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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Spending Time at Laurel's

Did I foolishly say that I wasn't going to yabber on about my current life circumstances? What in the world made me think that?! I mean really, it is all that is happening in my corner. I'll try to take it easy on you, but I do have just a few things to say. Just a few...

Sometimes appointments jam up so badly that it is a whole lot easier to head for Laurel's and hang out for a few days. She lives about twenty minutes from the cancer center where I receive both chemo and bone infusions and also physical therapy. 

Besides, she has these gorgeous Campfire Roses. These babies literally turn heads.
 ~Campfire Roses Row~

 Laurel also has a whole lot of road construction going on at her house...beep*beep*beep. No rest for the weary there so as tempting as it'd be to continue hanging out with Laurel and Charlie... The first night there, a water main broke just a half hour after the crew had left for the day. They came bacccckkk and were there until 2:22 in the morning fixing it. This all transpired just a few feet beyond Laurel's driveway...beep*beep*beep.*

Course at Laurel's, she makes supper. Perfect! That night, I do believe we had grilled new red potatoes and onions in foil packets on the grill with steak and green beans. Yup. I still love a prepositional phrase.
 And at Laurel's, Charlie likes to sit with me while I visit blogs and Instagram...

or take pictures of his ridiculously handsome self.

~facial rose~

 So you want to know about how things are going? If not, run now. I don't believe that I was adequately prepared for chemotherapy. They tell you things, but it is all so clinical until you are the one experiencing whatever it is. I have learned a great deal and I hope to be better prepared going into it next time, which is a week away. This coming week, I know that I will feel my best so I am trying to accomplish the things that need doing and have a bit of fun, too. 

One of the things that surprised me is chemo skin. I have it. My face is broken out and feeling fragile. I have good, expensive medications for this, but they don't seem to actually do much. You can see from the photo below that my skin and lips are not in great condition. Kitty sent me the facial rose above made from very soft yarn. It really feels good to gently wash my face using it. Thank you so much, Kitty. What an awesome, timely gift. 
~my poor face~

 The hat is from Abby. It belonged to an Auntie in the family and I am honored to be able to put it to good use. I wear it every time I am out and about lately as my eyes are so weak and watery that filtered light works best and this hat definitely provides that.Thank you, Abby! Such a thoughtful, on-point gift. I love this hat!
~my sister Kim~

 Now life is not without its fun. I have enjoyed time in a garden, lunch out with Kim and Laurel, time with my niece and her family and one on one time with my son that I have not had since he left home all those years ago. So, I feel spectacularly blessed.

While at the garden, I found myself wishing that I had the energy to dig a hole and plant this spirea in it. It would add so much light to a dark corner. Not this year; perhaps next!

Arriving home last night, I found this one red knock-out rose in my own garden. It's no Camp Fire rose, yet I was grateful. The doe has taken all the others, but she left me one. Sometimes that's just enough.

Thanks for reading, my friend. I hope that I kept my wits and didn't overshare. ☺

Have a blessed weekend and a wonderful Independence Day week ahead. 


  1. Hi Vee,

    I don't think we'll ever need to accuse you of oversharing. ;) This is a lovely post, my friend. You are thankful for blessings, and it comes through in your words and pictures. I've never seen one of those facial roses, but what a thoughtful idea! Kitty is one of the kindest people I know. I hope you get some relief for your tender skin soon.

    I see that Charlie has found the sunbeam in Laurel's room; our dogs were always good at that. ;) Charlie is a handsome fellow, for sure. I'm glad you could stay at Laurel's but so sorry you had the aggravation of construction noise. "Beep, beep, beep" is exactly right.

    The Camp Fire roses are lovely -- I've never seen those before. Thank you for updating and sharing with us. So glad to see your post this morning. Sending love and prayers your way.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. P.S. Forgot to add that I love your Knockout rose, too!!



