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Monday, March 6, 2017

That Promised Chat

I am feeling about as chatty as can be...a week of being mostly cooped up in the house can do that to a gal. That's why I'm glad that you're here!

This, if you are not used to my posts, is going to yarn you all over the place so brace yourself and please help yourself to the cookies and tea.

Awhile ago, Judy of Cranberry Morning told us about these cookies. She calls them
 White Crackle CookiesWhen I tasted them, I realized that what I really had were my mother's Oatmeal Cookies. ツ Not exactly, but very, very similar. My mom rolled hers in oatmeal so I used Judy's method and added oatmeal to the tops of some cookies.

Added photo:

~oatmeal topped~

Here's my mom's recipe and you can find Judy's recipe

Mom's Oatmeal Cookies


3/4 cup brown sugar
 1 1/2 cup flour
1 scant cup shortening
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Make balls and roll in oatmeal (rolled oats).

Bake at 375° for 10 to 12 minutes

The "excellent" may be wiped out, but they are a 
delicious, easy-to-make cookie.

Oh, wanted to mention that Gabby called out last Friday so my father didn't get the luxury of a goodbye after all. When my sister called me with the news Friday morning, they were feeling a little low. I decided to gather up some lunch and head for their place as a bit of a diversion for us all. I don't think that I've seen my sister since last fall.

Besides, I wanted to see the new sofa. Looks good, but I didn't get a photo. I visited for a couple of hours and then came home stopping by Hobby Lobby on my way. Those lemon slice placemats under the tea saucer were my score. I am eager for spring.

~fun fabric for a friend~

Made another bowl cozy and while selecting the Rt 66 fabric, I selected a few other fabrics as well. Who knows who may get a bowl cozy next. Ha!


Bowl cozies are something that I would never have thought I would use or like, but I really do. I enjoy being able to stick something in the microwave and being able to remove hot soup, chowder, oatmeal, whatever without burning my hands or getting a pot holder stuck in the food. I also use them when I am eating ice cream so my hands don't freeze...plenty cold enough without that. There are lots of tutorials out there. I use a combination of several.

~not a bowl cozy~

Then my Instagram and blogger friend Linda did an amazing tutorial on a sweet little draw bag called a "petal pouch." I have been wanting something easier for my makeup than a traditional makeup bag and had decided to make some sort of satchel that would open completely and allow me to grab my stuff because I am tired of pawing around. Anyway, this is how it turned out. I made it from vintage sheets because I didn't want to waste any fabric if it did not work out. No worries as Linda did a very thorough explanation of each step with pictures! Linda made hers with complementary fabric. You can find her tutorial HERE at MySewWhat blog. I think it would make a sweet handbag for little girls or as a way to present a gift. What do you think?

 ~second ribbon choice as first was too flimsy~
~my bodkin has seen better days~

 ~for my purposes a lot of ribbon was required~

 ~it works!~

Sheer Wisdom from butter London was one of my birthday gifts. I love this stuff. It is described as a "lush lip oil." 

That's a wrap...

I took a selfie wearing the lush lip oil, but decided against using it. Whiplash I don't mind giving you, but I am opposed to frightening you.

Thank you for the input you gave on my last post. I certainly don't want anything to happen to our happy little corner of Blogdom. If you have any ideas about ways to inject some enthusiasm or energy, please share.

A happy Monday and a good week. Hopefully, I'll find my way back soon.


  1. Good Morning, Vee. Such a delightful post to start my day. The photo of your tea and cookies on the sunny yellow placemat is lovely. I follow Judy and saw her cookies recently. Thankful that you could take lunch to your Dad and sis; I know it was good to spend time together...how are the roads now? I had not seen a bowl cozy but I love that idea as I am constantly burning myself lifting things out of the mircowave. The Route 66 fabric is cute as can be. My brother took John on a month-long trip driving across the U.S. several years ago and John was quite taken with Route 66! We have a new Hobby Lobby about 30 min. away and I love browsing there. The petal pouch is a great idea and like you, I would like it to open wide so I could see the contents. Thanks for the tip about the lipstick. I looked it up on amazon just now...such pretty colors. I hope you have a nice Monday. xoxo Mildred

  2. {{giggling}}} you could never scare me, now, I, on the otherhand would scare you, giggling....

    Lovely post, Vee...and it makes me sad about Gabby....and your dad. Have a beautiful day friend and I am afraid I have no ideas about posts...sigh.

