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Saturday, March 21, 2020

It's About Time

...that I showed up, especially now that reading blogs is such a pleasant diversion. Each blogger should do his or her part.ツ

Birthday Roses Drying

First things first: I am well and hunkering down just like the rest of the country. Are you working from home? Out of school? Out of work? (I sure hope not.) 

My son is still working at his office and has said that he'd prefer to buy a Hazmet hazmat suit rather than work at home. Ha! That boy! (The problem is not his family nor even his pets; the problem is the lack of internet power.)

The grands are home from school and their mom provided them with "life lessons" this past week. They were making meals, baking cakes, changing sheets, etc. I'm sure that they loved it.

I have heard from the other grands who seem to be just lying around. Their mother reports that she can't get a thing done.

It looks like early spring outside after a pretty mild winter. I can't complain. I mean I do, but I shouldn't.

The last social engagement was a week ago when I attended my niece's baby shower.

We're all pretty excited about the new baby girl on her way in just a few short weeks. Hope that I get to see her before she's six months old. 

I think that I promised that I'd show my sister's new laundry room in some old post or other. 

Last week it looked more like a garden room. After today, when the sink is installed right there, it will become a very functional space. Mostly, my sister will be overlooking her back yard and her brother-in-law's wood business.

Per Mrs. T's request

Edited to Add: Two more of the finished laundry room countertops and with the sink installed.

Other than that, I content myself with quiet pursuits. Reading mostly and keeping up with you.

Grandma Gatewood's story is inspirational. I will  not, however, be following her example, even if I am the right age to strike off on the Appalachian Trail.

Take good care, my friend, and hang tough. God’s got this. 


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  2. So pleased to see you here this morning dear Vee - and to know you are doing well.
    I like the idea of 'life lessons' for the children stuck at home - in a lot of families none of those things have been taught for a long, long time! Perhaps these weeks will be life changing for everyone, young and older, rich or poor. It will be hard for some and I pray they will manage. Entire countries will change, hopefully for the better. I hope manufacturing will return to those whose threw all caution to the wind because of greed and sent this country, as well as many others, on a downward spiral toward a disaster such as this pandemic.

    We must each be vigilant now, do all we can to save ourselves and others around us - life truly hangs in the balance for so many, We need to help the medical/healthcare responders by adhering to the rules and regulations. . . . we need to be kind, thoughtful, helpful and honest.

    Take good care dear friend - and hopefully this too shall pass.
    Mary x

  3. I'm so happy to see you here this morning and see some of the touches of Spring in your part of the world. LOVE that pretty laundry room and the beautiful cake...how fancy! I read Grandma Gatewood's book too and I CAN NOT IMAGINE hiking long distance like she did! I kept wondering what she ate! I wouldn't even be able to carry enough water! lol Take care of yourself dear friend! Sweet hugs from the South!

  4. AHHA!!!! I knew you were around (grin and laughter). I have missed your lovely posts, my friend.

    I am so tired of this virus talk...and you know NY is under "quarantined" EVERYTHING is closed.

    Don't be a stranger, Vee...seriously, seeing others post make me so happy and not feeling lonely/isolated. Hey! Keeping it real. smiles

  5. How wonderful to see a new post from you, Vee. It is good to know that you are doing well and anticipating an early spring. I think the beauty of the springtime helps in this odd situation we are all living in currently. I imagine this is a big adjustment for many families with young children suddenly home all day. It sounds like your daughter-in-law is making the best of it. Love that baby shower cake. So pretty and feminine. How fun to have a new baby to look forward to. Your sister's laundry room looks like it has a lovely view. Something that would definitely make that chore more pleasurable. I'll have to put that book on my list as it sounds interesting. Here, we are working from home, but that is where we always work so no adjustments there. I am presently getting ready for a week long visit from my grandson. Last night he told me he'll be bringing me some gummy worms (super sour ones). Ha! Boys will be boys :). Do take care and feel free to pop in anytime as I always enjoy my visits here. By the way, you are right that blogging is a pleasant diversion right now. I need to make a better effort to do my part ;).

