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Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Friday

How long do you think that I can get away with these pedestrian amazing  titles?

I do love Emojis. Have you found yours yet? Thanks to Pam at Playing With My Camera for pointing them out. They are at the top of your compose page between insert a video and insert a jump break. Not only Emoji, but all sorts of symbols. I won't have to make any more dividers. Yay!


So it's been a good week. Mostly a good week. My poor tenants...the furnace went down. Not good, but it will be fixed before the ☃  comes. (You'll be happy to know that the furnace is already fixed. 😌) What? Too much with the Emoji?


The mailman brought some wonderful packages on Wednesday. This was my favorite from my friend Rosella at Rhubarb and Roses

 Amazing gifts. Whatever gave Rosella the idea that I like
love candy? Coffee Crisps, KitKat Chunkies, and what 
is that? A Mint Smoothie in the beautiful gold package?

Does it look as delicious as it tasted? I hope so. Man! That Mint Smoothie from RhΓ©o Thompson was seriously creamy and heavenly.

 I went to the cemetery Wednesday to plant the tulip bulbs taking advantage of the mild weather. This entire autumn has been a huge blessing  and this week is no exception with temps at or near 60F each day. Anyway, Canada will celebrate her 150th birthday next year and there will be tulips blooming from sea to sea and all over the place in celebration, including my Canadian mama's grave. Thank you so much, my dear Rosella. I am mailing out a thank-you card today. Let's see how long it takes to arrive. 


Fading and getting a little skimpy, but still here!


Yes, I have been shopping on QVC. Christmas is coming and it came for me on the same day that my Rosella package arrived. 

Pretty Packaging...

I have not had new makeup in years. It was time. The last time I purchased an entire collection was in college...Mary Kay...some πŸ’‹πŸ’‡πŸ‘ΈπŸ’πŸ’¦πŸ’¨πŸ’Ÿ years ago. I still love Mary Kay, but this collection was a whole lot less expensive and it goes on a whole lot faster.


Aside from the squirrel-nibbled eyebrows, I think the make-up looks pretty good. 


Now here's a question for you...which of these "selfies" into a mirror do you prefer? A or B? I have a reason for asking...

I've gained some weight (lost some, too) in the years I've been blogging. The photo below, also taken into the mirror, was one of the first shared, circa 2007 or 2008.

I was trying to decide if I liked the perm.


My darlings were here this week. Yes, there were cookies in the can. I think I have this figured out now. There were no comments about how much they don't like my house now that John is not here. It's not easy, but we're finding our way, slowly and some days are better than others. So many have recently told me how much they've been praying for us. Thank you. Your prayers have been a great blessing. I can feel them. I truly can. 

Catch you in a few; hopefully before Thanksgiving.

P.S. And it was the week of the Super Moon so I'm tossing in my best photo of it. πŸŒ• I sure have enjoyed seeing some wonderful Super Moon photos in Blogdom this week.

Edited to Add Sunday evening: 

And I see that a majority of you agree with me! Thanks so much for playing along. I realize now that such things are highly subjective and my heart was blessed when some metioned that they liked seeing my wedding ring in photo A. That's as good a reason as any to like a photo. I may have to switch to Photo A myself based on that criteria. As you can tell by the clock, the time between photos was mere seconds so there's no accounting for lighting, etc., as I made only one change (that I was aware of) and that was to shift the direction of my gaze.


  1. I was struggling to find a difference between photos A and B, so found it difficult to answer. Have a great weekend.

    1. Oh dear! Yes, there is one major difference. (IMO anyway. πŸ€“)

  2. I just love your hair when its long-er..or like it is now. Love the new makeup--I use Clinque (pricey, but my niece gets it from the commissary on post, now).

    I am sure it was hard on the boys, with John's passing, Vee...but each passing day starts a new one...hope that makes sense...keeping you in prayer...and any post you have--I do loveeeeeeeeeee them.

  3. I think I like B better though they are similar and I have the sun on my computer so it's difficult. I think you are looking right at us in B.

  4. Aww Vee - thanks for the shout out. I'm just glad those bulbs crossed the boarder and arrived (better late than never)! I remembered your post from some time back where you mentioned the Canadian candy that you love - sorry I couldn't find any Mackintosh Toffee! Rheo is a local chocolateer and we love their Mint Smoothies too!!!
    Your grands are just growing so fast - adorable. Loved seeing your sweet face Vee.

  5. Hi Vee! What nice gifts you received in the mail. Good for you in getting some new makeup from QVC. As for the photo, I like B as your face looks brighter and I see more of your pretty smile and eyes. Have fun with those grands!

  6. You look lovely in your new makeup! I choose B, though they are both great pictures.

  7. I'll have to go with B and you are looking real good! Rosella is the best. Such a bright light in our world. Thanks for the heads up about the celebrations in Canada next year. I'll have to plan a hop across the border to take part in some way. Those Emojis are a crack up. Have a great weekend.

