Friday, March 3, 2017


Where have all the bloggers gone
Long time passing
Where have all the bloggers gone
Long time ago
Where have all the bloggers gone
Gone to Instagram every one
When will they ever learn
When will they ever learn 

Now I certainly might have guessed this if I had been thinking, especially since I myself have gone to Instagram. 

As a word-loving person, Instagram is definitely not my favorite social media outlet; however, it is convenient. I made my Instagram account private because it began to feel as if things were snowballing. I had some fun, new folks following along, but I had no idea how they'd arrived. I have a temporary hold on inviting more folks along until I can do some vetting. This is sometimes a challenge because the other Instagram person may also have a private account. If I don't figure it out soon, I'll probably let Instagram go by the way.

Thanks to all who helped me figure out what is happening to our little blogging community. There are many culprits from illness to loss to envy to feeling neglected or overlooked. Feedback is important to most bloggers! I am surely guilty of neglecting folks, though I really do try to be in touch. You can always nudge me. I'll wake up! And please never feel that you should not comment because I have "enough" comments. I make a lot of visits and give a lot of comments to "earn" (if that's the right word) them. 


Remember my mentioning Gabby shown with my father in the last post?

She gave her notice and today will be her last day with my dad. He found out when I was there last Monday. He got a little emotional and told me that he really liked her and didn't want her to go. She told him that if it was up to him, she wouldn't leave because he has been her favorite. These poor home healthcare providers get taken for a ride all too often as has been the case for Gabby. I hope that she is moving on up. And I am praying that the next helper will also be a good one because it is not easy for my father either.


The new sofa, a Lovesac, arrived at my sister's Tuesday via UPS or was it Fedex? Anyway, it came in 18 boxes. The poor delivery guy asked, "So what is this anyway?" My sister showed him the literature and he said that he certainly hoped that it did not catch on. Kim said that she didn't have the heart to tell him that it would be blogged about. Disclaimer: Lovesac has no idea that their customer's sister has a blog and I have no opinion...yet...about their product.

~by the window location~

My dad has already lost his station by the window because it is just a little far from the facilities. Watch the birds on the one hand or get to the restroom on the other. The birds lost. 

~New Location and Trying to figure out the Sactional~

↑The only critters I've seen using the new sofa are these Jellycats™ (I don't know, they look like rabbits to me) above and the regular cat Lily.→


Some day, we must have a simple chat over tea~coffee and with crumpets or something... I have a new Keurig, thanks to my son and daughter-in-law. It has been great fun to make my selection every morning. There are lots of choices for us to make! Then I will tell you what I have been up to and ask you some questions because I am nosy like that like learning your thoughts. 

Thank you for visit! Have a blessed weekend...

P.S. I turn my back for three hours and the entire post goes south. Formatting issues horribly awry here today. My apologies and, thing is, I doubt that you care, but for someone like me, who once worked in publishing, this makes my hair stand on end. Ha!


  1. AWW on Gabby leaving...hmm on the sofa...never heard of a sofa in pieces, lol. Blogging is sporadic as is visiting, Vee, for excuses...just is. I don't have Instagram or Snapchat or FB...just here and WP. I'm afraid there are a lot of fake news/whatever's out there...and frankly, with a nosy mil (my apologies to all mil's, btw), I have no plans to go anywhere but here and WP.

    ANYWAYS---would love to have coffee and a real chat with you, friend. smiles

  2. Chelsea set up an Instagram account for the shop. Technically I have one but I don't use it. I'm old school.
    Ha! I'm feeling for that delivery guy but kind of love that one can now get a sectional in shipping boxes.
    Hope your dad gets a great caregiver. It would be unsettling to adjust to a new person.

  3. I'll be honest, I'm not a home "tweaker". Aside from a few projects which seem to be taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r nothing blog worthy seems to happen very often any more. What can I say, I lead a fairly boring life. Still not ready to throw in the towel but I definitely have had a real blog block going.

    I am so sorry that your dad is losing his caregiver, that has to be a somewhat close relationship and it would be awful to feel that you had no choice in the person who you spend so much time with.

    If I got a sofa in 18 boxes I would want to shove it all in another room and not even look at it. Sounds overcomplicated and overwhelming. I will be interested in hearing just how hard it was to put together.

    As for Instagram, I block the tarty accounts that look like girls looking to advertise for a good time, (!) but evaluate other accounts based on whether they seem real and genuine or a commercial enterprise looking for exposure. After all, I have found a lot of beautiful accounts that I now follow through seeing who some of my friends follow and pretty accounts highlighted by other people.

