Wednesday, December 19, 2018

'Tis the Season for Pictures and Gratitude

Found myself with some time on my hands and, since I have many thanks to give, surprise! (I'll try not to chat too much.)

My friend Shane at Roses Lace and Brocante blog sent me a sweet Christmas package with these treasures all the way from New Zealand. 

tea towel, delicious chocolate, sweet angel

Christmas Sweater Tea Towel♥ 

Thank you, Shane! What a blessing you are!

The next package to arrive came from Karen at Life is Good.

Welsh Cookies...hmmm, if my math were better, I'd know how many calories three might be ツ

These plates are the real McCoys Hummels. Karen explained that she had quite a few from her mother's collection and was sharing two. I was gobsmacked. I have always loved Hummel. I'm naming mine Laurel and Adam. ☺ (Not quite their years, but very close.)

Karen, thank you so much. I will treasure them. And the cookies were uniquely delicious. I've never had anything like them. 

Would you believe there is more?

This totally unexpected package came from Sara at Across My Kitchen Table. I could smell the wonderful sachet and soaps  before I ever opened the package. By the way, Sara is posting daily in her kitchen blog where you can find lots of wonderful recipes and tips. The link is listed in her sidebar.

Thank you, Sara. I will think of you whenever I smell these wonderful soaps and, as you know, the sachet is hanging in my tree.

Lastly, Deanna from Creekside Cottage sent me this scarf...I think it has a more specific name. I love the colors and I really appreciated it last Monday when it was windy and bitter cold. She made this with her own hands. 

I look weird because I ran myself through the diffuser a few ten times

Thank you, Deanna! It's going to keep me nice and warm.

My Auntie and her daughter-in-law could have used a scarf like mine when they were visiting my Uncle Red's grave at Arlington this week. She visits every year for Wreaths Across America and I always look forward to seeing the photo. It is a gift! My aunt is my father's eldest sister. 

Thank you, Aunt Marjorie!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas today just in case...though I actually hope to return one more time before Christmas. I just love Christmas. It's getting a little more challenging to Sparkle...the spirit is definitely willing; the body is tuckered. How're things going at your place?


  1. Oh, we have loved your post with all the Santa gifts from friends near and far. You shared and and we didn't even have to ask to snoop...

  2. You are so loved, Vee! All of your gifts are beautiful. We are in the home stretch enjoying all the special times of the season. Yes, I am tired, but by sticking to my lists, it will all be done in due time. ♥

  3. Wonderful gifts from afar and two Hummels, so thoughtful. Things are beginning to twinkle and soon will sparkle here. Maybe the tree will be up and decorated tomorrow after I grandsit in the morning. Then we will look forward to having people around to celebrate with us. Merry merry Christmas to you and yours just in case you don't post before the day!!

  4. You are a lovely friend. I’m glad you liked your cowl! It looks great on you!

  5. What wonderful gifts you received, especially the cowl, that should keep you warm when you venture outside. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Vee,

    These are just lovely gifts -- for a lovely blogger, I might add. The scarf, cowl is wonderful; I've also seen those referred to as snoods. I think that term is more from medieval times, though. So glad your aunt and her daughter-in-law sent you that picture; it's a terrific thing the Wreaths Across America people do every year.

    Hope to see you again before Christmas; if not, have a Very Merry Christmas, dear Vee!

  7. Lovely gifts all around - you are loved! You made me giggle - running yourself through the diffuser! I need one of those ... I'm not quite sparkling yet. I am trying but still so much to do - eeeek.

  8. What wonderful gifts you received! I especially love the scarf. We are enjoying our season here. I need to run out and get a few more things for Christmas dinner and some flowers for the dining table.

  9. I love all of your lovely gifts. Friends know just what we love! And you look cute in that handmade'll get to wear it a lot this winter. We're having a quiet day...rainy and in the 60s so a good day to get caught up around the house. Holiday hugs!

  10. What lovely gifts you've received, making your holiday a little sweeter and brighter.

    Have a wonderful Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  11. You Look happy! We all get a bit tuckered out! I like that scarf... sweet gift packages are the best anytime. Ho Ho Ho...
    Holiday Hugs...

  12. What sweet gifts! I had to laugh at the diffuser comment ;) Merry Christmas, Vee!

  13. Everyone loves you, Vee!! Beautiful gifts - every one!!
    I look better softened and have been known to click that button several times!!
    We are in the home stretch and then after Christmas I’m going to hole up down at the ranch! Will face all the Undecorating when we get home in the middle of January!
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Yes, it's a little harder to sparkle as we get older. I tire more easily; you are most definitely not alone.

    Run me through the diffuser, will ya?! Ha-ha! You look great!

    All your gifts received look wonderful. That one cookie, the Welsh ones, look especially good, kinda like biscuits.

    1. They remind me of a cross between a cookie and a crumpet.

  15. It couldn't happen to a more deserving person, I am sure! What lovely gifts! I'm so glad you decided to post about them!

  16. So glad you liked the cookies and plates. : )
    All the gifts you received are so nice. I really like the tea towels.

