and the green of the piney woods. Y'all take care and try not to over do.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  22. John's project worked out beautifully! I think you're right with the mums on every step! Charming!

    Not being well and having computer issues? Bad stuff.

    Happy birthday to your girl! Cute cupcakes!

    My favorite photo though? That red tree! Oh be still my heart! Gorgeous!

    Love when you pop in!


  23. Feel better ! and I love the steps made without a plan! thats often how we do most things around here too!!

  24. I miss your posts! And I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and that your iPad has been acting badly, rather, Google. I had a pop up about Google taking over Picasa (I knew that) and something about blogger but I didn't do it yet as I'm not sure what I'm getting in to. I wish I knew more about this stuff and Murray doesn't. He's a PC guy. The fall colours in your photo are gorgeous, especially the red tree. The cupcakes look yummy and pretty. Our Federal election is this coming Monday. What a lot of hoopla about it! I'm so tired of it all. John has done a great job on the cement stairs and yes, mums would look very pretty on them, or pumpkins. Take care of yourself Vee. Hugs, Pam

  25. Dear Vee ... I love your fall colors. I love going for drives through the countryside and the fall season is a perfect time to do that. I hope that you are feeling better very soon. My, how nice that your hubby is getting so much tended to around your home. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

  26. Vee, you sound like me, health wise. I now have CHF along with the diabetes and BP problems. But I do so love to blog and visit. New computer giving me fits. Wishing you both the best and love the picture you showed.

  27. Dear Vee, We always miss you, but we all understand! I think blogging and commenting has to be okay to take breaks and step back once in awhile. I have had a bit of trouble keeping up with post and comments has taken a hard time, because my internet has been going down.
    I bet you were worried about Jon after being exposed to the toxic cement! So glad the job is completed!
    Blessings... Roxy

  28. Always nice to see a new post from you, Vee. I have been wondering how you are doing and am sorry to hear that health problems are still an issue. iPad issues are always annoying and I imagine even more so when you aren't feeling up to par. Glad that you and John were able to get out and enjoy a drive. The photo is gorgeous. That red tree... wow!! I noticed quite a change in our local color after returning from vacation. Such a pretty time of year.
    The new steps are lovely and look like quite an undertaking. I look forward to your next post and hope that you and John will find time to rest and recuperate. Take care of yourselves.

  29. I'm sorry you are still dealing with those pesky health issues. I'm glad you did feel well enough to do this post so we could hear from you. Those iPads and iPhones and computers all befuddle my mind and if the slightest thing goes wrong it really sends me into orbit. I do hope you get it all sorted out soon.

    The fall scene is really beautiful, the red leaves are just amazing. We don't have many reds that pretty in our area. I may be proven wrong, but I don't think our fall will be as pretty as usual. It's been quite dry and warm lately.

    John's project looks great! I like the whimsical steps and I do think mums are in order. And I see a nice spot for some perennials by the side of the steps.

    Take care of yourself and don't let John work too hard.

  30. Vee- I had no idea you were ill. I was away from blogging so long that I kind of lost touch with what was going on with other bloggers. I hope that you are on the mend. I did not feel well for almost a year after having pneumonia last year- it was a rough ride and harder on us as we get older, I suppose.

    Love the "spook" in the window..looks almost human-like, doesn't it? lol

    John did a great job on his project. Glad he got it done before it gets too cold. Hope you continue to improve healthwise and looking forward to your controversial pot-stirrer, you....LOVE it! xo Diana

  31. I am sorry you haven't been feeling well. I know how first hand how hard that can be. Praying your both feeling totally well soon! And my goodness....what GORGEOUS surroundings you live in. Such a beautiful shot! I love the steps; Believe it or not I was just thinking yesterday....wait....did we ever hear what John's project was? lol So glad to see it. Don't get me started on computers, i-pads etc.....if you saw what I am typing on right now you'd be horrified! lol Take care of both of you now!

  32. Vee, I have been thinking of you and I'm so glad you popped in to give an up-date. Sorry to hear you're still not up to pare and hope that you get completely well soon! I'll be back to read your controversial post. There is so much I would love to say....Good for you for being so brave.

  33. Thank you for the update,Vee, though I haven't been on line very much, I still think of you so often, and when you come to mind, I always say a prayer! Blogging has taken a back seat to almost everything around here, with our health issues, as well as the usual business of life!

    Your autumn trees are so lovely, and yes, John looks plum tuckered out, but I have seen that look many times on Dh, and know it is a good kind of being tired, in a job accomplished and almost finished, such as our new project, or should I say old project, it seems we have been on it forever!~smile~
    I am praying for your soon return to health!
    Much love,

  34. Oh how happy to hear from you Vee. Always know you are missed and thought about. I do so hope you feel better and can enjoy the autumn season. It looks just so beautiful up there, as always. Those are big home projects to tackle. Been there-done that! Stay well and happy! Love the pictures and the update!

  35. I have missed you, friend. I hope and pray you get to feeling better...miss you. Blessings

  36. John is quite a busy man, and you are so fortunate to have married such a hard worker. I'm sorry to hear that you have both been under the weather. I bet your fall drive was lovely. The colors are just starting to make an appearance here in Tennessee. I won't be driving around near the house, but spend some time in the Smokies soon. The latest Apple update on my desktop messed it up to the point where I could no longer send emails on it. So I had to spend valuable time on the phone with Apple support to get the settings redone. Perhaps you don't know that they provide free support for a period of time after software upgrades.

