Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thank You is Not Enough!

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun.

~Chuck R. Swindoll

 (If anything in this post sounds odd, please refer back to the post just before this one for clarification.)

Thank you so much for all the encouragements, prayers, Scriptures, and expressions of love and caring. You simply bowled me over. Many of you have been there done that. I am finding it over and over again everywhere I go. 

When I visited my hairdresser to order my new hair πŸ‘± (Yes, I did consider becoming a blonde or a redhead), she shared that she is going through some health issues. Her receptionist shared that she is a five-year breast cancer survivor.

I hesitate to share this next bit only because I don't want you  to think that I need care packages, yet because I have always shared happy mail, I continue, though really, I have all a gal could want in your visits and comments.

Today, when I arrived home from physical therapy, I found a happy package on my doorstep.

 So Debby!

It was a box within a box...

filled with a chemo cap, comfort socks, tea...

 (Emoji lovers unite!)

 and Burt's Bees lip balm, hand cream, soap and Walker's Shortbread Cookies!

When I was first diagnosed, I reached out to two blogging friends. One was Debby who was and is going through her own health issues. I knew that she would understand my situation perfectly. And I was right! She has blessed me with her humor, her faith, and her friendship. Thank you, Debby! Everyone should have a friend like you. (You can find her at My Favorite Things.)

Debby, I am ashamed to say it, but I am so sick of those bandages. Must get them back on asap, but oh they are driving me nuts!

And it is a short trip after this dude has been bugging me for weeks.

Acckkkk! At least, he's not a vulture trying to get in...

Have a wonderful weekend! 

P.S. Found! One sweet wee book among the tissue paper... 


  1. Friends are one of God's greatest gifts to us, I count you among my most treasured friends. Isn't it amazing that even though people may not meet in person, that they can become friends emotionally.
    You have been and remain in my thoughts and prayers. The care packages are our way of walking with you through this journey, Though we can't be with you in body we are with you in Spirit. We/I love you dearly. You have made this world such a better place.

    Since the birdie won't leave, maybe he is sending you a message, letting you know that God and us are with you and that you are to rest in him.
    All my love,

  2. my first thought of the bird at the window, was that this was certainly a know a sign that God sends us from time to time...perhaps someone you loved coming in another form....I believe things like that. I know you will recover....this bad time will pass...know that many people are thinking of you and sending you prayers.

    1. Well, I’m with you except that bit about someone coming or going...πŸ™ƒ

  3. Ahhhh, what a beautiful gift of friendship. Lots of little treasures in that surprise package. xox

  4. UMM...I am a firm believer in signs, my friend, and that bird is a sign. Enjoy him while you can.

    Keeping you in prayer sweet friend.

  5. Continuing to keep you in my prayers, Vee, and I'm thrilled to see some of the blessings that are coming your way through this ordeal.

    Please continue to share your heart with us as you feel led. We learn so much from each other.

  6. Well I would just like to say that I had no thought of becoming a blonde man (up there in the third paragraph). Good grief. That emoji went horribly off the rails from my laptop to my iPad. πŸ₯΄

    I was thinking more along these lines...πŸ‘©πŸΌ or πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🦰. Instead, it will be more like this: πŸ‘©πŸΌ‍🦳

  7. and I forgot to click on “notify me” so I can receive comments in my inbox...

  8. I knew something was up yesterday from your Instagram post so I lifted you in prayer without knowing why. I knew He knew all the details. I am soo sorry you have to take this particular journey. I am sure you probably remember that I too heard that dreaded word “cancer” and quickly found myself on a road I’d rather had not had been on. I did not have to go the chemo route, but took care of it with surgery. I will tell that there was not a moment that I didn’t feel the hand of out God on me. I had strength I didn’t have and knew perfectly well where it was coming from. There is not a doubt in my mind where your little bird is coming from and how I praise God for that! He sees! He cares! I will lift you daily in prayer until you are through with this thing I promise. I wish I lived closer and there was more I could do. I too (like our other blogging buddies) consider you a good friend and a kindred spirit. You will reach the point where you (like me and soo many others) are looking back and not only praising God it’s over, but thanking and praising Him for holding your hand through the journey and making His presence sooo felt and known. You have got this, and when it if you should feel weak or tired, we’ve got this for you. Big hugs to you Vee!!

  9. I love that you were sweetly blessed with those thoughtful gifts. well deserved. Hugs.

  10. You have been such a good friend to all of us over the years. And Debby is the perfect blog buddy to know what you are going through right now...what to say and what you need. How nice that she even sent you some comfort goodies. We are all praying...not just thinking good thoughts...and sending you lots of HUGS! Your blog buddy, Diane (at first this read your blob buddy! hahaha) Please let me know if there is anything you need. You've always been there for ME!!!