  17. What fun! Thanks for sharing all these goodies with your friends who visit the Haven.

  18. Merry Christmas, Vee. Your gifts are lovely, and I hope you know how loved you are in this blogging world. I sent nothing by mail this year. Our postal service was on strike for 5 or 6 weeks and after they were ordered back to work, we were warned that mail would not arrive in time for Christmas. As usual, the tale of woe was highly exaggerated and now they say they are all caught up. However, that may be because many people, like me, didn't send anything. Sigh.
    Sparkle was totally gone on Tuesday night. Flat. Dull. However, a good night's sleep and ticking some items off my list on Wednesday helped a great deal and I'm feeling much more positive. Half a day of school left. I think the teachers are more excited than the students!

  19. Vee, You are so blessed with so many wonderful friends. Thanks for sharing all your goodies. I loved the tea towel and angel.. Have a blessed Christmas.

  20. Merry Christmas dear enjoyed this post!

  21. What wonderful gifts you received. So nice. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  22. Oh, what fun to get such thoughtful packages in the mail! Beautiful gifts! You have made many dear friends through this blogging community!!

    As I told Lorrie when I commented on her blog a bit ago, our sparkle has been challenged by a serious health diagnosis in our extended family. But I keep coming back to "EMMANUEL. "God. With. Us." It is an amazing and life-changing concept to live in the reality that the God of Creation is "with us."

    Merry, merry Christmas! (Just in case.)

  23. I LOVED seeing all your special gifts, Vee! What loving, generous souls that shared with you. I know that you certainly have that sparkle that we so admire in you. Merry Christmas blessings to YOU! xx

  24. Oh, what sweet and special gifts, dear Vee. I agree with Kitty, you have a sparkle that we admire {{smiles}}

    Merry Christmas, lovely lady! Sending hugs your way!

  25. Everything is so lovely, Vee! God has blessed you with many friends, near and far. The tea towels and angel are especially cute. I have a recipe somewhere for those Welsh cookies. They are baked in a skillet. The scarf/cowl looks so lovely on you, and how warm it will be when you have to be outdoors dealing with snow and ice!

    I did not know that you were fond of Hummels. My grandmother collected them, and my mother had a number of Hummel items as well. Those plates are so pretty!

    Merry Christmas, dear Vee!

  26. What wonderful gifts you received from these lovely friends...everything so well thought out! Blogging friends are just the best! My dear departed MIL collected Hummels too and those that Karen sent are so precious! I pray you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas, dear Vee...and SPARKLE ON! ♥♥♥

  27. A very Merry belated Christmas to you!! Been so busy here...two semesters left at SUNY Geneseo and then I am off to find a job! ANYWAYS---so glad you posted...smiles

  28. Aren't blogging friends the best, and so very sweet and generous! Such a delightful bountiful array of gifts that arrived in the mail to bless your heart! I would be wondering how to thank a friend who had gifted me so deeply from her heart as the one who sent you the Hummels... such sweet fellowship we have with ladies we've never met, it is incredible isn't it! Trusting you had a blessed and very special Christmas!

  29. Hello dear Vee,
    I visited the day you posted and thought I had left a comment, but I must have been interrupted and left without posting my comment! (seems to happen more and more these days)!
    YOU are a big favourite of everyone in the blogging world, so I was delighted to have this swap with you!
    Thank you again for your kind gifts💖
    What a lovely photo of your Aunt and bless her for keeping up the tradition of remembering the veterans at the Wreaths Across America day on 15th December.
    I googled it as I hadn't heard of it before. I admire how war veterans are honoured and remembered throughout the United States.
    I chuckled when I read your words "the body is tuckered" - that's exactly how I'm feeling too!
    New Years Eve tomorrow - will you be "first footing"?
    Shane xxx

    1. Yes, Shane, all your comments had been going to moderation, too. I will really have to keep my eye on that. I can't find where I have done anything in settings to cause this nightmare.

  30. It was such a fun swap dear Vee!
    I need to run myself through the diffuser too - feeling old and tired today - hope I come out looking as sparkly as YOU!!!

  31. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019, dear Vee.

  32. Dear Vee
    Hope you get to see this comment left here so late. I wanted to enjoy Christmas and took a log blog break. With much going on I had little time on the social networks, too. Now I look forward to some foot surgery for January--it is elective and long overdo.
    The gifts your generous friends sent to you are so charming. Long ago I embroidered that Hummel Apple Tree Boy and Girl! I will have to unearth them from their storage box and send you a photo. That embroidery hung in my living room for many years as I had both a son and daughter. I don't know what I should do with my box of needlework--they seems hopelessly outdated now and the young ones certainly don't want
    Please have a happy and healthy New Year! xoxo

  33. Just catching up on some blog reading! I have to tell you I love your new photo on your sidebar. And you totally rock that beautiful scarf that you received. Lol! Yes, I love Christmas too but I find it takes me days to recover! I do love having my kids home and visiting with other family members. Besides, it only comes once a year! Hope your Christmas was wonderful Vee! Happy New Year! Ps your sparkle is intact!!! Fyi! Xx


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