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Thursday, February 9, 2017

My World This Week

A nice Valentine collage may make up for the mess I am about to show you. And why even bother with my own images when PicMonkey has so many lovely ones from which to choose?
~PicMonkey Collage~

Most days I sit around looking out the windows. Just call me Mrs. Kravitz. This huge maple tree was taken down way last summer. A portion of it fell down in a storm the week that John was in the hospital last May.  It has taken a long time to chop it up and haul it off. This was the last bit. I was thinking of it as lawn art and am a little sad to see it go.

I have tried to keep the deck cleared, but the last ice storm nearly did us all in. I still have a lot of ice on the deck.

The good news is that the stairs are clear.

~Bootprint Angel~

~Shovel Ready~

↑This is my spot for dumping extra snow. There are precious few places left. Underneath this snow is my set of whimsical stairs that John made me.

↑If all else fails, I can push the snow all the way into the ravine.

~The bear is buried.~

↑Snow does cover a lot of unsightly messes. This falling down fence is not mine. I would really like it gone and I won't replace it as my neighbor did. You can see the difference between the ancient fence and the new fence.

It is true that I have become a bit ding-toed walking on all this ice. I have heard that one should walk like a pigeon, but then my brother-in-law told me I should walk like a duck. Is he teasing me? Either way, I am wearing my cleats a lot.

↑There's a whole lot of ice chopping going on. 

The good news about all the ice is that, when it is time to paint this spring, there'll not need to be a lot of scraping.

~Back to looking out windows...~

Another day, another storm, another lovely morning in Maine, she said wryly. Very.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

P.S. Nearly the end of today's storm and just the beginning of clean-up. We have many storms coming...Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... Yikes! πŸ˜–


  1. Good Morning, Vee. Wow, that is a lot of ice/snow! I love your Valentine collage. I do a lot of looking out the windows, too! The squirrels and birds entertain me (and Theo and the cats!) We have had very warm weather the past few days and the reason I am up in the middle of the night is that we are having severe thunderstorms. I hope you are resting comfortably and that you will have a good day. xo

  2. Good Morning Vee....we had a winter storm blow in over night, talk about a surprise when we woke up this morning, wink. We also wear cleats and walk like ducks...lol. (it does look funny, especially when one is wearing a heavy backpack & is ancient/older than dirt, LOLOLOL)

    Try to have a beautiful day friend and enjoyed seeing a photo of precious John and the story you told, smiles.

  3. Oh Vee....this is so familiar! Although the snow is just gorgeous falling...it lasted so very long. And you are right....it made rather worn out old areas, look just beautiful! Stay warm and please don't slip on all that ice! BRRRRR

  4. Is it any consolation that you got some beautiful photos out of all this snow and ice? (Probably not.)

    You did get some great shots and they certainly tell the tale of what's going on at your place! Of course, my favorite pic is the one of your dear, sweet John. Precious.

    Stay dry and warm and safe, friend! I think that looking out the window is a good plan!

  5. Enjoyed your photos. Your world looks a lot like my world only we have more snow and less ice. I can't even venture out onto my back deck because I can't open the door. I'll have to do a post similar to yours...from the inside looking out. ;)

  6. Oh gee whiz, the snow is back again. But, spring will come, just don't hold your breath til it does.

  7. Good Morning! We had very little snow as of yesterday, but very cold temps. We woke with a fresh coating of snow, but just the right amount nothing like what you have. I also look out the windows alot. Though it appears your view is a bit better. Be careful chopping that ice, don't need you falling! Take care and have a delightful weekend! I'll be in the laundry room!

  8. And I've been grumbling about Wisconsin weather! Well, first I should say that your photos are great and tell the story well. That said, aren't we all getting just a bit sick to death of winter! Can you salt the steps or does that ruin the wood? I love those double doors. I could even covet them if I let myself dwell too long on it. Looking forward to spring, only three months away. xoxo

  9. Dear Vee, whether walking like a duck, pigeon, or any other bird of choice, please, please be careful in those somewhat dire snow/ice conditions. The photos really give me a sense the New England winters I survived back in the 60's/70's - about twelve of them all told - in both NH and MA. I couldn't handle it now - though quite enjoyed it back then when young, and with children who played happily for hours and lost their snow boots every winter - our backs were stronger then and we dug them out come spring! The boots - not the kids!!!!! I'd never lived anywhere before with so much snow every winter.

