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Monday, April 4, 2016

A Successful Day

She has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much; Who has enjoyed the trust of intelligent women, the respect of pure men, and the love of little children; Who has filled her niche and accomplished her task; Who has never lacked appreciation of Earth's beauty or failed to express it; Who has left the world better than she found it, whether an improved poppy, a perfect poem or a rescued soul; Who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best she had; Whose life was an inspiration; Whose memory a benediction.

~Bessie Anderson Stanley

(This quote has been feminized.)

Well now, that is lofty *thud*— and more a description of a successful life rather than a single, successful day.

So let's take it in small chunks. What do you consider a successful day? Lately, I have been calling a day successful if I get something accomplished. Preferably, lots of somethings.

 ~last Friday morning when it was warm enough to be misty~

Last Friday, I had what I now consider the most successful day of the year thus far. Please don't laugh ☺, but it was so good that I made a list:

1. stripped the bed
2. dressed
3. swept basement floor
4. pushed laundry
5. remade the bed before noon
6. did the dishes
7. cleaned the kitchen

 ~cute napkins...PW's at Wal*Mart for $4.97 a pak~

8. grocery shopped
9. gassed up the car
10. visited dentist and paid the remainder of my bill
11. visited my mother's grave, cleaned it, and binned the Christmas decor (first day the fence had not been locked)
12. delivered the large Easter cactus to my niece...a late birthday gift

13. made a nice supper
14. dishes done by 7
15. in bed by 10

ETA: To clarify, I made the list after the things were accomplished not before.

Now was that so hard? Not on Friday. Let us not discuss Saturday and Sunday, thank you.

What makes the doing and the checking off the things from my list so satisfactory? Am I more loved? (No) Does my husband pat me on the back? (No, he rarely notices; though he always compliments me on a meal.) Do I feel better about myself? (Decidedly, Yes!) I am not meant to sit too long, even if I am hurting.

And nowhere on that list did I count as important any time spent on the computer. Progress right there, my friend!

Thanks to the Polar Vortex, this week means that I must be inside doing my chores and not outside as I had hoped. Last autumn's leaves still cover the tender plants. I hope that it is enough of a blanket to get them through. Poor things!

~meant to show you the howling wind, yet all one can hear is the coffee percolating~

Hope that you are not in the dreaded PV's blast...

See you next week, The Lord willing and the PV departing. 


  1. Up late, decided to see what was going on at the Haven, Wow! what a list, I can only imagine how great you felt when you tucked yourself in bed, or did John have to carry you to bed! ~smile~ I get to pat myself on the back once in a "blue moon"for having completed a list like this! Mind you , I said once in a "blue moon"
    I also am supposing that Saturday and Sunday were spent recuperating, as that would have been the case at my house!
    I did indeed hear the wind howling, and the clock ticking, which is a sound I dearly love!
    Hope all are well and safe in your neck of the woods, I am still very seldom online,hoping to change that soon, I so miss the interaction with my blogging friends, especially you!
    love from me to you,

  2. You are really great. You have done a wonderful job in one day. You are very active...

  3. Now that was some list, good for you for completing it in a day. I write a list and expect to complete within the week. Take care.

  4. Oh yeah...the word for the day is SNOWED UNDER. Get prepared, Vee, its heading your way.

    Nice to see you, friend. Stay warm (and yep, we had winds up to 50 mph here this past weekend.)

  5. That does sound like a successful day! Love this idea for a post too. :)

  6. Good morning! Well I am VERY impressed. That was quite the day! I've sooo much to do this week to finish up, I am going to have to be very disciplined...will see. Sometimes it seems the more I have to do, the less I do. Have a good week Vee!

  7. I love to check off a list, Vee. Some days are better than others in that department. These days between gardening and home improvements, the lists are growing. Unfortunately we are under a freeze warning for tonight and tomorrow, so I must take photos of spring around here before it's gone. Oh, I love your header with the sheet music and the lovely platter. ♥

  8. The day you describe would be considered very successful in my book. What a good feeling it is to check things off the list and accomplish so many things both inside the home and out in the world. I am hoping that now that your dentist is paid off, your tooth ordeal is a thing of the past.
    I was watching the news last night and saw all of the wild weather happening in the northeast. Your video gives a good glimpse into the strong wind situation. It looks safe and warm in your kitchen and I do hope it remains that way until the PV has moved on.

