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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pardon the Whiplash

(Maybe a cup of tea will help?) 

Hi there! 

You know, I've been thinking about my blogging difficulties and it comes down to this: I either have nothing left to say OR I have too much to say. Today, I have too much to say and not one bit of it amounts to a hill of beans so feel free to scoot along if you are short on time or have better things to do than listen to an old lady ramble. ツ

It certainly has been a delightful and lingering foliage season. 

Just look at the color on the old oak leaves...

 Snow? Oh that. It snowed all day Saturday last. Yes, it was a little depressing in October. I prefer snow in months where it belongs...December 24th. The end. 

Speaking of December. I have been getting ready.

This is what the tag says: 

This was such a good idea for a Christmas present that I am going to share it not that it was my idea, of course.  It is a family movie kit of sorts with a family fleece blanket for getting cozy on the sofa together. There are sodas and popcorn packets and a gift card for movie selections. The reason that I gave it so early is because the blanket is a holiday one covering all the holidays. 

Oh goodness, I have skipped right over Thanksgiving and it's my turn this year. Yoo Hoo to my future self...take note! Your turn will not come again until 2020. 

So I have a bit of Thanksgiving decor out. My home is beginning to look like an aisle at Hobby Lobby. That might not be a good thing.

I do love my Pilgrims and their colorful turkey and pumpkins. The apothecary jar holds the commemorative tea cup from Plymouth Plantation depicting John and Priscilla Alden. I found it at the flea market a few years ago.

This has been shared before, of course. Everything here has been shared before...

This colorful turkey has moved on and is living with John's sister. She is graciously allowing me to help her decorate. And, yes, he's a Hobby Lobby find.

This is an aerial view of my town. There was an awful fire several weeks ago that destroyed the paper mill that had a lot of historical significance to the community. 

My father worked there for a few years and even John worked there for a day. He was given the job of sweeping floors, which he did all day long. When he was finished, he was told to go sweep the parking lot. With that, he handed over the broom and told them that he had better things to do with his life. I have always liked that story.

Anyway, I had never seen a bird's eye view of my town. Yes, the Haven is there, but hidden behind trees. My neighbor's house can be seen. My parents' home can be seen. My kids' former home can be easily seen right at the bottom in the middle. I like seeing the White Mountains to the west there and Streaked Mtn much nearer. 

Many firefighters worked on the fire for several days and it was pretty noisy here at my wee home since it is quite close to the mill. Fortunately, though the mill, two apartments and two businesses were completely lost, there was no loss of life. God is good.

Well I guess that covers my ramblings for this time. If you have read this far, you deserve a medal!


  1. Lovely post, even if you think you had nothing to say! Can I just say God bless our firefighters! Can I get an amen?

  2. I'll be proudly displaying my medal dear Vee!!!!!

    You always write so well. I love your posts no matter the subject matter you share. You have a true Maine attitude to life which I find charming and reminds me of how much I always enjoyed packing up the car, with kids and beach stuff and heading up the coast to spend so many lovely summer days - and sometimes autumn and spring - when we lived in New England so long ago.

    Sad about the fire, thankful nobody was seriously hurt or worse. My late father-in-law was a battalion chief on the Manchester, NH Fire Dept. - so we are always grateful for the firefighters who do such dangerous work. Lovely seeing an aerial view with the trees changing - we're still waiting around here, very late but at least the leaf raking isn't required this week thank goodness!

    Enjoy your week Vee - looks like you are getting it all together for the upcoming holidays - I must do that too!
    Hugs - Mary

  3. I love the movie night kit present! That is a great idea. I am with you on the snow lol. I am sorry to hear about the mill.

  4. I am glad no one was hurt in the fire.

  5. I will take my medal. You can repeat yourself anytime. I think we all enjoy revisiting stuff. I love to see your writing.

  6. I like your little signature at the end. I always wonder why I don't do something like that! I hate to hear about the fire and the places that burned...always scary. Love your pretty decorations...the snow? Not so much! But you'll keep your house cozy so I'll stay inside with you! heehee! Hugs!

