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Friday, November 27, 2015

Stand-by...Technical Difficulties

Thought that I would check in while I can. I have heard from a few about how emails have been bouncing back. My main PC is on the fritz and my iPhone was too full as well as the iPad. Apparently, I am a hoarder and I have never known how to permanently delete emails on the iPhone and iPad. I do now.☺ Good thing that all my teachers were here for Thanksgiving. Oh and the DVD player kicked it, too. It's been an interesting week. Into every life some technical difficulties must fall.

These are my two photos for Thanksgiving 2015. Pretty pitiful...dishes at the ready and a highly stylized tea cup having arrived from the Homestead in the last transport. The relish tray beneath the cup has been passed on to Michelle as my son and she have inherited the vintage Fiesta ware and the tray complements it so well.

My daughter Laurel has allowed me to borrow her lap top, which is quite the learning curve. Still, I will be able to stay in touch from time to time. I will continue to visit using the iPad.

An hour later and I'm coming in for a landing...finally! 

A good weekend and Happy Christmas decorating!  


  1. Well they say into every life a little rain must fall where computers are involved you usually have a downpour, hope things improve.

  2. Sorry to hear about the tech difficulties, Vee. My own computer is running quite slow at the moment and scares me.
    Your top photo is nice with the sunlight coming in. Your dishes standing at the ready are my favorites. The teacup reminds me of the blue lustreware my great-grandmother had. The black handles are quite unique. I hope your Thanksgiving was joyful. ♥

  3. Nice to see an update. Sorry about the technical problems...that was me last week! lol
    Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving. We have been blessed with mild weather but rain is on its way.
    I hope you will enjoy the remainder of the long weekend. xo

  4. Sorry about the tech troubles. When it works, it's great, when it doesn't, I could throw technology out the window! I hope your issues are resolved sooner rather than later.
    That's a beautiful teacup - very Art Deco to me (and I'm no expert, that's for sure). I hope your Thanksgiving was simply lovely. Have a good weekend.

  5. I think (I know) that I'm a hoarder too - eek! Maybe I need to get some pointers from my "young-uns" when they come home for Christmas!!! Your dishes at the ready look beautiful - I'll bet they were all filled with deliciousness and love!!! Happy decorating to you too.

  6. Oh the challenges we experience. I know how you feel Vee. For weeks now our screen goes black for a while - then comes back on. It is not good!

  7. Your thanksgiving table looks lovely Vee and I hope you had a very blessed day.
    I received your package of goodies today, thank you and I totally disagree with you that you can't sew!
    I will be posting my gifts soon. I'll be in touch...

  8. The dishes at the ready are lovely in the sunlight. Amazing weather we've been having for November. So sorry to hear about your technical difficulties. Hope you are up and running again soon; so nice you have a laptop to borrow, though I understand about the learning curve! My daughter and son-in-law in NV have only laptops, and set aside one for me to use when we visit, but it's always a challenge. Next time I will bring my Kindle Fire!

  9. It's crazy when we lose our devices---we get so used to sharing and suddenly we are quieted! I hope everything comes together soon. I think your two pics are fine. I forgot to take pictures, at least as many as I used to. I think one may be blog worthy, if I ever get around to posting. I'm exhausted.

    Have a good weekend, Vee.

    Jane x

  10. There's nothing more frustrating than having the computer get sick...I'm glad your teachers have you up and going on the laptop, anyway. Something has happened to my settings and now I have to log in on my blog every single time...same with other programs like Facebook and Pinterest. I have no idea what's wrong nor how to fix it...so I just LOG IN about 50 times a day. Grrrr

  11. I tell ya, technical difficulties is a test in true patience to be sure!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    This is the first year since I can remember where I wasn't done with Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving! I got as far as getting all the fall stuff put up and the decor Christmas things boxes up and one box is empty - then I got too tired. : - )

    Tomorrow is another day. : - ) Maybe Sunday for the tree, my nieces both crapped out on me and couldn't come today b/c they went black friday shopping and got too tired, haha.

  12. Techie challenges ... hope it gets sorted out soon for you ... experiencing technical difficulties are definitely trying times in my books. But I love it when it's going smooth.

