Monday, March 9, 2015

I May Have Said THAT

I have a story to tell you today that will ruin both John's and my reputation. I am placing it at the end allowing those who wish to avert their eyes the ability to do so. 

First, though, I have some tidying up to do as I had been saving lost some photos of happy mail. Happy mail is the very best kind! *Vickie of Sand Flat Farm* sent me a cookbook and a giving plate and a box of candy.

Cooking Through Rose-Colored Glasses is a delight because, as one of Vickie's favorites, it has her notations throughout on all the recipes she has tried: chicken fried steak, her dad's favorite birthday cake, biscuits, and oodles of others. Thank you so much, Vickie!

Another, more recent package arrived with a thud on my deck. Wowzer! It was from *Abby at Little Birdie Blessings* who knows how much I enjoy fabrics and notions and homemade things.

What a precious assortment from books to dryer balls! What fun I am going to have now that I have some thread. More on that in the next portion. Thank you, Abby!


Moving right along...

Boy, were we ever cranky. It was embarrassing. John was cranky because he is not feeling so great. If this winter doesn't quit soon, it'll be winter 1 and John zip. I was feeling cranky because I am not feeling so great either and when John gets cranky, I catch it. (Maybe that's the other way around.) Add in the fact that his vision and his hearing are bothering him. Yup, it's official: We are older.

So we had gift certificates from our respective birthdays awhile back. We decided that Friday would be the day to use them. JCPenney was first up. It has now been several years since I last visited the store so it was interesting to see the changes. John was shopping for t-shirts and a dress shirt. Next thing I know, he's tossing his t-shirts on the counter with a fair amount of attitude.

I: Whatsa matter with you?
He: I can't see you and I can't hear you!
I: Why not?
He: Because that big window is over your head and there's too much light shining on you. 
I: Well pardon me for not bringing my parasol. (No, I just thought of that as I was writing this up, but I wish that I had said it.)

We finally got through the one register in the entire store (not that it was JCPenney dying?) and headed for my stop—Hobby Lobby.

Just one look and I knew that I should not have brought He-Who-is-Not-Feeling-So-Great along. Ohhhh...soooo much to see...great bargains. Well, I needed thread so, alas, the sewing aisles were the only ones I saw.
As John dutifully followed me manning the cart, we made our way to the registers where we found the first two young-chick clerks deep in what appeared to be a meaningful conversation. We continued on to the next register where the "old" clerk was just finishing up with a customer. The old clerk seemed shocked that we were in her aisle when there were two perfectly good registers before and suggested we return to those registers. Are you kidding me, lady? Did you see how this poor husband of mine limped up here?! No, I didn't say that. I said something worse, "I might have done except that they were busy talking."
Would you believe that at that moment young-chick clerk called over and said that she could help us now? I should have stayed right.where.we.were. No, I made my poor, long-suffering husband limp back over there.

 Young-Chick clerk was very efficient and quite a little piqued. (I had seen "old" clerk give her the stink eye.) Well I was feeling more than a little piqued, too. When my order did not total the amount of the card, I added another item. Big sigh from clerk. Still not enough; I added another item; Another big sigh from clerk. I started to grin because I was enjoying it way too much. I need to repent. Have I been watching too much Downton Abbey? Probably!

We're putting ourselves back on house arrest as it is obvious, to me anyway, that we are not fit to be out in polite society.

Did I shock you?

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  1. LOL....This is hilarious Vee! I can relate....

  2. Very funny and yes I can relate as well. I'm liking online shopping more and more. And yes, I think JCP is struggling. At least by us.

  3. Lol! You are a hoot, Vee! Happy Birthday, whenever it certainly got some great gifts from those sweet bloggy friends :)

  4. Oh, so shocking! I can't believe the two of you are human! No way! Lol!

    It's mild here and Kyle and I saw two robins in our front trees! Spring really is coming!

    Poor John - those are tough issues to deal with. My Dad just got hearing aids through the VA. He has needed them for quite some time. Aging isn't for amateurs!