  7. That tea cup is adorable. The color would go with cranberry glass. I don't have any, but I think that is popular around Plymouth. That fire must of been huge! xoox Su

  8. I love this kind of post! You do still have much to contribute Vee! I'm sorry about that fire. A town near here had a big fire when a bakery caught fire and burned down. Its always a sad thing. Seeing your town is really special! Bird's Eye view is cool.

    I said to Tim last night that I am beginning to think through Christmas decor, since I always have to rearrange for the tree. Also I'll be headed to Texas with my girls for a week right after Thanksgiving, so I may need to get a few things decorated before Thanksgiving. We'll see.
    I love your tea cup. Very special and I know it has great significance for you. I love that you put it in the apothecary jar!

  9. Now that is a wonderful idea for a family gift. I am curious to know what this blanket covering all of the holidays looks like. Sounds delightful. I love your Thanksgiving vignette. The pilgrims are lovely and that tea cup is really special. Not sure about that snow. Yikes. Way too early for that.

  10. This was a delightful post Vee...full of news and life. How tragic the fire was...so very sorry to hear this. I so love your touches for Thanksgiving. You must be looking forward to this! Blessings for a good week!

  11. I liked your post of this and that ... almost a stream of consciousness that's fun to listen in on.

    That movie night kit is a great gift idea. I am sorry you got the snow ahead of time. The weather is weird everywhere this year. Had a wee chuckle at your comment that snow should come in its season, Dec 24th. Many folks share your sentiments.

    I am sorry to hear about the mill. Enjoyed the little story about John working there a day. Good for him.

    Wishing you a lovely day, Vee.
    Brenda xox

  12. I'll take the medal, Vee! Though really, it was a pleasure to read your post. Well, I was sad to read about the fire of such an historical place, but glad there was no loss of life. It's time for me to begin a little Thanksgiving decoration. I need to get out my grandmother's Turkey plates. Years ago I gave away my pilgrim figurines and now wish I could find a replacement for them....Love your John and Priscilla Alden tea cup! I hope you keep on blogging. I always love to read your thoughts.

  13. I love the leaves. That is a great gift idea! I'm loving your Fall decorations. That is very sad about the fire.

  14. Your post was lovely,Vee. The story about John made me laugh!

  15. I read the whole thing. I'm sorry about the fire, that can really shake things up in a town. Thankful no one was injured. That's a pretty good story about John's one day of work at the paper mill. The pilgrims look familiar, I must get mine out. Thanks for the reminder. Your home looks lovely. Nice to see you here Vee. ~ Abby

  16. You remind me of Glayds Taber in her Stillmeadow sampler. I love every word she’s ever written just like I love yours!

  17. Hi Vee :)

    I'm late to the party as far as commenting. I get your posts in my inbox and must have missed when you said you turned commenting back on. So that's why you haven't heard from me. Well, that and I haven't been visiting anyone much or blogging much. Anyway, that's a long winded excuse lol

    I like your pilgrims too and I have two oil lamps like yours, except mine aren't green. I love using them.

    I'm sorry about the mill. It's such a tragedy when we lose historical buildings.


  18. Whiplash? I think not. It's always fun to read your "ramblings". And please stop calling yourself an old woman...I think I may have a year (or two or three)on you so how can you be an old woman and I'm not?? :D Wow, that was some fire in your town! So good to hear no one was injured. I love aerial views of places. I really like the gift ideas too. Better get right on that Thanksgiving dinner! :D

    1. I was going to say the same thing, Debby ... I think I have at least five years on Vee, so how is it possible that she's an old woman and I'm not? The answer, of course, is that she isn't!

  19. So sorry about the fire, but it sure made for an interesting picture!

    I'm glad to see your Pilgrim People out and about. Mine are packed away this year since our house is on the market. My seasonal decor will be minimal -- if we're even still occupying this house then. Would love to be somewhere in the transition process by then and just enjoy the decor of family and friends.

    How clever of you to place a tea cup and saucer inside the lidded glass dish! I am very impressed, and one day when my life settles down, I will probably do you the compliment of copying you!! (I've already done that several times [copying you] with my blog headers.)

    Blessings to you!

  20. Hi Vee. I love you post. Miss blogging myself but don't know how to start again. If I type in my email it says this has been used and you cannot. So don't stop blogging. You are like an old friend I met a few years ago and miss keeping up with you.