  8. Photo B for sure! Sparkly eyes, more smiley. You look simply beautiful!

    Loved seeing the boys, the mums, the chocolate, the moon. Why did I not think to take a picture of that moon?

  9. I like B. I hate taking photos of myself. My daughter tells me I just don't know how to angle it. Any selfie I take is literally horrible.
    The makeup looks good. I am having difficulty lately trying to find the right look for my eyes with the aging:) Need emojis for the comments.

  10. I like B better. It shows more of your pretty face. I don't see much difference in the pictures though. Glad the grands are feeling better about coming to visit.

  11. I like them both but since you asked I tell you that I like A better. Why? I think your face looks softer and gentler in A and has a mellowed warmth to it. Congrats on the new make-up, it looks great! The grandchildren are super cute, bet they're lots of fun,too!

  12. Photo B is the one I like best. I think your longer hair looks better.
    The make up I use (and I don't use much) is BeautiControl and I've used it for the past 30 years. (I tried Mary Kay years ago and I was allergic to it.)
    I love the little emojis and use them all the time. 🎈
    Nice gift but I can't help thinking of all the calories. 😊

    1. You have no worries about calories since you know all about portion control and exercise. Besides, I am sharing. 🍫

  13. I had NO idea about emojis...I mean, I've only been blogging since 2007, after all..LOL
    I like your hair long...and your makeup looks amazing...xo

  14. The only difference I can see in the photos is possibly more color in your makeup in A but they are almost identical to me. I found the emojis, symbols, etc. this past week. Special blessings to you as you face this holiday season. Hugs!

  15. I like B best, Vee. They are so similar, but B appears closer to me. Very nice gifts from your friend, Vee. Tulips elude my garden, or should I say the voles enjoy them. I use It foundation and really like the ease of using it and it covers what needs covering. Glad to hear the boys are doing well. Our prayers are with you. ♥

  16. Like the tip about the instant dividers, didn't know that. As for selfies - I choose the second one as my preference, although you look beautiful in both. The second one you're looking right at us and it shows more of your face. Glad you and the boys are making progress with their visits. Time has a way of healing. ~ Love abby

  17. I'd say I like A better. The colouring looks warmer. I also like your hair just as it is too. It's wonderful to hear that the boys are feeling better about their visits without John. It has to be hard...
    Take care Vee!

  18. I like B the best because it looks like you are looking directly at us! Very pretty makeup, too...you look much younger now than in picture no. 3.
    Sweet photos of the two cutie pies. I'm so glad they are doing good.

  19. I like B as I can see more of your pretty smile, and you look younger now than in C! I need to wear makeup as I'm very pale otherwise. Every since having thyroid cancer in 2001 I've had to pencil in my eyebrows or they can't be seen. Someone told me I should tattoo my eyebrows darker, but I can't deal with that pain.

    Those chunky kit kats look divine! I'd love to find them here.

    Your grandsons are getting big! They look a lot like mine do with their attention on their tablets...sigh.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!

  20. Love them both but the second one is more personal since you are looking into the camera. Hurray for new makeup!! One of life's simple joys.

  21. You look "Marvelous" Darling!! I like B as you are looking straight at the lens! My, those two "Grands" of yours are really growing up! I also like the hair without the perm, I used get them quite often, and have thought of maybe trying one again, but remembered how much trouble they were in styling!
    You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  22. You are beautiful!! (I think I like A, but really, both are lovely!)

    I am glad that you and the grands are finding your way. It is a process. And, yes, I do continue to pray for you.

    What a lovely package from Rosella! Treats of all kinds! I love the tulip idea.

    Those mums make me smile. Wish the store clerk could see them. ;)

  23. I'm thinking you could carry on with those titles for at least five more posts.
    No idea about the Emojis. I shall check them out soon.
    I'm so glad you treated yourself to some new make-up. I think you look great in each of the photos and must say your current hairstyle makes you look much younger than the perm. As far as which one I like better, I have studied them both and can't see much difference. I do think I will choose A because more of your hands are showing and I see a gold band there. Wondering if perhaps that might have been John's or your wedding ring,
    Love the collage of the grands. Glad to hear that they are feeling a bit more comfortable at your house now.

  24. Hooray for Vee! There is nothing better than new lipstick and makeup! Great look! Softer hair....styish! Great photo of the moon too! I think you are feeling better these days! So happy to hear that!

  25. Hmm, I've been investing in some makeup lately myself but not a collection like you purchased - this is a new brand to me. I still have a fair bit of Mary Kay from when I sold it but my aging, mature skin seems to be requiring something different these days. lol
    It's hard to come up with a blog title sometimes, isn't it? Like me, you know if it's catchy your page views are way up. :-)
    I was surprised yet pleased to see you received some of the Canada 150 bulbs, every gardener in Ontario I know has planted some - a few people a lot! Please share them when they come up in the spring.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Vee.