  3. Your poor Dad...how difficult to grow close to your caregiver only to have her go elsewhere. I hope she has an equal replacement. I have never heard of a bowl cozy but it is a darling idea. And...how I love your new lemon placemats! What a bright and cheery color! Have a lovely week Vee!

  4. What a fun way to start the week. I so enjoy a good chat and if it includes tea and homemade cookies I enjoy it even more :). Those cookies look like the kind you could just sink your teeth into. I have banned shortening from my kitchen and am wondering if butter would be an acceptable substitute.
    What a shame that Gabby was a no show for her last day. Perhaps being able to say goodbye would have offered some sense of closure to the situation. I'm sure your visit and lunch was a welcome diversion for all. Wonderful things coming from your sewing room. Had never seen a bowl cozy, but after your description, I could see how they would come in handy for both hot and cold. The make-up bag is also a neat idea. Love that pink polka dot ribbon you chose. I would have loved to see that lip oil in action. No chance of scaring me :).

    1. No. Butter will not work. Shortening is what they require for the proper flavor. Butter would overwhelm. I prefer butter over shortening as well, but there are those few things that require shortening. Further, I'd prefer the good old-fashioned shortening before they messed with it trying to make it more healthful. Course, if you have never tasted this cookie and do not know how they "should" taste...

  5. What a cheerful post to read early in the morning. Those bowl cozies are such an interesting idea. At first I thought it was to use like a tea cozy, to keep your food warm, and I didn't think I would be interested. But to let you pick up something hot from the microwave - what a great idea. And I love those sunny place mats....Have a good week!

  6. I love your sunny yellow placemats and I spied that adorable shamrock teacup too. I like the bowl cozies. I might one day if I ever settle down check that out. Oatmeal cookies are my favorite cookie in the world. I am craving them as I write.

  7. Lots of pretty things - thanks for sharing Vee. Love those bright yellow placemats - and notice you are ready for St. Patrick's Day with the adorable shamrock china, so sweet.

    Speaking of 'sweet' - oatmeal cookies are my favorite and I could easily devour one right now with my second cup of coffee!
    Hope Dad does OK and a new person is as nice as he found Gabby.

    Happy week Vee x

  8. I promised myself this morning that I would not overeat this week. Those cookies are calling me! The placemat is definitely cheerful and spring is just a couple of weeks away...at least on the calendar. Can the bowl cozy be put in the microwave along with what you're warming? I'm going to check out the tutorial for the petal pouch. Great idea for makeup. I always dump mind on the vanity and have to put everything back in the bag. Time-savers are wonderful, but especially when they're cute.

    1. Yes, as long as everything, including the fabric, batting, and thread are 100% cotton, it goes right into the microwave.

      As for the make-up bag...love, love, love how it is working for me...it can also be popped back into the regular makeup bag for structure and then pulled out, opened and used that way. So convenient and no dumping.

  9. Hi Vee,
    You did a great job on that petal pouch make up bag. I am impressed! I love, love the vintage sheet material you used and the ribbon. It's nice when something so easy to make can be so useful, especially when made from materials on hand.

    I like the bowl cozies myself and have been thinking about making some. I would use them for both hot and cold too...

    Cookies and tea sounds so good. I'll have to try these! It's so cold out BUT I took my dog out this morning and though it is very cold, it smells like spring and the birds were singing like crazy. So if it smells like spring and sounds like spring, it must be spring!!!

    So sorry for your dad....I am sure your diversion cheered him up....Have a great day....your success making a petal pouch has made my day!!!

    1. PS I updated my post and included a link to this post of yours!

  10. That bowl cozy is such a great idea! Will have to look up some patterns for that and Kathleen and I can try them together. :-) Hope you have a wonderful week!


  11. We have one of your "old way" bowl cozies and it is certainly perfect for the microwave. I'm always burning my sensitive hands. Bill's hands are a tough as leather, he can practically take a pan out of the oven (not really but seems that way). I like the new way you made your makeup bag and will check out the tutorial. By the way, I wouldn't have been frightened of your picture, it would have been a delight to see. Maybe you'll change your mind. ~ Abby

  12. Those cozies are genius! I also like your make up bag. Creative items for everyday use are the best!

    The one thing I miss on my eating plan is a good cookie.