  5. Wow Vee you hit the nail right on the head...been there, done that way too many times ourselves. Guess that comes with our generation colliding with the younger generation. There are some days when I don't think we are fit for humans and like you said "house arrest" is the norm around our house most of the time. When I worked in retail and managed a small gift shop in the Old Port every time I hired a new employee I had to stress sooooooooooo much that no matter what is going on in your life you have to smile and be helpful the minute a customer comes into the store. Somehow some of them just missed out on the common courtesy thing ... it's just common sense when someone walks up to the counter you should be available to help them. I guess the other thing that used to bug me more than anything ... being on the other side of the counter and helping someone was when they would be on the phone talking to someone when you were ringing up their purchases....grrrrr...rant over. Rudeness has in some instances just become the norm and it is very sad. Anyway ... you struck a chord with your post today ... no shock here. : )

  6. Too funny! I have days like that and hate to admit it.

  7. Not at all! In fact the point could be made that the clerk gets paid to ring you up not chat and ignore you (one of my pet peeves as a customer!) an also that as the customer she should be thrilled when you add more items, job security means the more you buy the more likely her job will be around tomorrow. Her attitude was the one not fit for polite society. On another subject, those lovely happy mail packages should have brightened your mood, things like that always make my day :>) Spring isn't on the way dear's here. Rejoice!

  8. HAHAHA Great way to start my morning....with a good laugh! Of course all us "older" bloggers can relate. Though taking my hubby into hobby lobby for anything but a very specific item would NEVER be the way to go. Men can never understand the need to just "look around" (at least at those kind of items, lol) It is honestly soo sad too the way some young clerks act like they are doing you such a favor simply by doing their job. I will tell (hopefully quickly) what happened to me in Hobby Lobby just the last time I was in there. Should have put it on my post but it was already too long as it was. The guy who was checking me out was young, rude, and clearing annoyed with the gal who had been in front of me. Don't know why, and it doesn't matter. Anyway he was ringing my items up as fast as his hands could go which suited me just fine trust me, when he accidentally tossed a little black t-shirt I had bought to the ground near his feet. He glanced at me to see if I had noticed (my eyes told him I did!) and he said nothing but reached down to pick it up and tossed it on the counter to ring. He had clearly stepped on it as you could see the dirty footprint on the little sleeve! He didn't even bother trying to brush it off, just rang it and tossed it back with the other items. Here's where I lost it....I took the shirt and layed it back near him (nicely I might add) and pointed to the footprint and said, "Really?" And he then tried (unsuccessfully) to brush it off and then said (believe it or not)" I think that was already there." And I said, "Well, I may look old and may look tired but I am NOT dumb and NOT buying a shirt you've stepped on with dirty boots". He rolled his eyes and said, " I can wait while you run and get another one. Now remember my knees....So I said, "Honey I am not running anywhere. I think you are going to have to." He called someone to his register then (after rolling his eyes) and ran off to get one. Can you believe that? lol People are just unbelievable sometimes. I considered asking for his manager and making even a bigger deal out of the whole thing, but my broken knees simply screamed, "get out of here and back to your car and sit down ASAP" lol.

    Oh, and the Penny's by us seems to thriving. Lots of registers, LOTS of people, and one of my favorites. Enjoy your day Vee!

  9. Oh Vee, I am giggling right now...not sure if I should be, but I am :) I hope this week brings you sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine.

    Isn't Happy Mail simply the best! It looks like you have been blessed by a lovely assortment of goodies. Happy Monday to you. Hugs!

  10. You know how to make me smile on a Monday morning! I can picture it all...

    Better VERY late than never...Happy Birthday to you both! Should I send you each a gift card...maybe to JC Penny and to Hobby Lobby? Then you could write about your next shopping experience. :) Wishing you both the best of health...plenty of sunshine and blue skies...and blessings in abundance throughout the year that lies ahead!