  11. Vee, I have not been in the blogging world for quite some time and today I just thought I would open up my blog with the idea of getting back into it sometime. Having had a couple of strokes Facebook and Instagram were enough. I am so, so sorry to read of your cancer on your posts. What can I say, words just don't seem to be enough. You are always on my mind as I have right in front of me (above my desk) a model Sledge sent by you many years ago (when I apparently won a competition of yours) and also a Christmas card. You are one of my original blogging buddies. In reading your latest posts you reveal what a great woman of God you are. My heart goes out to you and I will be keeping you in constant prayer (as I am for me cousin who just shared a cancer diagnosis last week). May you know God's richest blessings along with peace and hope along this journey that you are on. Love, Love, Love.

  12. A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. Proverbs 27:9 You are rich in friendships! So glad I am among them..and that we met face-to-face almost six years ago. Hugs:)

  13. What a precious gift from our mutual friend Debby. She is precious. God always knows Vee what we need and when we need it and I have found that those precious little treasures from friends always seem to come at the right time. Praying for you and you are on my weekly prayer list. Asking our Lord to hold you close to Himself and to carry you each step of this journey in such a way that His glory will be shown to all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Well, now that you nearly made me cry I just want to say thank you for this sweet post...not my part in it...but knowing that you were blessed and know how much you're loved is what it's all about. And you are dearly loved, you know. Prayers continue for you (specifically tomorrow). Now...go put those lovely bandages back on like a good girl. :D

  15. What would we do without our friends, Vee? Debby is such a kind, caring, thoughtful friend, and she sent you a box of joy! I am so glad that this post arrived in my email, as the previous one did not. You are loved, dear one, and all your friends will be lifting you up. Love and God bless you.

  16. Blogging friends really are special people. How thoughtful for Debby to send you that wonderful goodie package.
    Many prayers continue for you from this part of the country.

  17. Hello Dear Vee! So, having just read this and your previous post (and it's lovely to have you back in the blogging world, by the way), you are now added to my prayer list and I won't be wimpy about it. With your many other praying friends, I am lifting you up and asking God's grace and blessings for you. Much love, Sara

  18. Love, hugs, and prayers continue for you dear Vee.

  19. You are blessed with the gift of lovely friends. That was a beautiful gift you received. I am praying for you and asking God to hold you close in His arms.

  20. You are very much loved!

    Oh, I once had a house with a window that attracted birds. They would fly into the window not realizing it was glass. I must have been better about cleaning my windows back then. I was told to put a large sticker on the outside of the window or tape something to the inside. I remember it worked. Maybe if done temporarily, the silly bird will realize it is not another bird?

  21. Dear Vee, I know you are surrounded by loving thoughts and prayers all the time! They are all around you. May God continue to bless you every moment - as He surely does.

  22. Dearest Vee, I'm home again and can now add my comment (and as always thank you for yours) regarding this setback in your life. Knowing that you are a strong woman who has already been tested and came through with flying colors, this health issue will also be faced, dealt with, and you will see the happy finish line before you know it! Good health is attainable when we remain positive and take our lives in our own hands as only we know our bodies! Do whatever is necessary in the coming weeks/months of your treatment, and always ask questions and get second opinions when/if necessary.
    I am a cancer survivor, as is Bob - and each day on waking we rejoice knowing we have another 24 hours and must make the most of them. Treatment today is amazing, even much better than when we were each given a cancer diagnosis. But we are fine after surgery/radiation/chemo (me) and surgery/chemo (Bob) and I just know you will do great also. Cancer does change one's life in many ways, but not all are bad and some are quite wonderful, especially when it comes to family and friends pulling for you. Because you are, and always have been, a special and delightful blogger, I'm happy to join the great circle of friends who are now keeping you close to our hearts and in our thoughts and wishing you a full recovery. Please keep blogging - I always love your posts.

    Huge but gentle hugs - Mary (and Bob) XX

  23. I love you,Vee...I pray for you and think of you so often.

  24. What can I say! First of all I send my love and prayers, Vee. I know this is a very scary time and one that drains everything out of you. Take your time, Take care of yourself and Take each day one at a time. I had cancer back in 2001. I remember that time. It's etched on my brain. But, just know that we love you, support you, pray for you. Hang in there, girl.

  25. Debby is amazing, I love her too! Sending many prayers and hugs to you as you navigate through this difficult time. Good friends are such a blessing in our hours of need. Wishing you all the best going forward!


  26. Hi Vee,

    I'm sorry I'm just now getting back by here. I so enjoyed this post; your gifts are lovely and thoughtful, and Wow -- Debby really is the best! I, too, am so sorry you are having to go through this experience and am also praying for you, my friend. You are such a strong person, and I can see that your friends and family are really lifting you up.

    I had to chuckle at your pictures of this bird. :D Is he a mockingbird? He looks like one as best I can tell. They can be real rascals. ;) Take care of yourself, Vee, and know that we are thinking of you. <3 <3

    Love and hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  27. You received a special box of blessings. It hope that it filled your heart with gladness.

  28. Hi Vee, what a pretty picture of your house. Just this weekend I went out and tried to wash off the remnants of our little bird's beek on our windows from the weeks he pecked c on s t a n t l y. I do think he will eventually go away. I have been praying for you and your treatments. I'm so glad Debby encouraged you!