  4. A sofa in 18 boxes?!!!!! Wow ... I wouldn't have room for 18 boxes in the house. It will be fun to see how it all "comes out". Sad about your Dad and Gabby ... hugs to both. I'm lucky if I get one blog post done a week (none for this week). Seems like I once did a blog post a day. Fingers are getting older and stiffer. I'm not out and about taking photos (although I wish I was). I do try to check out my blog list every morning and make a visit to see what's going on. Happy Friday!

  5. So far my IG is open but I keep close watch and say goodbye to those who come on for obviously not good reasons (IMHO). Keep blogging, Vee, and your new header is lovely.

  6. Guilty as charged. "She has plenty of comments". Sorry. Sometimes my mind is just blank and I don't know what to say. I enjoy your humor and I'll try to do better. Instagram: don't know what that is. I can hardly keep up with blogging anymore and Pinterest has become my new addiction.....I think I'll leave Instagram alone. Most of the bloggers I followed for years have stopped for all the reasons you listed. I'm still trying.
    Sorry to hear about Gabby. Hope your dad gets someone he really likes as well. Relationships take a while to grow don't they.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I had no idea! I am here...just in my own little world I guess...blogging along! I've noticed that there are fewer 'new posts' but that just helps me catch up. And I still love writing a blog post...and reading one! Love your new banner...very fresh and pretty. Last night we watched the Intern with Robert DeNiro. Have you seen it? I think you would really like it! Hugs!

  8. I am sorry to hear about your Dad and Gabby. What a shame. I hope the future holds good things for both of them...I love the way your sister's new room is looking! It feels spacious and cozy all at one time. I am on instagram just to follow my daughter Alice and a few other relatives, but I don't think I will post anything myself. You are more tech savvy than I am. I wish you a blessed weekend, too.

  9. I love putting rooms together and have loved watching this one evolve. Even though I have an Instagram account, I never use it unless it's for work projects. I love my personal time with all my blogging friends and catching up with our lives. I'm still here, XOXO

  10. I love my photography, so I love Instagram! Do follow me there please.

  11. that couch is pretty nifty! :) lots of variables..
    i'm sorry the care giver transition is happening.
    hoping for the right person to next tend to your
    father's needs. ♥
    i don't instagram. tried but .. no. for me there's
    so much social media happening and i'm wanting to
    keep my world smallish. i know that many/most folks
    are going that route with great success. i like my
    blog and the personal feel .. but that's just me. ;)

  12. Sad to hear your dad lost Gabby. That is tough.
    Instagram has definitely become the new thing. I like looking at the cross stitchers, so I have kept mine open, but you do get those bad little girls popping in every now and then.
    I still love writing my blog. I don't really do it for anything other than me. It is fun to think others pop in, but the truth is I think of it like a journal of the good stuff in life. The hard times get written in my paper journal which I think is like therapy for the rough patches.

  13. Morning...
    So sad to see a good home health care person leaving their special friend such as your Dad, and yes, I am always almost last leaving a comment and you and a few others get tons, so then I think I do not have anything original left to say. Blogging is fading a bit I think, because we all have short attention spans... LOL
    Blessings, Cranberry morning has a ton IG ladies following her, she is so darn sweet!
    Hugs, Roxy

  14. Oh, I can so relate to how difficult it can be to find caregivers that the older person "clicks" with. My dad had some that he really liked and enjoyed, others that he nicely tolerated. At the nursing home, he has some truly fantastic folks helping him and he seems to do well with all of them. Some more than others, of course. So I will pray that your dad finds another as wonderful as Gabby. Maybe they can keep in touch!

    Blogging ... for myself, I love to blog and can't see myself ever tiring of it. The thing that complicates it for me is just finding the time. If I had unlimited time to blog, I would post every day. Maybe someday!

  15. I rarely comment but I read every new post and miss you when you don't post. Love your new header.
    Keep those thoughts and opnions coming! Blessings, Sharon D.

