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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Sweet Domesticity and The Hodge Podge

1. How did you name your blog and do you now wish you had thought about it maybe another five minutes before hitting publish? Would you change your blog title if it were not a huge pain in the derriere? 

2. What bill do you least like to pay? 

3. What is your favorite word? Okay okay, calm down. How about one of your favorite words? 

4. Is the glass half full or half empty? Elaborate. 

5. Were you here for that very first Hodgepodge post? If so, were your answers then similar to what they are today? Tell us what was happening in your life in November of 2010? 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 


1. I know that I had the blog and the post and the decor, but I did not have the name. I needed something. Yes, I certainly do wish that I had stalled before hitting publish. Say, why do you ask? I tried changing the name to "Life on Autumn Avenue." It didn't fly.

2. Is there one that is fun to pay? I especially loathe paying the $pectrum bill because I do not watch tv. I use it only for WiFi. 

3. Jesus—there's just something about that name. 

4. In the natural, I tend to be a glass half empty or worse kind of gal; however, give me some time with good music, a good sermon or prayer, and things change. 

5. No, I don't believe I knew about the Hodge Podge from the beginning. The earliest I can find is 2014. 

In November 2010, my family said goodbye to my grandmother who had lived to be 101. After that, she was eager to head home, which she did on my mother's birthday. I missed her terribly as she had been a big part of my life for over fifty years,  yet she is safely home and I will join her one day. 


Why November days and domestic tasks seem perfect for each other I don't know. I have so enjoyed the light, the fading foliage, and the coziness of November. Some days, I go out to blow leaves or tidy the garden. Other days, I putter inside setting things in order. 

Recently, I received a lovely, perfectly Novembery gift from Mary at A Breath of Fresh Air. It was wrapped so nicely in tissue paper with a ribbon and a card tucked inside. Mary thoughtfully included some extra yarn and the yarn wrap to show me the brand and the name.

 Mary does beautiful knitting and enjoys having something to work on in the evening. If you have never visited Mary, you are in for a treat. Her photography is so good. You'll never see birds and squirrels the same way again. 

I had promised her that I would put on my makeup  when I shared my beautiful cowl. Unfortunately, I lied. If I ever get it together, I'll replace this. (I did run myself through the diffuser, Mary.) Thank you so much for the elegant cowl. 

Please join Joyce for today's Hodge Podge


  1. Oh Vee, I like that pic of you sporting the cozy cowl from Mary - makeup or not, it's lovely. Sweet gift.

  2. I love your new Cowl...it will be so warm and cozy for the winter months. I'm SO glad you blog. I love seeing what the world looks like where you live. We've been blog buddies a long time. Sweet hugs!

  3. I enjoyed reading your hodge podge. Your look lovely in the cowl Mary made. I am very fortunate to call Mary my friend. We have gotten together many times with her and her husband over the years. She is a lovely lady.

  4. Make up or not, Vee, you are still so very lovely, my friend. I hope you have a beautiful day. Thank you for the many smiles.

  5. Oh thank you dear Vee - I was so happy knitting the cowl for you knowing how chilly it is in beautiful Maine during the long winter! Great pic of you.
    Lot of interesting things to read in this post.
    ~I chose my current blog name after original one (Across The Pond) was compromised!
    ~Hate paying all bills but luckily have Bob to back me up! He pays them the same day they arrive and has never paid a cent in interest, lol!
    ~A favorite word - SERENDIPITY
    ~Lately, 'glass half full' as I continue with daily back/leg pain which makes life a bit miserable.
    ~Can't go back to 2010 - best years with such awesome travels.
    ~Random thought - love it when I tell people I've visited Antarctica - they always give me a strange look, hesitate, and then say "WOW, have you really?" like perhaps I'm lying, haha!!!!

    Hope things are going well on Autumn Avenue. I loved my grandma too but only had her until I was 11 - we did a lot together during those years following WWII when my mum and dad had to work so hard.
    Take care dear friend.
    Mary x

  6. It's a delight to see your smiling face above your new knitted cowl. Your thoughts about November days and domesticity are well put - puttering around the house while it's cold and wet outside is cozy and satisfying.
    I certainly wish I had named my blog something else - what I don't know! I don't like the action of paying bills, but I am glad that I have the funds to do so, and that I can enjoy the services provided.
    Mostly glass half full, with occasional leanings towards half-empty.