    I like your two sweet pics for this year's accounting of Thanksgiving. Perhaps what you didn't take pictures of is as important as what you did? It would be an interesting exercise to write a wee bit of a story of your Thanksgiving based on these small clues. Love went into it ... everything is at the ready for something from the kitchen. The sunshine streaming must have created a happy, cozy ambiance for visitors and hosts alike. ....

    Wishing you a pleasant weekend and hope the decorating gets off to a good start.


  13. Hope your technical problems are soon fixed! It is so nice to have teachers to help out!

  14. The best thing about Black Friday is staying home and not spending money...! Hope your technical difficulties are now few and far between. No Fun! I loved your photos of Thanksgiving .. they gave me a hug!

  15. As usual, Vee, beautiful. Thanks for the smiles and happy belated Thanksgiving. Blessings

  16. It sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving in spite of technical difficulties. Amazing how they've become a part of our lives and its become difficult when they don't work. I hope you are having a restful weekend.

  17. So, how do you permanently delete e-mail messages from your phone? I've given that some thought in the past, but didn't do any research. How nice to have those home-grown teachers! I guess that I'm a hoarder, too.

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving blessings. I've been so busy that I didn't plan well for the day, but all went well for the two of us.

  18. I'm obsessed with keeping my emails deleted regularly and have paid the price by accidentally deleting one and then I empty the trash... Really, when you think about it though Vee, we didn't grow up with all this gadgetry and yet look how well we do!
    Glad your Thanksgiving was a cozy one with family and after resting for the weekend I'm sure you'll be digging out the Christmas decor.

  19. I am sorry you are having tech difficulties! Nice to hear you had a cozy Thanksgiving.

  20. Hello Vee, I just wanted to say hello, right back at you! We have had so many windy days that our power keeps going down. And then of course it does throw all the stuff off line. Doing well here and I do wish you a good week ahead with a bit of Christmas cheer coming right up on our heels!
    Thinking of ya!
    Hugs, Roxy

  21. Technical problems are such a pain. When they happen, I feel like the world is upside down or something. Hope you've seen the back end of all the problems. I'm not sure if I'm decorating this Christmas or not. Just can't get motivated.
    Hope your day is blessed with happy electronics. ~:)

  22. I'm sorry about your technical problems. What a pain!! Hope fully it will be worked out soon. I'm glad you had a great thanksgiving holiday. Happy Christmas decorating to you!

  23. Coming by to see if your computer problems might be fixed. Bummer...
    I no longer have to LOG IN on all my Google accounts now (whew) but now none of my links to other blogs (history) is there now....where are they ?...so I have to type every blog I visit into my address bar....whereas, used to, I could just type "ah" and your blog address showed up....has something to do in the settings so will tackle that later....
    and...I would choose a PECAN PIE over PECAN PIE BARS so just bake another pecan pie...the bars are great...but nothing has been invented yet that beats a pecan pie....

  24. Oye how I disapprove of technical difficulties. I'm just coming up for air. Still have my Thanksgiving company here till Tuesday. Hope to see more from you soon!

  25. I hate it when everything goes wonky all at the same time! I am still with out my MacBook. I simply decided that it would have to wait until the New Year. Too much going on to take time to make an appointment with at Apple store. I miss it but Tim's small laptop is actually very nice to use. It's gone with him all day, so I often use the other laptop we have. It's used for the kids math and for watching movies online.

    Anyway, I'm glad Laurel is loaning you her laptop.

    I like it when you blog!


  26. I am out stalking for missed posts and I found one!!! I have a brand new lap top with Windows 10 all shiny and new - and still unused! I simply have not had TIME to learn how to use it!!! Soon. I hope. I was going to get a Mac but decided that I could not handle learning so many NEW things when I haven't even mastered the OLD ones!!! I am going to do my first Blog Hop - I have been asked along with 26 other ladies to participate and this is SCARY to me. I had to really study how to put a button on my side bar! The good news is - I no longer depend on Amber for my blog headers and backgrounds so I AM learning - slowly!!
    Thta first photo is lovely and I enjoyed playing I spy as I was looking at all your lovely things!!

  27. For Pete's sake, I suddenly see I have missed 3 of your posts, now how did that happen? You did better than me, I got zero photos of Thanksgiving. It was lovely all the same:>)


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