  3. I'm so glad the chemo hasn't impacted your gift of wittiness :D You? Over share? You must have confused yourself with me...lol! Seriously, I loved this post...and those Camp Fire roses (I've never even heard of them)...and only God would think to leave a knock-out rose just for you. I have heard how many ways chemo can mess with your body but didn't realize the skin thing was one of them. Leave it to Kitty and Abby to give such thoughtful gifts...both, so very thoughtful. I will be praying that you have a good, productive week...or how about just a GOOD week? Hugs & Prayers!

  4. Vee I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were getting on, so it was a joy to read your post. I hadn't realised skin was a problem with chemo, as if all the other side effects weren't enough. The roses were a feast for the eyes, beautiful. You remain in my prayers.

  5. Have been thinking about and praying for you . Actually thought of yesterday and said a prayer . God is your strength there is no doubt but I’m sure just knowing others are praying makes you feel 100% better in your spirit . Love all the pictures Vee . Please send me your address . Creationsbycindy.com i thought i had it but if so i misplaced it . Lots of hugs for you today . Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. You are telling us things we need to know in case your situation comes to us as well or to someone we need to understand who is experiencing it. So thank you for that.

    Your gratitude for family, roses, and whatever else puts a smile on your face is a blessing to observe and learn lessons from.

    I'm glad you're figuring how the highs and lows of the chemo process and learning how to work with them. That seems to be key. I have a friend in Arizona who has recently gone through chemo and is now on maintenance doses on a regular basis. Your experiences seem to be matching up with hers.

    You are on my prayer list.

  7. So good to see you on here Vee, checking in with all your peeps. Laurel's flowers are lovely. Every good and perfect gift is from above. God has lovingly provided your family, you daughter's home and those special roses as blessings for you during this very hard trial. You are loved and prayed for. ~ Abby

  8. Prayers for you! It is good to see you sharing the good things in life as well as the rough times. Flowers seem to heal souls, so I hope you look at many of them.

  9. I'm so very glad you shared with us...I know it is not easy to do that! But we want to know how you are and what challenges you face. And then we can pray...and pray some more! Love the beautiful roses and that beautiful black cat! I know you get plenty of hugs from those around you...but I'm sending you some sweet Southern hugs from Florida!

  10. It's good to share if you can...sometimes it can bring encouragement. What a knock out of a rose--so glad the deer were generous in giving you one. Speaking of that, we have a fresh baby wobbling on his new legs in our yard. He comes back every day. I wonder if he's lost. But it's amazing to see how fast he is growing. He or she I don't mind, it's the big brothers and sisters ... Trusting the next round goes better. So thankful for H O P E.

  11. Laurel’s roses are so incredibly gorgeous, but your one rose, untouched by the doe, I’m sure “knocked” your socks off, Vee. How nice to spend time with your daughter and son, but I’m sure you were grateful to be home. I’m so glad that the facial rose came at the perfect time, and that Abby’s hat will protect your eyes and face. Prayers be with you, dear Vee, and love and hugs are sent your way.

  12. Well it's a long way from immunotherapy to chemotherapy and bone infusions. I'm glad that Laurel is closeby. And Charlie. And the flowers. And summertime. I can't imagine dealing with all of this at all, but dealing with it in the wintertime seems even worse. God bless you, Vee, as He walks beside you every step of the way. xo Cool hat.

  13. Your sharing encourages others, and your faith inspires as well.

    Those roses are beautiful and I'm glad the deer left one for you at home.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  14. I think you can't overshare when you are in the thick of it. It's real and it's what is happening. I'm glad you have places to land and people around you to help and encourage you. Continuing to pray as the Spirit leads for your journey through chemo and beyond.

  15. So nice to see a post from you, Dear Vee. I don't think there is any danger of you oversharing. No matter what you share, you always seem to know just the right way of doing so in an interesting manner. It is one of the many things we love about you :).
    After reading about chemo skin I can't help but wonder how anybody could really feel prepared especially the first time. It is good to know that you are surrounded by loving family and beautiful flowers. Laurel's roses are really gorgeous. Wow! Glad to hear you are able to enjoy at least one of your knock outs. Very thoughtful gifts from your blog friends.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and praying for you as you go through this challenging time.

  16. OH. MY. Word.

    I had NO idea, Vee. I am such a schmuck not being in touch about these important things.

