Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cozy Thanksgiving

It's the day before Thanksgiving in the United States. This means that most of us are busily preparing the pies and goodies that will grace the table tomorrow. We are so very blessed. If we are participating in Thanksgiving, we are obviously thanking someone Someone. This holiday remains my favorite. I love the cozy ambiance, the yummy foods, the fact that no gifts are involved (usually) and that we can gather together.

Speaking of gathering, I have been busy doing that for a few days. We went shopping the first of the week and gathered in our supplies, which I set aside in this basket. 

It's so much easier than rummaging through the cabinets later. My daughter arrived with the turkey Monday morning—a gift from her employer. Thank you, Nestlé! Thank you, Darling Daughter!  

Dishes from all corners have been brought to the counter for a good scrubbing. And I found my Thanksgiving lights. This may be the last year I can use them as they are half burned out.

We are three this year so I have had fun deciding which of the Friendly Village dishes to use.

The three large dinner plates  in the foreground I think. At Christmastime, I switch to the smaller plates with the little country church. (At Easter, I use the spring buds and blossoms dinner plates seen at the top right.)

I'm off to make some pies—apple, pumpkin, and pecan. (I doubt that any of my toppings will look this pretty.) John has already purchased a three-berry pie at the library pie sale. Our odds on pies are getting better all the time...three people, four pies. What a family! ☺ I am also making Parker House rolls at some point and I must get Tom Turkey ready, too. I'll be using that Bell's Seasoning, of course.

A corner of my kitchen where the Christmas gingerbread boy and the turkey plate seem to be getting along famously. The meat thermometer is waiting at the ready. Gathering...always gathering.

Wishing all who will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow a blessed holiday. 

Thank you for reading or looking. The good news is that you are off the hook for commenting. There's just too much to do and how well I know it!

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