  26. I think of you often, Vee, although I am bad with visits in Blogland. I like B. But they are both nice. Wondering where you are going to be posting that avi. πŸ˜‰. I will be up in your neck of the woods, or close enough, this Thanksgiving. First visit since the Maine event in Nivember 2014, complete with blackout, blizzard, no power for two and a half days. πŸ™„πŸ¦ƒπŸ‚πŸ. I hope we can cook home this time!! Not that it was not fun, but once was enough for this old gal.

  27. Hey Vee,

    I like selfie B the best. I am glad you are having some good days..You are surely loved and prayed for. Happy Thanksgiving..
    Love, Mona

  28. Gosh, I love emojis, I emoji all over the place when I text my girls :)
    I like photo B, it seems clearer. How fun to get a whole set of makeup! I have never worn much, but as I have gotten older I've decided I need the extra help. I have had some fun indulging in some good makeup and I love how it goes on and how it looks. You look lovely, as always in yours. I'm glad you are adjusting, it's a process that's for sure.

  29. How nice to receive a surprise package in the mail! I promise, if we ever get to meet, to bring you MacIntosh toffee, and whatever other favs you have, you'll have to let me know.
    I too planted some Canada 150 tulips, about a month ago now. I just hope I didn't plant them too early, with the warm fall we've had they may have started to grow! Not a good thing. Guess I won't know until spring... 🌷🌷🌷

  30. I saw the little emoji button, but didn't take the time to try it. I enjoyed all of the ones you used on this post and they're cute.
    I like photo B. Please do let us know which one we preferred most. The makeup is beautiful. The lipstick in B is so pretty and natural. What is the major difference between the two pictures? ~ To me you actually look younger now than in the photo taken several years ago. Did you find the fountain of youth?
    So glad that the boys are adjusting. My first thought when reading what they had said was that it must be a blessing to know how much they loved him and will always have those special memories and love.

  31. Emojis! I did not know how to include them in blog posts till now. Thanks so much!!!

    To answer your questions (because you asked): regarding the 2 selfies, #1 and #2 look about the same to me, but since you need to know which I prefer, I'll say #2 because the colors look a little more rich. Am I right?

    Also, the makeup looks great on you AND you look younger NOW than you did with the shorter hair and perm. (speaking truthfully here, girlfriend)

    Have a wonderful Sunday. I am among those who continue to pray for you, and more so as we approach the holidays. Blessings and hugs!

  32. Hi Vee,

    I just noticed my Emoji App. earlier this week -- how convenient! :) What a wonderful goody box from your friend; it all looks sooo nice! The tulips are an especially thoughtful gift.

    I like both of your selfies and it's hard to choose, but maybe I like the second one best? Hmmm. I love that so many people took pictures of the Super Moon -- one of the many fun things about blogging. Great pictures of your grands, too. I'm glad to hear you're finding your way through this; I do think of you so often. Thanks for your visit earlier this week, and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, filled with blessings.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  33. I think B is better, when you are looking at the mirror and the viewer. How lovely to shop for some new makeup! Haven't tried the emoji's out, sounds fun! Have a lovely weekend :)

  34. I'll have to use the emoji button more often. Today when I opened my posts page I had two notices about "Cookies" and the law in Europe and how we're responsible to let European bloggers know we use cookies. Do we?? I don't know. Haha Now what is that all about??? Did you get that on yours Vee? Also the http is now https. I don't like change and it's enough to make me close my blog for good. I need to find out more. Now on to your selfie photos. I love the recent ones of you. You have such a pretty face and look younger than in the other photo from a few years ago. I only see a slight difference between photo A and photo B with your hand and your lips are showing more in B. What a beautiful package to get in the post! I love Kit Kat Chunky bars and often buy one at the checkout. I didn't buy the Canada 150 tulips as I don't have the space to put them in my gardens and the deer eat them. :( Have a good week Vee. Hugs. Pam

  35. What a pretty woman you are, Vee, inside and out. I like selfie B best because your mouth shows more, and it's a very natural and flattering colour of lipstick you're wearing. But I like A because I can see your ring.
    Emojis - who knew? I'll check it out next time I do a post.

  36. What a fun post... chocolate and makeup, what's not to love about that? I love your hair like it is now and think you actually look younger. I always said I would never go broke shopping, except when it comes to makeup. Some women buy shoes, some buy clothes, some buy home decor... but me, makeup. I suppose it is a little bit like "art supplies" to me. ;) Yours looks great to me. You're a beauty. Oh, and I am also an emojiholic! Hearts and smiley faces all over the place. Fun!

  37. I use to be a huge shopper at QVC. I still order my favorite things from them. That Chunky Kit Kat looks amazing.

  38. That's just a beautiful photo of you Vee and I agree that the makeup looks lovely and I am a fan of a selfie looking the camera in the eye! Good job.