    I am shutting off and getting on my knees in prayer for you. I am so sorry I just didn't know you are going through all of this. Hang in there, sweet lady - and may God keep you strong. Big hugs. ♥

  17. You are certainly in my thoughts Vee...this too shall pass..and the sun will shine softly.

  18. I gave you wrong address sweet lady . It’s creationsbycindy@nefcom.net

  19. Vee, you tell us all you need to. We are your friends and we love you and we are here for you. I happen to know that chemo is no walk in the park, not even close. I realize that all chemos are no the same so you may be experiencing something I did not when I had mine. Mine was colon cancer so nothing I ate stayed with me! Talk about running when you don't even feel like sitting up. I did not lose my hair (I just thought all chemo made you bald) but it did thin quite a bit and it never came back! You can do this, girl. You are in my prayers. Hang on, keep your positive attitude and keep us informed. We love you.

  20. {{{Vee}}} You have been in our prayers sweet friend. I always enjoy your posts. You got this, Vee...truly you do. smiles

  21. You sweet friend, could never ever overshare! You look adorable in that hat, by the way. Both roses are lovely. It was generous of the deer to leave you one :-). xo

  22. Sent you an email yesterday after reading your post but today got it back saying it was rejected.
    Just wanted to let you know that Ken and I think of you often and pray for you every single day.
    Hang in there my dear friend.

    1. Oh ...perhaps you were using the icloud one. This one should work: Dunnpark@hotmail.com

  23. You are in my thoughts and prayers many times every day and you should never feel you are sharing too much nor too often with all the friends you have here. I was diagnosed with cancer three times, but never had to have chemo. Nor interferon therapy. I was lucky and I think you will be too, but just now is no walk in the park and it is wonderful that you have so much support from family and friends. I list the blogs I follow across my toolbar and moved you to the middle so I see your "V" often and pray again. I've never seen a spirea like that one. I wish I had one. I hope you get one moved into your yard next year if not this fall....Be well, dear Vee!

  24. Oh Vee - thank you so much for sharing! So glad you can see beauty all around you and that the doe left one especially for you to enjoy! You are in my prayers dear one as you climb this mountain. Keep up with your good spirits and good attitude about it all. Huge hugs ....

  25. I love hearing about your days, not oversharing at all when among friends here :-) Chemo I have heard from my close friends and family is horrible, but you are a strong lady and I know you're going to beat this. What a blessing to have good friends and family surround you. You are in my prayers and please do keep us posted. Enjoy your week ahead!


  26. Certainly not oversharing . . . I am interested in the details of your life and of your health, and I am sure that many of your friends are too! I am sure that Laurel's home is an oasis for you when you're not feeling well or have many appointments. Isn't it wonderful that she is nearby?! The Lord is gracious! Nice to have handsome Charlie to keep you company too.

    I really love what you said about your rose . . . your one bloom. Yes, one bloom can be enough. One gift. One sign of the love and care of our Heavenly Father.

    Continuing to pray for you, dear friend!! ❤

  27. P.S. Vee--I just went back to Blogger--please excuse the mess while I relearn how to use it. smiles https://lindamconley.blogspot.com/

  28. I hope to write an email today (or at least by tomorrow). Weekends are always busy but with the allergies acting up, I wasn't able to write any blog post ahead of time. That meant writing all weekend. Which, when you think about it, is a third world problem and one should not complain. I could just see starving African families asking what is a blog?

    I've been praying for you, my friend. Lots.

  29. It was so good to read this update ... gives us a much better idea of specific ways to pray for you. I have never seen a facial rose, but what a wonderful idea! I wonder what type of yarn they are made from. You said "very soft", I know --- I was just wondering about fiber content. It would have to be something very gentle on skin.

    The Campfire roses --- I had never heard of those, but aren't they amazing! I looked them up and it seems that they are also very hardy. Did you realize (knowing you, I imagine that you did) that this rose is part of a series called Canadian Artists, and that it was named for a painting titled "Campfire" by Tom Thomson? Fascinating stuff, and the rose is so gorgeous. Did Laurel purchase hers locally?