    Please take care - our backs are precious and that yellow shovel could do one in - in no time flat! Dear John is looking over you I'm sure - thank you for including his picture here - when I think of you I always remember him too x

    Hugs - and sending some NC sunshine your way.
    Mary x

  10. Wow Vee...
    Your world surely looks different than mine. I do love the snow but..wowzer...
    I miss John as I am sure you do much more than me..sweet picture of him..
    I hope you are staying warm and do be careful walking in all that ice and snow...I will try to post a picture soon of spring time in Georgia to give you some hope! LOL
    Love, Mona

  11. Morning, I guess any way you walk toes in or out, Your cleats seem like the best option. So sorry about the tree! I always feel real bad when we lose a tree. It so nice to see that picture of John when he made your new steps! Stay warm and cozy and safe!
    Hugs, Roxy

  12. Vee, please be as careful as you can when you venture outdoors. Such a sweet photo of your beloved John. I hope you are able to visit your dad and give him his ice cream! Take care, my friend. ♥

  13. And just like that ALL of our snow is gone. Well the areas where we made piles of it are still melting off but no winter wonderland and no snow covered roofs. Those cleats are a good invention. I cleared a shared drive off on Tuesday and felt so accomplished. How does a pigeon walk? Lightly? I walk like a duck when our deck is icy but then we are accused of developing webbed feet here in the Pacific Northwest because of our rain. Love the photo of John by those stairs he built. How ever you step, step carefully!

    1. Toes in...not sure that I could do the Charlie Chaplan walk. Sorry that your winter wonderland is all gone...hope you get some more! Running now...

  14. Hi Vee,

    I always enjoy my visits here. :D Wow, that is a BUNCH of snow; we are so not accustomed to that here. I think you're a real trooper with it. I LOVE your photo of the evergreen branch next to the snow on the deck -- perfect! Snow certainly can cover a multitude of ugliness, can't it? Oh, I love your "shovel-ready" picture, by the way. ;>) I remember those whimsical steps when you shared them with us after John made them. I love that you share these precious pictures here.

    Please, please be careful on the ice; it's just treacherous. That's one thing we do get a lot of in the winter. Have a wonderful day, my friend!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  15. Oh, my. Now there is more snow coming today and it looks like more predicted for the weekend. In your area, too, I guess. (Just looked at the 5-day forecast for your part of Maine!) Guess you can put the ice chopping on hold and turn to snow removal? Perhaps it is time to call the plow guy. I'm sure you manage well with lesser amounts of snow, but this looks like a lot!

    Love the picture of John and also the one just below that with the fir branches embedded in snow on the railing.

    Stay inside as much as you can and drink lots of tea!

  16. No snow or even much cold down here in Texas! I'm glad you are careful when walking on that ice! When we were in Scotland the sidewalks were sheets of ice and Amber and Mike tell us that they feared we would fall down and break something. We didn't but we DID hold on to each other! We were in Aberdeen and the residents said there was no budget for 'gritting' the streets! Pretty but dangerous!

    My heart caught when I saw the photo of John......

  17. We have had an almost snowless Winter. The same cannot be said for Maine! Steph and family have had far less snow this Winter although Boston is getting hit today.

  18. Wow, now that is a lot of snow and ice, I don't think this Country would be able to cope. Stay safe and warm.

  19. I've spent the last hour catching up on all your posts. I missed reading them so much! Wish I were there to help you with that snow. I love snow so much and we've had very little. I promise I am going to get back to blogging soon. Hugs dear Vee!

  20. Love the photo of our dear friend John! Just writing that brought tears to my eyes.

    You've been quite the trooper dealing with all that by yourself. Take care not to do too much at a time.

    We often have similar weather, but this year we've been so mild, and very little snow or ice, and you've been hit hard. You'll have to reward yourself with a trip to Pennsylvania - I can see you and Laurel on a girls road trip! Now wouldn't that be fun!?

  21. I enjoy your blog, but I am thankful that we don't have the snow and ice that you have.

  22. I'm glad we missed the ice storm at home this week, businesses were closing early so employees could get home safely. You appear to have more snow than we do and you are wise to have cleats for walking on ice and hard crusted snow. A friend showed me hers that attach to boots and I just may look into some for myself.
    Don't overdo it chopping at the ice.

  23. That ice looks treacherous! Be careful when you're out and about! Walk with your toes pointed in to be stable...hahaha! Hugs, Diane

  24. Oh my goodness Vee! That snow is CRAZY at your place! Here I am fixing to cut my AC on! I love your pictures sweet lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. More storms coming? Too bad. Hunker down and stay cozy. I'm glad you're wearing cleats in the ice - falls can be dangerous.
    The photo with John is such a delight to see.
    We went from wild snow yesterday to lots of rain and temps well above melting today. But there's still plenty of snow covering our grass. Slush everywhere.

  26. I think you must be getting the snows that have missed us so far this winter. Please be very careful on that ice! Can you put some rock salt on it? I hate to think of you doing all that shoveling. I'm not in as good a shape as you so I wouldn't attempt it, but then there are a few snowflakes I'd love to shovel down in the ravine if I could. lol! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Take care. PS I enjoy looking out the window, too.