  11. I completely enjoyed this! It's nice to know we are all human. *smile* Happy Monday!

  12. Vee, this is an amusing tale that is repeated by many of us oldens. Sure hope you all are feeling better. I find employees at some stores to be amazingly rude and poorly educated in their jobs. Winter is getting to most of us---hopefully Spring will shed new light on all of us!
    What lovely gifts your friends have given you. I'm sure they are brightening your days. ♥

  13. Shocking? I live in an 'old people' community. So this sounds quite normal. And my husband and I just got back from Wally world so enough said! hahaha! We don't like to shop as much as we used to! lol I bought thread at we can both stay home today. Of course they didn't have I got pearl! HUGS! I sure lol while I wrote my comment. Was it really that funny? (a rhetorical question)

    1. And how rude of me not to mention the beautiful gifts you received from friends. Our blog buddies know just what we love! HUGS again!

  14. No, not shocked. Humored would be more like it. I was cheering you on as rude clerks tend to get on my nerves too.
    Belated birthday greetings to you and John too.
    You have affirmed the kindness and generosity that abounds in blogland. Lovely and thoughtful gifts from your friends.

  15. OMG Vee, I am sitting in the library using the public computer with the hugest grin on my face trying so hard not to laugh out of loud! I definitely can relate to the rude clerk details. I hope there was a long...line behind you too (not really) Happy B'Day to you and John and I sure hope you are both better soon.
    Really sweet and thoughtful gifts from your friends too.
    Take care-Kim

  16. Ha! Is that a trick question at the end of this post? It's so wonderful to actually encounter cheerful efficient clerks, waitresses, etc. Sorry that you and John are still under the weather. It must be so very frustrating to have your hearing and eyesight out of kilter. Hoping for the end of winter at your house and some days filled with sunshine and cheer! I think Penny's is scrambling to make it as is Sears...

  17. What a funny story, after the fact, of course. "I need to repent", how cute. Limping from one register to another would NOT be fun. House arrest now? Your two gift packages are fabulous.

  18. A trip to Hob Lob for me.... and the hubs brings newspaper and/or a movie to pop in and watch while he waits. Will NOT have him infringing on my "fun" time and hurrying me along. Makes him happy, too. Yes, the clerks.... and esp at Hob Lob where the Good Lord is so prevalent in every aisle... never ceases to amaze me...or maybe mystify me. I think Penney's is still trying to back-track the mess they had from their previous CEO who believed people didn't want any sales ~ only "every day low prices". Another mystery. They seem to be all around us. :-)

  19. You received some nice gifts for your birthday too, it's nice to be thought of by someone other than family.
    Like the others above, I can relate to your shopping trip and yes, crankiness is contagious between couples.
    On-line shopping is more appealing than ever these days and when I hear of gals doing all their Christmas shopping this way, seems the route to take.

  20. Vee, it is the first time I have read your blog, finding it on Lavender Dreamer and not only do I love it, I think you're a hoot! I'd love to be your next-door neighbor, except for all the snow. I get enough of that here in Indiana :)

  21. Absolutely sounds like life here at times.. . .only it's so much funnier when I hear that it happens elsewhere, too. Belated Happy Birthday. It's interesting that I always think it is sometime around the end of February or the beginning of March, but you've never said. Might I ask?

  22. I've sure run into some young little clerks that I'd like to have slapped.

  23. Not at all! Sorry that John is not feeling up to par. This winter has a lot of folks beat, it seems. Spring is on its way, though, promise!

  24. I think this winter has made us feel even older than we are! I don't like shopping with Loyd, but I will. If I have to. Nice gifts by the way. I've met Vickie, but you know that don't you. She's a peach.

    1. Deb, we have only one degree of separation!

  25. No, you are not terrible or shocking, but you did make me laugh! I hope that you got some great things from your shopping to go with the beautiful things that your friend sent you! xx

  26. Not shocked here either and I too laughed. : )
    Ken and I usually separate in a craft store and then meet up again.
    I love the plate!!