  16. Hello, Vee, I never comment on your posts, and that's just plain rude of me. I apologize. I once told you that reading your blog is like getting a letter from a favorite aunt. All my aunts have passed on, so hearing from you is very uplifting. I am a letter writer, but with an iPad, it's just not the same. On a recent podcast, a woman told about how her family has begun Minutiae letters between their families, which is what most of our lives are. Just writing about daily things, but still staying in touch with each other. I keep a "perpetual" journal, index card size, to jot down the ordinary happenings of the day. For instance, my soninlaw shaved off his beard a year ago. Just a small thing, but one I can smile about. Anyhoo, as my mother used to say, your life is of interest to me and lots of others, so carry on.
    chermcb on Instagram

  17. Sorry to hear that Gabby won't be your dads helper anymore. Sure hope he gets along well with the next one too.
    Lots of boxes and lots of way to rearrange the furniture. : )

  18. I'll have to go back and read all the comments on your last post about blogging. I'm curious, too, where the bloggers have gone. I don't know anything about Instagram and how it works. I love reading blog posts when I have time, it's better than picking up a magazine with all the information in them and photos and the personal touch is the best part of all. Blogs are also useful...I find I use my own blog to look up when something occurred in the last 7-8 years.

    Hope your dad gets another caregiver that he likes as well as Gabby. And I can't wait to see the new sofa. It will be a lovely room. And speaking of lovely...I really like your new header!

  19. First of all, I am sorry about Gabby leaving. I know your Dad will miss her and it's always stressful for patients to meet a new caregiver. I pray that the Lord will send someone as compassionate as Gabby. Interesting about the sactional and the cat/bunnies ??. I also loved seeing Lily. I don't know much about Instagram. I'm not much of a photographer, either! lol I did finally figure out how to delete my facebook account permanently and I am so glad to be rid of facebook! I do hope you will continue to blog, as I would miss you very much. Wind and cooler temps put a hault to our weekend plans, so I did do a quick blog post. Hope you have a nice weekend. xoxo Mildred

  20. I just left a very long comment and deleted it...shoot! Here is a synopsis...I enjoy you on Instagram and I hope you stick around...had no clue that's where the bloggers went! So sorry about Gabby leaving...hopefully her replacement is fantastic!. I like the Lovesak....very comfy looking!

  21. Oh bummer about Gabby having to move on. Hope your dad gets another good caregiver. How many boxes!? Our kids were looking at the Love Sac modular sofas. They'll revisit that when Andrew finishes school and they move into a home instead of an tiny apartment. I haven't figured out how to block people on Instagram...oye. I'll ask one of my kids to show me. Those critters certainly do look like bunnies. Our daughter in law (the one who is pregnant) can't bear to touch the new really soft fleece so we won't be overloading our new granddaughter with stuffed animals. Jamie has to give it the touch test. She actually gets nauseous. Weird but true. Coffee or tea and a nice long chat would be nice. Have a good weekend.

    1. Jamie would not like the Jellycats as they are super soft... Hope that everyone gets the memo!

  22. The room looks wonderful and I'm sure your dad is enjoying it. Sorry about him losing Gabby. Hope you can find someone new who he will like. Have a nice weekend.

  23. First a little about Instagram....about the ONLY reason I do that is because ALL of my kids do, and my sisters do, and a couple of my old girlfriends do. And that means I can pop on there a couple of times a day and see quick, fun pictures of my grands, or SEE why they are up to. They are all thrilled I took it up because pretty much NONE of them ever read my blog. So for me my instagram account followers is small and I have ever intention of keeping it that way. I do follow some of my favorite bloggers as well(like you!) as they have become like good friends to me as well. I used to have random people (WHO knows who they are???) request to follow me, but that doesn't happen too much anymore. Anyway, if it dies off ever for my kids and family, then I am sure I will be done too. I do facebook pretty much the same way. That does cover a MUCH wider range of friends, (or acquaintances really) but I just share what goes on Instagram there and it makes it easy. My more distant relatives and friends make that still worth while. But if I dropped anything, it would be Facebook as some things on there are annoying at best...aka political posts. As for my blogging, as you can see it suits me best as I tend to be long winded. I do not have many followers (who actually follow anyway) and fewer comments, and both suit me just fine. Soooo now on to your First, I am sorry your dad lost his care taker. That is hard. I know how hard those shoes are to fill in the first place, so praying he finds someone who works for him just as well...maybe even better! And as far as a couch coming in pieces, that doesn't sound good, lol. The bunnies are darling...My sewing eye immediately wondered, could their tummies be embroidered on? I know I saw those somewhere. Trying to come up with something for the New Mexico grands when we go for Easter. Ok, that's about it for now. Have a good week-end Vee!

  24. I got an Instagram account to see a few of my brother's pictures. That's it. I have nothing on mine, nor do I intend to put anything on. I pop on about once every other week.

    So sorry that Gabby is leaving. It is hard when you get used to someone and they are not there anymore. Hope your dad makes out with whoever replaces her.

  25. No Instagram for me. I guess I'm old-fashioned. I like words as well as pretty pictures. The new living room is starting to look comfy and livable. Sorry to hear that Gabby is leaving. Home care workers can be so lovely.