    Grandmothers are such special people in our lives and I was blessed to have one until I was well into my 30s and the other until I was over 50. Now that I'm a grandmother I wonder what kind of legacy my own grands will remember. It's sobering.
    Have a wonderful day,

  7. What a lovely post! I'm enjoying these gentle November days, too. It's my third favorite month! You are beautiful, Vee....inside and out.
    Loved the Hodge Podge and your answers. I've never done one but I am going to the link right now!

  8. You and the cowl are beautiful! No makeup needed. I seldom wear any makeup anymore.

  9. You are beautiful my friend! Girl, If I thought I wouldn't scare people too death I wouldn't put any makeup on either. LOL! My grandmother always told me though that If I didn't do anything but paint my lips then I was good to go. She was a hoot. Thanks for popping by place today. Made me smile. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Hi Vee,

    Your cowl is beautiful, and what a nice gift from Mary! I sure like this picture of you; it's good that you have a nice smile with your lips closed -- I definitely do not. :) I always like to read yours and Ellen's (The Happy Wanderer) answers to the Hodge Podge questions. I had a feeling you were going to say the cable bill because everyone I know HATES paying the cable company. :D I, too, wish I had named my blog something different, but I sure don't know what that would be.

    I feel like you do about this time of the year; I love just about everything about it.
    It is definitely hard to lose a beloved grandmother, isn't it? I was very close to my maternal grandmother my whole life, and I still miss her to this day. Many's the time in recent years that I would have loved to be able to have a conversation with her again.

    I enjoyed your post today, Vee. By the way, is that your house in your blog header? Looks familiar to me somehow. Have a great week!!

    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Hi Denise,

      The home in my header is about a half mile from my sister's home. It appeals to me because it is a quintessential New England farmhouse. I want a tour. ☺️ The Lady of the House would be shocked.

  11. I liked reading your hodge podge answers, Vee. Your new cowl looks beautiful around your neck. Wasn’t that a happy gift that will keep you warm this wintertime??!! It’s always hard to lose someone we’re close to. We both miss our beloved husbands everyday. I also miss talking to my mom on a daily basis. Thankfully we have our faith.

  12. It's lovely to read your hodge podge replies, Vee. You look so pretty in your new knitted cowl. I know it will feel especially cozy during the winter. It's nice to hear you enjoy being outdoors tending to leaves or puttering inside. I'm the same. Happy Autumn Days!

  13. Very sweet memories of your grandmother❤️ The scarf looks lovely on you!

  14. I'm always so happy to see you've posted!

  15. So nice to see you in the Hodgepodge today! Grandmothers are special. I agree with you about November. We have company coming this weekend so have been doing some household chores, but I don't mind so much this time of year. I like to get my house in order before the holidays roll in. November light is the best...it has been so golden here.

  16. I like the picture of you in the cowl, so cozy

  17. Enjoyable to come here and read your answers. There is something about that name! Glad you have the remedy for being down doobie down. The best of remedies. Lookin good in that cowl. It does look soft. That November light has shown me how behind I am in dusting around here. Yikes. 101, that's amazing. So wonderful to have such good memories of your relationship with her. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  18. So nice to read your answers.
    What a lovely gift. I never wear makeup anymore, I just can't be bothered. It doesn't help me much anyway. :)

  19. Yes, I assumed your name was Vee. :o)) Yes, the name of Jesus, great answer! Blessings abundant!

  20. I always enjoy reading your posts and wish there were more of them!!! You take me back "home" to Maine/N.E. I love the picture of you with your cowl gift. That is so pretty, and I know you will love it on a wintry day!! You are lovely! No reason for excuses. And the old New Englander house in your header...Oh how I loved seeing them when we would take rides across the country up there. We actually lived in one for a while, but it was in town in Fryeburg, on 3 acres. I loved it, except it cost a fortune to heat. Thank you for your post. Always special.