  13. Your little makeup satchel is sweet. I don't like digging around in a traditional bag. This looks like just the thing to make them all visible but easily wrapped up and away. Enjoyed your chat today. Still thinking about those 18 boxes of couch delivered to your sister's house.

  14. Those lemon slice placemats really are a nice touch of Spring to brighten up a grey winter day! That is a clever way to hold makeup and I like your pouch.
    Those bowl cozies are very smart for the microwave. I do hope your father will be cheered up by a new care giver soon. I would like one of those cookies next to my cup of tea! I'll have to settle for oreo goldens today. :)

  15. I love that bright yellow color in your teacup photo, I am so anxious for Spring I am just about giddy. I love the idea of bowl cozies! We are constantly trying not to burn or hands after warming things in the microwave. Maybe you would share your pattern?

  16. Oh, so much to comment on! I feel as if I should write an entire post in response to this. The cookies ... when I saw Judy's recipe a few days ago, I thought to myself, "Those sound like my old tried and true Farm Journal recipe for Angel Cookies". It is similar, but the Angel Cookie recipe makes 9 dozen and they suggest variations to make different types of cookies from it by using different add-ins.

    The little petal pouch ... a friend made me one of these, quite a bit smaller, a number of years ago. She packaged a sweet necklace inside it ... one that I think she had made herself. It included some pink beads that looked like roses and were actually made with rickrack.

    The bowl cozies look like a fantastic idea. Much better than a ratty old pot holder which tends to be my solution.

    How about if I DID write a post of my own in response to this? Would that be a dumb idea?

    As for injecting energy into blogdom, I don't know the answer. Joyce's Hodgepodge always energizes me for a post. I wish I had discovered it sooner. But for me the big issue is always time. I can usually think of plenty to write about, but have limited time to do so.

    Have a blessed week and thanks for the visit over tea and cookies!

    1. Go for it! 😊 We all get ideas from each other!

  17. LOVE that little bag for makeup~! I have been looking for something to replace my old 'bag'. I wanted another one but they don't make them anymore- (darned Bare Minerals)...but I think I would have one like you made too 'dirty looking' way too soon. However- I LOVE that fabric.

    I never heard of a bowl cozy but what a great idea!!! Love that idea.

    I am going back to read the post I missed about blogland while I was on the road. xo Diana

    1. It's an old sheet...no worries about getting it dirty and it will wash. I just want function and so far, so good. Much better than dumping everything into the sink or on the countertop and vastly superior to fishing! I think I may plunk the whole thing into the first makeup bag since it has a "spot" in the closet.

  18. I love reading your posts. Love the bowl cozy, the pink and white polka dotted ribbon, and the bright yellow placemats...and the cookie recipe looks like a keeper.

  19. Lots of inspiration here! That's the first I have heard of bowl cozies. Not a bad idea for heating things up in the microwave! As for the oatmeal cookies...I don't think I have ever had any even similar to those. I must try them! I think we are all hoping if we bring on the yellow...it will bring on the spring. Wishful thinking!

    Smiling here about the luscious lip selfie that we never got to see. Yet!

  20. I always enjoy your chatty posts. Yes to bowl cozies! I have two of them and use them often. I try to remember to put the cozy under the bowl before turning on the microwave, but more often end up pulling the bowl over the cozy when it's hot to touch. Someday, I'll learn!
    The lemon slice mat is a bright harbinger of spring, we hope. Winter just lingers on and on here.

  21. Your teacup and cookies on your new lemon slice placemat makes for such a pretty picture, Vee! I've made several of the bowl cozies as gifts and people seem to like them. What's so funny is that I, too, made a tulip poco from Linda's tutorial! Mine is going to be used as a gift bag. I'm really loving yours from the vintage sheet, and so perfect for your make up. Hope you have a happy week, Vee.

  22. Hi Vee~

    I kind of like it when you are chatty - I learn so much! Love the cute little four leaf clovers on your tea cup, so cute. The cookies look delicious, I'm definitely going to try them; I love the idea of rolling them in oatmeal.

    You know, I have seen the bowl cozies, and they really are so practical and cute. Just think of all the seasonal cuteness that could be happening - I'm such a messy eater, they would constantly be in the wash!

    The little bag you made for your makeup is adorable - I'm constantly fighting with my zipper on my bag - I will have to give it a try, even though I'm not much of a sewer, I could give it my best shot!