  27. Nope, not shocked...boy, do we have a lot in common, lololol. I am one cranky bear, as is my husband. I swear (oops, sorry) if this winter doesn't end soon, their will be mutiny in the air, wink. Blessings

  28. Stunned I say! How could you Vee? Seriously, customer service is really lacking. I've had clerks that haven't even spoken a word, not even given me my total. I guess they thought I'd see it on their register. Love the giving plate and have never seen something like that before. I had a blast putting your box together from my stash, so glad you enjoyed it. You and John will feel better, the snow will melt, spring will come. Love Abby

  29. Not shocked at all. In fact, I have to confess to telling a few young (and immature) clerks how to NOT treat their customers a time or two. As if they really care, but I do wonder how long they will last in the job world. I try to have patience, but the older I get the less time I have for poor customer service!
    Hope you both are feeling better now.

  30. I've been suspecting for years that Penney's is on their way out...
    Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places in the world but their help has always be...ehhhh....lacking in how to deal with....WORK. Yep, they wanna talk with the other young helper...and once, several years ago, my girl and I were buying crafting stuff and one was a long strand of faux diamonds. While standing in line..for 30 minutes, I stepped on something...looking down, it appeared to be one of the fake diamonds off our strand... seemed bigger...I picked it up and stuck in in my purse. Next day, daughter took it to the jeweler and sure enuf, a big, REAL DIAMOND. We went right back to HL, asked for the manager, told him what had happened...asked if anyone had reported their diamond falling out of their ring and he said "no and I don't want to be bothered with it so keep it." We were stunned...he wouldn't let me leave my phone # or anything...CRAZY...and I had it mounted in a beautiful ring for my girl. :)

  31. That's it???? I thought there was going to be a screaming yelling match with one of you driving off in the car and leaving the other one.....oh...wait...that would have been ME and MY husband many years ago. My Hero is deaf in one year (seriously) and so can't tell where sound is originating from...major crank factor there.

    Too bad about the cashiers...figures, doesn't it? And there is never much going on in our JCPenney here either. xo Diana

  32. Shocked? Not really. I know you two are winter weary. And it's a struggle not to be cranky when you don't feel well. Poor John and poor you.

    (And I must confess to a little satisfaction myself when I read of your one. item. at. a. time. added to your gift card. ~sheepish grin~) What is up with service these days?

  33. Utterly shocking! (hand over mouth) What would Violet say? Hey, we're all human. Shopping while not feeling well is a perfect recipe for crankiness. Even just an unending winter might be cause.

    Lovely gifts from your blogging friends.

  34. Oh gracious, I always got embarrassed if Jim tagged along with me to a place like Hobby Lobby. All he did was complain, LOUDLY. He despised stores like that and considered it his duty to inform anybody and everyone of his viewpoints. For such a normally agreeable and cheerful fellow, he turned into a grumpy old fart as soon as he set foot in such places. And of course, we always were waited on by the slowest or most incompetent clerks imaginable. More LOUD grumbling would ensue.

    I have been told by my eye doctor that one can sometimes get bad glare after cataract surgery. If it does develop, then it is corrected by a few zaps with a laser. Perhaps John can be encouraged to see the eye doctor to see if it is a simple fix. I'm sure he knows what to do about bad hearing. It's just a matter of whether he wants to get a hearing aid or live with it.

  35. Bwuahahahaha. Boy are you a fine writer, that last bit was hilarious, Vee!

    Shocked? NO. Entertained?


  36. Well my take on this has always been...
    Why oh why does Sears not realized the additional business they would get if they put a tool and sports stuff store next to Hobby Lobby!! Good greif, do we have to find a woman to run Sears!!
    BTW, I am not shocked at all.

  37. Mona has left a new comment on your post "I May Have Said THAT":

    hahahahaha Vee you are certainly good for my morning's first laugh. I have many of those cute chick cash register girls that carry on conversations with each other rather than me the paying customer..
    Alas, we live in a big university town where youth rules and reigns..or so they think...
    Love this post,
    Love, Mona

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    1. Thank you, Mona, for your comment. Ordinarily, I don't waste perfectly good comments by deleting them. Just call me "butta finga."

      (Mona blogs at Hidden Art of Homemaking.)

  38. I am laughing out loud!!! I have never EVER gone to Hobby Lobby, that I didn't have some sort of problem getting through the checkout line....WHICH I probably waited in for at LEAST 20 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loved your pictures and your story....which by the way, happens way off down here in Texas too :^)


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