  6. Oh, lovely, Vee -- a post from you! And such bright and cheery springtime pictures! I am afraid that I have none of those to share unless I resort to older photos (which I may yet do!).

    Your daughter-in-law is wise to get the boys involved in those daily life lessons. They will likely be more valuable and of greater long-term benefit than whatever the schools will be able to come up with on such short notice in this odd situation.

    Spring coming does, indeed, help us to cope (even though I detest mud and spring is actually my least favorite season). It's a great reminder that while the earth remains, "seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night, shall not cease." (Genesis 8:22)

    That book does sound interesting and back in the day, Mr. T and I often thought we would like to hike the Appalachian Trail. Not so much anymore, though we may do a few local short segments of it from time to time. Lots of trails in the White Mountain National Forest too -- and those are now free to us with the Parks pass we obtained last month. Of course, right now *all* National Parks are free, which is a nice gesture on behalf of the Park Service to help us all get out in the fresh air.

    Just have to ask about the banner/garland/valance over the laundry room sink area. Did your sister make it, and can you show a complete photo of it? I hope to get into some sewing or fabric projects this spring, but we will see.

    Hoping to post something cheery today myself ...

    1. Thanks for asking, Mrs. T. I thought I had a better picture, but the picture file is so big that I lost track of it. No, she did not make it, though she certainly could have now that she has our grandmother's sewing machine. ☺

  7. This is the 2nd post that has added tremendously to my blogging joy. The first one was Joyce saying she's reviving Hodgepodge! I don't know why that made me so happy. I'm happy to see your post and to read it, too. Oye...having kids at home all day everyday can be a challenge. I've seen so many good ideas on social media to enrich this time with kids, though. We'll have our first church streaming on line on Sunday. That will be interesting. The first casualty of social distancing was the cancelling of Addy's Daniel the Tiger Birthday party. Her mom even constructed a trolley for the party. I'll have to take some pictures of it and show it on my blog. That is one lovely laundry room! Glad you are feeling well. Stay safe and keep the Faith!

  8. How lovely to see a post pop up from you in my Feedly this morning! It really does contribute to a sense of community when people share bits and pieces of daily life. Tim has been off this week for scheduled vacation time in coordination with my spring break, but he's back to work next week and things are only going to get more busy for him. For me, too. Once school "begins" again on March 30, I'll be teaching online - now THAT should be interesting! I don't quite know what it will look like, but I've been doing some research and thinking about how to do it.
    What a pretty laundry room. Folding laundry with that view would take one's mind to wonderful places while matching socks!
    Teaching kids life skills during this time is a VERY. Good. Thing.
    Our church livestreamed the service last Sunday morning and will be doing so for the foreseeable future. Such strange new times we live in.
    Stay well, Vee!

  9. Enjoyed my visit and catching a wee glimpse into your world. Enjoyed every morsel, as it were. I would have been quite happy to have a mere sliver of that yummy baby shower cake -- how very pretty. It feels so celebratory!

    I like your post intro sentence today ...about how each blogger should do his or her part to to create pleasant diversions for fellow isolatees. I'll do my best.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend...
    Brenda xox

  10. Entering my friend Cathie’s comment because she is unable to post here.

    Dear Vee,

    It was so good to see your blog post this morning and that you're doing well! I still seem to be having a problem doing a blog post. I think I've lost my mojo. We too are hunkered down and staying home. I'm a homebody so it's not too much of a problem. Not being able to see my mom in the nursing home is the hard part. My sister and I used to take turns going everyother day and mom was so used to us being there. I'm keeping myself busy writing her notes and sending photos. I made new curtains for my kitchen and need to touch up my cabinets and then I think I'll try to settle down into some painting. Take care dear friend!