  9. I use to make lists...now I just move at a pace that makes me happy! You did good:-D

  10. As you well know, in your wisdom, if it pleases you it is pleasing to God. Our men love us but I guess they get used to us and I sometimes have to stop and think about all he does. Thanks for your last visit. You inspire me Vee.

  11. You did accomplish quite a lot on Friday! I have been sitting way to much at the computer lately. I need to make me a list or two!

  12. As I type this there is a huge green tractor blowing out our lane!!! Can't believe this weather/PV. Your list is impressive and you have inspired me (to at least get dressed today) ha. I think you are right, one just needs to get off the computer in order to have a successful day ... I'm off to accomplish something today - have a good day and stay safe.

  13. Well Vee, I thought you had a serious breach in your housing materials when that 'wind' (coffee percolating) was blowing. lol Now the sound of the coffee percolating is so much nicer than the wind howling, which it did all day yesterday here too. Brr. We are under the PV too and it is bitterly cold. I love days that I accomplish a lot (today is one of them...so far). Don't they make one feel good? It's too bad it doesn't happen every day though. When I think of company coming in late June (3 grandkids!) and again in July and look at the spare bedroom I start to panic but I know it won't get sorted out until a week before they arrive. Why do we procrastinate so?? I wish you some more successful days this week. Sending a big warm hug to you. xx Pam

  14. Your list looks like a successful day to me. I have been sick quite a bit the last two months and I don't think I will ever catch up on housework. I barely can stand to be up caring for granddaughter. Today is rough. I plan to catch up here and hope for some great rest this afternoon.

    1. Carol, I apologize for commenting here. I did visit and see your beautiful green blog today and read your discussion of new beginnings. I am sorry that you have also been under the weather and I hope that warming weather brings better health to all of us who've been feeling poorly.

    2. Oops forgot to mention that I am not allowed to comment on your blog without using my email as my name. I don't do that.

  15. That sounds like a very productive day and very successful!!! I would definitely count that as a good day, but a day relaxing or just pottering is a good day too. Hope you are having a good day today!! xx p.s. you asked a little bit ago about pinning a picture, I totally forgot to reply and then deleted the comment by accident. Yes, please do! It was the daffodils in case you hadn't remembered. xx

  16. The Polar Vortex has visited here several times this winter. Maybe it's moving on to the east and out to the ocean. We can both hope. It's 23° here this morning ~ spring in the north, eh? Loved the sound of coffee perking. So much better than howling wind. I have done those "to-do" lists for many years. For me, crossing those lines off is a good feeling. Your day was certainly successful.

  17. I'm very impressed with your list! My productive days are getting to be few and far between. Loafing pretty much describes many of my days. lol! My hubby rarely notices if I have gotten a lot done, either. He tells me the house always looks the same...I don't know whether that's a good thing or not! :) I'm getting ready to test him by hanging up those photos that I had framed and finishing up...oh, scratch that...starting on the gallery wall I mentioned ages ago. We'll see if he notices that...ha!
    Take care and have a nice week.

  18. Oh yes...I can relate to your list and accomplishments. I am the one who pats myself on the back for small accomplishments every day. You really had a full Friday. Good for you. Yikes another storm. We have a couple days of light Spring rains and then the end of the week is forecast to be glorious! We did too much on Saturday and our bodies are groaning at us as we limp up and down the stairs. We had to remember yesterday that we could drag our weary muscles to church instead of staying home. I considered that my pain was and never will be the pain that Jesus suffered for me. Hope your storm passes and you can get out and about again soon. Here I go...to get dressed and have a walk...yep...here I go...

  19. I forgot to mention that I like that feminized quote!

  20. I have an agenda I write every day on a 4x6 index card, pushing down my guilt at wasting the resources of the earth....I used to write everything I wanted to do and then went ridiculously on and on practically finishing the list with ending word hunger and creating world peace...And then I felt sad every evening that I had not done these things...How silly we can be! That's the gentlest thing I can say about it!

    Then someone suggested I divide the list in half and on the first half write the things I was 95% sure of doing and on the other half writing things that I would do if I had time, energy and motivation. Now I feel far less guilty and actually, I think I am accomplishing more.

    So happy to find a post from you today!