  23. Bee I do enjoy your chattiness . I truly enjoy your blog . Hugs and blessings , cindy

  24. I do love a chatty post! :)

    What a great idea, your make-up bag . . . and so cute too! The pink polka dot ribbon is perfect for it. I also like the idea of a bowl cozy. I am thinking it might work for a mug too. You are just full of inspiration today!

  25. Cookies, tea, crafts and conversation. I enjoyed my visit, Vee.

  26. Petal Pouches! I have fabric and supplies! What a perfect container to gift cookies or baked goods in! Yes, I will so be making some of these!
    A trip to Hobby Lobby is like therapy to me! I leave the store feeling a little brighter for the experience!

  27. I have cabin fever also and sick on top of it so whenever I think of getting out, I'm usually too tired after getting dressed!!

    Love your cozies, so very British. The bowl cozy is great. I don't know my set of dishes is too thin or just made of something that absorbs hear but you need a mitt to take them out of the microwave. I've learned that the hard way. I love your makeup bag...you are a sewing whiz, I envy that. It's nice that you can wash it, too. I got smart and filled up a small makeup bag for the lake. I was always hauling along my huge bag, I keep a variety of products in there to just fool with. For the lake I just need a few basic in case we go out to dinner or to a party (rare!)

    I'd like to try the cookies. Do the oats make them crispy?

    Jane x

  28. I think if we remember why we started blogging, it helps. I just felt like I had a visit with you, enjoyed those delicious cookies and tea, and caught up on what was happening in our lives. Love these chats, XOXO

  29. Vee, those cookies look so good! There's nothing like a good oatmeal cookie! I meant to say in my previous comment, I can sympathize with you, your Dad and sister on the "finding a good caregiver" issue. Been through it with my Mom. Finding a good one who is compassionate, trustworthy and reliable, and "a good fit" is not easy. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a new one. The bowl cozy and the petal pouch both are sweet, and useful too! I can see lots of uses for the petal pouch. Great gift idea!

  30. There was a lady at the farmers market in Florida selling bowl cozies and I was tempted, but didn't purchase one. I'm having the same issue with wanting something better for my makeup and am thinking about a plastic divided tray from the dollar store - almost like a cutlery tray that will fit under the sink.
    I've tried a few selfies and there is no way I'd post them anywhere. Yup, too scary seeing me that close. lol I would be comfortable with the one some gals do in a mirror - standing way back!
    A good cookie and a cup of tea says comfort to me.

  31. Yum, I could go for one of those delicious looking cookies about now! I've been trying to stay away from the sweets, other than my iced tea, but these are tempting me to turn on the oven. I like the idea of a bowl cozy, too. I'm always burning myself getting hot dishes out of the microwave. The fabric is pretty, too. Hope you and your sister find a good replacement for Gabby to help with your dad.

  32. Hi Vee. I've missed a lot of your posts so was just reading them all to catch up - on the blue room, your father and his birthday, his caregiver having to leave, your grandsons 'sliding' and eating chocolate pie (YUM) and life in general. You've been busy. I love this sweet makeup bag you made. It really is pretty and would also be a sweet idea as a gift wrap. I have a cheap clear plastic zip case for my makeup so I can see it all. The only time I use it is on Sundays or for a special occasion. ha! I admit I've gone to Instagram too but my account is private. I have had many requests to follow me from people I don't know but follow other 'friends' however, I don't accept them. I hope they don't think I'm mean but I want to keep things the way I like with a private account. I also don't hashtag all my tags to the millions of them out there. I use a hashtag but they are not linked - at least I don't think they are. I hope a new caregiver is found for your dad that will work well with him. That is so difficult. My sister and her husband have one come in 3 days a week and the first few times were not good but Pat warmed up to her and all is good. She bakes up a storm and makes meals for them. Such a great help to my brother-in-law who was so tired and stressed from looking after my sister. (she has Alzheimer's) Your cookies look really good and easy to make. I enjoyed the chat today.

  33. Lots of fun things in this post. : ) I've never even heard of a bowl cozy but what a great idea. I could use one for my ice cream!!

  34. Very lovely, and thanks for the recipe.

  35. You crack me up with that whiplash vs. scare comment. :-)
    I just received one of those bowl cozies this week as a gift from the lady who makes our paper flowers. Love it!! Perhaps she will make some for the shop now.
    Your cookies and tea look so inviting.
    Hugs and have a fabulous day!! I'm off to sing as well as I can with a cold. lol

  36. Thanks for the cheery post Vee! I'm still working on digging my way through my cluttered art room and helping my mother. Thanks for making me smile!