  21. Oh dear Vee, I always enjoy what you have to share. Sorry to hear about that awful fire! Your area looks so pretty---so many roots of your family are there--so special. You are way ahead of me in preparation for Christmas. Great movie idea package. ♥


  22. Always wonderful to read a post from you, Vee, and I so enjoyed the featured post as well. This was enjoyable to read and it was fun to see your Thanksgiving decor. I put my fall decor out before our trip to NV in mid-September, but nothing Thanksgiving-ish yet. Guess it is time to do so!

    Very sad about the fire, but what a blessing that no one was killed. I've weathered two mill fires myself (sawmills, though) and they are devastating just in the loss of livelihood. I'm sad for those who were displaced by the fire in your town and will need to find new places to live and work. The aerial view of your town is lovely.

    I was thinking the same thing just today regarding our foliage season ... it does seem extended this year. On my walk today I was noticing an orange tree I hadn't seen before, and some colorful oak leaves similar to those you showed. Even though many of our leaves (especially the red ones)have blown off and we've had inordinate amounts of wind and rain, there's still plenty of nice color.

  23. Looks like quite a line-up for medals!! :)

    I love that you decorate for Thanksgiving! So many people go from early fall to Christmas in their decor . . . but I adore Thanksgiving and I always enjoy seeing some special attention given to this holiday.

    Our foliage is not so vivid this year. We had such a long "summer" this year . . . right up to the middle of October, actually! It seems all that warm and humid weather was not so good for color. But the leaves are turning now and I'll take what I can get and enjoy it!

    Great gift idea! And a fun look at your town. Glad the fire damage was not more widespread and it is especially comforting to know that there was no loss of life!

  24. Beautiful bird's eye view! I definitely don't envy you the snow...

  25. What a great gift idea.
    How neat to see the birds eye view of your town. That looks to have been quite a fire and glad to hear there was no loss of life.
    Though we have had some color for fall it is nothing like it usually is.

  26. Hi Vee! I loved this post! I giggled when you said your home is beginning to look like an aisle at Hobby Lobby. I know the feeling! I'll take down all the Halloween decor on Nov 1 and get out the turkey and pilgrims. Love your teacup -- great find! Now if I just could remember where I put the pumpkins I crocheted last year, I'd have the rest of all covered!

  27. Hi Vee~

    Your town is just beautiful, all dressed in her autumn colors! Love the idea of a gift to open before Christmas...great idea!

    I love Pilgrims, but I can only imagine how popular they are on the East coast. The teacup is beautiful...what a great find!

    It's suppose to snow here tomorrow, it usually does snow on Halloween!

    Hugs and Love,

  28. Hello Vee,
    I do love these posts of yours. You write so well and make ordinary life interesting. Your gift idea sounds perfect for the months ahead, and it's such a good idea to give it early. Our golden October ended with the arrival of rain a few days ago, now alternating rain and feeble sunshine. Still, it was a great month.
    Feel free to post again in a similar vein...soon!

  29. It does seem as if we are living from one holiday to the next. The time in between goes by so quickly, it is a blur.

  30. I love your ramblings Vee. What a great idea on the blanket, popcorn, movies and etc. I love that idea! Of course I love me a good old blanket and a movie! Loved the pictures. Happy Day to you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  31. I don't know how I'll react to our first dusting of snow at our Country Bungalow. Loved seeing the aerial view of your town, Vee. It really looks like a Hallmark Movie town. :) Good idea you borrowed for an early Christmas present. We are getting our first good rain here...just in time for trick or treaters. I enjoyed your ramblings and that sweet bird sign off!

  32. The bird's eye view is amazing. It's so sad when fire destroys a piece of history like that. I love your Thanksgiving decor and the cozy movie gift package is a wonderful idea!

  33. Snow, oh my, we're just getting a little fall right now. Enjoyable ramblings Vee!

  34. I'm sorry about the fire. Your story of John and the parking lot was a delight! I keep forgetting that other people are still thinking of Thanksgiving as an upcoming event when we had our on the 13th of last month (hard to say that about October). Your decorations look nice. I have very few Thanksgiving decorations: tiny Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, a Pilgrim lady sharing a turkey with a native American (although I'm a native American too, so there must be a more appropriate term). I agree with snow being appreciated on December 24 (only). Enjoy the rest of your week, Vee.