    1. Commenting on 3-23-2019:

      Hahahahahahaha...Love your posts on Instagram, Lorrie!

  26. I have Istagram too, but I must admit, I don't do much on it!
    It's nice to have things on there that I can see quickly...great photos of things that interest me! Still have my blog though, I like to write!

  27. I must say that my heart sank when I read that Gabby had given her notice. I imagine that it must be a real adjustment to needing a caregiver/helper in the first place and then to have them leave when you are getting comfortable with them has to be a difficult situation all around. I do hope it all works out for the best.
    This 18 box sofa is a new concept to me. Have never heard of such a thing and had to laugh at the delivery man's thoughts on the matter. The sofa does looks nice and I hope they are finding in to be comfy.
    Your thoughts on the blogging community resonated with me. My recent blog break had me very close to calling it quits. I know the comments across the board have been dwindling and when they become almost non-existent one can't help but wonder if "they're just not into you" and if that has become the case then perhaps time would be better spent in another pursuit. The problem is I really miss the interactions with the friends I have come to know in this community. So (at least for now) I am giving it another go. Your visits and comments through the years have always been treasured and I thank you for that.
    I like your idea for a simple chat over coffee and crumpets. Sounds right up my alley :).

  28. Hi Vee - giggled again - such fun visiting you.

    Poor Dad, yep, sometimes birds gotta just be second place. : - (

    So sad about Gabby. I hate that for him, her and for you and your sis.

    Lovesac, huh? 18 boxes??????? WOW.

    Instagram. My daughter thinks I am nuts not having it. I told her I do not want anything else that steals my life - gaming, pinning, researching, blogging and working on line, and the occassional movie is enough blindness-causing-from-overuse-of-pc......

    I hear I am missing out. My eyes say "nay."

  29. Lovesac? OMG, and all I want are my slip covers back from the dyer 3,000 miles across country!!!!
    Hope Dad does OK with a new caregiver in place - it's hard I know when things change.

    Personally I'm a bit tired of technology - a simple chat in person with someone would be fine with me. Nobody wants to even talk on the phone anymore - has to be a text msg. and I'm sick of them. I want to hear my kids' and grandkids' voices now and then - and seeing them would be even better!
    Oh for those 'olden days' - but I know they'll never return.

    Hugs - Mary

  30. So sorry about Gabby's departure. You had just commented on the fact that your dad really liked her. My mother's caregiver/housekeeper just gave her notice, too. Mother really liked her. Mother will go through several before she and another person "click".
    I had to chuckle when you mentioned that the delivery guy hopes, after bringing in 18 boxes, that the new type of sofa doesn't catch on.
    Jelly cats? They look like rabbits to me, too.

  31. That is too bad about Gabby leaving, Vee. I sure hope your dad gets someone wonderful.
    Oh my goodness...18 boxes for the sofa! I can understand the poor delivery guy's worry.
    I still haven't checked out Instagram, Vee, and doubt if I will.
    Happy weekend to you. xx

  32. Instagram was not a favorite of mine either but my daughters got me using it and now I have quite a few connections there....glad to see you there too!!! It's so sad that your dad is losing's nice when they find that special attachment but so difficult when they have to let it go. I hope his next person is as wonderful as Gabby!

  33. An 18-piece sectional?! Wow. They must have packed every single cushion in its very own box (for starters). So sorry about the loss of your dad's caregiver/helper. I know that's a big deal. Bless your sister for all she does (and you, too, with your regular visits and attention to him).

    Love the cats that look like bunnies.

    As for the loss of bloggers, I had not especially noticed that but not to worry. I am a committed blogger. I am more resistant to techno changes as I age and blogger suits me just fine, thank you.

  34. I knew everyone was going to Instagram, and while I like it for a quick photo and thought, I still love blogging!
    Those 'cats' look like bunnies to me too!

    One day we'll have tea. I'm working on a plan!

  35. I am amazed at how I've enjoyed Instagram. I've ended up using it as a way to document through the month until I do my month in review... which has become very long some months. I am fussy about who my Instagram friends are and like you, went private very quickly when I didn't know who was following me. I always think there is nothing new in my life anymore. In the early days of blogging I recorded so many of my memories. Maybe I need to think harder... there must be more memories.

    I looked up the sactionals... who knew? Looks like such a fascinating idea.

    I do hope your Dad's new caregiver is kind and wonderful.

