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Monday, December 9, 2019

The Secret of Christmas

Do you remember this song from the good old days circa 1959 when it was written for Bing Crosby? (What? You weren't even born yet? Goodness I am growing old.) I still love Crosby's smooth, warm voice and so listen to a lot of his Christmas music. Yes, I am most particularly fond of some secular Christmas music and this song ranks high. It may be the discussion my mother had with me when I found her shedding tears while listening to it. My mother was a sensitive spirit married to a way less sensitive one, which explains a lot about the marriage and my childhood.

Anyway, in the end, the song says that the Secret of Christmas is not the things that you do at Christmastime, but the Christmas things you do all year through.

Now on the face of it, THAT is not the secret of 
Christmas — or is it? I might be able to make a case for it because The Child Who came to us is NOT a secret. No, the story is told from Genesis to Revelation and preachers have been telling the story for centuries, not to mention those pesky bloggers who just keep sharing their faith when what people really want is a pretty picture or a new recipe. ☺

Once again, this Christmas is not shaping up to be the most perfect one ever. All the same conditions that existed before are still with us. And that is why it is good to remember that the entire reason for Christmas is to acknowledge that He came to rescue us over and over again. It is His desire to live in our hearts and to be called upon first. (John 15) Sometimes I practice counting all the times (that I am aware of...there are probably too many to count of which I know nothing ) where He rescued me. So many. He's been rescuing me for years. I expect Him to continue all the way to Glory.

Now as it happens, I do have some pictures to share and so will be returning, The Lord willing and my resolve holds. I certainly have been enjoying visiting you and seeing what you are doing. I love all the variety of experience, place, decor...

 Before you wander off to enjoy this wonderful day: What do you think the "secret" of Christmas is? 


  1. What a deep post, Vee...the secret of Christmas? I don't know...maybe it should be What is the Meaning of Christmas? Maybe it is Peace on Earth...but we all know that is not true, right? Not everyone believes in Christmas or Christianity. Maybe it is time to take that long deep look within ourselves? I simply don't know how to answer this.

    ….and I hope I am not one of those pesky bloggers (grin).

    1. I rather wish that you were. I know that I am. 😊 This reminds me of the old saying: If you are ever charged in a court of law with being a Christian, pray that there is enough evidence to convict. And that reminds me of...oh I could go on like this all night...

  2. Without Jesus there would be no Christmas.....HE is the ‘reason for the season’ and all too often we forget this.

  3. The Secret of Christmas is knowing that God's rescue plan is because of LOVE! His for us. Let's not keep it a secret anymore though. Let's share it daily. We love because He loved.

    Beautiful post, Vee!

  4. A deep post indeed and definitely has me thinking about the "secret of Christmas" and what I think it is. For me it's about love, forgiveness, and reflection of my life. Not forgetting the real reason we celebrate Christmas and having trust in God and accepting what is or is not in my life, thanking him for the good and the bad.

  5. Bing Crosby has always been a favorite singer of mine. I watch White Christmas every year. The secret of Christmas...carry the seasons meaning with you all the year through.

  6. Well, you stumped me with this one. I thought I might of missed it in my two favorite Christmas movies White Christmas and Holiday Inn, but it wasn't in either after all. And I did not remember Say one for me though I have watched it. Thank you for posting this, the lyrics are very meaningful and needed in my life right now. Hope you have a wonderful day and wish many blessings go your way! Oh, your question. The secret of Christmas to me are little things like this post and this song that gently remind you to have those "Christmas feelings of love, peace and happiness year round". God does open these secrets up for each of us in mysterious ways so I do my best to watch for them.

  7. I think it's love. It was love that brought that baby to earth to live and die and rise again for us. If we love others with the love of Christ, it will be a better world. I try, but I have to be honest, I don't always achieve this. But I keep asking God to give me more love and to see people like He sees them.

    That's a pretty song. I was alive when it was written, but I've never heard it. I too love to Bing Crosby sing.

  8. This beautiful post has me in tears. I think that you have nailed it . . . that "rescue" IS the secret of Christmas. God's rescue of mankind through the atoning work of Jesus . . . which continues with His rescue of us His children in big and small ways every single day. Praise the Lord for rescue!!

  9. A beautiful post, Vee. You are right, the "secret" of Christmas is not a secret at all, but the love of God our Father who sent his Son to become our salvation. Because of that act of love, we celebrate with joy today in spite of the messy world we live in, and have bright hope for the future, knowing His love carries on through the ages. Oh, and how can I forget Emmanuel - God with us! That is so dear to me.

  10. Yes, Christmas has no secrets, it's open and available to anyone who wants to look at it and appreciate the birth of redemption for the world.
    Lovely post!

  11. A beautiful post and song. I think the secret to Christmas is the same as every day. I think we can show our love for God through our happiness. It's not always easy to be happy but just as a parent wishes happiness for their children I think that is what God wishes for us....so, to honor our savior (who has also saved me more times than I can count!) I try to be happy every day as much as possible. It gets to be a good habit. Hugs ~ Sam

  12. Hmmmm... I don't really think there is a secret of Christmas, Vee. Jesus was given to us, and we can choose Him as our gift to eternal life. Thank you for your post!