    And your Knockout rose is ... well, a knockout! So thankful the doe left you one to enjoy.

    That Spirea you showed us is so bright and sunshiney. I am hoping that when Mr. T retires we can plant a few perennials together. I'm making a list! (Of perennials. Well, projects too.)

    Continue to keep us posted on how things are going, won't you? I agree with Denise at top: I don't think we'll ever need to accuse you of oversharing.

    And oh, how good it is to see you counting your blessings and praising God in the midst of this trial. I wouldn't have expected anything different, but it blesses and encourages my heart all the same.

  30. Hello, dear Vee. You are on my mind and in my prayers often these days and it's always lovely to come here and read your words. You have such a friendly, welcoming way of writing that I admire. As to oversharing - you can hardly be accused of that. I'm glad you have the support of family during your treatments. The facial rose looks lovely. I've never heard of chemo skin, but I know there are all kinds of various side effects depending on the particular mix of drug cocktail.
    The Campfire Rose is aptly named and ever so pretty. A whole row of them is gorgeous. If I were in your corner, I'd be happy to dig a hole and plant that spirea for you.
    Your upbeat post is a testament to the faith and trust you place in God. May you find peace and comfort even in the dark days.

  31. I love you so much, Vee, and am thankful for any and everything in your life that makes you feel better, have fun and most of all, keeps you hopeful.
    Next year, you can plant all the flowers you can get your hands on...and take pictures of them all. xoxo

  32. Oh Vee...so glad you decided to share a little of your journey with us. We have been praying for you daily over here, so it's good to hear how you are coping on your journey with cancer. Glad you have friends and family supporting you over there 'on the ground'. Love your daughter's campfire rose...and am happy that the deer left you one bloom to enjoy at home. Hugs:)

  33. sweet vee ... share all you want: the wonder and the challenge both. you are such a precious lady and i'm thankful you were able to have a place nearer to the 'center' in which to rest your head - save for the water main break and ensuing necessary noise to repair the situation. i especially love that you spent time with your son one on one. that brings deep joy to my own heart of hearts. ♥ {praying..}

  34. Oh Vee, you could never overshare your journey with me. I am praying for you right now, with your chemo skin and what not all that you haven't even told us about. I am ever so glad you have a good week to rest and recuperate. I'm thankful right now for those that are loving on you as you tread through this unknown trail... hugs to you dear Vee.

  35. Sometimes the best, most dear people, are thrown a curve which means a time of struggle before life takes a turn for the better. Some people, due perhaps to no real fault of their own, cannot deal well with the downsides of life, especially with health scares resulting in treatment. It's definitely not a time to give up, more a time to battle on, push forward with all the strength one can muster, have a positive outlook, a strong wish to be well again. . . . . . . and to talk to God straight from the heart.

    You are a strong person dear Vee. You have weathered storms many of we older women may also have to face some day. You were brave, sharing enough that we could at least try to pull you through those dark days with words, thoughts and prayers - even from afar. Here we are doing it again because we know you are special, and we definitely care about you.

    Be well soon Vee - sending love and gentle hugs, and so happy your family are there for you.

  36. Dear Vee,

    I was so thankful to find this post from you! I think about you every day. Thank you for sharing with us. I am so glad you have Laurel and all of your dear family to walk beside you throughout this ordeal. You remain in my prayers, my friend. Gentle hugs and a bushel of love from your Texas Bluebell!

  37. Oh my, I didn't know. I haven't been on the computer much. As always, it seems you are handling situations with grace. I need to do more reading here. Sending you hugs, love, and prayers.

  38. One would never have guessed that you, dear Vee, from your cheery and entertaining Instagram posts, (where I have contact with you, and all my blogging buddies), are on the front lines of this health challenge you are battling at present. And, just as strong and sassy(!), as your public persona is, I am guessing, it is equally as resolute and determined in your personal life, and it is this powerful force in your character that will enable you to overcome what is ailing your body.

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


  39. I had to scroll back a few posts to see where I could leave a comment just to let you know I am still praying for you and will continue. Blessings to you. xo (I love that song Just Give Me Jesus)


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