Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Blueberry Day

Do you just love those days when something fun or interesting turns up that you had not planned for? Out of the blue it comes and usually begins with a phone call. 
Mine went this way...

"Hey, Mom, my car's going into the shop today and I was wondering if you'd be able to pick me up and we could hang out together for the day." 

You know the answer to that! My gears began turning immediately: We'd go out for breakfast and afterward we'd clean the garage.

Breakfast went off without a hitch, but garage cleaning was not in my daughter's plans; a trip to Vassalboro was instead.

our route in red

She wanted to purchase blueberry bushes. Hmmm...interesting...okay, I was in.

 arriving at Fieldstone's Garden

grape arbor🍇

 Laurel searching for her blueberry plants

 there it is!

 pleased with her choices...a smaller, tart blueberry and a large, sweet blueberry variety named Patriot

Wish that truck were would have been easier getting these plants home.
 Now that shepherd's staff has presence!


 limelight hydrangea

 garden art

 this plant stand/torchiere became Laurel's birthday gift to Michelle...

 Variegated maple, which can no longer be sold as it's invasive

 checking out, but we'll definitely be back another day...

All plants at Fieldstone's are native plants hardy to -40°F...very important in Maine.

Thank you for joining me on this blueberry-finding road trip. 


  1. Oh Vee..thank you for letting me tag along.....this post made me miss Maine....all that beauty! Just a gorgeous area and gardens....I would simply love to visit that shop! That day was a real gift for you I'm sure!!!

  2. What a fun day! And I just ate blueberries on my cereal...from NJ! I said, blueberries used to come from Maine where Vee lives, now they come from all over the country. I just said that...really! heehee! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  3. Serendipity at its best. Lovely photos. And yum to blueberries!

  4. Hello! What a fun day! I can just imagine your excitement at that phone call. What a gorgeous gorgeous state you live in. The shop was such a stun. Thanks for bringing us along. My hubby enjoyed these photos too. He knows all about my friend Vee! Have a good day!

  5. What a delightful day! And even more so because it came so out of the blue. Blueberry plants sound like something wonderful to plant. Such a great fruit.

  6. Hi Vee,
    What a nice unplanned day!!! I love those unexpected fun days!!! Often they turn out better than days planned long in advance! I'd love some blueberry bushes because I love to eat and cook with blueberries! Looked like a very nice nursery too, beautiful plants! What a nice day with your daughter!!! I'm really hoping to connect with you, my husband says probably the Thursday of that week will be the best day as we will be heading back....I'll email you later. Have a nice weekend Vee!

  7. Serendipity knocked and you enjoyed a lovely day with your darling daughter. I love garden centers like you visited. So much beauty to tempt the gardener. -40 degrees--Wow! Some of the loveliest gardens I've visited are up your way. New Englanders know their plants and blueberries are the best from your state! ♥

  8. Well, what a fun trip that turned out to be. So nice to spend time with your daughter, Vee. The gardens are beautiful. I hope Laurel enjoys a bountiful crop of blueberries soon!

  9. It's always pleasant to spend time with an adult daughter. The garden center looked beautiful and the blueberry bushes looked like they will be good producers someday. Fresh blueberries will be fabulous to enjoy!

  10. Hi Vee,

    I love this Fieldstone's Garden! I'd love to spend an unplanned day there, myself. :D What a beautiful place to purchase your flowers, shrubs, and garden art. I wish we had something like that here; we used to have some nice nurseries and garden shops, but so many have closed down. I don't want my only choices to be Lowe's and Home Depot for plants.

    I applaud your daughter buying blueberry bushes -- they are probably my favorite berry. Your daughter is pretty, Vee, and I believe she has your smile. :) Thanks for sharing with us and have a lovely weekend!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  11. As someone who spent a good portion of the last weekend on garage cleaning, I think you made the right choice. Much more fun to visit that beautiful garden center and help Laurel find just the right blueberry bushes. I hope you are able to check out the shop again another time. It looks very promising.

  12. That looks like a wonderful nursery/farm! It sounds like a perfect day out.

  13. I really enjoyed the trip, smiles.

  14. Oh what a wonderful day. I love those unplanned days. How nice to spend it with your daughter.

    If my daughter called and asked to spend the day with me it would have been an answer to prayer and I would have cried with joy!!!

  15. How fun and what a lovely place to spend the day with your girl...and not come home empty-handed! So many wonderful things to look at (and buy). I have never grown or even picked blueberries but I do love them in so many things.

  16. That’s much nicer than cleaning out the garage! 😄

  17. Oh, I LOVED hanging out with y'all!!! All the photos were so beautiful, I felyt like I was THERE!!! Your daughter knows how to have fun! Much better than cleaning the garage! I like to buy native Texas hady plants. Drought and heat tolerant!

  18. Dream on...having your daughter help you clean out the garage!!! But your blueberry bush hunt was so much more fun! That looks like s lovely garden centre! We have six blueberry bushes here (several varieties) and enjoy fresh blueberries for weeks. I was just recalling that when we drove out to Maine we bought Driediger Farms blueberries (from British Columbia) in the grocery store sonewhere in your ‘neck of the woods’. That rather surprised us! No tariffs, I guess.

    1. That is wild...buying blueberries from BC when we grow the finest in the world. 😉 One would think that the cost of shipping alone would hike the cost above all reasonable value. I know...dream on...but she did give me a plan and maybe she’ll have to show up to execute said plan.

  19. Would have loved to be along for the visit. I thoroughly enjoyed your pics. Once had a co-worker who would allow me to pick her blueberries each July 4th. One of my fav recipes is lemon/blueberry loaf! Mildred

  20. You really did have a beautiful day!

  21. Awww - that looks like a fun day! The garage cleaning would not have been nearly the fun ... it can wait! Your daughter is beautiful and looks like you!

  22. What a fun day with your daring daughter, Vee! It's always a pleasure, at least for me, to visit a garden center. I see lots of yummy blueberry recipes in your future. Happy Sunday, Vee!

  23. What pretty and fun pictures Vee. I have thought about buying some blueberry bushes too as my husband's cousin sells them. I have kept putting it off. Maybe I need too now! LOL! Your girl is beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  24. Hi Vee!

    What a fun way to spend the day, and your photos were just gorgeous, I love all the green! Now, that was way more fun than cleaning the garage! Your daughter is so beautiful! Glad you had fun!

    Hugs and Love,

  25. What fun! I’m loving that garden center a lot. Now I’m hungry for blueberries......

  26. what a beautiful outing ..
    location and blueberries and daughter.
    makes my heart happy. ♥

  27. Such a fun day--and unexpected are sometimes the best. I hope her plants produce a lot of healthy deliciousness!

  28. Sounds like it was a great day. Glad she found here blueberries!

  29. Thanks for chronicling the day trip - looks like a lovely place to wander around, whether or not one is looking for blueberries or not.


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