    1. Catherine! So nice to see you here. You are missed. (I am still digging through the chaos in my sewing room and taking care of my dad on a one-day-a-week basis.)

  37. I soo enjoyed your chat even though I am kind of late to the conversation. I can't believe how many comments you get! The cozy bowl has totally intrigued me and I am definitely going to look into that. The cookies sound and look soo yummy. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Oh no! Not you, too! Maybe this is a joke. 🀷🏻‍♀️πŸ™‚

  38. A delightful catch-up visit with you Vee! You have been busy sewing! I love those little bowl cozies. I bought one from a local lady and just love it, you are right, they are great for cold or hot foods! I think I shall try my hand at some. Also love the makeup bag you made also! I will be visiting Linda shortly to see her tutorial. I love simple easy projects that are quickly gratifiable :) I'm sorry your father has lost his caregiver, I do hope and pray someone wonderful will be able to fill the position! As for what to post about... I find that posting about the little day-to-day things, such as this chat, are my favorite kind. I love the peek into other people's lives and I think your writing always draws people in. You are skilled at that :) Hugs to you today :)

  39. Hi Miss Vee,

    First of all, I must compliment you on your food photography. I find that the hardest thing to do well, and so does Hal. Secondly, those cookies look delicious! I love the soft, buttery color and the crinkly texture. :)

    I've never heard of bowl cozies, but what a nifty idea! Someone was very clever to come up with that. :) Your drawstring petal bag is so pretty, Vee -- love your fabric and ribbon! I find makeup storage/transport a problem, too. This is a very good idea. I also appreciate makeup tips (wish there was some makeup to hide my extra pounds). Oh, one more thing -- I LOVE the shamrock cup and saucer!! Anything Irish like that is sure to catch my eye.

    I enjoyed your chat, Vee, as always. I find being cooped up hard, too, especially if it's not of my choosing. :) I hope you're having a good week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  40. I have never seen the bowl cozies before... I can see them coming in quite handy. Loving that little petal pouch...I have something similar that my MIL gave to me that I use for my jewelry on the go. The ribbon change made all the difference! Oh yeah...and the cookies look scrumptious :)

  41. Loved your post. Lots of pretty girlie things!

  42. Hi Vee :)

    I've never heard of a bowl cozy before, but I like the idea of using them so you don't burn your hands.

    I'm sorry your dad didn't get to say goodbye to Gabby and I hope he likes her replacement.

    That little drawstring bag is darling!

    As far as bloggers missing.... I was going through a weird time and couldn't bring myself to blog, but I know a lot of bloggers are either going to instagram, which I don't use, or they're vlogging. I'm not a fan of that either. It's just not the same as the written word. I get a video once in awhile, but I like blogging so much more.

    Anyway, I'm glad to be back :)


  43. Sweet bowl cozies, Vee, and the cookies look great! I could use some lush lips too - LOL.

  44. There's just something about the cream of tartar that gives those cookies a little tangy bite. Love it. I should make a few bowl cozies. They're cute. And it would save me always having to put a second bowl under the one that's too cold or too hot to handle. Cute little drawstring bag. And imagine how boring the lip oil could have looked if they'd packaged it differently. I really like the look of that tube! Sorry it took me so long to get here. Hope you have a good weekend. More family coming this weekend. I've a birthday cake to make tomorrow.

  45. The tea and cookies look wonderful. I must try the recipe. The bowl cozy and make-up sachet look so nice and useful!!!! What a fun project. I could use some of that Sheer Wisdom right now :).

  46. You know my favorite thing about living in the country? People have to stay awhile when they cover and we chat and eat cookies. Lately because of the warm weather we've had less tea and more bottled water but now it's cold again and it's time for hot tea. Hot tea and cookies....the best conversations happen on those days.

  47. I never heard of a bowl cozy! They look like a great idea. I always make a big pot of soup and then we heat up bowls of it during the week, so potholders always get sloshed.
    Thanks for the cookie recipe too--always good to have cookies around for the grandchildren, even if 2/3 of them have to have to made with gluten free flour.

    The makeup bag is very cute! That lip gloss sounds luxurious.