  35. Will be expecting my medal in the mail. he he. Loved reading your ramblings. Do it more often.

  36. Oh dear Vee, snow already?? I love the idea of the bag filled with a blanket and movie goodies. Your teacup in the glass jar is such a pretty one and perfect for this time of the year. I put out a few Thanksgiving decorations just today. That is too bad about the fire in your area. I hope you're having a great week.

  37. Hi there Vee,

    So many things to say here today, as I'm so far behind on all my visits. First of all, I LOVE your new blog header -- it's gorgeous!! Secondly, I hope you don't run out of things to say anytime soon; we all enjoy visiting your blog, so please do keep cranking it out. :D

    I CANNOT believe you all got snow in October -- yikes!! We had a snow last year before Christmas, and we thought that was early. Mercy. I adore your Plymouth Plantation teacup; you know I love me some transferware. ;) The idea of the gift bag filled with movie fun looks like a winner for me; I've always thought it would be fun to get one of those for a Christmas gift.

    Do you alternate hosting Thanksgiving dinner with your daughter-in-law? We're having Thanksgiving at my sister's house this year -- maybe here next year. Thanks so much for your visits and have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Sort of...I alternate with my daughter-in-law’s parents.

  38. Whatever you have to say and share Vee, is worth hearing, I love your sense of humor, and the way you write, glad you are blogging again, it is a generous loving community of ladies that I'm so thankful to be a part of. It is crazy that you have had snow in October, but then I suppose living in these northern climates such things are possible. I guess we can be thankful it didn't snow in July, as I've heard some of the oldtimers here talk about! No snow here ... yet! But we know it's coming! Blessings and hugs :)

  39. I love the idea of a movie night with some throws, such a thoughtful gift. Not sure I would want snow this early thankfully we don't get a lot here.

  40. I'm sad to see that fire destroyed the mill and apartments, but glad there was no loss of life! My oldest brother was a FDNY for 30 years and I know how hard ot is to fight such a large fire! For the first time since moving here I am not hosting Thanksgiving--my son and daughter-in-law are! It will feel strange for me, but I'm happy they want to do it as the time will come when they will be in charge of it full time. We also had an October snow on the morning of Halloween but it all melted by afternoon so it wasn't a bother and I loved how it looked in the few hours it lasted!

  41. Oh-That is an amazing picture of your town and the fire. WOW!!! I always hate to see big fires destroy historical things.

    LOL- about your SIL letting you help decorate-was there some resistance? Have a happy time planning your Thanksgiving and I love the pre-Christmas gift. xo Diana

  42. The movie night gift is an awesome idea....I need to ponder that thought...I can think of several family members that would love that...
    and...I've always enjoyed every single post of yours.

  43. Oh Vee, I love reading your posts! You always have something interesting to say - come on no medals needed on your blog😘
    Love the aerial photo and now I can imagine you in one of those houses behind the trees!
    The “open before Christmas” bag will be a great hit with your family it will keep them all happy through the holidays!
    Your Thanksgiving vignette with the pilgrims is lovely and oh that beautiful red and white cup and saucer is so very special Vee.
    Don’t want a medal, I would just enjoy spending an afternoon with you sipping tea and chatting about everything under the sun!😘

  44. I still have plenty to say but I just don't feel like saying much anymore--at least not on my blog or social media. You had no problem filling up this post. You almost got me in a holiday mood.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  45. Vee, feel free to ramble. I think we all enjoy it! Your mention of the Pilgrims reminded me that I had 13 ancestors on the Mayflower. But when people are "impressed" by that, I always point out that they, too, had ancestors on an older, more impressive vessel, The Ark!

  46. Okay, Vee, I sure hope you'll consider joining us for Wednesday Medley over at Terri's blog. It feels like old friends there. Have a wonderful evening. Cold here, but a great fire and lots of Christmas music and pistachios to eat while watching Midsomer Murders. LOL


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