  21. As for the weather!!! I had just asked my son to put up the umbrella on the deck table and open it so it could dry...Yesterday morning it was upside down on the floor of the deck and filled with snow. But this too shall pass and we know the lovely days are not far away!

  22. That quote brightened my day; I read it at our tire store where our snow tires were being switched back to regular tires and my failing car battery was diagnosed as have a corroded terminal. Whee!!!
    I make lists because otherwise I forget things that really need to be done. I put everyday stuff on the list (clean litter box, tidy bedroom) to keep me on track and give me the pleasure of crossing easy items off the list as a cheap reward!)
    You DID get a lot done. The snowy day can be spent on less wearying items maybe?

  23. That's a SUPER impressive list my friend. You must have a sense of accomplishment. Sounds like a week's worth of duties to me. As for the coffee percolating, that's music to my ears I must say. ~ Abby

  24. I am sort of with you on this one. I just plod along and feel good when the chores are done and I have time to garden and write.

    How do I get onto your Christmas cactus delivery list? Mine look PITIFUL compared to yours. Lovely.

    More coffee anyone?


  25. You got enough done on one day so you didn't have to do much on the other days. : )
    A successful day is just having another day to live. I do like to get things done though and feel good after a good days work, no matter what the work is.

  26. You did have a productive day!Thank you for the kind words on blog about Ellie.

  27. I kinda love days such as that - where you actually get to cross off so many things on the never ending list!
    Your coffee maker sounds really homey - and those trees blowing are hopefully, by now, just stirring in a breeze.

    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Why are our lives so impacted by these lengthy lists anyway? I think I want to be a little child again - this grown up stuff is too involved. What happened to lazy days, boring days, playful days and just an ordinary sit down with a good book day with no timetable to follow? I never seem to have time for simple things anymore, boohoo!

  28. What's not to like about ticking off most everything on the list? I am learning not to make my lists quite so long...and then I can get things 'ticked off' much quicker! So...are you in the deep freeze right now? I just checked your weather and it said -8C for tonight. Yikes. That's cold! Stay inside and stay cozy!

  29. I think you had an AMAZING day!!!! I seldom get as much done as I have on my planner to do!!!
    I do LOVE the video!!! Coffee is really important!! A percolator??? I haven't heard that in a long time? What do we have? Drip, I guess. Not nearly as satisfying as sound as a percolator!!!

  30. Hi Vee!

    That is a wonderful list of accomplishments! Don't you just love days like that? It always gives me hope that I can do it again someday . . . :0)

    As women, I don't think any of us give ourselves enough credit for the things we do. We are always striving to be the woman that, Bessie Anderson Stanley wrote about. I do know women like that, and I admire them so much, and know I will never be like them . . . not in this life anyway. We have had my mother in and out of the hospital for the last two weeks, she is 88 years old and is slowly going downhill. As I read the quote, I recognized many things that my mother has accomplished in her lifetime. So, I know there is hope for all of us, it just takes a lifetime of doing.

    As always, you have inspired me to do better! I really need to go pick up some of those beautiful PW napkins!!


  31. Darling friend,

    We had howling winds too! Your coffee perking sounds much better!

    You had a very productive day! Wow! I'm glad you know that you are not MORE if you do more. I tend to do things in spurts, then sit a read (whether computer or book), then get up and get something done. It works for me.

    It has felt weird because I have been so busy the last year and a half and now I am not so busy and it feels slow and I sometimes think I'm being lazy. But then I realize I am not, I'm doing my daily work, I'm just past that crazy busy time of weddings in succession, etc.

    I'm trying to keep in mind what the Lord would require of me - do justly, love mercy, walk humbly.

  32. Wow, what a quote you've shared, Vee, and yes, it's quite a lofty (lifelong) goal. Making lists sure makes one feel accomplished when checking things off, right? I used to make lists, but not so much any more, except for groceries!! I should get back in the habit of lists because I'd probably accomplish much more and feel productive.
    Have a beautiful week!

  33. Hey wonder woman, you're making me feel bad! Hope the sun shines for you soon!

  34. hi beautiful Vee...
    this sounds like a wonderful day... an everything in its order and tending to the little things that make big things happen. my kind of day. i am sitting here catching up with you - sick again, but it is what it is and i can't complain. thank you for all that you share and do. thank you for being a part of my life too. :)

  35. Vee, thatis a *very* productive day, my friend! You deserve to pat your own self on the back, to be sure. Especially when hurting, days like these are vry good days, indeed!

