Friday, October 12, 2018

It Was A Gift of a Day

So it was my daughter's birthday and, though the family had gathered to celebrate a few days early, she agreed to my plan for lunch on her actual day. Because she works full time and is taking three classes this semester, I wanted to keep it short and sweet so that she would have time for her schoolwork. I met her at her new home and we went out for lunch in her hometown.

At least two of the mums there were birthday gifts. And her front door swag is also a birthday gift from her friend Lindsay. I think Lindsay nailed it as far as Laurel's colors go.

The tree below is the one being reflected above.

Main Street

Just up the street from our restaurant

After our meal, I was chatting away like a magpie when Laurel took a different turn and soon we were off on a sightseeing tour. What a pleasant surprise! If you read this blog in autumn, you may remember that this is something Laurel and I have done each year for a few now.

Above us an eagle swooped and swirled on the thermals. Okay, you may have to trust me on this one.

On and on we went, one beautiful scene after the next.

Through small towns...

and back out into the countryside.

Along the river

and past the pond

until we had come full circle. 

The only picture of the birthday girl

It was her birthday and she gave me the best gift of all: Time.  Thank you, Darling Girl! What a beautiful day it was.

P.S. This will probably end my foliage reports as the rain came and has taken many of our leaves. Now I'm counting on you to share your scenery!


  1. Thank you for sharing your gift with us this morning, Vee. What a delightful and scenic ride it was. The autumn leaves look especially beautiful with the bright blue sky in the background. Happy Birthday to Laurel. By the way, the photo of her front door is gorgeous!

  2. Oh so beautiful and what a gift to you, Vee. Laurel is a very thoughtful girl and driving with her through small towns and seeing the scenery must've been such joy. Thanks for taking us along on your scenic drive, and a most Happy Birthday to your darling girl!

  3. Oh, it feels like I was in the back seat watching all that autumn scenery go by. What a splendid day for the both of you. I'm so glad you had this time together -- such a lovely birthday celebration.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...

  4. What a wonderful way to spend the day! Your colors are so pretty. Ours have not even started, but when they do I will share!

  5. Happy belated Birthday Laurel. What a great way to spend time together.

  6. Vee, what a grand day! Just the sort of day my mother and I used to enjoy. Your photos are wonderful, make me feel as if I'd been along for the ride!

  7. Happy Birthday to you daughter. Her house looks so cute. Oh my, the Fall colors are lovely. Glad you got to have lunch with her.

  8. There's no better gift than time! I got to do that one day this past week too with Amber. Happy Birthday to Laurel!

  9. Thank you, Vee, for your prayers for my daughter, Johanne, and myself. I am having computer problems and could not get on your e-mail. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I am no longer reading blogs except for Diana which I have started to follow again but I wanted to come by to thank you. May the Lord bless you and your family! I have put you on my prayer list!

    1. That is so sweet of you. It is an honor to pray for your daughter and for you. Drop by anytime, though I realize that reading blogs is not priority just now.

  10. Hi Vee!

    Wow...what a lovely surprise!! I'm just guessing that it was a very wonderful gift for her as well. I would love to take my sweet mom for a ride... :0) The pictures were wonderful, colorful and just made me smile...I love Autumn!!

    Have a wonderful week-end!

    Hugs and Love,

  11. What a wonderful gift your girl gave to you for her birthday! That fall foliage is absolutely beautiful along with the bright blue sky. What a beautiful day you must have shared!

  12. I can imagine how lovely and peaceful it would be to meander through the countryside with your daughter. I'm sure the conversation inside the car was as satisfying as the scenery outside. A wonderful gift, to be sure!

  13. Oh what a wonderful way to spend the day with your daughter.
    I sure would love a day like that!!
    Such beautiful scenes along your way.

  14. Oh, Vee...what a beautiful state you live in. So colorful, with water and green pastures...the changing of the leaves is breathtaking. Your photos are amazing.
    The best present any time is time with our kids. So glad you had a marvelous day.

  15. Beautiful front door swag! Beautiful autumn scenes! Beautiful gift of a day spent together! As my friend Barbara says, "Time is love."

    Precious post. Happy birthday to Laurel who knows how to give good gifts!

  16. This was absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for all the pictures. It will be a few weeks before we get any color around here. We have gotten cold though. Happy birthday to Laurel!

  17. In all honesty, Vee, when you share your autumn color photos, my resolve to be happy living here in Florida always does a bit of a quiver. But I'm okay. I'll stay here. There's heaven ahead of us, and all manner of colorful, even seasonal joys, await us there, right?

    That picture of the front door with the decor and the golden tree in the windows, so clever and gorgeous!

  18. That's the perfect way to spend a day! And yes, the gift of time is the best gift! I got to talk to my girl in the Adirondacks today - we video chatted. I appreciated her thinking of me, and initiating the call!

    Your trees were lovely! We have a lot of green still. With all the rain, I'm not sure what the color will be like. Rest assured that I will share photos.

  19. Oh, what a lovely day you had! And your trees are simply beautiful! It has been very cold and windy here and with the snow that we had our leaves will likely be gone within a week or so.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us. Hugs!

  20. Such a beautiful time together with your dear daughter! And how beautiful your part of the world is! We have not had our normal fall color yet. I'm still hoping it will come in time. We have had an amazing lot of rain this year. But I'm still hoping!

  21. I know that feeling gosh Maine is so lovely...glad it was a great special birthday celebration for you both!

  22. What a beautiful small town and lovely scenery on your drive. So special your daughter was able to take a break from her busy life to enjoy time with you. I love this time of year, so beautiful! xo

  23. One of these days we're going to go see those beautiful autumn colors in your area.

  24. So happy to go on this scenic drive with you. That pond shot is exceptional. Glad you could savor this time with your daughter...the best. We are in a dry pattern right now so I'll need to get my big camera out and take some foliage photos! Happy middle of October to you!

  25. Happy Birthday, Laurel! And that reminds me that my daughter is having a birthday in a few days...and I better make some plans. How special that she took you out on your annual fall foliage tour...and that you took us along. I quite enjoyed seeing the Maine countryside in fall! I always picture Maine through the lens of summer. Beautiful swag (and I love the reflection in the window!).

  26. Lovely photos. That looks like a drive that I'd like to take.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  27. That is so wonderful that you have that tradition with your daughter. What a gift that is! By calling it a tradition it must keep occurring! So nice she's close enough for that. Also what gorgeous skies! We had two weeks at least of rain and/or clouds and I was wondering if I'd ever get autumn foliage photos. Glad you got some before the rain and wind. Most of my good ones were on the 11th. Love those Rivers, lakes, and ponds.

  28. How beautiful! What a great way to spend the day! xoxo Su


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