  13. A wonderful post and song too.
    I think the secret is that there is no secret. Just look to Jesus.

  14. I was not only alive, but beginning high school....Now I do feel a bit old! Surely the secret of Christmas is the secret that God's love is not confined to one day only, but to all the days of our lives.

  15. Vee, I'm in tears, my friend. For Christmas is all about love. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."

  16. Hi Vee! I'm here from Linda's blog, and I'm so glad she featured you today. I love some of those old Christmas songs too (and this was from before I was born, but not too long!) :)
    Anyway, your message today is spot on. That baby born on the first Christmas is really what it's all about, and He continues to bring joy, real joy! And yes, He has rescued me in a big way through salvation, and has continued to rescue me in other ways through the years. Thanks for sharing this.

  17. I'd been around for quite some time when Bing recorded that one! Lovely song and his voice was so comforting.
    Interesting comments from lovely, thoughtful readers. Christmas is so many things. The birthday of Christ being the true 'secret', and a time to show one's love of others by sharing what we have with those who don't and are in need.
    Sadly, much of this most important Christian celebration has been commercialized almost beyond recognition. Taking time to remember Christmases of long ago is my personal 'secret'. My childhood ones were wonderful even though we had little money. We had fun making paper chains to hang about the house, went into the fields and cut greenery and berries to tuck along the mantel, and Mum made all the food from scratch - including the ever present Christmas pudding, and Christmas cake.
    More shared love at Christmas would be good - and then have it continue into the new year.
    Take care dear Vee -

  18. Is there a secret to Christmas? I think the secret for many people is that it is about Christ not gifts or a tree or a special meal or even Santa Claus. The true meaning of Christmas has been lost in today's world. I have told people who don't believe in God and mock my Christianity that they should not celebrate Christmas nor Easter since they are holidays that celebrate Christ. Usually I just get laughed at. I wish people could hold the feelings of Christmas all year long. But then maybe we wouldn't appreciate this special time of year.

  19. I too, prefer to think of this as the meaning of Christmas day....rather than the secret. My hope is that each and every child learns the story of the Christ child's birth...the angels signing and the gift we were given of Jesus. With this, comes all the joy, feeling of peace and feeling a stronger faith that the season brings. It hopefully is in everyone's heart....Heaven knows, the world does need to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas...thank you for such a lovely post Vee!

  20. This is a beautiful post! I got here a little late, so I had the advantage of having so many nice comments to think about. I agree with Sam I Am that "The Secret of Christmas is the same as every day. We can show our love to God through our happiness."

  21. The secret of Christmas is not a secret because it was revealed 2000 + years ago when Jesus was born. The prophets foretold, the angels announced, and the Wise men brought gifts. It was not a secret because Herod killed all those baby boys. Not a secret since Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled to Egypt. Yes, and I'm with you that God keeps rescuing me. So many of the things he's rescued me from might be revealed in the future or not. I know His hand on me saved me from so many evil things around me. And...I've never experienced a perfect Christmas...whatever that is. My mystery tree is pretty perfect this year. LOL! Traveling makes me behind again so I'll carry one and read your next post.

  22. Vee, I love you always seem to get us really thinking deeply. The secret of Christmas in my humble unworthy opinion? Keeping a peaceful loving spirit and countenance in this crazy insane world- which seems to get worse by the minute.

    The celebration of the birth of Jesus. So simple and so lost in the commercialism of the day. I watched the SWEETEST Christian Christmas movie the other night when I was feeling low and having no happy Advent spirit....called The Perfect Gift. I found it on Amazon Prime and just thought it the sweetest thing.

    Big hugs. ♥

  23. I was born the year Bing Crosby recorded that song, but I'd never heard it before. Its words are lovely. Thank you for sharing it here.

  24. Hi Vee,

    Well, this is a thought-provoking question. What popped into my head is a song that I love -- "Mary Did You Know?" The line that I think is the secret of Christmas says, "The child that you delivered, will soon deliver you." That's powerful, and kind of says it all.

    As always, I've enjoyed your post, Vee. Wishing you Merry and Bright!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  25. I've been pondering this for awhile and I'm still not sure I have the answer.

    Interestingly, when I played the video, I didn't think I'd ever heard the song before, but later while listening to John McDermott's The Holly and the Ivy I discovered that this song is also on that CD. But I'm still not sure what the secret of Christmas is. Maybe, as some have suggested, it's the birth of a Savior. And although that is not exactly a secret, it isn't obvious to many in our world today. I think of the Scripture that says, "Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."

    Coming at the question from another angle, I thought of this quote, which I referenced on my blog last year: "The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each other's burdens, easing others' loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas." -- W.C. Jones

    I don't remember ever seeing this quote before, but I liked it. There truly is joy in
    πŸŽ„ Brightening others' lives
    πŸŽ„ Bearing each other's burdens
    πŸŽ„ Easing others' loads
    πŸŽ„ Supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts.

    In particular, we will find joy in sharing the good news of the greatest gift ever given -- salvation and everlasting life through Christ -- with those empty hearts and lives this Christmas season.

    You can find it in the label cloud on my Christmas blog under "quotes" if you are interested. I kind of think this would fit "the Christmas things you do all year through."

    Just a few ponderings. I wonder what the person who wrote the song had in mind?


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