    That PV blast has been such a bummer - the snow a few days ago and hold and blowing since - bleh - poor tulips and daffodils are so sad! I won't even mention the sweet lilac buds - most unhappy. OK, I mentioned it then I guess, haha.

    I make a list for days, weeks, months, years - lists mean we're accountable, and plus, well, all the kewl peeps are doing it, eh? (giggles)

    I hope to get half as much of that accomplished today. You always seem to inspire me, Vee. Big hugs and love. ♥♥♥

  36. No PV here, Vee! We had a nice week of mild weather and I've even seen some daffodils and hyacinths blooming in the yards of houses that face the sun all day. Your day sounds busy. Time passes so quickly when we do these chores.

    My days are filled with nursery rhymes, children story books, walks with a doll stroller, watercolors and making mac and cheese with peas added. In other words babysitting a 3 year old. ;) If I can do a couple loads of laundry, place food in the crockpot, and sweep the never ending dust from the floor I feel accomplished--lol!

  37. I guess you could say we are into the PV a bit as well...it is 29 degrees as we speak and supposed to get even colder this weekend. Farmers are scrambling around covering their crops. It gets warm and then it get cold...a very early spring is not always a good thing! You know, I feel the same about the sense of accomplishment by just getting a few things done, especially ones that I have been putting off. It doesn't happen often enough! If I am able to live up to that quote, I will be quite pleased! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  38. Another task oriented person like myself. It feels good to get something accomplished. I've been off the computer although i did get a couple posts scheduled. Can't sit long. Working on cleaning out a deceased cousin's home with far too many earthly possessions. Hope you have another productive day. :-) or a nice relaxing one.

  39. We task-oriented people have a hard time sitting still for too long, although I seem to be getting better at it as the years go by. I like going to bed feeling that I've accomplished something in the day. Making a list is a great idea. I think we women sell ourselves short sometimes on what we manage to do in a day. And then a few days of less productivity - sound like a good plan to me! I hope the PV has eased off and spring is making her presence known. The sound of the coffee percolator and the sound of the wind combine to make a very cozy picture that reminds me of my childhood. I could almost smell the coffee.

  40. Good evening, Vee! Ah, what a delight to have a few free moments to visit your blog. I just love your header!

    I always love making lists and the best part is crossing off what gets accomplished. Today was one of those days for me and it felt so good! So glad you got lots done :) And those napkins are adorable! Are they really from Wal-Mart?


  41. I do feel better with a list to check off, But I realize that's not what it's about. This is a thought-provoking post. You did so much in one day, were the next two quiet because you were resting a bit? The WM napkins are cute!

  42. Now, that's what I call a productive day...when I have those kind of days, I become a couch potato the next day....:(

  43. Vee you just gave me permission to check off getting up and getting dressed as a to-do on my list lol. Wink I have so much to do and don't seem to get much checked off now I will have something to check off.

  44. I'm kind of cracking up that you list getting dressed as an accomplishment, although it's one that I have been known not to achieve on occasion ;) A successful day to me usually counts getting a lot done. Seems like my bar ought to be higher, either getting more done on a regular basis or achieving something a bit more lofty. Ah well, I'm off to get dressed!

  45. Thanks for the birthday and anniversary wishes...i see u r taking a little break, too....
    i can almost read the personality of all the young ladies in the bottom photo...just by the way they are standing and their faces...

  46. that would make a fun post...post the photo and have anyone that wants to do it give their take on ea lovely lady.....

  47. Wow Vee that's some list you accomplished!
    I'm not doing so well in the housekeeping stakes these days!
    I'm still working 3 days and with the best intentions and lists in the world - very little gets ticked off.
    I do the basics but that's it! If I could just catch my breath after lunch instead of napping, then I could say
    I got the windows cleaned, washed a ceiling or two.... Let's face it they're just thoughts... One day maybe!
    now where did I put my book?!

  48. Yes, most definitely, that Friday was well-spent and surely you were pretty tired for the rest of the weekend. That quote by Ms. Stanley was wonderful. We need to be reminded from time to time that just living and not being a problem to anybody can be a major contribution to society!!

    Blessings to you!

  49. I LOVE that quote, Vee, and I love small victories. They make a life.


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