  36. I will need a window when I'm older one with passing people traffic and trees.

  37. Bill has the same trouble about visiting the bathroom, too. Steroids and other meds are taking him for a ride.
    I can't imagine ordering a sofa online...sure hope it works for them. Sorry your dad is losing his caregiver....they get quite attached to them, I think

  38. My maternal grandmother lived with us for many years when she could no longer monitor her diabetes, and she LOVED to sit and look out my parent's house front window. She often asked where all the birds were, as we lived in the city and she had lived in the country all her life. I think your Dad needs to go back to his window seat..maybe just put a screen around the facilities? I'm sorry your Father lost his health aide. I know how important it is to have someone who is really helpful and pleasant. I hope her replacement will be as good.

    We had our guest room bed's mattress delivered in a big box,it kind of inflated itself when exposed to the air, but I did not know couches could also be delivered that way!

    I do Instagram but I admit I prefer blogs and then facebook more. I do know many that love Instagram, especially food bloggers, as it drives traffic to their blog.

  39. I'd love to see the sofa once it is put together. That's a lot of pieces for a sofa. And, Instagram is NOT for me, I'll be staying with blogging and FB. Happy weekend!

  40. I'd love to join you for tea and crumpets - can't wait to hear what you are up to. I am feeling sad for your dad and pray that he will find another caring caregiver! I haven't tried Instagram and feel like I can't even keep up with reading my favourite blogs, much less writing my own posts it seems. Must look up those sactionals - my spell check doesn't like this word :).

  41. That's funny. The private versus the private. I had not considered that scenario. How do we find out who you are on Instagram? I'm the same as my blog. I look forward to seeing the sofa, or is that all of the sofa assembled from the 18 pieces? I will wait for the post.

    xoox Su

  42. As a fairly new follower of your blog I can see that you have many followers who leave comments. I'm sure that's because you keep in touch with them and have built up a relationship with them over a long period of time. No sooner have I found your blog than it's time to take another blogging break! I hope by the time I return your father will be settled into the room with the new configuration of furniture and there will be a new helper for your father to replace Gabby. All the best to her, but it's unsettling for the person who needs the support. These technical issues are frustrating when using Blogger to write and present a blog post to your satisfaction. Anyway, I've found your blog post interesting and I hope your weekend is going well.

  43. Instagram! Well, I limit my time on social media. Love facebook since I keep up with family and friends...but that's where i stop! I refuse to be attached to a phone...however, I know many love Instagram! It's all about spending your time doing what you enjoy! Have a great week Vee!

  44. I too have noticed a drop in the blogging world. Some giving it up totally, some just posting less often. I have no experience with Instagram at all, not sure I want to start something else. Blogging does take a lot of time and energy, and I must admit I get discouraged often when I get very few comments. Seems to be the same few faithful all the time who leave a comment. I guess everyone is busy and choices must be made where they spend their time... I do enjoy the blogging community, and hope it doesn't peter out...

  45. No Instagram for me. I am on Facebook and Twitter, and though I don't post as often as I used to (maybe I don't have as many words stored up that need letting out), I still love blogging best. I'll be around here for a long time yet.

    Hope there will be a lovely new "Gabby" for your dad.

    Happy day...

  46. I don't do much on Instagram but I have an account there. I miss the bloggers that left blogland for IG...but I do understand the time constraints.

    My daughter and SIL have a Lovesac and absolutely LOVE it- They have had theirs for at least 4 or 5 years and they have 3 little kids and it still looks like brand new. The slipcovers for them are pretty reasonable, too....and tell your sister there are things you can order that you can place over the arms and they hold a soda, etc. My dd just picked those up...they are like a tiny u-shaped 'tray' that slips down over the arms and just slide off and on.
    Hope you have a wonderful week, Vee. xo Diana

  47. Yep, instagram is all the rage these days. I have an Instagram account (along with Twitter, Facebook, and even a much neglected Pinterest and Tumblr). But there is nothing like blogging except blogging. I am happy you feel the same way. :) The Lovesac is intriguing.

  48. Hi Vee,

    Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one wondering where all the bloggers are -- it's kind of depressing. I'm not on Instagram; it's all I can do to have a blog and do Pinterest and Facebook.

    I'm so sorry that Gabby had to leave; that's really hard for an older person like your dad to adjust to. I'm sure he has enough adjustments to make; it would be nice if he could count on keeping the home healthcare provider that he's used to and likes.

    The new room is really a nice place for him to be. It's so good that your sister can take care of him in her home. The Lovesac is an interesting concept in sofas. Those Jellycats are awfully cute, but I'm convinced they're rabbits. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

    I hope you have a great weekend, Vee!

    Warm hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor


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