    1. The nursing home situation troubles me most. My sister-in-law is doing okay, but misses seeing her family and friends. It’s hard on them. Praying for your mom and for you and your sister.

  11. This is a happy post, Vee, and I do sincerely thank you for "doing your part" to write a blog post to help entertain the rest of us. It's a help, really.

    I love your sister's laundry room, and although I'm a strong advocate for a utility sink, I do love how she was able to put her plants by that lovely window!!!! It is all so cheery.

    It's a fun time, in this respect, to see the funny things people are posting on Face Book about their use of time as we "self-isolate." Thanks for brightening my day!

  12. Ah! I loved visiting with you this morning! Yes, keeping up with our blogging community is something we can do as we encourage and pray for one another. I’m thankful I have yet to see a post where a blogging sister has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or has a family member with it. This may yet happen but I’m praying it doesn’t. I have to remember that God is still in control...,and he expects us to be self controlled.

    We are pretty isolated here at home and Louis Dean has not been anywhere other than buying gas for the car in the last two weeks. I can’t decide whether to stay here in the city or go to the country. We have more resources here and goodness sakes we have enough projects here to keep us busy for months and months. Our neighbors have been so kind in picking up milk and produce for us and leaving it on the front porch bench.

    I haven’t blogged in a couple of days but I think I will take your advice and stay social in the only area we have right now - sharing our lives in the blogging community.

    Love you, Vee! Take care of yourself!

    1. I’m with you...so glad that I only “know” one person with this horrid illness—Sandi Patti. Perhaps you “know” her, too. ☺️

    2. Her name is so confusing...Sandi Patty is correct I think.

    3. Yes, I do know her! From so long ago.....she is one of Summer's favorite singers. I just watched her update on Facebook today.

  13. Hi Vee!

    This is the first chance I've had to go online today. So happy to see your post complete with pictures, and obviously, I wasn't the only one missing you. :D I love that your daughter-in-law is teaching life lessons to your grandsons; there is simply no substitute for those. Our grown son lives about 30 miles away, and he's come over for dinner four times since all this got really serious in our area. He's trying to stay home except for getting food, and we're doing the same thing. It's been nice to share dinner with him, as well as sharing other items he may be low on. I hope a lot of families will re-discover the meaning of "family" during this time. We have nice neighbors, too, and that's always a blessing.

    Your sister's new laundry room is so pretty! Our washer and dryer are in the basement --'nuff said about that. One day I hope to have a nice, sunny laundry room on the main level. Are those Laurel's cats? So cute!!

    I'm very glad to know you're well; thanks so much for posting and sharing with us! You've inspired me to do the same now. Take good care of yourself.

    Much love,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  14. It’s good to see a post from you, Vee. My, how things in our world, have changed in such a short time. It’s good to know that you’re doing ok.
    Learning life lessons vid good for your grands! I haven’t seen my family in awhile. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking/baking and made a batch of jam.
    Your sisters laundry room is so nice, with all the plants and a window.
    Take care, Vee, as we pray for the world!

  15. So good to see a post from you and to read that you are doing well.

    What a lovely laundry room, makes me want to work on mine, it's a wreck at the moment.

    I've not been anywhere in 11 days. Am thankful I have my gardens to get out and work in, and oh my they have really needed some attention.

    May this all be a thing of the past, soon. May we all learn some valuable lessons through this whole experience.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  16. So glad to see your post today! I love the idea of the skills that are being taught since the kiddo are stuck at home...these things are just (if not more) important as any other things learned in school...I think it's great! That is one beautiful laundry room...and I want to know all about those lovely window treatments. Such a beautiful cake and I know you can't wait to get your hands on that sweet little girl! Stay sahe and healthy, dear one!

  17. Her lovely laundry room is bigger than some kitchens! I'm taking your advice and will begin posting every once in a while. - I love the plants that are blooming inside. It raised my happiness just seeing them. Maybe that's what I need during our long winters.