  21. Your hodge podge was a great read. I followed many blogs that participated in it long ago. Where are these people? I think I have to simply chip away at my Followers list!

    I'm very much like you, I've been putting the garden to bed and storing all of my tools, etc., in a beautiful, cleaned out shed. What a mess it was and now I could actually lay down a rug and light some candles!!

    Mary is a lovely person. Your sweater is beautiful, as are you...such soulful eyes! We've met up with Mary several times in Asheville, as well as in Raleigh where she and her husband live. I really treasure our friendship.

    Enjoy your November days Vee!🍁

  22. Beautiful post, Vee! I enjoyed every word. Yes, I am feeling the same way about November this year. And so enjoying the warm sunny afternoons we have had this week.

    The cowl is lovely, and what a thoughtful friend Mary is to create and send such a sweet gift. Beautiful photo of you.

  23. So enjoyed reading your Hodge Podge answers.
    You hit the nail on the head when it comes to November days and domesticity. I don't know that I've thought about it much, but they do go very well together. Glad that you have been enjoying the days.
    The cowl looks great on you. No makeup necessary.

  24. There's no need for makeup, dear Vee. Your complexion looks wonderful!! Lovely cowl, too!

    All your answers are excellent. I like the name of your blog; it's clever! I have changed the name of my blog countless times, but eventually realized it's best to have the title of the blog match up with the blog address. So some 4 years ago I changed the address of my blog to go with the title, notified my readers, and as far as I know, I did not lose anyone in the transition. I don't recommend that, due to the possibility of great confusion.

    I love hearing about New England life, and especially at this time of year. Blessings to you, dear Vee!

  25. Well let me start at the bottom of your post, and comment on the lovely lady modeling the cowl. You are looking good, my friend...with or without makeup!

    As for your blog name...I couldn't imagine it being anything else. It's perfect. And I love that you live on Autumn Avenue...and that I don't even need an imagination to picture your 'haven'! As for my blog name, it seemed a good fit and I've never thought about changing it. I don't like change much! LOL I liked your answers...especially favorite word.

  26. Hi Vee~

    Loved your post...I always love learning new things about the beautiful women I follow! November does seem to be a hodge-podge of everything Autumn as we slowly transition into December. Which reminds me, I have one flower bed that I nee to clean before the snow flies. Your cowl is just beautiful, as is the lady who is wearing it!

    Have a wonderful week-end!


  27. I enjoyed your answers. It's so fun seeing everyones thoughts.

  28. I did change my blog name, and it was only a little bit of a pain. If I'd pondered the original title I might never have started blogging. I'm glad I went ahead and dived in.

  29. Jesus is great word. I'm a glass half empty too. I need to change that! So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I've had three loses since the pandemic started. So happy you stopped over to visit with me.

  30. Now Vee...how very pretty you are in this picture....you have a look of being at peace....what an interesting post this was....glad you shared your answers to these questions. Wish we were neighbors...have a lovely week!

  31. Ah! A post!

    I like your hodgepodge. Your cowl is wonderful! And you look wonderful, my friend!

  32. You look great, have an wonderful Thanksgiving. I am getting back into blogging after a long break. Hope you are doing well.

  33. It's always so nice to learn some new things about blogger friends, Vee, so thanks for sharing these answers. It makes me think that one day soon I should do something similar on my blog. The cowl gift looks lovely and so do you in the photo. it was a lovely gift from Mary and you wear it well. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, a bit in advance.

  34. "Jesus—there's just something about that name."

    Amen to that!

  35. Lovely cowl AND lovely model! You don't need the makeup. Love reading your hodgepodge answers.

  36. Loved your answers...Yes, I would agree. Jesus is a name I love. He is altogether lovely, altogether worthy, altogether wonderful to me!!

  37. I enjoyed reading your hodge podge answers Vee! I especially loved seeing your sweet face with that beautiful cowl scarf. You look wonderful. hugs ...

  38. I don't participate in the Hodpodge, but I often enjoy reading other's answers. These were no exception to that. What a pretty cowl, and you look mighty fine without makeup, dear. Ran yourself through the diffuser. lol!

  39. I always enjoy your posts. The cowl is beautiful and you look great without makeup. I need a diffuser!

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