  27. Oh, my, not sure how we would handle that much snow here in the deep South. We have hardly had any winter but I'm sure we will before it's all over. Blessings!

  28. I think some of that stormy weather is headed our way too - yikes! Take care and definitely wear those cleats so you don't fall. Your pictures are beautiful. Love that picture of your love too....so many memories to cherish!

  29. Oh, that snow! No need to tell you to be careful, Vee. You know. We've been spared here in northern Illinois.

    It's difficult to start 'wearing the pants' in the family. I went through that when my husband was fighting cancer a few years ago. It was a wake up call. I think you are going to be okay. You seem to be a very determined and centered soul.

    I Pray your weather calms...if not, come here for a visit. Can't promise no snow but we can build a snowman and solve the problems of the world over hot cocoa!

    Jane x


  30. You're a brave soul conquering the snow and ice! We had two inches of snow a while back and I just stayed in until it melted; here in the south that was two days! I love seeing snow fall, but I'm too old to have to deal with it anymore...I know I've become a whimp! Stay warm and bake bread, XOXO

  31. oh my goodness...every time I see all the dilemmas of snow I am glad this lady doesn't deal with it or I'd find myself trapped inside all the time. I'd be terrified I'd fall and I don't know if I could dig myself out if I had to. I guess if you'd always dealt with it as you have, you'd be a pro. I am a big baby I know, but I'd be whiny and fearful. But it's sooooo beautiful on the other hand. Anyway, glad the storm is over and your good. Enjoy your week-end!

  32. Nice to stop by and visit you. : ) Lots of snow and ice your way. Looks like here but another warm up is on the way, I think.
    Be careful on that ice, even with ice grippers you can still fall. I know, I did!!
    A happy day to you Vee.

  33. It's crazy how some parts of the country are getting hammered by snow and here in SE Wisconsin we barely have any! Hope that doesn't mean we're going to get rain all summer :( Glad you're being careful on the ice.

  34. Well, another storm behind us Vee.. we got more than a foot. And they say we've got yet another nor'easter coming Sunday-Monday which will give us even more. Oh joy! NOT! I don't know about you, but I'm quite ready for spring NOW. Our snowbanks are so high now, street intersections are dangerous with such obstructed visibility... winter can end anytime now, thank you very much. My favourite thing about winter? When it's over!!

  35. Wow, so much snow. I love the photo of the pine branch with the snow on the railing!!

  36. I am glad you are being careful, Vee. That is a lot of snow and ice you have there!!! You really have been hit and I see there is more snow coming for your area. We have been VERY cold here, too, but not had a terrible time with storms (knock on wood).
    I hope you have a great weekend and-if you have a chance- I did a new little something on my blog today....xo Diana

  37. That is a lot of snow, Vee. We don't get any so I'm a bit envious but can see that it would make for a lot of work and very slippery. Take care!

  38. It's winter and this is what comes with it, especially in Maine! I enjoyed all of your photos. You do indeed get a lot more ice in your area than we do in Colorado.Our high and dry altitude eliminates ice -- most of the time. Have a good weekend.

  39. I guess I have been too busy dealing with my own snow mess over here this week, to check up on yours! May all the snow and ice be a distant memory before long! (Wishful thinking, right?) Stay safe!

  40. Enjoyed your snow overdose pictures, lol! I have stayed busy shoveling our deck off too. Now, there are no steps, the snow banks have reached to the landing, lol. Thankfully, we've had warmer weather the last couple of days and some of it has started to melt. We finally got all the snow off our roofs today. We are making progress... until the next snowstorm, lol! Such is life in the wintry north!

  41. Love all the photos in this post. I had thoughts to share about them (all good), but now am just thinking about all the snow you're getting. Pretty, but so much work. I've been trying to find my way through the ice, too. As the snow melts, it freezes during the night. Oh, and I've always heard "walk like a penguin." I would really like to know which is right so I could avoid falling.

  42. Wonderful post Vee. I enjoyed the photos and dialogue and wry humour. :) That was quite a wallop from Mother Nature! It's been a while since we had such a storm. Our little bit of fence in the corner is about as unsightly as your neighbours fence and something will be done about that this year!! I'm trying to figure out what I can make with those old boards. Hahaha. I hope the next snows aren't as bad as the last one. I'm not looking forward to spring melt as it will mean flooding for many. Thinking of you on this Valentine's Day. Love and hugs. Pam

  43. Oooohhh... all that snow. To me, sitting here looking at the computer, it is quite beautiful. But, if I put myself in your place and think about ACTUALLY having to deal with that day in and day out... YOWZA! God bless and keep you as you deal!!


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