  18. What a delight to find you in my blog roll today! So happy to hear from A Haven for Vee! (Even though I also love hearing from you in my blog comments, it's extra special to be invited into your Haven!)

    I am glad that your son is still able to get into the office. I chuckled at his comment about the Hazmat suit. And it sounds as if the grands are making good use of their time. Oh, and those furry grands! Those are the perks (purrrrks?) of working from home!

    I am glad that your niece was able to have her baby shower and that you were able to go. Don't "normal" things seem like such a long time ago? (How does that happen?) Blessings on this new baby girl and I hope you're able to snuggle her while she is still small and snuggly!

    Your sister's home is lovely. I don't think I'd mind doing laundry in that room!

    I'm with you! Let's read books and blogs and leave the Appalachian Trail for someone else!

  19. Hi Vee~

    So good to see you! I'm so glad you are doing well, taking pictures and cheering us on! What a beautiful cake! A new little baby is such a blessing...life truly does go on without missing a beat.

    Take care, enjoy the sun, stay safe...you already know how good God is :0)

    Hugs and Love,

  20. So glad to see you back! It seems that people may now have time to blog and that makes me happy! I will say that I am not happy over this whole virus situation. My youngest daughter ( a single mom) has lost her job due to this. My husband may not have much work if we get told to stay in our homes, and I am truly not sure how my other daughter will be affected. It is such a scary time in our lives and I truly wonder where all of these sick people are coming from. It seems as though everyone is suddenly sick with this virus. I believe my husband had it in the fall and if so, he did not make anyone sick.

  21. Nice to see a post from you and know all is okay with you. Wow what a beautiful cake and what a great laundry room!!
    I sure do miss going to church and seeing our church family!! Seems longer than one week. At least we can watch services on FB.

  22. Beautiful photos Vee. Love getting to take a peek into your life. The flowers are so lovely. I love when sun shines in a window. One of my favorite things.
    We don't know anyone personally that has the virus, but know it's out there and pray for all those who are infected. Love that the grandkids are doing "life lessons". I grew up with such routine. Mom did laundry on Monday, ironed on Tues. Always had hot meals. we all had chores and every Saturday morning, we striped our beds and put on new sheets, dusted and cleaned our rooms. I tried with our kids, but wasn't always successful!!

  23. Lovely post, Vee...I'm so happy to be reading something from you and seeing your photos! I really like your sister's laundry room. Mine has only a few windows, high up and made of glass brick. It's in the basement. Love the plants, the view, the layout and the pretty color from the curtains in your sister's laundry room.I consider myself very blessed to have my family close by during this time of self-isolation. Of course, I am pretty much a home body in the best of times, but I do miss my trips to the grocery store.

  24. I read Grandma Gatewood's Walk some time ago. the courage and tenacity of that woman! She's quite the inspiration! but, I am with you.. no walk. Oh wait a minute.. I did walk the Appalachian Trail some years back... My daughter was driving and we came to a sign that noted the trail to our right. She stopped, we got out, walked maybe 50 yards and turned around and went back to the car. In a sense.. we had walked on the App. Trail. I need to tell that story on a blog post.

  25. So good to see your post Vee and wonderful to hear that you are doing well. We are laying low here too and all functions and gatherings have been cancelled. Stay well during this uncertain time.

  26. I was so happy to see a post from your dear Vee. Hope that you are doing well. Our family is good as we all have each other to lean on during this time. I am still working PT but my office is pretty much just a few employees there at the same time and office traffic has decreased which is a good thing. My husband and soninlaws still have a job but my one daughter that works in the dental field will not have her job until later on in May has been what is predicted. We are all just praying for one another and lifting one another up. I surely don't know what tomorrow holds but I FOR SURE know who holds tomorrow. So glad I can trust Him. Take care dear Vee. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  27. Hey Vee, I got a post up also. It's been months. Glad to see a post from you as well. We just got a shelter in place order from our governor here in Michigan today. I've been on the phone or texting with people for several hours. Whew! Everything is turned upside down. But you're right, God is still God. xo

  28. Happy to hear that you are well. I know what you mean about meeting the baby. We can't see our grandson now and it's so hard on me. They are working from home but he is going to his daycare which I'm not happy about at all. It's just a handful of kids in a very nice lady's house. I trust her but I'd still rather he be home. That way if they were all quarantined we could get in our car and visit them. I'm concerned that maybe one of the other parents isn't working from home and will get the virus. I like the life lessons that your grandchildren are being taught. You take care and stay well.