  37. Sorry to hear you're under the weather. John does look tired in that photo, but probably a good tired that comes with looking at what one's this case, plenty! Your one photo is gorgeous, and the cupcakes are decorated in such a fallish way. I didn't freak out at the specter in the window. LOL Hoping that the garage does not slide off into the ravine. That would not be good, but would, you'll have to admit, provide a good blog post. JUST KIDDING. Hope all goes well and that you soon regain your energy. Blessings on you, Vee.

  38. Hope you got your Flu shot! The project turned out just wonderful; how creative your hubby is! I just came back from my sister's and tried to remember to take photos, but that's the next generation:-D Get well, XOXO

  39. Being 'under the weather' for such a long time does not sound good! Lovella would recommend chicken soup. I'm not sure milk would cure anything...but it couldn't hurt. Hope you are on the mend and feeling your old self soon!

    Love the vibrant red leaves in your Sunday drive photo! Happy Birthday to Laurel! That means I better get ready for my daughter's birthday...she follows close behind. Tell John to keep those projects coming! Good job.

    Well, I'm sure it will not be the Canadian election you will be blogging about...due to happen in a few days, whether we are 'ready or not'! Nor do I think you will be blogging about baseball...and our Toronto Blue Jays who are slugging it out. :) Hmmm. I'll be watching for the coming post...closed to comments!

  40. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. What are the symptoms of cement poising? Glad John is better. Great job on the steps and yes mums would look great there.
    You picked a great picture from your ride to post - I love the red trees - beautiful.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. : ) Cupcakes look yummy.
    I thank you for stopping by and leaving comments. : )
    A lot of our leaves have already fallen and there is raking to be done now.
    A happy and healthy day to you and John.

  41. I've been wanting to get to this post of yours to read but have been non stop since we went away for Thanksgiving. Cement poisoning sounds dreadful - didn't John wear a mask? The stairs are nice though and yes, an autumn mum on each step would look festive.
    It has been the pits since the last IOS update hasn't it? I always visited and commented from my iPad but without my login staying in place I've given up and now only remember when on my computer that I haven't chatted with my friends lately. :-)
    Those cupcakes look yummy and I'm loving that brilliant red tree in the background of the first photo.
    Hope you're feeling better soon Vee, you've left me wondering what you'll be bringing up on the next post.

  42. Hope you take care and feel better! I hate visiting blogs on my iPad. Typing is so frustrating and it doesn't save my information so I need to type it in for many Wordpress sites. My desktop is having issues too :(

  43. Well, I'll definitely be back for the unpolitically correct rant -- my favorite kind!! Sorry you haven't been feeling well, and that you're having technical issues. A nice break sounds in order.
    Hooray for your hubby to get the steps done -- flowers would look pretty on them.
    Take care of yourself Vee, and don't stay away too long. Always love your posts. xo Deborah

  44. Love those bright red leaves! Autumn had been so pretty here this yearand it has finally reached the Front Range. The scary part is that it has been so dry that a brush fire started on a foothill right next to our neighborhood and we received emergency calls for the Code Red service that we might have to evacuate. ! It was a tense few hours until the fire departments were able to get some control of the fire. It is still not completely out--there are still "hot spots". All day today helicopters were dumping water on it. Fires are such a danger in the west as it gets so hot and dry here. I'm hoping temps go down soon and we get snow or rain!

    Someone in my neighborhood mentioned that after they updated their iPad it has been working very slow ever since, so it must be a conflict somewhere and hopefully Apple will offer a fix for it soon, Vee.

    I hope both you and John are feeling better. My husband and I joined a gym a few days ago and we hope to go for an hour a day, as much as possible, to keep our flexibility and strength. We find too many excuses to be couch potatoes at home so hopefully this will motivate us--lol!

    John's steps look very nice! I like that they are wide and have some flair.

    Happy BD to your daughter Laurel!

  45. Sure hope you and Sweetie Man Builder are feeling much better by now. I am IN LOVE with your
    personality- plus steps and flowers would look amazing on them.
    We just got home from our trip and, Oh, Boy....did we have a fabulous time.

  46. go buy some potted flowers RIGHT NOW...and show us pictures...:) xoxo

  47. OH dear Vee! I didn't know you were struggling with health issues. I'm so sorry I missed that memo. I'll be praying for you. The stairs that John has made are indeed lovely and so much more interesting than straight stairs.
    I would bring you a pot of my chicken noodle soup if I could!

  48. I hope you are feeling better- and I love the steps. What in the world is cement poisoning? It sounds awful! I have restrained myself from buying any mums this year and now I'm mad I didn't give in and do it. I just kill them so fast, but they sure are gorgeous.

  49. I enjoyed catching up on your blog Vee. John's project turned out really nice, he did a great job. Those cupcakes look so yummy!

  50. So here I am catching up again (it seems like that's all I do these days!)...and I soooo hope that you and John are both feeling better by now!! Oh dear. Illness certainly demands time and attention, doesn't it? Part of living in this fallen and imperfect world...and it causes us to long for a Better Day!

    In between your illnesses, you two have accomplished a lot! The steps project is great! I know you're happy to have that done before cold weather sets in. I had to smile when I read that you took a drive. That is what we did on "vacation" last week. It was about all we could manage. :)

    Happy (belated) birthday to Laurel!!

  51. That seems to be a big project John is doing. I do like his whimsy with the stairs. Your autumn photo is glorious! What wonderful red. Our maples add so much to the colors of fall. Sorry you only got two good days.