  29. Well, Missy it is about time, I am so happy to see all is well at the haven, and that you are doing well too!
    the laundry room is to be envied, someone also has a green thumb ,lovely plants!

    Congratulations on the soon to be new arrival, I am thinking, and praying you will be able to see her soon after her arrival, babies always give us so much joy and hope of a better future!

    That books looks like a great read, I often think of rereading Mesannie's adventure, dh and I often speak of her so often.
    Think and pray for you so often.
    much love,

  30. It sounds like you are making the most of your time at home. And I enjoyed hearing about your grandsons' life lessons. They seem like wonderful boys. Your sister's laundry room is beautiful. How nice to have those windows and a sink! Take care, and good to see you posting.

  31. Nice to see you blogging again, Vee! We are staying home most of the time except for a daily walk around our neighborhood. We miss seeing the grandchildren but happy our children can work from home and the online school lessons are going well for the grands. WE head today that a neighbor is in ICU with Covid-19, so it now hits close to home and makes us worry even more. I usually love to read but for some reason can't seem to concentrate on my books right now. I've been feeling better organizing things--keeps me busy!

  32. Just catching up whilst I have internet connection, which is a challenge these days. A delight to see you blogging again and making the most of your time at home. Take care and stay safe.

  33. I was about to check up on you by e-mail when I thought I would double-check your last blog post. What a pleasant surprise! You are back. Yay! We have been home for two weeks now...and are making the best of it! The company is good, the accommodation is fine and the food is mostly good (is I say so myself!). I think of it as being SAFE at home...rather than STUCK at home. Glad you were able to be at the baby shower. Love the cake! Take care of yourself!

  34. Funny that you should say, "Every blogger should do his/her part." I am not sure I can honestly consider myself a blogger anymore, since I am so hit or miss these years. But since the day we were called to "social distancing" (which I really prefer to classify as physical distancing b/c I am not for socially disengaging at all), I have put an "Encouragement Post" on Facebook each day. I am doing what I can to encourage brothers and sisters in Christ by sharing little bits of scripture, songs, and encouraging words. It's not much, but it's something... so I decided that I would also share these on my blog in case someone wanted to read them that way. I love your photos and the dried roses are beautiful. I pray that God is blessing and encouraging you in all this! xoxo

  35. It's good to catch up with you, my friend. I'm glad you are not going into the grocery store these trying days. Your son's comment brought a smile. Hopefully he can continue to go into his office. I'm sure your grands are enjoying home economics as much as mine do. Ha! It's lovely to see a nice laundry room--lucky sister. Continue to stay well!

  36. So nice to hear all your news, Vee. It is the same here, working from home, missing spring, worrying, trying to get groceries without going to the grocery store, finding a little haven in blogland. We'll get through this. Stay safe!

  37. hello there .. long time since I've visited and actually left a comment. I think of you often and pray - knowing our Lord holds you tenderly and lovingly. how pretty your home is, and generous those hearts who bring a smile to your face, groceries to your door, pizza on your plate! your bed looks so cozy. :) bedtime is a favorite 'round my home and as I walk down the longish hallway the bed is in full view and is so inviting to my tired body. blessings...

  38. You always share the warmest and most beautiful photos, Vee. We are hunkered down together, only visiting the grocery and dr. when necessary. Very tired of cooking!!!!! The laundry room pics are wonderful - love all those plants! Sending love and prayers. Have a blessed weekend.